Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 13, 2018
Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Mary Stewart offered the invocation.
Geoff thanked all who attended the CPY Spring Luncheon and noted that 120 people attended and donations so far are $17,000.  CPY provided delicious cupcakes for today’s meeting.
Dave Hoel reminded us that the Egg Hunt is almost upon us.  The prizes will be sorted and organized tonight and the egg stuffing will occur at the Exchange starting at 11:30AM on Sunday, March 25th.   The actual Egg Hunt will be at Driftwood Park on Saturday March 31st.  Many vehicles will be needed at 9:30 AM on the day of the hunt to pick up the eggs and prizes in the North parking garage below the CU Companies offices.  Everyone else should report to Driftwood Park by 10:30AM to set up for the Egg Hunt.  Please see Dave if you can help to put up the egg hunt signs around New Brighton.
Dennis Connolly noted that he is in the process of completing our club’s applications for the District Governor’s Awards.  Cindy Carlson added that the District is looking for judges for the award selection process.  See Gerry if you are interested in being a judge.
John R. broke his leg or hip recently and is still in the hospital.  He’ll be moving to a transitional care facility as soon as he is able.
It was also reported that Dana R. was scheduled for surgery today.
Mike Neeley returned today after a two month vacation in Florida.  Welcome back, Mike!
We also welcomed Mark Beisswenger back today, after a work related absence.  Mark celebrated his return by drawing his own number in the weekly raffle!
John Marg-Patton announced the prize winners for the first 4 weeks of the Gold Plate Dinner ticket sales contest.  The winners were:
   - Week 1 – Cindy Carlson – 6 pack of Bud Lite (dilly, dilly!),
   - Week 2 – Mike Neeley – Surly Furious beer,
   - Week 3 – Dana Rebelein – not present to claim her prize,
   - Week 4 – Mary Stewart - $10 gift certificate
Will you be next week’s winner?
Gerry Tietz represented our club in a recent episode of New Brighton Now.  The program will be shown at the following times on CTV channel 15:  Wednesday 3/14 at 9:30PM and Thursday at 12:30PM and 8:30PM.
Margaret Johnson introduced today’s speaker Bev Driscoll.  Bev is a long time Rotarian and Past President of the Stillwater Rotary Club.  Margaret and Bev were part of a delegation to our District’s Fast for Hope initiative in El Corazo, Nicaragua.  Bev was here to update us on the program.  Our Fast for Hope initiative is following the new protocol for “sustainable” poverty relief.  The new thinking is that extreme poverty can only be sustainably eliminated by engaging the local community in a self-driven process of long-term goal setting and action planning.  Rotary has learned that providing money and/or infrastructure will not result in a long-term reduction in poverty unless the community itself identifies the need and takes ownership of the action plan.  We have learned from our mistakes and false starts in Nicaragua but our patience is being rewarded with slow, but steady, progress.  El Corazo identified four goals: Improve literacy, improve access to medications and medical care, provide a local water supply and improve the seasonably impassable 3.5 mile road into the community.  Since the initiative began, the community has expanded its book supply from 2 to 521 books, established reading posts and trained “reading promoters”.  A physical library is planned.  A pharmacy program has been established, “health promoters” have been trained and a doctor is available in the community ½ day per week.  Water pipes have been laid for most of the length of the road and there is hope that homes may soon have ready access to clean water.  Because of the cost, improving the road is the most challenging goal but there is hope that progress will be made soon.
If you have interest in being part of a future delegation to El Corazo or just want more information, click here.  Bev and Margaret are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 06, 2018
NBMV Rotary is pleased to announce that Michael Johnson was inducted into membership last week.  Michael is shown being inducted by President Gerry Tietz, below.
Today’s meeting was at the CPY Spring Luncheon.
CPY Board Chair, Brian White, opened the luncheon by reviewing the 21 year history of CPY.  Founded in 1997 to reduce juvenile crime by increasing adult supervision during out of school hours and summer months, CPY has since expanded its service to the community by providing a safety net for at risk youth as well as supporting and enhancing the Mounds View School District.  CPY alumni have returned to connect with and provide service to the community.  CPY’s current mission statement is: “To provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills”.
CPY executive Director, Mary Stewart, told the story of “Kayla”, a daughter of drug dealers who had become a bully and was failing her classes at school.  CPY provided the structure and encouragement to improve her grades and behavior, eventually making the honor roll in high school and enrolling in college.  Kayla is soon to graduate with a degree in math education.  Kayla is just one of many students who have benefitted from CPY programming.  Currently, CPY offers programming in the following areas:·
    -Basic Needs – CPY serve over 24,000 meals and snacks each year because students can’t learn if they are hungry.
    -Tutoring & Life Skills Mentoring - CPY offers youth programming in many areas, including: life skills, personal responsibility, goal setting, decision making, optimistic thinking and self-awareness.
Mary introduced CPY alumnus Sam Vang.  Sam joined CPY at age 8, about the same time his parents gave him a phone, a house key and responsibility for the care of his younger siblings.  Sam credits his time at CPY as a student, volunteer and eventually as an employee, with instilling him with the kindness, engagement, leadership skills and a sense of family that have paved the way to his graduation from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Psychology.  He plans to use his degree to help youth in a way similar to how he was helped by CPY.
Mary next introduced the featured speaker, the Gophers’ all time leading rusher, and Green Bay Packers first round draft pick, Darrell Thompson.  Darrell is the President of Bolder Options, an organization committed to healthy youth development.  Bolder Options shares many of CPY’s youth development goals, but focuses on one-on-one mentorship with a significant physical fitness component.  Darrell outlined Bolder Options’ four pronged approach:
    -Physical Activities       
    -Goal Setting
For more information about Bolder Options, click here.
Brian White returned to the podium to explain that 80% of CPY’s budget is employment costs, and that salaries have risen 20% in recent years in order to attract and retain quality educators.  In response to this situation, Brian announced the Board’s new goal of 200 donors willing to sign up for auto-pay at $20/month.  Achieving this goal would allow CPY to remain competitive in our tight labor market.  Brian thanked all those in attendance for their continuing support of CPY.  For more information about CPY, or to donate if you missed the program today, click here.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 27, 2018
Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge and an Invocation.
Garry Johnson introduced his guest, former Vadnais Heights Rotarian, Jeff Niesen.  Jeff is with Lake Community Bank.
President Gerry Tietz inducted our newest member, Mounds View City Administrator Nyle Zikmund.  See photo above.
Jason Miller had the honor of presenting two Paul Harris Fellow awards today.  Margaret Johnson received her Paul Harris Fellow+1 and Cindy Carlson received her Paul Harris Fellow+5.  Margaret and Cindy are pictured above.
Happy Bucks Highlights
- Mary Stewart has returned from her family vacation in Arizona.
- Jim O’Brien has a new great-grandson.
- Nicole Ulrich took the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, her team raising over $1,300.
Beverly Aplikowski reported that 59 tickets have been sold for the Gold Plate Dinner.  Let’s get out there and sell the remaining 41.  John Marg-Patton followed up with the drawing for this week’s GPD ticket sales contest.  Mike Neeley and Jason Miller had each sold three tickets this week and Mike Neeley was selected by lot to receive this week’s prize.  Since next week’s meeting is at the CPY Luncheon, we’ll report on the next two week’s winners at our March 13th meeting.  While you're out there selling tickets, think about restaurants you frequent that might be willing to donate a gift certificate for our "Dine Around Town" bundles to be auctioned off at the Gala.  An information brochure can be downloaded here.
Cindy Carlson updated us on the many District 5960 matching grants in process for our District.
Gerry noted that the District’s “Conference of Clubs” (formerly the District Assembly) will be held on April 19-20 at Mystic Lake Conference Center.  This conference is a great way to learn more about the many ways that Rotary is a force for good in the world.  Get more details here.
Gerry Tietz was proud to introduce his son, Nick Tietz and former Minneapolis Police Chief Janae Harteau to talk about Vitals Aware Services, a new service providing police officers real-time information that may help them approach and calm vulnerable individuals with physical or mental health issues and help prevent overreaction or escalation by police officers.  Nick is the Director of Technology for the company and Janae is the Public Safety Officer.  Nick reviewed some mental health statistics, revealing that 1 in 5 adults will experience a mental health crisis during their lifetime and that 1 in 10 police response calls involve someone in mental health crisis!  Janae explained that police officers are generally well trained to respond to typical situations but each mental health crisis is as unique as the individual who experiences it.  This argues strongly for an individualized police response to each situation.  Vitals Aware Services provides information about vulnerable individuals’ mental health status, including emotional triggers, calming methods and other information to prevent escalation or defuse an already escalated situation.  With an estimated 100 Million vulnerable adults in the U.S. and 1.3 million in Minnesota, it would seem that there is a great need for this kind of service.  The rollout of this service is going very well with subscribers in seventeen communities and five police departments on board so far. 
Here’s how it works.  A family provides a detailed personalized profile of the vulnerable person.  This profile is keyed to a “beacon” which is worn or carried.  When this beacon carrying person is within 80 feet of a police officer with a software enabled cell phone, the phone will alert the officer of the presence of the vulnerable individual.  While the individual is within the 80 foot range, the officer has access to the entire profile provided by the family.  All personal data is encrypted for privacy and only police officers can access the profile.  This service is available for just $9.95/month, a small price to pay for the peace of mind it offers.  Nick, Janae and proud poppa Gerry are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 20, 2018

The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered an Invocation.


Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the CPY Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, March 6th at the New Brighton Community Center.  This meeting serves as the Rotary noon meeting for that week.  The keynote speaker will be former Gopher football star, Darrell Thompson.  Darrell is the founder of Boulder Options, an organization focused on healthy youth development.  Check-in begins at 11:30 and the program will run until 1:00.  Please sign up at next week’s meeting or let Geoff know if you will be there.


Service Projects Director, Jason Slama, was inadvertently overlooked at our recent club assembly so he took a few moments to supplement the reports offered by his committee chairs.  He noted that we serve our community in a great variety of ways and highlighted upcoming efforts like our scholarships, 4th Grade Foresters and Camp RYLA.  Jason is looking for an organized individual to track our service initiatives so we can report them to the district for the District Governor’s Award Program.  Contact Jason if you might be interested in this task.


The Gold Plate Dinner is fast approaching (April 13) and everyone is asked to do their part by inviting friends and business associates to the Gala.  To help motivate ticket sales, weekly and overall ticket sales contests have been established.  Expect to hear from your sales team captain soon.


Paul Fournier was happy to announce that he sold his vintage (1929) fire engine to a buyer in North Carolina who already had an identical fire engine.


Cindy Carlson forwarded  a message from Pamela Wolf Sladek at Life Prep Academy which said that they will be taking in homeless teens by the end of February.  You are all invited to attend the Dorm Opening Celebration open house on Friday, February 23 between Noon and 8PM.  Life Prep Academy is located at 1628 County Highway 10, in Spring Lake Park.


Our Speaker today was New Brighton Public Safety Director Tony Paetznik.  Since Tony had presented to the club recently, he decided to talk about what’s been going on at Public Safety so far in 2018.  He reported that it’s been a busy seven weeks. 

    -The police department recorded their first drug overdose save using the anti-narcotic medication, Narcan.

    -The department is participating in a ten jurisdiction traffic stop data collection effort, gathering race, gender, personal search and vehicle search data to reveal if racial profiling is present in traffic stops.

    -The Coffee with a Cop partnership with area McDonalds restaurants is ongoing and very successful.

    -Nearly half of the N.B. Police force applied, and 8 were selected to assist the Minneapolis Police Department with security at the Superbowl.

    -A Community Chaplain program has been started.

    -The Public Safety Department celebrated the 18th anniversary of its creation.  The Public Safety Department was created by merging of the Police, Fire and Emergency Management departments.

    -The Fire Department hired seven new recruits to keep their numbers at about 40 paid-on-call volunteer firefighters.  Twelve police officers are cross-trained as firefighters and many municipal employees also serve as firefighters.

    -The Police Department is helping New Brighton schools consider safety and security issues as the schools plan facility updates.

    -Small property crimes are increasing in New Brighton, as they are everywhere, but these crimes of opportunity could be greatly reduced by locking cars and keeping possessions out of sight in your cars.  Tony noted that we are still extremely safe in New Brighton.

    -Juvenile arrests have dropped dramatically from 312 in 1999 to just 27 in 2017.  Early intervention by police and public private partnerships like CPY has been instrumental in the decrease.

Tony and Gerry are shown below.

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Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 13, 2018
Jim Kadechka opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation.
Our guests today were Roseville Rotarian, Marv Sorvala; Mounds View City Administrator and prospective member, Nyle Zikmund;  and API executives and prospective members, Kimberly Peterson and Michael Johnson.  Welcome, all!
2018/2019 Club Co-President Elects, John Marg Patton and Cindy Carlson, reported on their President Elect Training Orientation this past weekend.  John and Cindy are prepared to enhance the already amazing service efforts of our great club.
Cindy Carlson noted that the Gold Plate Dinner is just two months away.  The gala will be held at the Roseville Radisson on April 13th, so we should all be selling tickets now.  See Beverly for ticket sales brochures or extra tickets.  Cindy also reminded us that we have a GPD sponsorship goal of $10,000.  If you, or someone you know, might be interested in sponsoring the event, see Cindy for more details.
Some highlights from the Happy Dollars are:
     -Cindy Carlson just returned from a Bahamas vacation.
     -Nile Sigmund has become a grandpa for the first time.
     -John Risdall’s oldest daughter is pregnant.
     -Ed James just returned from a trip to Glasgow, Scotland.
     -John Marg-Patton has returned from Australia and Tasmania, where he visited his daughter.
MaryAnn Bawden announced that her congregation at Country Roads Church will be hosting a concert by The Alaska String Band on February 22nd at 7 PM.  The FREE concert will be held at the church, 25346 Apollo St NE, Stacy, MN. Come and join in the fun!  See MaryAnn for more details.
Cindy Carlson shared an email from the District Literacy Team, seeking additional members for the team.  The team’s mission is to determine best practices for clubs working on literacy projects.  If you would like to be a part of the team, which meets once every two months, contact the district office.
Michelle Caron has arranged a  sign making event which is scheduled for March 5th at the Exchange.  This is social event for New Brighton Mounds View Rotarians, family and friends. Pre-Registration is a must
Go to: and look for our event on March 5thYou must visit the website to choose your sign and pay.  The fee is $45 per person NOT including food and beverages.  This fee is for one large or two small signs.  Choose your sign(s) when registering.
Gerry Tietz introduced our speaker, Cindy Cook, Executive Director of The Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries.  RCLFriends “is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the libraries in making information, books, music, movies and educational programs available to the public.  Our mission is to strengthen, support and advocate for the Ramsey County Library system in order to enrich the lives of Library users, promote literacy and education and to foster community”.  Since its founding in 1979, the hundreds of “Friends” volunteers and donors have provided more than $3.5 million in donations, materials and improvements to the Ramsey County Libraries.  Funds are raised by used book sales, a 5K Fun Run/Kids Fun Run and an Annual Gala.  The Friends have a wide variety of programs to promote reading including, but not limited to:
     -K-5 Reading Friends Program
     -Summer Reading Program
     -Tech, Literacy and Adult Life Skills Program
     -Teen Programming
     -Children’s Programming
     -“Paws” to Read Program.
The previously mentioned annual Gala, titled “A Whale of a Tale”, will be held on February 24th, from 6:30-9:30PM at the Roseville Branch.  Click here to register or get more information.  Cindy and Gerry are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 06, 2018

Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation. 


Our visitors today were Mary Stewart’s parents (visiting from Arizona) and North St. Paul/Maplewood Rotarian and Rotary District Board Member, Brian Buchmeyer.  Brian is in charge of medium sized clubs in the District and he was visiting to observe our club and answer questions and/or bring our comments back to the District.


Jason Miller presented Jeff Benson with his a Paul Harris Fellowship+7, signifying contributions to the Foundation totaling over $8,000.  See photo above.


Dana Rebelein is putting together information on club projects so we can apply to Rotary for club recognition awards.


Jason Slama participated in the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics MN.


The painting class/wine tasting event has been changed to a sign-making event.  Stay tuned for the date and other details.


Last week’s Club Assembly was continued today. 

-Membership:  Beverly deferred to Gerry for a discussion of recent membership development success which seems to be at least partly due to the momentum created by the addition of the breakfast meeting.  Jeff Benson noted that efforts are underway to coordinate Breakfast and Lunch club membership efforts and develop a new member orientation program to increase member retention.

-International Service:  Gerry read a written report from Cindy Carlson and Geoff Hollimon which outlined the projects we support, including: Polio Plus, Costa Rica project, Global Grants programs, Peruvian Project, Guatemala Literacy project, Remember Niger and Rancho Cubando, among others.

-Youth Service:  Jason Slama presented the Youth Service report for Ed James.  Youth Service projects include: CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, Quincy Tree House, Irondale Choir Support, Snack Pack program, Harvest Pack Event with Irondale, High School Scholarships, 4th Grade Foresters and the annual Egg Hunt.  Dennis Connolly reported that our club’s Homeless Youth Initiative will be building a relationship with Life Prep Academy.  Gerry reported that Chris Ledbeter will lead a Financial Literacy class for middle school students at CPY.  Michelle Caron will head up a “Beds for Kids” effort. 

-Vocational Service:  Mark Lampman reported on vocational service.  Among our many vocational service efforts are: Camp Enterprise, Camp RYLA, and Classification Talks.  We also promote vocational awareness with visits to local businesses like CTV North Suburbs and ReStore.  We hope to expand our vocational service reach by taking field trips to Land O’ Lakes and Life Prep Academy.

-Secretary:  MaryAnn Bawden reported that she is cleaning out the Rotary Cabinet.  It’s amazing how much junk accumulates in that cabinet!

-Treasurer:  John Ordway reported that Jason Miller recently prepared a review of club financial procedures and, as a result, we are instituting the following changes:  A second signer for checks, monthly cash disbursements journal, at least two cash counters at the Gold Plate Dinner or other events with cash receipts.  John also noted that he would appreciate some volunteers to handle meeting cash when he is out of town.

-President:  Gerry Tietz summarized the two-day club assembly by expressing his amazement at how many great things our club does each year, and thanked all who work so hard to make it all happen.

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Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 30, 2018

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.


President Gerry Tietz announced that Twin Cities Rotaract President, Chelsea Holub, will speak to the Breakfast Club on February 1st.  Also, it looks like Mounds View City Administrator, Nyle Zikmund, will likely be joining the Breakfast club.  Lunch club members are encouraged to attend Breakfast meetings as a make-up, to support the breakfast club initiative, or just for the fun of it!  Join the fun on Thursday mornings at 7AM.


Gerry also announced that Reid Hewitt, administrator for Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck will be joining the club under the new corporate membership plan.  Nicole UIrich will be the Corporate Designee when Reid is unable to attend.  Welcome, Reid and Nicole!


Gerry further mentioned that we have two potential members from API as well.


Mark your calendars now for Monday, March 19th, 6-9PM, for a Rotary Wine and Painting Party.  Rotarians, spouses and guests are invited to embrace their artistic side by learning to paint.  Wine will be provided to reduce inhibitions and increase creativity.  Don’t miss it!


Mary Stewart announced that Cindy Carlson’s team was the winner of the first week of the Gold Plate Dinner Ticket sales contest.  Her team will be entered in the drawing for the big prize at the end of the contest.  Your team captain should be contacting you if they haven’t already done so.


Cindy Carlson brought a Pioneer Press article about this year’s Winter Carnival Queen of the Snows, Jilla Nadimi.  Jilla grew up in Mounds View and attended Irondale.


Today’s meeting was a club assembly. 

The first item of business was to amend our by-laws to reflect the addition of corporate membership. The proposed changes were approved unanimously by voice vote.

Club Service:  Bob Barmore reported on his committee’s efforts, including administering the monthly program committees, events and social activities.  Bob will work toward reporting his group’s efforts to RI for club recognition.

Breakfast Meetings:  Garry Johnson subbed for Michele Caron, saying that the breakfast club may be changing their schedule to alternating breakfast meetings and 5:01PM meetings to attract more potential members. Breakfast member Chris Ledbeter is working on a financial literacy program for youth which will likely get its start at CPY.

Foundation:  Jason Miller reported that the November-December Polio Plus effort brought in $1,900 or $900 more than the $1,000 which was budgeted.  Well done Rotarians!

Communications:  Mary Stewart has overseen a big increase in local media coverage in recent months.  The communications team has also been sending postcards to area businesses to generate interest in Rotary membership.  Future efforts will concentrate on directing prospects to our website for up-to-date information about the club.  Mary is also working on a strategy to report our service activities to Rotary International.

Due to time constraints, reports by Service Projects, Vocational Teams, Secretary, Treasurer and President were pushed back to next week’s meeting.  However, Cindy Carlson reported in advance for the Youth Service Subcommittee of the Service Projects Team by updating us on the Rotary Healthy Youth Foundation.  We will be using the Foundation as a conduit for youth oriented donations raised at the Gold Plate Dinner.

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Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 23, 2018
Tom Pastor opened the meeting with the Pledge of allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden presented the Invocation.
President Gerry Tietz announced that we are strengthening our relationship with Life Prep Academy by making the organization one of the options for Fund-A-Cause at the Gold Plate Dinner.
Ed James had to leave early but he left a packet of well-wishes for the hurricane victims in Houston from the Irondale students who helped with our recent Harvest Pack event.  Ed will be forwarding the cards and letters along with the Harvest Pack food packets to the Houston area as part of the relief effort for flood ravaged areas in Texas.   It was also noted that a connection has been made between Ralph Reeder Food Shelf and Harvest Pack, and that the food shelf will be able to use some of the food we packed as well.
The membership expressed their gratitude to Beverly Aplikowski for hosting our annual holiday at her home again this year.  Everyone had a great time.
Beverly noted that she has our Gold Plate Dinner tickets, and members present received their tickets.  If you missed today’s meeting, see Bev for your tickets.
Paul Fournier reminded us of the choir concert to support the Community Support Center which will be held on January 28th from 2-3PM at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 8211 Red Oak Drive, New Brighton.  Be there to show your support for the valuable work that CSC does in our community.
Paul also announced the 4th anniversary of his 21st birthday.  Wow!
Cindy Carlson announced that Life Prep Academy’s dormitory is nearly ready to house 16 homeless high school students.  Cindy passed the cup for donations today and will do so again next week.  L.P.A. students will have a variety of needs which you can check out by clicking here and scrolling down to the Dorm and School Needs List.
Jason Slama will be taking a Polar Plunge to benefit Special Olympics.  See Jason to sponsor him or click here to sponsor him online.  His team name is Slippy Longsocks.
Tom Pastor introduced our speakers, Sam Stoffels and Jeff Peltola, from Engineers Without Borders, Minnesota.  Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a non-profit humanitarian organization established to provide planning, engineering and construction support for community driven development programs worldwide (think Doctors Without Borders for infrastructure).  Sam and Jeff are members of the Minnesota Professional Chapter of the EWB-USA, which was established in Denver, Colorado 18 years ago.  The organization has grown to 17,000 members in 280 chapters across the U.S.  Student chapters account for 72% of total membership, while Professional chapters have the remaining 28%.  The key to EWB’s approach is that the projects are community driven and also that EWB chapters must make a  5 year commitment to each project to ensure project success and sustainability.  They have assisted with projects in 42 countries so far and the most common projects are water projects.  The chapter’s current project is a water supply project in Santa Rosa Senca, El Salvador.  The Santa Rosa Senca has the somewhat unique problem of having too much water pressure in some of the water lines which causes frequent burst pipes and water supply outages.  EWB’s proposed solution is strategic placement of two adjustable pressure reduction valves in the system to reduce pressures and prevent future burst pipes.  These valves are expensive at $2,700 each, but much less expensive than the alternative which would involve building pressure reduction reservoirs along the supply lines. The implementation trip for installation of the valves is scheduled for mid April, 2018 and the group’s fundraising efforts have left them just $600 short of their $10,500 total financial need.  Sam Stoffels can be contacted at  The chapter website is  Tom, Sam and Jeff are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 16, 2018
Tom Pastor opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jeff Benson provided the Invocation.
Our guests today were Tim Domke and Lori Pulkrabek from CTV North Suburbs.
Ed James thanked all those who participated in the Harvest Pack Event at Irondale last Wednesday.  The response from the Irondale student body was overwhelming, with some students turned away because of inadequate space.  Our club was well represented at the third and final packing session.  Overall, we packed 21,670 meals to be served locally at Life Prep Academy, CPY and Irondale as well as providing much needed food for victims of the hurricanes in Texas.  The Rotary contingent is shown below.
Paul Fournier announced a Choral Concert to benefit the Community Support Center on Sunday, January 28th from 2-3PM at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 8211 Red Oak Drive, New Brighton.  Be there to show your support for the valuable work that CSC does in our community.
Margaret Johnson reported on her experience at the District Mid-Term last weekend.  The focus was on membership growth and public relations and Margaret and Gerry attended from our club.  Watch your email in the next few days for a summary of the Mid-Term.  The next District meeting will be the Conference of Clubs at Mystic Lake Casino on April 19 &20.  Click here for more information.
Cindy Carlson distributed the rules for the Gold Plate Dinner ticket sales contest.  Click here for a scan of the rules.  Jim O’Brien noted that we’ll be once again having a Dine Around Town auction this year so start soliciting restaurant gift certificates now!
Cor Wilson was our speaker today, offering an update on CTV North Suburbs and the North Suburban Communications Commission.  CTV North Suburbs is a non-profit corporation formed by nine north suburban cities.  It was established to provide community programming and services for the member communities.  It administers community TV channels, providing both staff and volunteer programming.  It has a mobile production truck and portable video equipment for community events and provides video education and hands-on training for community members.  The North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC) is a Joint Powers Agreement formed by nine north suburban communities to administer their cable franchises.  CTV and NSCC are primarily funded by a combination of franchise fees and Public Educational and Governmental (PEG) fees, but a decline in cable subscribers and other factors has resulted in a 40% budget reduction in 2018 as compared to 2017. 
Cor discussed three levels of programming provided by CTV North Suburbs: Public/Community, Educational and Government.  Public/Community programming includes programs of local interest such as North Suburban Beat, Disability Viewpoints and Adventures in Public Speaking. This programming amounts to about 50% of programming.  Educational programming includes High School and College sports, concerts and other events, and amounts to about 30% of programming.  Government Programming includes coverage of local events, parades and festivals as well as city meetings and contractual services for cities and schools.  This area of programming amounts to 20% of total programming.  Your bulletin editor apologizes for failing to get a photo of Cor for this publication.
Meeting Recap - January 16, 2018 Jeff Benson 2018-01-16 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 09, 2018

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.


Jeff noted that we are the proud owners of a quality dual wireless microphone system that should eliminate many of the problems we had with the previous system.  Please bear with him as he tweaks the system.


President Gerry Tietz was lamenting his recent visit to an over-zealous barber that left him with precious little hair to protect his head from our brutally cold weather.  In response, John Marg-Patton showed off his returning hair.


We have received thank you notes from our Camp Enterprise students, Brady Welch and Margaret Ann Thompson.


Ed James reminded us of the Harvest Pack Event on Wednesday Jan 10th, 4PM, in the Irondale cafeteria.  We hope to pack 21,800 meals with the help of the Irondale student body.  The Lions and Eagles aren’t able to participate in this event so it’s all hands on deck to make this goal a reality.  See you there.


This Friday at 6PM we’ll be gathering at Beverly Aplikowski’s home for our annual holiday party.  Remember to bring a white elephant if you want to participate in the gift exchange.  No food is needed.  Beverly’s address is 1443 Bussard Court, Arden Hills.


Cor Wilson announced that next week’s (Jan. 16th) meeting will be off-site at CTV North Suburbs.  Watch your email for sign up information.


Our January 30th club meeting will be a club assembly.  You should already have received an email from Gerry with Director and Committee Chair responsibilities for that meeting.


President Gerry proudly presented John Ordway with his Paul Harris Fellowship+4 (above), signifying contributions to the Rotary Foundation exceeding $5,000.  Way to go, John!


Ed James distributed a list of items needed by Life Prep Academy as they prepare to house 16 homeless high school students in their Spring Lake Park school.  Click here to go to the LPA website and scroll down to find the list of needs.


Mary Stewart announced, on Cindy Carlson’s behalf, that we have received photos of our sponsored Remember Niger students, Maman and Charifa (below).



John Marg-Patton said that you should have received an email with the Gold Plate Dinner brochure for the April 13th Gala.  Members have been organized into teams who will compete for sales supremacy and some awesome prizes.  Your team leader should be contacting you soon to plot your sales strategy.


Gerry Tietz announced that Ed James will be our Rotary Youth Exchange officer and Mark Lampman will serve as our Exchange Counselor.  New member Paul Jacobsen will apply to host an exchange student for the 2018-2019 Rotary year.  Great news!


Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Jason Hunt.  Prior to becoming a speaker and leadership trainer, Jason spent 15 years in education, teaching social studies, ESL and also serving as a principal in Owatonna.  He has a Masters in Leadership from the University of Minnesota and is certified by the John Maxwell Leadership Institute.  A year and a half ago he started Eye Squared Leadership Consulting, and leadership was the topic of today’s presentation.

Jason described the biggest gap in life “is the one between what we know and what we actually do”.  Minimizing this gap is the cornerstone of Jason’s leadership consulting business.  Leaders often bump up against what Jason describes as the “Leadership Lid”, which is essentially a cap on their leadership capacity.  Unfortunately, that leader’s organization is also capped by its leader’s limitations.  He also said that leaders aren’t leaders unless they have followers and that leadership has nothing to do with titles.  For Jason, leadership is about influencing others for a positive impact.  In order to master this influential style of leadership, he believes that the following five practices are essential:

     - Give people your time

     - Give people your “ears”

     - Give Praise (and recognition)

     - Give responsibility (trust)

     - Give confidence

In other words you have to “give up” in order to “go up”.  Check out Jason’s website here. Jason and Jeff are pictured below.


We presented the staff of the Exchange, pictured below, with a gift to thank them for the wonderful food and service this past year.

Meeting Recap - January 9, 2018 Jeff Benson 2018-01-09 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 19, 2017
Dave Hoel opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation.
President Gerry Tietz welcomed everyone to the last lunch meeting of the year.  We were blessed by the presence of several spouses of Rotarians and also by visits from Marv Sorvala and Mary Jo McGuire.
John Marg-Patton announced the nomination of Cindy Carlson as his Co-President for the 2018-19 Rotary year.  The nomination was unanimously approved by the membership.
Cindy Carlson announced that our Harvest Pack food packing project, in conjunction with Irondale, the New Brighton Eagles and the New Brighton Lions, will be held at Irondale from 2-6 PM on January 10th.  Everyone should plan to attend for some or all of the event and be sure to invite family and friends to make the event a success.
The Twin Cities North Chamber will hold an event to benefit the Ralph Reeder and S.A.C.A. Food Shelves on Wednesday, December20th, from 3:15 to 5:00PM at Risdall Marketing Group, 2685 Long Lake Rd #100 in Roseville.  Click here to register.
Today’s program was the annual Irondale Choir concert and carol sing-along.  Led by Director Jason Etten and accompanied by Steve Firkus on keyboard, the choir presented some numbers from a recent concert and the Diva Dozen and the Guyz Group each performed a song.  The choir then led us in several carols.  Each choir member introduced themselves and clued us in on their future plans.  Our thanks to Jason, Steve and the choir for a wonderful performance and for once again renewing our faith in the next generation.  Check out the Irondale Choir website here.  On behalf of the club, Dave Hoel presented a $500 check to Jason (see below).
Meeting Recap - December 19, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-12-19 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 12, 2017
Dave Hoel (returning from a week long ski trip with no broken bones) opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Mary Ann Bawden provided the invocation.
Our visitors today were: Brady Welch and Margaret Ann Thompson (our representatives at Camp Enterprise), John Laliberte from PeaceMakers MN and Nicole Ulrich, from Benedictine Health Center at Innsbruck (Nicole has applied for membership in our club).
President Gerry Tietz invited our Camp Enterprise representatives to say a few words about their experience at the three-day camp, which is  jointly sponsored by District 5959 and 5960, and offers nearly 120 high school students the opportunity to participate in leadership activities focusing on the Free Enterprise System.
First up was Margaret Ann Thompson.  Margaret Ann is a senior at Irondale who hopes to pursue a career as a linguist or ambassador.  Margaret Ann learned a lot from the speakers, mentors and the group entrepreneurship activity.  Her business venture was a Digital Personal Training company and she served as its C.O.O.  Margaret Ann would like to return to the camp as a mentor in the future. She repeatedly thanked us for the opportunity which she would not otherwise be able to afford.
Next up was Brady Welch, also an Irondale senior.  Brady is looking at possible careers as an entrepreneur or as an actuary and hopes to study at Drake University.  Brady was impressed by the friendly attitude of everyone involved in the camp.  Brady’s business venture was a company that rented powered bicycles or Segways to millennials living in large U.S. cities.  Brady was the General Counsel for his business.  Brady also thanked us for the scholarship and our support for the program.  Find out more about Camp Enterprise by clicking here.  Margaret Ann and Brady are shown with Ed James, below.
Cindy introduced John Laliberte, from the anti-bullying group, PeaceMaker Minnesota.  John was present to announce PeaceMaker’s cribbage tournament fundraiser on April 29th, 5:30 PM at Adagio’s Pizza Factory in New Brighton.  For more information, click here. On behalf of the club, Cindy Carlson presented a $250 check to PeaceMaker (see below).
Beverly was able to join us today after a recent surgery.  Welcome back Beverly!
Our speaker today was new member Dennis Connolly.  Dennis was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, but raised in Minnetonka, MN and attended Hopkins High School, graduating in 1969.  1976 was a landmark year for Dennis.  He married his wife of 41 years, Debbie, moved to New Brighton so he could join the Lake Johanna Fire Department, and the FDA Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was amended to include Medical Devices (this would become important later in his life).  After taking a variety of college courses at the University of Minnesota while working many jobs to keep out of debt, he finally earned a BS from the College of Biological Sciences in 1979.  He worked at 3M for a while before deciding to attend medical school and got his MD in 1986.  As a Resident at North Memorial Hospital, working 120 hours a week for very low wages, Dennis decided to use his medical expertise to build a career in the corporate world.  He joined Medtronic to work in clinical evaluation and regulatory affairs until his retirement.  Like many of us, Dennis couldn’t stay retired and soon found himself back at Medtronic as a contractor working on regulatory affairs (FDA approval) in the Neuromodulation Division. Dennis talked about the extensive process for FDA approval of Class III medical devices.  Unlike some other countries, the U.S. requires “reasonable assurance of safety and effectiveness based on scientific research” for premarket approval (PMA) of medical devices and even the slightest change in a medical device also must meet stringent approval guidelines.  The downside is that the total FDA fee for each of these approvals is over $600,000.  The implantable neuromodulation technologies that Dennis is currently working on involve deep brain electrical stimulation, targeted drug delivery systems, gastric stimulation systems, sacral nerve neuromodulation systems and spinal cord stimulation systems.  These systems are used to treat Parkinson’s, epilepsy, essential tremor, dystonia, O.C.D., and many other problems.  Dennis and Dave are pictured below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 28, 2017

Mark Lampman opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.

President Gerry Tietz announced that Jason Slama has accepted the nomination as President-elect Nominee for the 2019-20 Rotary Year.  Jason’s nomination was confirmed by a unanimous voice vote of members present.  Congratulations, Jason!

Jason Miller had the pleasure of presenting Geoff Hollimon with his Paul Harris Fellowship + 4, signifying that Geoff has contributed over $5,000 to the Rotary Foundation! (photo below)


John Marg-Patton reminded us that the next Gold Plate Dinner Planning Meeting will be at 11 AM on December 12th at the Exchange.  All are welcome.


Cindy Carlson said that if her daughter Natalie hasn’t delivered by Friday, she will be induced, so Cindy should have a new grandson by next meeting.


The dreaded birthday hat was brought out of retirement to commemorate David Hoel’s 72nd birthday.  Dave is pictured below.


Our Assistant District Governor, Anoka Rotarian Sandy Campbell, had the honor of introducing our District Governor, third generation Rotarian, Kyle Haugen.  Kyle received his degree in political science from Hamline and is CFO of Haugen Agency, an insurance and financial planning firm.  Kyle played baseball for Hamline and remains an avid baseball fan.  Kyle was president of the Prior Lake Rotary Club in 2009-10.  He has the distinction of being the youngest District Governor in all of Rotary this year, and his energy and enthusiasm for Rotary were undoubtedly a factor in his selection at such a young age.  He and his wife, Carrie, have a 2 year old son named Cooper and another child due very soon (as if a District Governor’s life isn’t busy enough).


DG Kyle had very warm words about Rotary International President Ian Risely.  President Risely’s theme, “Rotary: Making a Difference”, resonates with Kyle because he feels that making a difference is the core value that draws us to, and keeps us involved in Rotary.  This feeling was crystallized for Kyle when he went to Haiti in 2010 to help in the earthquake relief effort.  He was struck by how the intelligent and capable people he helped might never reach their full potential because of their place of birth.  Kyle feels that Rotary can help the less fortunate to reach their potential.


DG Kyle commended our club for its many accomplishments but also challenged us to find ways to do more.  He suggested some avenues for service that align with President Risely’s “Making a Difference” theme:

     - Environmental responsibility: Plant a tree for each Rotarian.

     - Human Trafficking: Work with anti-trafficking organizations.

     - Tell the Rotary story:  Proudly tell others why Rotary is important to you.  This will lead to more Rotary members and more opportunities for service.

     - Work on member retention:  Rotary has 1.2 million members, but that membership has turned over completely in the last 7 years.  Rotary doesn’t have a new member problem; it has a member retention problem.

     - Create the best personal experience for your members: Make the club fit the needs of the members (i.e.  Breakfast meetings)

     - Get your family involved.

     - DG Kyle also emphasized the importance of the Rotary Foundation, saying that the Rotary Foundation is the only charity where you have a say in how your     contributions are spent.  He said that we must stay the course on polio eradication, taking advantage of the 2 for 1 match from the Gates Foundation until the scourge of Polio is wiped from the face of the earth forever.

     - The final way that Kyle suggested that Rotary “makes a difference” is the change that it makes in us, making us better because of our Rotary involvement.


DG Haugen and the NBMV Board of Directors are shown below.

Meeting Recap - November 28, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-11-28 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 21, 2017
Jason Slama opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.
Our guests today were: Don Craighead, former Roseville Rotarian and now E-Club member; Reed Hewitt, Executive Director at Innsbruck Care Center and Nicole Ulrich from the Innsbruck Foundation and the New Brighton Lions;  and Solomon Gustavo, a writer from Lillie Suburban News, was also visiting.
President Gerry Tietz reminded us that next week we will welcome our District Governor, Kyle Haugen.  DG Haugen will meet with the Board at 11AM and also speak to us at our noon meeting.  All Breakfast and Lunch Club members are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting.
Cindy Carlson presented the idea that we designate Life Prep Academy as a “Fund a Cause” beneficiary for our upcoming Gold Plate Dinner.
President-Elect John Marg Patton announced that new member Dennis Connolly will be taking the reins of our Homeless Youth Initiative to free up Garry Johnson to have a more active role in the Membership Committee.
Jim Kadechka is the proud grandpa of Leah Amelia Peterson.  Leah is daughter Nikki’s second child and Jim’s third grandchild.  Congrats, Jim.
Jason Miller reminded us that the club is offering double Rotary Foundation points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December.  See John Ordway for details.
Jason Slama introduced or speaker, Karen Kotch, Executive Director of Help at Your Door.  The charitable organization, formerly known as Store to Door, provides an array of services to help keep seniors and people with disabilities in their homes.  Help at Your Door accomplishes this by providing grocery assistance, home support (like cleaning and minor repairs) and transportation services. Volunteers also provide companionship and emotional support with phone calls and visits.  One measure of their success is that they currently have seven clients over 100 years old who are still in their homes.  Services are provided on a sliding fee scale determined by ability to pay, and every client pays something, even if it’s not very much.  The organization serves over 15,000 people each year, so there are many opportunities for volunteers to participate in their mission.  Although most of their services are delivered in Ramsey and Hennepin counties, their service area is the seven county metro area.  They receive funding primarily from donations and Minnesota Medicaid’s Elderly Waiver program.  For more information about the organization, or to volunteer, check out the website here.  Karen and Jason are shown below.
Meeting Recap - November 21, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-11-21 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 14, 2017
Jason Slama opened the meeting with the Pledge and the invocation.
President Gerry Tietz noted that our District 5960 Governor, Kyle Haugen, will be making his official visit to our club on November 28th.   Let’s show our respect by having a big crowd for the meeting.  DG Haugen will meet with the board at 11AM before the club meeting.
Gerry also made a motion to authorize Jeff Benson to spend up to $600 for a quality dual microphone system (lapel and handheld) to provide better sound quality and more reliable AV performance.  The expenditure was authorized by a voice vote.
Because of proximity to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, the December 26th and January 2nd noon club meetings will not be held.  Members are encouraged to attend the January 4th, 7AM meeting instead.  The December 28th AM meeting has also been cancelled but the December board meeting will be held at 3:45PM, December 28th.  Immediately after the board meeting, at 5PM, all members are invited to a social hour which will likely be at the Exchange.
Club Foundation Chair, Jason Miller, reported on our EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) award which was accepted by Jason on behalf of our club at the recent District Rotary Foundation Celebration. We were one of only 4 clubs in our 64 club District to receive the award, signifying that we averaged over $100 per member last year in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Great work NBMV Rotary!  Jason also noted that the “Plus” in Polio Plus refers to the communicable diseases other than Polio that are prevented as a part of our immunization program.  Remember that your contributions to Polio Plus in November and December earn double foundation points if you make John Ordway aware of the contribution.  Gerry and Jason are shown below with the award banners.
John Marg-Patton said that the first Gold Plate Dinner committee meeting was held just before lunch today, and plans are underway for the best GPD yet.  Our theme will be “Rotary: Making a Difference.”  The next meeting will be December 12th at 11AM.  All are welcome.
We raffled off a bottle of Risdall Ranch wine form John Risdall and 4 Gophers hockey tickets from Cindy Carlson/Western Bank.  Proceeds will go to our Rotary Foundation Polio Plus campaign.
Jason Slama introduced our speaker, Pam Wolf, from Life Prep Academy.  Life Prep Academy (LPA) is a school and residential program designed to meet the needs of homeless and/or high risk teens.  Pam was a teacher at Edgewood Middle school for many years before working at the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility, where she gained valuable experience working with at-risk youth.  She has been with LPA for three years, working to provide a stable living environment for at-risk and homeless high school aged students.  LPA’s first goal is to provide for a student’s basic needs (shelter, food, clothing and safety).  After basic needs are met, LPA provides academic support for graduation from high school and transition to college or career.  In addition to academic skills, LPA provides training to prepare students for employment applications and interviews and provides life skill training to improve student’s financial skills, home and auto maintenance skills, child care skills, etc.  Their comprehensive program directly addresses the root causes of homelessness by combining the aforementioned educational efforts with a dormitory style residence/school in Spring Lake Park.  The dormitory is on the second level of the school and it allows for greater control of the educational mission of the Academy.  LPA approaches its mission from a God-centered perspective, working to instill values like charity (students pay forward 10% of their required work program earnings) and volunteerism (students must volunteer 10 hours per quarter).  LPA receives no government funding, relying solely on individual, business and church donations to cover their operating costs of $10,000 per month.  All staff are unpaid volunteers, keeping costs as low as possible.  In addition to cash contributions, LPA needs furnishings like dressers and desks for the dorm rooms, which the students take with them when they graduate.  More information about Life Prep Academy can be found by clicking here.  Jason and Pam are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - November 14, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-11-14 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 07, 2017
Mark Lampman organized today’s offsite meeting at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore in New Brighton.
Mike Neeley announced that the Irondale Choir will present their annual Christmas Concert and Carol sing-along at our December 19th club meeting.  Note that this meeting will be held at Risdall Advertising.
Gerry Tietz noted that the December 26th and January 2nd meetings would occur on the day after the Christmas and New Year’s Holidays.  Those present decided that we will not meet on those days.  Members are instead encouraged to attend the breakfast meetings on December 28th and January 4th. The Board meeting previously scheduled for December 26th will be held following the Breakfast Meeting on December 28th.
Ed James talked about the Harvest Pack project being planned as a joint effort between our club, Irondale H.S., the Lions and the Eagles.  The food packing event will be held in January.  Ed said that the students are very excited about the project which will provide food for hurricane victims as well as local food shelves.  Stay tuned for more details.
John Marg-Patton reminded us that the initial planning session for the Gold Plate Dinner is next Tuesday, December 14th, 11AM at the Exchange.  The GPD will be on April 13th so mark your calendars now.
Dana Rebelein (above) is shown presenting our club's check for $486.50 to Sue Peake at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  The money was raised by simply passing a hat at our last three club meetings.  This contribution will allow the food shelf to buy $3892 worth of groceries.  You'll also note that Kevin Carlson (Cindy's husband) was present for the photo.
Dana also talked about this past weekend’s Foundation Celebration Event, held at the lovely Brackett’s Crossing Country Club in Lakeville.  Dana was joined by Jeff and Nancy Benson, Paul and Denise Jacobson and Jason and Renee Miller.  The keynote Speaker, Ed Futa, is the past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  Ed’s talk was very inspiring and entertaining.  New Brighton Rotary was honored as one of only four clubs to receive the EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Award which signifies that every Rotarian in the club has made a contribution to the Foundation.  Jason received the award on behalf of the club, below.
Today's program was an opportunity to meet three members of the management team for Habitat’s New Brighton ReStore: Senior Operations Manager Pete O’Keefe, Store Manager Jill Carmody and Donations Manager Robin Henrichsen.  Habitat for Humanity has always accepted donations of building materials for the homes they were building, but when donations of materials for Canadian home builds exceeded the need, the ReStore concept was born.  ReStores sell the excess material donations to help raise funds for their home builds. The first ReStore in the U.S. was in Austin, Texas in 1985 and the concept has grown rapidly.  There are now 800 ReStores, double the number in operation just 5 years ago.
The Twin Cities ReStores are located in New Brighton and Minneapolis.  With a paid staff of ten and a volunteer group of four thousand, the two stores take in 1.4 million dollars a year; which is enough to fund 6 additional home builds per year, adding to well over 1,000 homes built by the Twin Cities affiliate of Habitat.  In addition to providing much needed housing, ReStore also keeps building materials from entering our landfills.  Your tax deductible donations come with and itemized receipt and a coupon good for 20% off a future ReStore purchase.  Click here for more information about ReStore.
Meeting Recap - November 7, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-11-07 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 31, 2017
Bob Barmore did double duty with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation today.
Our Rotarian guests were Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala and NBMV Breakfast Club Rotarians Garry Johnson and Chris Ledbeter.  Sue Ager introduced Innsbruck’s new administrator, Reid Hewitt.  Sue also indicated that she will be terminating her membership as she retires.  We will miss you, Sue!
Our Noon meeting next week will be hosted by Mark Lampman at the Habitat For Humanity’s ReStore, 510 County Rd D West, New Brighton, MN 55112.  Here is a map.  Be sure to park in the back lot.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d with your Jimmy John’s lunch choice, call Mark Lampman ASAP.
The Irondale Choir is tentatively scheduled to join us at our December 19th noon meeting for their annual holiday concert and Christmas carol sing-along.  Whenever the concert is scheduled, it will be an off-site meeting at a location to be determined.
Dana Rebelein passed the hat for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf this week for the third and final week.  Week one contributions were $181 and week two garnered $89.  This week’s contribution was $216.50, which included $28.50 from Garry Johnson’s closet clearing inspired auction of two briefcases for $28.50.  The three week total was a whopping $486.50, which translates into $3892 of buying power for the clever shoppers at Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Well done, NBMV Rotary!!!
Jason Slama let us know that local dental offices and businesses will be “buying back” unused or excess Halloween candy, offering cash, coupons or other incentives to get the cavity producing and waistline expanding candy out of your home and into the hands of our Troops and Veterans through the Operation Shoebox program.  Click here to find a drop-off location or find out more about the program.
Mary Stewart thanked all who attended or contributed to the CPY Game Night Gala fundraiser.  Preliminary figures show $15,000 in donations with money still coming in.
Cor Wilson reminded us that we can view recorded “Candidates Speak Out” and “Candidate Forums” on the CTV North Suburbs Website Elections Page.  You can also watch live election coverage starting at 8:30PM on Election Day.
Dave Hoel reported that he has purchased 400 pounds of jelly beans in preparation for our annual Easter Egg Hunt.
The club voted to amend the By-laws to reflect the addition of the Breakfast Club.
Because today was a 5th Tuesday, our program today was a Club Assembly.
·  Club Treasurer John Ordway reviewed club finances, noting that the club’s annual budget is $70,000, $30,000 of which is from the Gold Plate Dinner which nets $20,000 after expenses.  John also noted that although we attempt to have a balanced budget each year, lower than expected expenses over the last few years has permitted us to run deficit budgets for the last couple of years.  He also reported that the financial impact of the addition of the Breakfast Club is yet to be determined.
·  The Breakfast Club report was presented by new member Chris Ledbeter.  Chris said that attendance at the Breakfast Meeting has been 6-10 people and invitation postcard mailings are occurring each week to promote membership growth.  These invitations will be available at the check-in desk at noon and breakfast meetings to help you invite your friends and co-workers to join us.
·  MaryAnn Bawden updated us on her Secretarial duties.
·  Bob Barmore reported on Club Administration.  He noted that we will have a Holiday party in January and that you should check your email for details about a group trip to see Shen Yun at the Ordway on February 18th.
·  The Rotary Foundation report was presented by Jason Miller.  Jason reminded us that November is Foundation Month.  As in the past, contributions to the Polio Plus fund during November and December will earn matching Foundation points from the club.  Also, the proceeds from any items auctioned off in November will be donated to the Foundation.
·  Garry Johnson (Membership) reported that there are three new members as a result of the addition of the Breakfast Club.  He urged us all to invite visitors to the club and to let him know of any prospective members.
·  Communications/PR Director Mary Stewart is working on improving our visibility by getting articles published in the local papers.
·  Jason Slama, Service Projects Director, reported on various projects, including: The Food Shelf, Egg Hunt, Peace Makers, Financial Literacy Project, ReStore Visit, possible State Capitol Tour, Camp Enterprise, Harvest Pack project, and a Feed My Starving Children event for Quincy House.
·  Geoff Hollimon (subbing for Cindy Carlson) reported on our support for two Global Grants in Guatemala (Nutrition Education and Literacy).  Geoff also updated us on the major damage to seed crops at ECHO following hurricane Irma.  Fortunately the farm buildings are intact.
Wow!  It’s amazing what a group of 36 committed Rotarians can do to make their community and world a better place.
Meeting Recap - October 31, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-10-31 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 24, 2017

Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge and Nils Friberg offered the invocation.


Dana passed the hat for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Our cash contributions allow the Food Shelf to get $8 worth of food for each dollar contributed.  Last week we collected $181, allowing the food shelf to buy $1448 worth of groceries. We’ll pass the hat one more time next week.


President Gerry Tietz announced that the Board is working on updating the By-Laws to reflect the addition of the Breakfast meetings.  Gerry said that Michelle Caron has stepped up to be the champion of the development of the Breakfast Club.  Michelle said that the October 26th breakfast meeting will be held at Limu Coffee, in the same complex as the Exchange.


Gerry announced some additional membership categories to promote membership growth.  We have added a corporate membership and a household membership.  Stay tuned for more details.


Cindy Carlson said that the Board has approved a $500 contribution to a Rochester Rotary Global Grant which will total 95 thousand dollars.  Cindy said it was one of the best written grant proposals she has seen as a member of the district’s grant committee.  Cindy also updated us on Remember Niger, saying that they have not been directly affected by the violence in Niger.  Cindy further reminded us that there will be a Sponsor Appreciation Social for those of us who are sponsoring Remember Niger students.  The social is on Friday, November 3rd, 7-8:15 AM at Boutswells Landing, 5450 Nolan Parkway in Oak Park Heights (near Stillwater).  Cindy would love to have some other sponsors join her.


Geoff Hollimon thanked Mary Stewart for merging four contact lists to come up with a mailing list of 460 households to which we can send a postcard inviting civic minded people to visit either our morning or noon Rotary club meetings.


Mark Lampman has planned an off-site club meeting on November 7th.  He has arranged a tour of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore at 510 County Rd D West in New Brighton.  A sign-up sheet was passed around today and will be available next week if you missed it today.

Remember that we will once again be offering double Foundation Points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December of this year.  Points available for the match are limited, so get your contribution in soon.  Make your checks out to The Rotary Foundation (Memo: Polio Plus) and give them to John Ordway.  You may also contribute online, but be sure to notify John that you’ve made the donation to ensure that you get your matching points.  Ed James provided the Polio Plus photo below.


Cindy Carlson reminded us of the annual District 5960 Foundation Dinner on November 4th at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, 17976 Judicial Rd in Lakeville.  The fun starts at 5:30 and ends around 9:00.  The keynote speaker will be Ed Futa, past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  This event has always been fun and informative and we have always had a big contingent of NBMV Rotarians in attendance.  Let’s make this year the biggest showing yet!  The registration fee is waived for our club members and the cost for guests is $60. Register here for the event.


Cindy also noted that she and Ed James are interested in attending the Sunday matinee performance of Shen Yun on February 18th.  Let’s get a group together to take advantage of the group discount.


Jason Slama invited all who are interested to attend an organizational meeting for our Harvest Pack joint project with Irondale, NB Lions and NB Eagles.   The meeting is Wednesday, October 25, 6:30PM at the Mermaid.


Jim Kadechka passed out applications for Packers fans to join the Vikings fan base.  Gerry appeared fearful that he might burst into flames if he even touched the application.  Other Packer backers had similar reactions.


Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Bob Oehrig, executive director of Arrive Ministries. Arrive Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of refugees and immigrants.  Arrive works with local churches to welcome and serve displaced refugees who resettle in Minnesota. Bob described the situation in Syria as an example of the need for refugee resettlement.  The civil war in Syria has displaced over half of its population. Of Syria’s population of 26 million, 5 million have fled the country and 8 million are internally displaced within Syria.  Of the 5 million who left Syria, 5,000 have drowned while crossing the Mediterranean.  Syria is just one example of many refugee crises around the world.  Bob said “If you ask refugees where they would prefer to live, almost all say they would prefer to go back to their home country” but the reality is that it just is not possible for most refugees.  Bob said that the U.S. (citing the economic burden) has decreased its refugee quota from 85,000 to 45,000 under the Trump administration.  Bob countered that the ratio of refugees to total population in the U.S. is one of the lowest among developed nations at one refugee per 7,000 in population.  He noted that Minnesota has been much more welcoming to refugees than the U.S. average.  Bob admitted that it takes 6-7 years for refugees to be net contributors to the economy, but said that most refugees work very hard to become self-sufficient.  In closing Bob pointed to multiple biblical references about treating strangers and refugees with compassion as brothers and sisters.  Bob and Bob are pictured below.   

Meeting Recap - October 24, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-10-24 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 17, 2017
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Dana Rebelein offered an invocation.
Dana noted that the Salvation Army Holiday Helper program needs volunteers to stock toys, answer phones, register families and enter data at their Operation Joy holiday phone bank in Roseville on November 20th and 21st.  You can sign up online at Operation Joy.
Dana also made us aware of opportunities to volunteer at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf during the holiday season.  If you would like to volunteer to help families shop for food at the food shelf, there are openings on November 2, 9, and 16 from 9:30-Noon.  Contact Sue Peake at 651-621-7447 or  We passed the hat today (and will in upcoming weeks as well) to collect money to help the Food Shelf buy food to meet their holiday needs.
Mark Lampman has planned an off-site meeting on November 7th.  He has arranged a tour of Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore at 510 County Rd D West in New Brighton.  Stay tuned for more information and a sign-up sheet.
Foundation Director Jason Miller announced that we will once again be offering double Foundation Points for contributions to Polio Plus during November and December of this year.  Points available for the match are limited, so get your contribution in soon.  Make your checks out to The Rotary Foundation (Memo: Polio Plus) and give them to John Ordway.  You may also contribute online, but be sure to notify John that you’ve made the donation to get matching points.
Jason also reminded us of the annual District 5960 Foundation Dinner on November 4th at Brackett’s Crossing Country Club, 17976 Judicial Rd in Lakeville.  The fun starts at 5:30 and ends around 9:00.  The keynote speaker will be Ed Futa, past General Secretary and Chief Operating Officer of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  This event has always been fun and informative and we have always had a big contingent of NBMV Rotarians in attendance.  Let’s make this year the biggest showing yet!  The registration fee is waived for our club members and the cost for guests is $60. Register here for the event.
Mary Stewart reminded us of the CPY Game Night Fundraiser from 6:00-10:00PM on Friday October 27th at the New Brighton Community Center.  Join us for the fun while supporting all the great work that CPY does in our community.  See Mary Stewart or Geoff Hollimon if you haven’t received an invitation.
Ed James reported that Irondale students Margaret Thompson and Brady Welsh will represent us at Camp Enterprise this year.
Ed is also looking for some Rotarians to join him as he plans our Harvest Pack food packing project which will partner NBMV Rotary, NB Lions, NB Eagles and Irondale High School.  Please talk to Ed if you can help.
Cindy announced a change in schedule for the first planning meeting for our 2018 Gold Plate Dinner.  The new date is Tuesday, November 14th, 11AM, at the Exchange.  All those involved with the GPD planning and execution are urged to attend.
The October 26th AM club meeting will be held at another venue.  Stay tuned for details.
Sue Ager offered a happy buck because her “Innsbruck Angels” employee group was the top contributor to the Benedictine Foundation in the entire Benedictine Health System.
Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Pingping Yu.  Pingping is a native of Beijing, China and has been in the U.S. for 12 years.  Her day job is in the Consumer Insights division of General Mills, but she volunteers as a Chinese culture educator and was here today as a volunteer for Shen Yun, a revival of 5,000 years of Chinese culture through the universal language of dance and music.  To create some perspective, Pingping began with a summary of Chinese culture, briefly explaining Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism and finishing with a bleak description of Communist-era China and the accompanying devastation of traditional culture and crackdown on spiritualism and independent thinking. Shen Yun, a non-profit group formed in New York eleven years ago, has produced a stunning combination of ancient music and dance that resurrects traditional Chinese culture.  As you might imagine, Shen Yun cannot be presented in Communist China, but we have the opportunity to experience it when it returns to the Ordway with an all new show, February 16-18, 2018.  Ticket information is available here.  Pingping and Bob are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 17, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-10-17 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 03, 2017
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden offered the invocation.
President-Elect John Marg Patton was subbing for President Gerry.  John reported that a board position has been created to give the new morning Rotary meeting direct representation on the board.  John produced some paper ballots so that those who had not responded to the online voting option would have an opportunity to vote for the nominee for this position, Michelle Caron.
Cindy Carlson had three items of information to share with the club: 
- Many of you will remember Dr. Ann Frisch, who presented to this club about 3 years ago.  Dr Frisch has been awarded Rotary International’s “Champion of Peace” award for her work as an unarmed civilian peacekeeper in Thailand.
- The Community Support Center is collecting gently used winter clothing and new hats for its annual winter clothing drive.  You can drop off your donations at Christ the King Lutheran Church before October 20th.
- Rotarian Dr. Matthew Desmond, will be speaking to the Minnesota Housing Partnership about his Pulitzer Prize winning book, “Evicted, Poverty and Profit in the American City” at the Hoversten Chapel, Foss Center at Augsburg College Minneapolis.  Time and date: Saturday, October 21st, 7:00PM.  Click here to reserve you seats.
Ed James reminded us that Irondale is celebrating its 50th Anniversary at this Friday’s Homecoming game.  Dinner is at 5PM and the game is at 7PM.
The 2018 Gold Plate Dinner will be held on April 13th.  The first planning meeting will be on October 21st, time TBD.  You are all encouraged to share your ideas and your time to make this the best GPD ever.
President-Elect John introduced our new member, Dennis Connolly, a consultant at Medtronic.  Welcome to the club, Dennis!
Don’t forget that the CPY “Game Night” is on Friday, October 27th, 6-10PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  Please RSVP at or by calling 651-633-6464.
Sue Ager announced that she will be retiring November 6th.  She’s hoping to introduce her successor to Rotary at a future meeting.
Bob Bamore introduced today's speaker, Dr. Tom Pastor, presenting his new member classification talk.  Tom is originally from Fredericksburg, Virginia and still has family there.  Tom’s first career was in theater, at first working on set design and eventually theater management.  He credits his theater experience with breaking him out of his shy, introverted shell and giving him the confidence to pursue a career in health care.  After experiencing successful chiropractic treatment for a chronic shoulder injury, Tom decided that a career in chiropractic would give him the opportunity to have a direct beneficial impact on people’s lives.  He attended Northwestern Health Sciences right here in the Twin Cities and by graduation had decided that he actually liked Minnesota weather.  He had decided to specialize in neurological conditions and was fortunate to begin his career by sharing space with a renowned Neurological Chiropractic specialist right here in New Brighton.  Tom explained how a variety of neurological conditions from Parkinson’s disease to autism can be helped by eliminating musculoskeletal stress via chiropractic care.  Tom and Bob are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 3, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-10-03 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 26, 2017
Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg gave the invocation.
President Gerry Tietz passed out bubblegum cigars to celebrate the “birth” of the breakfast club.  On a related note, Gerry said that we will employ survey monkey and paper ballots to ensure that both breakfast and lunch club members have input on important club decisions.
President-Elect John Marg-Patton reminded us that April 13th is the date for the 2018 Gold Plate Dinner.  Mark your calendars now and be thinking of ways to make the event even better.  Planning meetings will begin soon and he encouraged us all to take an active part in the planning of our major fundraiser.
John also announced that, after many years of faithful service, MaryAnn will no longer be able serve as Club Secretary.  We’re looking for a replacement to work alongside MaryAnn for a while to ease the transition.  Please see Gerry T. or John M-P if you would be able to serve as Secretary.
President Gerry introduced a new wrinkle to happy bucks today with “two truths and a lie”.  Those able to guess which of three stories was a lie, could avoid paying a dollar to the kitty.  You are invited to think up your own truths and a lie to raise funds at future meetings.
Traditional happy bucks included the usual Packer Backer contributions, but Vikings fans are also starting to open their wallets.  Twins and Gopher fans were also generous with their happy bucks.  Amy Janecek noted that this year is the 50th anniversary of Irondale H.S. and special homecoming festivities are planned. Click here for more info.
Amy Janecek introduced Mary Sue Hansen, Director of the Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative (SRFC).  For over 18 years, SRFC has been working to fill the gaps in the social services safety net in suburban Ramsey County.  Mary Sue and her staff work cooperatively with school districts, social workers, faith communities and community support centers like ours in New Brighton.  Mary Sue was here primarily to talk about SRFC’s work with the Marnita’s Table Intentional Social Interaction Model (known as “IZI”). This model provides a framework, with good food as the catalyst, for diverse populations to engage each other in safe and honest conversations about racial, cultural and class barriers and possible solutions to these barriers.  To date, over 700 educators and community members have been trained on the IZI model, over 400 of whom are youth.  In addition to its intercultural impact, the IZI model has resulted in a dramatic increase in financial support for at risk children and their families in suburban Ramsey County.  We are the first Rotary club that Mary Sue has spoken to but she would love to present the IZI concept to other Rotary Clubs in the area and, perhaps, arrange an IZI training for interested Rotarians from Rotary clubs in SRFC’s service area.  For more information about SRFC, click here.  Mary Sue and Jason are shown below.
Meeting Recap - September 26, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-09-26 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 19, 2017

Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge and offered an invocation. 


Our Guests today were prospective member, Dennis Connolly, Dick Einan from the Roseville club and Jackie Gilbertson, from the Outreach Department at Children’s Hospital Minnesota.


President Gerry announced the successful birth of our new breakfast meeting.  With 19 in attendance, and 3 applications for membership, the inaugural meeting was an unqualified success.  Unfortunately Gerry forgot the celebratory cigars.  Gerry proposed that we add an additional board member to the represent the breakfast meeting.  The motion passed unanimously.


President Gerry also announced that Mary Stewart and Cindy Carlson will be researching ways for us to efficiently participate in Rotary’s effort to record all the good things that Rotary clubs do and the person-hours involved in those efforts.


Cor Wilson announced that The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has just nominated CTV15's Animation @ The Station's "I'm Happy" as one of only 5 nominees for the NATAS National Student Awards in the category of Animation/Graphics/Special Effects.


Dana will be heading to a Quilting Retreat this week.  There is apparently no wine allowed, perhaps so as to prevent needle-pricked fingers from bloodying the quilts?


Dave Hoel sang the praises of Cindy’s husband Kevin’s golf skills.  Kevin, a couple of lesser known ringers, and non-ringer Dave managed nine under par and third place at the best-ball charity event for pancreatic cancer.  They might have finished higher had they applied the Three-Way Test instead of the Four-Way test when all four golfers were simultaneously out-of-bounds.


Mary Ann Bawden thanked Jim Kadechka for completing some urgently needed printing when her print shop was temporarily out of power last week.


Jason Miller introduced our speaker, Brad Feltis M.D., a pediatric surgeon specializing in treatment of fetal medical conditions while the child is still in the womb.  Dr. Feltis is the surgical director at the Midwest Fetal Care Center.  As one of only six fetal care centers in North America, Midwest Fetal Care Center is collaboration between Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Children’s Hospital to provide comprehensive care for high risk mothers and their unborn babies.  The Center’s interdisciplinary team of sub-specialists and support staff offer a wide range of pre-natal interventions that can actually prevent or limit the need for surgeries after birth.  A good example is prenatal intervention for Spina Bifida.  While prenatal surgeries may have positive effects on the developing fetus, Dr. Feltis also acknowledged that there are ethical considerations surrounding these kinds of interventions, and the Center has staff to help parents navigate these ethical considerations.  Individual tours of the facility may be arranged by contacting Jackie Gilbertson at the Center’s Outreach Department (952-992-5282).  Learn more about this fascinating surgical team at  Jackie, Brad and Jason are shown below.

Meeting Recap - September 19, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-09-19 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 12, 2017

Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge and MaryAnn Bawden provided the Invocation.


Our guest today was Anoka Rotarian and Assistant District Governor, Sandy Campbell.  Sandy was here to tell us about her home club’s “Vacation of a Lifetime” raffle fundraiser.  She was offering $10/ticket chances at winning a $5,000 vacation voucher (or $3,500 cash). 


President Gerry Tietz said that he feels like an “expectant father” as we give birth to our Breakfast Club this Thursday at 7AM.  All club members, their guests and walk-ins are invited to attend.  I wonder if Gerry will be passing out cigars after the meeting.


We received a letter from Saint Anthony Village High School thanking us for our support of their scholarship program.  The recipient of this year’s scholarship was Bonnie Zeller, pictured below with Amy Wakem, who presented the scholarship on behalf of the club..


A new club brochure has been created by Beverly Aplikowski, and fine tuned by Jeff Benson.  The new brochure updates the 2010 version and promotes the new breakfast club.  You are welcome to take brochures for prospective members and you can find them in the Rotary cabinet.


Geoff Hollimon reported that the E.C.H.O. farm survived Irma’s fury with no injuries and relatively little ($100,000) damage to the property.  See Geoff if you’d like to contribute to a fund for repairs at the farm.


Cindy Carlson announced a fundraiser to provide housing for the homeless students of Life Prep Academy on Tuesday October 3rd, from 6-8PM at the Mermaid.  The event is free, with opportunities to donate if you choose.  Retired CEO of Vascular Solutions, Howard Root, will be the featured speaker.  For more information, or to RSVP, Call 763-203-2015 or email to:


Many, many thanks go to John, Marla and “Captain Dan” Ordway for their hospitality in hosting the Rotary party last weekend.  Though breezy, the weather was appreciably better than the originally planned date.


Ed James wasted no time in contacting the Lions Club regarding the possibility of a joint “Harvest Pack” project.  Stay tuned for more details.


Several Happy Bucks were offered by the Packer Backers for Green Bays’ victory over the Seahawks but, despite an almost perfect performance over the Saints, Vikings fans seemed reluctant to cough up their dollars.  Perhaps we just don’t want to create optimism only to have it dashed after mid-season.  President Gerry personally challenged the Vikings faithful to part with their happy bucks.  We’ll see what happens next week.


Dana related the saga of the service tech who “Red Tagged” her furnace, which magically became “Un-Red Tagged” after a reputable service tech made some minor adjustments.  Ask Dana if you want to know who not to call for furnace repairs.


Dave Hoel announced that Kevin Carlson (yes, Cindy’s 3-handicap golfer and husband Kevin) will replace the out of town Jeff Benson in Dave’s foursome at the Gary’s Gift Pancreatic Cancer Tournament this weekend.  Kevin is a HUGE golfing talent upgrade from Jeff, so I don’t think Jeff will be needed at future tournaments.


Paul reported that he has sold his hanger and will be closing the deal soon.


Mayor Val Johnson reported that the Lions Club is installing handicap-accessible playground equipment at Lions Park.  She also commented on the City’s purchase of the Korean Methodist Church property near downtown New Brighton.  The city will be seeking citizen input on use(s) of the property before seeking a private contractor to develop it.


Mary S. was relieved that her parents have sold their farm and that she was able to get them moved to their new home.


Bev’s eye surgeries have been completed and she’s looking forward to good vision once she gets her new glasses.


Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, Jed Hamoud.  Jed has been a frequent presenter at our club, and some of you may be familiar with Jed’s history.  Jed’s involvement with KAI began very early in his life; he grew up in a Kids Alive boy’s orphanage in Lebanon.  Since then, Jed has become a tireless advocate for KAI around the world, but especially in Lebanon.  Jed was here today to update us on the results of the District Matching Grant which our club provided for the expansion of Kids Alive International’s Oasis Refugee Center.  The KAI website provides this overview of the Center: 

“Over the past two years, more than a million refugees from Syria have fled from their homes and across the Lebanese border to escape the civil war. It is now estimated that one in four children in Lebanon is a Syrian refugee, and many of them have suffered emotional and physical trauma. Often these displaced people have ended up in makeshift camps, with very limited access to shelter, food, water, shoes, and clothing.  In November of 2014, we had the privilege of opening a new center, The Oasis, specifically for Syrian refugee children. The new students need intensive academic help, since many have been out of school due to the war and most cannot speak English.  Kids Alive is helping Syrian refugees in two ways. At The Oasis, we are providing an education, food, and daily care to 80 children in our school and care center programs. We have also been working with our other partners in Lebanon to provide support to refugee families that urgently need help.” 

Jed thanked us for our generous Matching Grant donation of $9,747 and reviewed the expansion of the Center which was enabled by our contribution.  KAI was able to nearly double its classroom space, helping them to make a bigger impact on the educational vacuum among Syrian refugee children.  For more information about KAI, check out the KAI websiteJed and Jason are shown below.

Meeting Recap - September 12, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-09-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 05, 2017
Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation.
Our guests today were former NBMV Rotarian Matt Fulton, Gerry Tietz’s guests, Nicole and Tyson, from the New Brighton Lions club, and Past District 5960 Governor Craig Leiser.
Nicole outlined some of the Lions club’s service projects and noted that she is, among many other responsibilities, the Lions club “tail twister”.  She said that the tail twister is the person who keeps the club meetings on track.  President Gerry Tietz suggested that the Rotary and Lions clubs could work together on a future service project.
PDG Craig Leiser remarked that one of his roles as District governor was similar to Nicole’s tail twister role.  However, he described his role as “Ass Kicker”.  Whatever works!
PDG Craig was here to congratulate us on our successful District Matching Grant for E.C.H.O.  He presented our Grant Guru’s, Geoff Hollimon and Cindy Carlson, with a check for $3,245.  Nice work Geoff and Cindy!  PDG Craig, Geoff and Cindy are pictured below.
While he was up, PDG Craig reported that there are only nine reported new cases of Polio in the world this year.  It looks like support for Polio Plus has gotten us extremely close to eradicating the scourge of polio.
John Ordway reported that the weather looks good for the Rotary Party as his home on Saturday the 9th.  If you have not already RSVP’d (yes or no), please do so today.
President Gerry announced the district’s “One Rotary Summit” designed to help club leaders with membership, public image and humanitarian service initiatives.  The summit will be held in Roseville on September 28th, 5:30PM-8:45PM.  President Gerry recommended it for all our club leaders.
Don’t forget the inaugural meeting of the NBMV Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, 7AM-8AM at the Exchange.  Come and check it out, and bring a prospective member.
Happy fines were plentiful today:
-Cindy and Kevin just returned from a golf weekend at Izaty’s.
-John R’s daughter, Lilly, is 23 years old.
-MaryAnn’s husband Gary is a year older.
-Dave H’s daughter Lauren is 35 and granddaughter Annika started Kindergarten today.
-Gerry T’s son, Nicholas, is working on an app to help police identify special needs individuals before engaging them on the street.
-Jason M. just returned from his daughter’s freshman orientation at the University of Redlands.
-Garry J’s mom finally has both leg braces off and is doing well.
Jason Miller introduced our speaker, West St. Paul Rotarian William McNally, founder of “Harvest Pack”.  William became interested in feeding the hungry while volunteering at local food shelves.  This interest led him to work for Feed My Starving Children and, finally, to start his own non-profit.  In its fifth year, Harvest Pack provided over one million meals to food shelves, backpack programs and international hunger programs.  Harvest Pack’s mission is “Healthy Food on Every Table” Internationally, they partner with International Care Ministries (ICM) providing nutrition to complement ICM’s economic sustainability work in the Philippines.  Local initiatives focus on getting the food to undernourished children via backpack programs and food shelves.  Countless studies have shown a direct, positive relationship between good nutrition and student performance and behavior.  Meal packs for local distribution are a scientifically designed mixture of oatmeal, vitamins and cinnamon and sugar to hide the taste of the vitamins.  Meal packs for international distribution are rice and soy based.
William played a video which revealed that 800 million people worldwide die of hunger related diseases each year.  Of those 10 million are children, or one child every 6 seconds!
Harvest Pack is looking for partners to donate and volunteer to pack food.  Packing events can be large or small (minimum of 50 packers) and can be held anywhere there is adequate floor space.  For more information, click here.  William and Jason are shown below.
Meeting Recap - September 5, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-09-05 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dana Rebelein on Aug 29, 2017
Many thanks to Dana Rebelein for providing this meeting summary (Ed.)

John Marg-Patton (Cousin Millie Pearl’s cousin), opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and Mark Beisswenger offered the invocation. President Gerry distributed a member satisfaction survey. If you missed the meeting, be sure to get your copy from Gerry.

There was lots of happiness today! Mark B. was really happy because his daughter is engaged, he and Gail celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary and enjoyed two weeks out east visiting family, they attended a Boston/Yankees game, and Beisswenger’s Hardware (“If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”)’s state fair booth “is blowing them away.” Ed’s daughter matriculated at Notre Dame, and, when his car was damaged by a rear-ender, the rental vehicle provided through the other driver’s insurance was upgraded to a GMC Acadia (whatever that is). Beverly was happy to be out and about. MaryAnn enjoyed a family reunion and is happy that Gary’s surgery was successful. Gerry was happy that John and Marla correctly called the inclement weather that would occur Saturday and postponed the picnic for two weeks. Jim K. played 59 holes of disc golf. Dana welcomed the 11th repairman to tinker with her oven. John R. saw his neurologist and gets to try a new drug.

Gerry called on committee chairs to share their plans for the Rotary year. Bob (administration) emphasized two goals, (1) everyone will understand the responsibilities for club meetings. He has assigned months and will email reminders for each. (2) we will have fun. The party at Ordways is the first of events he wants us to enjoy quarterly. (Spoiler alert - Watch for wine from the Risdall winery in Oregon at the rescheduled picnic!)

Gerry ( Communications and Image) listed the emailed weekly newsletter, weekly updates to facebook, and our web page. The newspapers have not run the press releases Gerry has provided regarding the Thursday breakfast meetings. The Club authorized expenditures for advertisements and Mark B and Beverly offered to take care of it.

Beverly (Membership) reported that we have 33 members, most of whom are active. She challenged us to find new ways to reach out, encouraged us to recruit at the well-attended gala, and to consider our contacts in the neighborhood, at church and through business. A new brochure is under construction. The breakfast meetings will be added beginning Thursday, September 14, from 7 – 8 a.m. The Exchange will open its doors at 6:30 to allow setting up. Attendees will receive prospective member packets and Rotarian magazines. (REMEMBER TO BRING IN YOUR MAGAZINES!) The initial speaker will be Tom Pastor, about why he joined Rotary and what it means to him.

Jason Slama (Service) called on his committee chairs:  

A. Ed (Youth Service) offered an ambitious  six-point plan: (1) continue all existing major programs targeting youth, (2) quarterly food packing with youth from Quincy House and increased donation to Feed My Starving Children, (3) mentorship and mentor, 1-hour/week, with Quincy House and other organizations working with youth at risk in our community, (4) reading buddies, 45 min. to 1 hour each week, at Sunnyside and other pre- and elementary schools in the area,(5)  participation in the Welcome Day when children return to area schools, and (6) Start a back-to-school Rotary Bowl with fun activities (ex., inflatables ) and school supplies.

B.  Dana (Community Service) thanked those who participated in feeding the stockyard days parade participants and volunteered at the CPY Kids Karnival. A job description for George’s activities regarding the parade feed has been completed. Dana intends to get job descriptions from Dave for the parade feed and the Easter egg hunt. A representative from Marnita’s Table will speak to us next month about Intentional Social Interaction. Depending upon the club’s response to the opportunity, Rotary could provide a community service by hosting sessions that bring together first responders, community members and youth.  

C.  Geoff (International Service) goal is to remain one of the premier Clubs in District 5960 for having successful, well-managed projects. Our signature project for 2017-18 will provide equipment for Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization (ECHO) in North Fort Myers, Florida. ECH0  develops and provides environmentally sound agricultural research and skills to enable small scale farmers to produce food. The project costs $8,236, of which we provide $2,800. The remainder comes from four other Clubs and The Rotary Foundation through District 5960.

D.  Mark L (Vocational Service) plans an off-site meeting at ReStore, a Habitat for Humanity related enterprise in New Brighton. Other tours are under consideration and he anticipates a program on Ethics.

Meeting Recap - August 29, 2017 Dana Rebelein 2017-08-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 22, 2017
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Sue Ager offered the invocation.
Our guests today were Roseville Rotarian, Marv Sorvala, and Dana’s sister-in-law, Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein.  Sister Ruth Ellen was kind enough to leave Kearny, Nebraska to allow room for one more eclipse chaser. 
Columbia Heights/Fridley Rotarian Craig Malm was present to create awareness for his club’s Stomp Out Polio fundraiser.  To Kick off the fundraiser, Craig will undertake a week-long solo backpacking and photography trip in Washington State’s rugged Northern Cascade Mountains.  We have an opportunity to support polio eradication by making a tax deductible donation to their fundraiser.  Make checks payable to the Rotary Foundation and mail to:
      Craig Malm
      355 East Ave. Circle
      Mahtomedi, MN 55115
Credit card donations can be made by contacting Craig Malm at 651-253-6933.  All donations go directly to the Rotary Foundation and are 100% tax deductible.
Mark your calendars now for the 2018 Gold Plate Dinner, April 13, 2018.
The Rotary party at John and Marla Ordway’s home is a go, despite a less than favorable weather forecast.  If the party has to be postponed, you’ll receive an email the day before the event.  Remember that the main course and beverages are provided, but appetizers and desserts are welcome.
We are asked to bring our recent Rotarian magazines to Rotary in the coming weeks.  These magazines will be distributed to prospective Rotarians at our new breakfast meetings.
President Gerry Tietz reminded us that we can (and perhaps should) check out the Club’s scorecard at “Club Central”, a feature of the Rotary International/My Rotary webpage.  To get there, go to, log in or register and then scroll down to “my club snapshot” and click it to see a wide variety of interesting facts about our club and how it compares with similar clubs in our district, zone and even globally.
Geoff Hollimon reported that CPY netted close to $15,000 from its many Stockyard Days fundraising initiatives.  The proceeds were greater than expected as the Golf Ball Drop winner donated his $1,900 winnings back to CPY.  Geoff thanked us for our participation.
Cindy Carlson announced that our E.C.H.O. matching grant for $8,300 has been approved by the District Matching Grants Committee.  It will provide much needed equipment for the ECHO farm.
Geoff Hollimon just returned from a trip out west, this time taking the “road less travelled”, traversing Montana on Highway 2 and taking the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park.  The scenery was awe inspiring.
John Ordway was exhausted after spending 25 of the last 36 hours on the road (with Marla) chasing the solar eclipse.
Sue Ager invited us all to the Innsbruck Care Center’s open house on Wednesday, August 23rd, from 4-7PM.  Among the many activities will be the 6PM ribbon cutting for the new “Play Patio” for which we donated a chess and checkers table.  Join in the fun and see what a great place Innsbruck is.
George Winiecki recently celebrated 26 years of marriage with Christine.
John Marg-Patton donated the $3 he won on a wager with his sister Louise.  Louise was in town (from Arizona) for the Twins/Diamondbacks series this past weekend.  The Twins swept the series and John, having great faith in the hometown nine, had wagered a hefty $1 per game.  My questions are:
(1)    Does John have any other out-of-town relatives?
(2)    Can he dig a little deeper into the retirement fund for a larger wager?
(3)    Can the Twins actually sweep another series?
Paul Fournier introduced our speaker, Karen Meyer of the Community Support Center (CSC).  Karen has been a full time employee with the CSC for two years and is the non-profit’s only full time employee.  Located in New Brighton, the CSC offers emergency short-term financial assistance to prevent families from losing their homes or being evicted for being unable to pay their rent.  They also provide referrals to other social support organizations.  In addition to short-term assistance, CSC develops long-term relationships by taking the time to listen to their clients, providing much needed help with goal setting, financial planning and follow-up to prevent future financial crises.
CSC works directly with Ramsey County Social Services, The Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Local Churches to identify and evaluate clients.  CSC works with 16-20 families at any given time.  Six volunteer “active listeners” work directly with the clients and often become active advocates for their clients, cutting through bureaucratic red tape, celebrating accomplishments and encouraging them through struggles.  CSC’s typical emergency assistance to prevent eviction is $400-700, a drop in the bucket compared to the $3,000 a month that social services pays to house a homeless family for a single month.  The need for eviction prevention is clear and CSC provides a very economical approach to the problem.  Since CSC relies solely on private fundraising, donations from individuals, businesses and civic organizations (like NBMV Rotary) are counted on to fund its operations.  As a founding organization of CSC, we have a seat on the Board of Directors and Paul Fournier represents NBMV Rotary on the Board.  Click on the link above for more information on how to donate or become a volunteer.  Karen and Paul are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - August 22, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-08-22 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 15, 2017
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Cindy Carlson introduced her guest, R.J Rud, who is studying accounting and finance at the University of Wisconsin and interning at Western Bank this summer.
Rotarian Frank Mabley was visiting to promote Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotary’s “Taste of the Hops” fundraiser on Friday August 18th from 5:30PM – 8:30PM.  Join in the fun at Snail Lake Park, 4191 Snail Lake Blvd. in Shoreview.
MaryAnn Bawden introduced Rotarian Mary Kurth, Past-President of the Bloomington Noon Rotary Club and Rotarian extraordinaire.  Mary is also the president and chair of “Cargill Cares”, a non-profit group that supports the efforts of Feed My Starving Children, which just so happened to be the topic of today’s program.
John Marg-Patton introduced his sister and Arizona resident, Louise.  Louise is here to join John for the Twins-Diamondbacks baseball series this week.
Gerry Tietz reminded us of the Rotary Party hosted by John and Marla Ordway on Saturday, August 26, starting at 2PM.  Burgers and hot dogs will be provided but you are welcome to bring salads, appetizers or desserts.  Watch your email for an electronic invitation.
NBMV Rotary volunteers were everywhere at the Stockyard Days Celebration last week, most notably at the Parade Hot Dog Feed and the CPY Kiddie Korral.  Jim Kadechka presented Dave Hoel with a “Most Likely to Become a Wal-Mart Greeter” certificate for his tireless efforts to remind parade participants that the Rotary Club provided the hot dogs, chips and drinks at the end of the parade.  Jason Slama was also singled out for his non-stop volunteer presence at the CPY Kiddie Korral.
As if on cue, Mary Stewart and a group of CPY kids showed up to thank Rotary, and particularly those individuals who volunteered at the Kiddie Korral, for our support for CPY.  The kids rolled out a huge “Thank You Rotary” banner and distributed treats and other gifts in appreciation of our support.  See photo below.
If you will recall last week’s meeting; Mary Ann Bawden warily accepted a giant zucchini which had been raffled off.  It appeared that there may have been an expectation among the bidders that MaryAnn might produce something tasty from the zaftig zucchini.  MaryAnn, as always, rose to the challenge by providing several loaves of scrumptious zucchini bread for dessert today.  I suspect she passed on actually using the “way past its prime” zucchini in favor of smaller, tastier zucchini.  Thanks, MaryAnn, for all you do!
Garry Johnson displayed some samples of headwear and pins to identify us as Rotarians at community events.  Garry welcomes your comments on possibilities.  John Marg-Patton reluctantly agreed to model the baseball cap option, below.
Paul Fournier announced 19 years of wedded bliss with wife, Chrissy!
Mike Neeley attended his 50th High School Reunion recently but was disappointed to find that only old people attended the event.
Ed James introduced our speaker, Judy Watke, Development Advisor for the Coon Rapids location of Feed My Starving Children.  Judy began her presentation with some sobering facts about malnutrition.  She noted that 6,200 children die each day from malnutrition and its related diseases and that one in nine children worldwide are severely malnourished.  Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is working to eliminate malnutrition by providing scientifically designed food packets which can be distributed through well-vetted distribution partners around the world.  FMSC is 100% donor funded and receives no government aid.  Fully 92% of donations go directly to food packs.  The food is packaged by volunteers, aged 5 to 105, keeping the cost down to just 22 cents per meal.  Most packaging is done at permanent locations, but recently the Mobile Pack Program allows FMSC to come to the volunteers, allowing larger numbers of volunteers to participate.  To volunteer to pack food, or just get more information, click here.  Ed James and Judy Watke are shown below.
Meeting Recap - August 15, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-08-15 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 08, 2017
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sue Ager offered an invocation.

Last week Cindy Carlson (above) delivered groceries, provided by the New Brighton Mounds View Rotary Club, to Prior Crossing. Prior Crossing is an apartment owned by Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative in St Paul that provides quality affordable housing to formerly homeless youth.  The youth living at Prior Crossing often struggle with not having enough to eat.   To help these kids, our club provided $250 for groceries.  Some will be shared in the "community kitchen", where the youth often dine together or share extra / unwanted food and groceries.  Some will be maintained in the on-site manager's office, to distribute when the youth are in dire need of help.
George Winiecki reminded us that we all should be at the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed by 5PM this Thursday, Aug. 10th.  Many hands are needed to prepare and serve 1,000 hotdogs, chips and drinks to the parade participants.  George also needs someone to return nine large drink coolers to Irondale after the event.  If you can return the coolers, please contact George.
Cindy relayed Geoff Hollimon’s thank you for your support of the CPY Golf Ball Drop fundraiser which kicked off Stockyard Days this past Sunday.  The ball drop was the most successful one to date, netting $5,800 for CPY!
Cindy also passed on Geoff’s request that we all take a couple of shifts at the CPY Kiddie Korral to further support CPY’s important mission in our community.  Click here to sign up online.
John Marg-Patton invited all who are interested to attend the inaugural meeting of the NBMV Rotary Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, September 14th, 7AM, at the Exchange.  You also have the opportunity to share Rotary with your friends and coworkers by either inviting them to join you at a breakfast meeting or providing the club with the prospective member’s contact information on a sheet that will be available at upcoming lunch meetings.
George Winiecki attempted to raise some money for the club treasury by testing us with Winiecki Family Trivia.  Unfortunately for the Club’s coffers, the legend of George’s 13 siblings and even the names of his four sisters were well known to club members and the trivia challenge raised no money for the club.  Better luck next time, George.
Paul Fournier reported that, as a dutiful husband, he sat through four productions of “How to Succeed in Business…” this past weekend.  Paul’s wife Chrissy directed the show and it especially exciting since How to Succeed…” was Chrissy’s first Broadway acting/dancing gig.
Jim Kadechka was happy to have celebrated his father’s 85th birthday this week.
Jim Kadechka also celebrated his own birthday this month and he was joined fellow August birthday boys, Gerry Tietz and George Winiecki for our birthday song serenade, below.
Cor Wilson reported that the North Suburban Cable Commission (NSCC) and Comcast have renewed their franchise agreement for another 10 years.
Ed James reported that he attended a Bible camp in Nigeria which hosted 750 campers.  He agreed to provide photos and a summary of the experience at a future meeting.
John Marg-Patton introduced our speaker, Paula Schaeffer from the Minnesota Department of Health.   Paula’s topic was Sex Trafficking.  Paula began by introducing her intern, Lauren Johnson, a student at Minnesota State Mankato where she is about to graduate with a degree in Social Work. 
Over the past ten years in Minnesota, sex trafficking and sexual exploitation have received increased attention from a wide variety of public and private organizations.  In 2011, Minnesota passed the “Safe Harbor Law” essentially decriminalizing the activities of minors who are victims and survivors of sexual trafficking and exploitation.  This was a key step in protecting these unfortunate victims, but much more needs to be done.  In 2014, the University of Minnesota’s Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center published a report entitled “Mapping the Market for Sex with Trafficked Minor Girls in Minneapolis”.  The study analyzed Minneapolis Police Department data and reached the following conclusions.  It characterized sex trafficking as a business with “victims” as the commodity, “facilitators” as the suppliers and “buyers” as the customers.  The victims are generally vulnerable youth and, although this analysis focused on girls, both girls and boys are victims.  Victims tend to be young girls of color from poorer communities.  They are often vulnerable due to prior victimization, child abuse/neglect, poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, and family patterns of exploitation.  Facilitators were found to be mostly men of color from poorer communities, ranging from late teens to mid fifties.  Many of the facilitators have had life experiences that make them vulnerable to exploitation, just as their victims are vulnerable.  Buyers are from all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds and are generally 30-50 years of age.  Although the MPD data didn’t show it, other sources suggest that a much higher percentage of buyers are white suburban men who are less likely to be investigated and thus less likely to show up in MPD data.  Victims tend to be recruited in Downtown Minneapolis, North Minneapolis and the South Minneapolis Phillips neighborhood.  Most facilitators also live in these neighborhoods.  Buyers, on the other hand, live all across the Metro area and most “transactions” occur in suburban hotels, buyer’s homes or on easily accessed streets.  For more information about this study or about the sex trafficking problem, go to  Paula, John and Lauren are pictured below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 01, 2017
John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden offered the invocation.
John Marg-Patton introduced our guests:  Marv Sorvala and Pat Whelan.
Pat Whelan announced two bicycle races that his company, PJW Automotive, is sponsoring in conjunction with local community celebrations.  These races are “Criteriums” with categories for all ages and ability levels.  The New Brighton Stockyard Days Sprints will be held on August 6th and the Mounds View Festival in the Park Sprints will be held on August 19th
Geoff Hollimon reminded us that he has CPY Golf Ball Drop tickets available.  Get your tickets from Geoff for a chance to win big.  Previous winners have taken home as much as $1,500.  The drop will happen at 3PM on Sunday, August 13th at Brightwood Hills Golf Course.
Geoff also reminded us of our commitment to help staff CPY’s Kiddie Korral on Aug 11-13. He encouraged all of us to volunteer for a couple of two hour shifts.  The Korral will be near the Pavilion in Long Lake Regional Park (1500 Old Hwy 8) and CPY has thoughtfully provided shuttle service for volunteers from Christ the King Lutheran Church to the Korral and back again.  Let’s all step up to support this important CPY fundraising opportunity.  Click here to sign up online or contact Geoff Hollimon.
Hot Dog King George Winiecki needs a big crew to provide hot dogs, chips and drinks for the Stockyard Days Parade participants.  Be at the usual location (just south of the Dairy Queen on Old Hwy 8) before the street is blocked off at 5PM.  
President Gerry Tietz reminded us that the Thursday AM Club Meeting will begin on September 14th, 7AM, at the Exchange.  All Rotarians (and their guests) are invited to attend.  A show of hands at today’s meeting indicated considerable interest in the morning meeting.
Garry Johnson said that his mom in Idaho is recovering well after suffering a broken bone.
Cor Wilson said her new left knee is feeling good and she’s looking forward to doing the right one soon.
Jason Miller offered a happy fine for the great time he had fishing with Jeff Benson, Dave Hoel and Dave’s cousin, Mark Huggenvik.  Jeff Benson offered a happy fine because the entire fishing lodge took up a collection for Dave to attend a week at the Silence Retreat Center. (Is it the Truth?)
John and Marla Ordway have graciously planned a Rotary Club Party at their beautiful home on August 26th (details to follow).
Sue Ager introduced our speaker, Wendy Davis, head coach of the UofM Women’s Rowing team.  Wendy was accompanied by her assistant coach, and chief recruiter, Chrissy Holmes.  Wendy said that while men’s owing is one of the oldest collegiate team sports, women’s collegiate rowing got its start in 1973.  Partly because of limited scholarship money, women’s rowing has traditionally been a walk-on sport, with talented athletes making the varsity team after proving their ability in their freshman year.  Wendy described rowing as the most physically demanding of all the team sports, requiring extreme conditioning, flawless technique and perfect team synchronization to compete at the elite level.  Rowers must give maximum effort for seven minutes.  My research revealed that those seven minutes are the equivalent to playing two basketball games, back to back!  Wendy said that rowers, because of their individual drive and ability to work as part of a team, make excellent employees.  Chrissy, Wendy and Sue Ager are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - August 1, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-08-01 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dana Rebelein on Jul 31, 2017
Many thanks to Dana Rebelein for taking notes in Jeff's absence and to Paul Fournier for the photo.
Bob Barmore called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dana Rebelein offered the invocation.
Happy fines were paid for Crissy Fournier’s birthday, for good medical news for Peg Friberg and Renee Miller, and for MaryAnn Bawden and the giant cookies she brought to celebrate her birthday, and for the new member directory, also provided by MaryAnn.
President Gerry said the morning NBMV Rotary Club meetings will begin in September at The Exchange. He asked for more current members to commit to attending morning meetings to interact with new and potential members. Beverly asked us to let her know of potential members who might attend if the meeting is at 7 a.m. instead of noon. She and the steering committee offered to make the contacts.
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the upcoming opportunity to participate in the Community Partners with Youth fundraiser at Stockyard Days and asked us to sign up for shifts. This replaces the bingo enterprise we operated in the past. The employees of an unnamed business have agreed to take care of the setting-up shifts.
Parade feeder par excellence, George Winiecki, reported that plans are being implemented on schedule for the parade feed during Stockyard Days. This is a singular event unmatched by any other community parade, and we get many expressions of gratitude. If you are new to this signature event of the Club, stay tuned for further details. Otherwise … you know the drill!
Bob Barmore, Director of Administration, announced that John and Marla Ordway have again invited us to a Rotary social at their fabulous home. Yea! The event will take place rain or shine Saturday, August 26th. Hot dogs and hamburgers will be provided. If you prefer to grill something else, just bring it. Also, bring your beverage of choice and a dish to pass. Whooee!
Meg Robertson , Branch Manager of the New Brighton branch of the Ramsey County Library, was the guest speaker. The New Brighton branch is unique in that its collection is not subject to request and shipment to other branches. That means there are always recent acquisitions and best sellers available to be checked out by those who walk in.
The location of the library in the New Brighton Community Center makes it convenient for other users of the Center, including children who think it’s part of the Eagles’ Nest experience. Last year, members of the public logged in 11,000 times from library computers, including those in the NBCC hallway. There were also 10,000 wireless log-ins, and more than 54,000 visitors. 121,748 physical items were circulated, including 54,000 children’s materials.
FYI, the most popular books at this time are non-fiction: #1 Hillbilly Elegy and #2 Al Franklin, and fiction: #1 Camino Island by John Grisham and #2 Into the Water by Paula Hawkins.
Ramsey County Library activities Ms. Robertson mentioned include:  MELSA is working on a world language collection; RCL is reaching out to incarcerated persons and their families with “Parent Read,” where parents are helped to make a c.d. of  themselves reading children’s books which is then sent home to their families, and providing books requested for residential re-entry centers (especially drawing books); pop-up libraries consisting of a table with a canopy and a small collection of materials for check out and  available library cards set up at community events, farmers’ markets, etc. Special activities for children include bookmarks, backpacks with books, literacy toys and information. RCL distributes a newsletter about story times and computer classes. Geoff Hollimon encouraged Rotarians to become Friends of the Ramsey County Library to support the library and receive information about programming and events.  [Ed. Note: when you are at the library, check out the fireplace provided by our own Beverly Aplikowski!]  Meg is shown with Gerry, Jim and Dana below.
Meeting Recap - July 25, 2017 Dana Rebelein 2017-07-31 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 18, 2017
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Our guests today were Trong Cu and Citaly Escobar.  Trong and Citaly were recipients of our Irondale scholarships.  Trong is headed for the University of Minnesota to study biology or biochemistry in preparation for applying to dental school.  Citaly will attend Augsburg to study international relations and hopes someday to be an ambassador.  Trong and Citaly are shown below with Gerry Tietz and Ed James.
Geoff Hollimon encouraged all of us to sign up for a shift (or many shifts) at the CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, August 11th through 13th.  The Korral will be at 1500 Old Hwy 8.  We are looking for people who are over 16 years of age.  Please sign up online or get our contact information here.  You should be able to find a time (or times) that work for you.  We need a lot of volunteers to make this work, so your help will be greatly appreciated.  Volunteers will be helping run the Sales Tent and Gate Check as well as nine different inflatables ranging from moon walks to obstacle courses and one enormous slide!  Thank you for your help and support to make the Kids Korral a successful fundraiser for CPY.
Geoff also has tickets available for the CPY Stockyard Days Golf Ball Drop, which is also a great fundraiser for CPY.
Cindy Carlson will be purchasing $250 in groceries for Prior Crossing, an apartment complex providing housing for homeless youth, administered by Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.  She would like help with shopping and delivering the food to the apartment complex.  Please contact Cindy if you can help.
Cindy also announced that the Rotary 5960 Fast for Hope Nicaragua trip has been scheduled for November 14-20, 2017. The trip will include an immersive learning experience about poverty and frameworks for community economic development.  The trip will include site visits and sightseeing in colonial Grenada and the surrounding area.  The cost for the trip is $2,500 which covers everything except airfare and personal purchases.  If you are interested, contact David Newman ASAP at or 612-599-7270.
Dana Rebelein suggested we bring our old Rotarian magazines to Rotary for distribution to visitors and membership prospects.
Dana also announced that she will be facilitating our First Responder Recognition Initiative.  Several ideas were shared by members today, and Dana welcomes ideas and/or help with planning.

While she was up, Dana summarized the positive effects of our support for the Guatemala Literacy Project.
Garry Johnson suggested that we wear Rotary logo clothing of some sort at our events to promote Rotary awareness.  Garry will research and coordinate with Dave Hoel and Tom Pastor.
Mark Beisswenger announced that he has a new grandson, Carter James Beisswenger, 9.5 pounds at birth!!!
Gerry Tietz introduced Foundation Director Jason Miller, who reviewed his plans to promote Rotary Foundation giving in the coming year. Jason will focus on maintaining our existing efforts and increasing awareness of the Foundation within and outside the club.  He hopes to increase awareness with information from videos and the RI website and signage at Rotary and community events.  He will also focus on achieving EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) and 100% Paul Harris status for the club.
Gerry then introduced Service Projects Director Jason Slama.  Jason introduced our Directors for each of Rotary’s Five Avenues of Service:
·         Bob Barmore - Club Service
·         Mark Lampman – Vocational Service
·         Dana Rebelein – Community Service
·         Cindy Carlson/Geoff Hollimon – International Service
·         Ed James – Youth Service
Gerry Tietz took us online to review our recently revamped website home page and the email capabilities of the ClubRunner club management software.  He also reviewed the brand new Membership development Module of the software, which enables membership prospects to indicate their interest in Rotary via a simple online tool.  This same tool can also be used by current Rotarians to initiate our new email contact system designed to get people interested in Rotary membership. The membership module is accessed by clicking the “Membership Inquiry Form” button at the top right of the home page of our club website.  You’ll find the website at
Meeting Recap - July 18, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-07-18 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 11, 2017
Co-President John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Margaret Johnson provided an invocation.
Our Guests today were:
-Vicki Elliott – Thrivent Financial
-Tom Key – Rotarian from Minneapolis #9
-Past District 5960 Governor Tom Yuzer – currently a Menifee, California Rotarian
-Don Salverda – Roseville Rotarian
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of our commitment to help sponsor and participate in the CPY Kids Korral at Stockyard Days, August 11th through 13th.  The Korral will be at 1500 Old Hwy 8.  We are looking for people who are over 16 years of age.  Please sign up here for a time (or times) that work for you.  If you (or others over age 16) are able to help us one or multiple times that would be great.  Volunteers will be helping run the Sales Tent and Gate Check as well as 9 different inflatables ranging from moon walks to obstacle courses and one enormous slide!  Thank you for your help and support to make the Kids Korral a success.
Dana Rebelein did a great job of honoring outgoing Co-Presidents John Risdall and Paul Fournier for their service to the club during their tenure.  Both John and Paul had already served as Club President (John in ‘79-’80 and Paul in ’87-’88) and their willingness to serve again is a testament to their commitment to the Club.  John and Paul thanked the Club and especially Gerry Tietz for the support shown them during the past year.  See below for photos of Dana presenting John and Paul with their Past President Plaques.
Mary Ann Bawden memorialized the occasion by arranging for some of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted.
Nils Friberg had the honor of presenting Dana Rebelein with her Paul Harris Fellowship +6.  This recognition level is indicated by a ruby stone on the pin, signifying contributions of over $7,000 to the Foundation!  Nils and Dana are pictured below.
Gerry Tietz officially took the reins of the club by accepting the Gavel and Bell from John Risdall and Paul Fournier (see photo below).
Gerry’s first action as President was to recognize his leadership team for the coming year.  John Marg-Patton will be the President-Elect until the takes the gavel for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.  John Ordway will serve as Treasurer, MaryAnn Bawden will be our Secretary, Bob Barmore will serve as Director of Club Administration, Bev Aplikowski will continue as Membership Development Director, Mary Stewart will serve as Communications/Public Image Director, our Foundation Director will be Jason Miller and Jason Slama will be Service Projects Director.  Gerry proposed the following New (Rotary) Year’s Resolutions, which he hopes to achieve with the help of his Leadership Team and the support of the entire club.
1.       More fun
2.       Maintain current service projects
3.       Develop one or more new projects
4.       Increase membership
5.       Love and care for each other
6.       Continue to be a vibrant club
My money’s on Gerry to lead the Club in accomplishing all these resolutions, and more!
Meeting Recap - July 11, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-07-11 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 13, 2017

Prior to today’s meeting Dave Hoel and John Risdall presented a check from the NBMV Rotary club to the New Brighton Area Historical Society.  Dave and John are shown below with Ron Cota and Wayne Searles, members of the NBAHS board of directors.

A reminder from our Treasurer, John Ordway, that paying your April - June dues this week will maximize the amount of matching dollars available to us in the coming Rotary year.

Today’s meeting was off-site at the New Brighton Public Safety Building.  The food was catered by The Exchange, providing a delicious pizza buffet lunch.

Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered the invocation.


Our Guests today were Marv Sorvala, Assistant City Manager Devin Massopust and Ramsey County Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire.


Jason Slama has received a note from Feed My Starving Children thanking us for our recent food packing outing.  FMSC will be able to feed 4 children for a year because of our volunteer efforts.


Our program for today was a tour of the New Brighton Public Safety Building.  Our tour guide was none other than the Director of Public Safety, Tony Paetznick.  Before the tour, Director Paetznick provided a few details about the building.  Built in 2002 at a cost of 10 million dollars, the 65,000 square foot facility was, and still is, state of the art. The building houses the police and fire departments and their administrative staffs.  It also includes four holdings cells, a firing range, meeting rooms and the Emergency Operations Center.  Our own Jim O’Brien was the architect for the project. 


New Brighton currently has 29 full time police officers and 45 paid on call firefighters, many of whom are cross-trained for both roles, creating a genuine family atmosphere in the Public Safety Department.  Director Paetznick guided us through nearly every nook and cranny of the building and his pride in the building and those who work there was clear for all to see.  Thanks to Geoff Hollimon for arranging the tour.  Photos of Director Paetznick and the Public Safety Building are shown below.



Meeting Recap - June 13, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-06-13 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 06, 2017
Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge and MaryAnn Bawden offered an invocation.
Geoff’s daughter had given him a Christmas gift of tickets to the recent air show in Duluth and Geoff played a video of the Blue Angels during the mealtime.  As a retired Naval Aviation Commander, Geoff is justifiably proud of these supremely talented pilots.
Our guests today were:
- District 5960 Foundation Chair and Past District Governor, Gary Campbell
- Tami Moberg, Executive Director of Quincy Tree House.
- Marv Sorvala, Roseville Rotarian
- Erling Eibs, representing Christ the King Lutheran Church.
Geoff reminded us that we have off-site meetings on June 13th and 20th.  On the 13th, we will tour the New Brighton Public Safety Building and on the 20th, we will have a wine tasting at Total Wine in Roseville.  Both meetings will be catered by The Exchange.  Call Geoff if you were not able to sign up during the meeting today.
Gerry Tietz reported on our plan to have a satellite club which would likely meet a couple of times a month in the morning.  The morning meeting will hopefully open up the Rotary experience for those who can’t attend a noon meeting.  We are looking for a champion to lead the development of this exciting new opportunity to extend Rotary.  If you would like to investigate further, contact Gerry Tietz or John Marg-Patton.
You may recall that Quincy Treehouse’s Co- founder and Executive Director, Tami Moberg, has spoken to our club about Quincy’s mission to help homeless youth in the Mounds View School District.  Coincidentally, one of our new initiatives at NBMV Rotary, led by Garry Johnson, is to help with homeless youth.  Quincy Tree House was very much in need of transportation for its youth, so Garry, Geoff and Cindy envisioned, planned and executed a $1,000 District Matching Grant request that, when added to our clubs $1,000 contribution, would enable us to purchase a used van from Christ the King Lutheran Church and transfer ownership of the van to Quincy Treehouse.  The club also was able to present Tami with a check for $500. Tami was clearly touched by our generosity.  Tami shared a new video and an inspirational reading (adapted from Young Life) titled “What Being At Quincy Tree House Ought To Do For You”.  Tami said that 13 of her homeless youth will be traveling to Branson next week in their new van.
District 5960 Foundation Chair, PDG Gary Campbell presents the district’s $1,000 matching grant check to Geoff Hollimon.

Garry Johnson presents a check to Erling Eibs, representing Christ the King Lutheran Church.
Tami Moberg receives the keys to the van from Erling Eibs.
Garry Johnson presents $500 check to Tami.
Our program for today was Bob Barmore.  Bob combined a revised version of the classification talk he presented around the turn of the century and a brief slide show of photos from his trip to New Zealand 
Bob was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  His parents were married for 69 years until his mom passed away at age 93.  His dad is now in memory care at the age of 95.  Bob’s first real job was “bean walking” (weeding bean fields) but he soon got a job working on trucks, which provided him with the know-how to keep his ‘66 GTO running.  While working on his business degree at Northwestern College, he interned with John Copas at Abbey Carpet, who hired him right out of school.  Bob stayed with Abbey Carpet for 17 years.  He had admired his future wife, Julie from afar for some time before he finally met her at church.  They have now been married for 30 years and have raised three children.  Elizabeth is married to Nick and works a labor and delivery nurse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Lauren is married to Josh, lives in White Bear Lake and works as an administrative assistant at Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Their son, Austin, has a dual major in applied mathematics and engineering and is in medical sales.
Bob and Julie’s trip to New Zealand began with a long 13 hour flight from Los Angeles to Auckland, followed by another 2 hour flight to the South Island.  They spent two weeks exploring Te Anau and Fjordland National Park, some of the most scenic landscape on earth.  Bob told me that he got a new camera just for the trip and the purchase was well worth it…his photos were beautiful.  Bob noted that the absence of predators on the island has resulted in large populations of rabbits, deer and surprisingly furry opossums.  I’ve just added New Zealand to my travel bucket list; I just have to figure out how to survive the long flight.
Meeting Recap - June 6, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-06-06 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 30, 2017
Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
Amy Janecek introduced Amy Umanzor and Andrew Gutierrez, Irondale students who represented NBMV Rotary at Camp RYLA recently.
MaryAnn Bawden introduced her guest and sister, Sandy.
Dana Rebelein led a brief discussion about sponsoring (and staffing) the Stockyard Days Bingo Tent again this year.  It was decided that we would look for other ways to support Stockyard Days in addition to our continuing support for the Parade Hot dog Feed.  Geoff Hollimon was quick to offer an alternative.  He noted that CPY will be running the Carnival at Stockyard Days and that they could really use our help.
While he was up, Geoff reminded us that we will have two offsite meetings in June.  On June 13th, we will take a tour of the New Brighton Public Safety Building and on June 20th we will have a wine tasting at Total Wine in Roseville.  Look for a signup sheet next week.
Ed James reported on our Feed My Starving Children volunteer outing last week.  Ed conscripted most of his family and Dave Hoel invited several friends to add to the core group of 6 Rotarians.  What a fun and rewarding way to work with friends to provide nutritious food for starving children.  Thanks to all who participated.  The NBMV Rotary delegation is shown above.
Happy fines were plentiful today…here are some highlights:
- The Hollimon’s are back after a great vacation in North Carolina.
- Dave Hoel offered a dollar in appreciation for a great time at Feed My Starving Children.
- Sue Ager thanked us for the donation of the Chess and Checker Board to the Innsbruck Healing Gardens.  Sue was also thankful to be able to travel away from home for two days with husband, Duane.  Duane has been unable to travel since becoming ill with a severe case of Guillain-Barre Syndrome 18 months ago.
- Beverly Aplikowski thanked MaryAnn Bawden for the visit and the delicious cake.
- Gerry Tietz was able to improvise an 11 person Memorial Day Picnic in his bedroom where his home-bound wife, Marlys, could join in the fun.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Marlys and Gerry as she recovers from a spinal compression fracture.
- Dana was thankful for The Exchange as a place to eat with friends and family when her range was not working.
- Amy Janecek was thankful for a North Shore visit with family, and for only one more week ‘til Irondale graduation.
- Cindy Carlson was positively beaming as she offered a dollar to celebrate her impending grand motherhood.
- George Winiecki offered a dollar to clarify that his “WIN” vanity license plates identify his business, WIN insurance agency, and are NOT “Whiskey’ plates (as if that needs clarification).
- John Risdall reported that he gives mirrors as gifts to babies and young children, noting the developmental advantages for kids.  I found this info online.
Our speakers for today were two Irondale students who received scholarships from our club to attend Camp RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Academy) in Hudson, WI.  Amy Umanzor and Andrew Gutierrez each spoke in glowing terms of team building and ethics exercises and of the strong friendships that developed over the 3 day experience.  Amy plans to study international relations and Andrew plans to study engineering at NDSU. Irondale Principal Amy Janecek is shown with Amy and Andrew below.
Meeting Recap - May 30, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-05-30 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 23, 2017

Jason Miller opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Cindy Carlson offered the invocation.

Our lone guest today was Janet Ampe, a Rotarian from the Rogers club. Janet was here to promote the Rogers Rotary Veteran’s Memorial Golf Tournament, Tuesday June 13th at Fox Hollow Golf Club.  Call Janet (612-760-6424) if you need more information.


Dana Rebelein announced the Disabled American Veterans Anoka County Chapter Golf Tournament.  It will be held at the Refuge Golf Club on July 12th, starting at 12:30PM. Call the DAV Chapter Office at 763-245-2585 to register or get more information.


Bob Barmore distributed the monthly program and meeting assignments for the 2017-18 Rotary year.  Click here to download the assignment list.  If you are unable to fulfill your responsibility, feel free to swap with a Rotarian in another group.  Just be sure to let Bob know that you’ve made the switch.


Jason Slama updated us on the Feed My Starving Children food packing event on Wednesday night from 8-9:30PM.  Those who have already signed up should be at 401 93rd Avenue NW, Coon Rapids, MN 55433 (763-951-7308) by 7:45PM Sharp!  NBMV Rotary is donating $50 for each Rotarian volunteer to cover the cost of the meals we pack.  Those who are unable to attend are encouraged to contribute whatever they can to help cover the cost of the packed meals.


Cindy Carlson said that the District has approved a matching grant to cover the cost of a used van for Quincy Tree House.  Many thanks to Dana Rebelein, Cindy Carlson, Garry Johnson and Geoff Hollimon, whose hard work made it possible.


The Board has approved the donation of a checkers/chess table and chairs to the Healing Gardens at Innsbruck Care Center.  The donation will fill a need at the Healing Gardens and a plaque will identify our club as the donor.  Sue Ager thanked the club for the generous donation.


George Winiecki (a.k.a. Hot Dog King) has agreed to head up the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed again this year but he’s looking for a co-chair.  Let’s hope someone will acknowledge George’s many years of dedication to this effort by agreeing to be his right hand man for this year’s event.


Gerry Tietz’ inauguration as 2017-18 Club President is scheduled for July 11th.  Let’s honor his commitment by having a great turnout for the event, which will also honor John Risdall and Paul Fournier for their contributions as Co-Presidents for the past year.


For next week’s (May 30) meeting, members are encouraged to come prepared with ideas for club projects and membership growth in the coming Rotary Year.


Janet Ampe thanked those who sponsored her for the Parkinson’s Walk earlier this year.


Dana Rebelein couldn’t conceal her excitement about her experience at the shooting range session that she won in the live auction at the Gold Plate Dinner.  She proudly displayed the target from her first close range session…all the holes were in the bull’s-eye!


Cor Wilson announced a new iPhone app (Android version is in the works) which will allow the user to watch live and archived programs.  Download the free app at the Apple Store (search for CTV North Suburbs).  Cor also noted that CTV North Suburbs will provide live coverage of area high school commencement ceremonies on Channels 15 (Comcast), 8015 (CenturyLink) and webcast.  Cor further noted that CTV will also provide live coverage of all 50 Saints baseball games this season.  Go to for more info.


John Risdall celebrated his 72nd birthday today and the Birthday Hat was brought out of retirement just for the occasion.  Nobody rocks the Birthday Hat like John does!  See photo above.


Cindy’s mom’s breast cancer biopsy revealed only pre-cancerous clusters and no lymph node involvement.


Jason Miller introduced our speaker, Paul Vliem, Development Manager at Tasks Unlimited, which provides housing and mental health services for people in recovery from severe and persistent mental illness.  Tasks Unlimited was organized in 1970 and currently serves over 300 individuals with mental illness.  Paul revealed that 1 in 5 adults will experience some degree of mental illness in their lifetime but 1 in 20 adults live with severe persistent mental illness (SMPI).  This means that 93,000 adults in the Twin Cities are dealing with SPMI.  This persistent mental illness is the focus of Tasks Unlimited.  There are three major categories of SMPI. Schizophrenia affects 1% of U.S. adults, Bipolar Disorder affects 2.5% and Major Depression affects nearly 7% of the adult population.  The effects of SPMI on those who have it are startling.  Fully 55% of adults with SPMI are unemployed, compared with 5% overall unemployment.  Among the homeless population, 60% of adults suffer from SPMI.  Even more startling is the fact that the life expectancy of individuals with SPMI is 25 years less than in the general population


Paul said that mental health treatment is transitioning from the previous medical treatment model toward a psychiatric rehabilitation model, and many Twin Cities organizations are participating in that transition.  Tasks Unlimited is doing their part by providing employment support through their commercial cleaning service business, stable housing services support with 21 group residences in the metro area, and mental health support with 40 mental health professionals.  Paul said that chemical health services are necessary for 44% of their residents and 96% of their residents have criminal records (mostly minor offences).  Paul proudly outlined the positive impacts that Tasks Unlimited is having on their residents.  Resident’s wages have increased seven-fold, 88% of resident report more stable housing and psychiatric hospitalizations have decreased by an astounding 92%, saving an estimated $1.3 million in hospital costs.


For more information check out:

    The National Alliance on Mental Illness at, and

    Tasks Unlimited at

    Contact Paul at

John Risdall and Paul are pictured below.

Meeting Recap - May 23, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-05-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 16, 2017
Our guests today were: Mandy Little, Lisa Baker and Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotarian Bill Klumpp.
Bill announced that A.H./Shoreview Rotary is hosting a “Taste of the Hops” fundraiser for their Healthy Youth Foundation.  The craft beer tasting event will be held on Friday August 18th, from 5:30-8:30PM at Snail Lake Park in Shoreview.  Food from local businesses and craft beer from local breweries will be featured.  If you or your business would be interested in helping to sponsor the event, please contact Bill Klumpp or 612-669-7609.
Jason Slama reported on the Stamp Out Hunger food drive this past Saturday.  Several NBMV Rotarians helped in the effort which is the largest food drive in the nation.
Jason also read a few of the many letters from students thanking us for the trees they received in our Fourth Grade Foresters tree give-away a couple of weeks ago.  Jason thanked all those who helped.
John Risdall presented a $500 check to Lisa Baker for the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Lisa thanked us for the contribution and all the other ways that we support the food shelf including the Snack Packs we assembled recently.  The Snack Pack project was organized by… you guessed it… Jason Slama!  Is there anything Jason isn’t involved in?  John, Lisa and Jason are shown above.
Ed James is organizing a Feed My Starving Children volunteer opportunity. Watch for an email providing registration information.
Paul Fournier received a letter from Andrew Gutierrez thanking us for sponsoring his participation in Camp Enterprise.
Sue Ager thanked those who attended the Benedictine Gala last weekend.
Gerry Tietz thanked Sue Ager for referring him to Prairie River Home Care Services.  Now that Marlys is homebound, Prairie River is providing great care for Marlys and peace of mind for Gerry.
Jason Miller reported that Renee is now 12 years cancer free after having stage 4 breast cancer treatments.  Congratulations, Renee and Jason!
Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, Lee Blons.  Lee is the Executive Director of Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.  Beacon is an interfaith collaborative of congregations ending homelessness through housing, shelter and advocacy.  Beacon got its start in 2003 when it opened its first supportive housing development in Minneapolis.  Today, nearly 90 congregations support Beacon in its efforts to end homelessness in the Twin Cities, providing nearly 800 otherwise homeless residents with the certainty of a roof over their heads.  Beacon currently manages 17 apartment buildings and provides support services as an integral part of the housing.  GED’s, Vocational Guidance, Financial Counseling, Employment Services and Mental Health Services are available to residents, improving their chances of becoming self-sufficient and productive members of their communities.  Beacon has an annual budget of 7 million dollars, about half of which is provided by rents and subsidies, with the balance from fundraising and other public support.  To learn more about Beacon Interfaith Housing, click here. Cindy and Lee are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on May 09, 2017

Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the Pledge and MaryAnn Bawden offered the invocation.

Dean Lotter graced us with his presence and introduced us to his new Assistant City Manager, Devin Massopust.  When Dave Hoel attempted (unsuccessfully) to speak with food in his mouth, Dean wisely observed that “Dave is always better with his mouth full”.


Many thanks to Jason Slama for organizing and implementing (with the help of many Rotarians) the give-away of 600 Spruce saplings to area fourth graders.  What a great opportunity to provide community service while increasing our visibility.


Cindy Carlson said that there is still an opportunity to contribute toward continuing sponsorships for Maman and Sharifa, the Remember Niger students many of us helped sponsor last year.  Contact Cindy if you would like to participate this year.



Paul Fournier presented the club with a certificate from the Community Support Center identifying us as a Founding Organization.  Paul is our representative on the CSC Board.  Paul is pictured between MaryAnn, Cindy Nils and John.


Jason Slama reminded us of the opportunity to participate in the Stamp Out Hunger food drive on May 13th at the Cub Foods just off Hwy. 36 on Rice St. in Little Canada.  Jim O’Brien will serve as site leader, but we need volunteers from 2:30 ‘til about 5:00 to load the food into a semi trailer.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Contact Jason or Jim if you can help.


Mike Neeley is mostly settled in his new home west of the Silver Lake Road McDonalds. 


Cor Wilson was happy to be able to visit her 91 year old mother who has suffered a few falls recently.  She was also happy to report that her mom is improving steadily.


Cindy Carlson took a cruise to Cuba, Belize and Mexico with her girlfriends recently.


John Risdall said that his backyard is blessed with 126 different species of birds, most of them fed by Beisswenger bird feed.


Cindy Carlson introduced our Speaker, Ed Marek.  Ed is a 22 year Rotarian and is the current president of the Saint Paul Sunrise Club.  Ed’s topic was Fast for Hope’s Nicaragua Initiative.


Fast for Hope had its beginning in 1982 when clubs would forego their regular meal in favor of a lower cost meal and donate the difference to Fast for Hope, which would funnel that money toward a charitable purpose.  In 2008, Fast for Hope targeted Nicaragua, one of the poorest countries in Central America.  Ten communities were considered and eventually El Corozo was selected.  The goals of Fast for Hope’s partnership with El Corozo were: sustainability, community self sufficiency, quality, community determination of its own needs, active Rotary support and, more recently, replicability in other future communities.  The process of discovering their own needs can be difficult and time consuming in poor communities but, in time, discussion leads to hope and hope leads to grass roots action.  Once the needs are determined, Rotary can support the locally driven improvements by providing volunteers on the ground, promoting the use of local materials and labor, identifying and quantifying results, and building relationships.


The El Corozo community identified four areas of focus.  The “Educational” focus was on providing books and other reading materials.  The “Health” focus was to establish a local pharmacy and train health care workers.  The “Water” focus was to minimize the 1-4 hours spent daily on hauling water from a spring in a neighboring village. The “Road” focus was to improve a 6 kilometer road which is very difficult to travel in the dry season and virtually impossible in the rainy season.  You can download a Nicaragua Initiative brochure or apply to be a part of our next cultural delegation to El Corozo.  If you have questions about the initiative, contact District 5960 Fast for Hope chair Dave Newman at  Please note that the date for the Fall delegation to Nicaragua will be determined by the delegation.  Once people sign up, they will determine the date.  If the date doesn't work out for someone, they are free to withdraw.  John, Ed and Cindy are shown below.

Meeting Recap - May 9, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-05-09 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 02, 2017

Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jason Miller offered an invocation.


Don’t forget the NYFS luncheon tomorrow, Wednesday, May 3, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Midland Hills Country Club.


Cindy Carlson is again offering us the opportunity to contribute $30 or more to renew the school scholarships we started last year for two students in Niger, Africa.  The cost for a one year scholarship is $360 per student.  Contact Cindy if you are interested in contributing.


MaryAnn Bawden joined Paul Fournier in attending the Community Support Center Luncheon recently.  We are a founding organization of the CSC, which provides counseling and short-term financial support to prevent families from losing their homes.


MaryAnn also provided cake for dessert today!


Nils Friberg presented David Hoel with his Paul Harris Fellowship +3 pin today, signifying total Rotary Foundation contributions of over $4,000. Nice job, Dave!  Nils and Dave are shown above. 


You may have noticed the patch over Nils’ eye in the photo above.  Nils reported that he had cataract surgery yesterday.


Gerry Tietz reported that the District Conference had great food, speakers and Rotary fellowship.  Our representatives had the pleasure of dining with exchange students from Germany, Japan and Taiwan.


Beverly Aplikowski presented membership certificates to Tom Pastor and Ed James (see photo above).


Jason Slama reported that we presented 300 Spruce sapling’s to students at Bel Air and Valentine Hills elementary schools last Friday.  We’ve been involved with the Fourth Grade Foresters tree give-away for several years now and it is well received by the students and teachers.  Jason will need volunteers on Friday, May 5th, between 11 and 2:30 to deliver trees to two more schools. Please contact him if you can help.


Jason also needs volunteers to help with the Stamp Out Hunger food drive on Saturday, May 13th.  We participated in last year’s collection and had a great time.  Let Jason know if you can help out.


Sue Ager reminded us of the Benedictine Gala on Friday, May 12th, to benefit the Innsbruck Foundation.  Tickets are still available (I think) and Sue will gladly sell you a raffle ticket.


Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, 25 year White Bear Lake Rotarian, Fred Treiber.  Fred noted that one of Rotary’s major focus areas has been sustainable water and sanitation projects in developing countries.  The United Nations has also made water and sanitation one of its top goals. Fred said that 633 million people worldwide don’t have access to clean water and adequate sanitation.  White Bear Lake’s last project was a District Matching Grant, supported by New Brighton/Mounds View Rotary and eight other clubs.  Fred noted that conversations with Cindy Carlson and other District Grant Subcommittee members made White Bear Lake aware of the tremendous advantage of the additional matching funds available with a Global Grant.  Fred was here to ask for our support for White Bear Lake’s planned Global Grant project to provide water and sanitation improvements for eight schools in Nigeria.  Stay tuned for more information as the Global Grant comes together.  Cindy, Fred and Co-President John are shown below.

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Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 25, 2017

Dana Rebelein opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and invocation.


Because of the change in setup for the Egg Hunt, we weren’t able to give out all the jelly bean packed plastic eggs.  Dave, Susan, Jeff and Nancy spent quite a few hours removing the jelly beans from the unused eggs and Dave brought all the recovered jelly beans to the meeting to be sold or donated.


Sue Ager reminded us of the Benedictine Gala to benefit the Innsbruck Foundation.  The event will take place at St John the Baptist Church from 5:30-11-00PM on Friday, May 12th.  Tickets should still be available, so call Sue Ager if you would like to attend this fun event.  If you are unable to come, consider a contribution or see Sue for a raffle ticket.


Jason Slama has solved the mystery of the missing tree saplings for our Fourth Grade Foresters tree give-away program.  The Bel-Air give-away will be at 2:30 on April 28th, and Jason still needs volunteers for the May 5th give-aways at the other elementary schools.


Bev Aplikowski welcomed two new members today. 

Ed James has been in the U.S. for twenty years and a citizen for 15 years.  He is a mental health counselor and also runs a delivery service for payroll processors.  His wife died two years ago from breast cancer.  He has two young adult children.  Ed is shown below.

Tom Pastor is new to our community.  He was raised in Virginia but studied chiropractic care here. He has joined a chiropractic practice in New Brighton that specializes in Neurological conditions.  Tom discovered our club on the internet.  Tom is shown below.

We welcome both new members and look forward to getting to know them better.


Dana Rebelein stumped the entire club with a round of Famous Quotes trivia.


Dana then subbed for Mike Neeley, introducing our speaker Vicki Bonk. Vicki’s passion is to restore native plants and habitat to halt the dramatic downturn in Monarch butterfly numbers over the past several years.  One of her first efforts was to help in the establishment of the Nokomis Naturescape Garden in 2000. This four acre native planting was a cooperative effort by the Minneapolis Parks Department and the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) to reintroduce native wildflowers and grasses.  The Monarch became the ambassador for the project, representing beauty rising out of metamorphosis.  The Monarch has also become what Vicki calls a “flagship species” that sparks interest in other species in the habitat. 

The second initiative that Vicki has worked on is the 11th annual Grow Monarch Habitat Workshop, which will be held this year on May 20th.  A wide variety of native plants will be available as well as advice on how to plant and care for them.

The third initiative that Vicki is promoting is the Minneapolis Monarch Festival, Saturday September 9th, from 10AM-4PM, at 40th and Woodlawn Ave. South in Minneapolis. This colorful event celebrates the Monarch and its 2300 mile migration from Minnesota to Mexico and the cultural connections between Mexico and Minnesota.  There will be food, music, dancing, art and many educational opportunities for all ages.  Vicki is shown below flanked by co-presidents John Risdall and Paul Fournier.

Meeting Recap - April 25, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-04-25 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 18, 2017

Our guests today were Tom Pastor and Ed James, who have applied for membership; and David Hoel’s guest, Keecha Borom, manager at the Silver Lake Road McDonalds.


Many expressed amazement at the Easter Egg Hunt turnout on an “iffy” weather day.  The parking lots at the church and the seminary were full and traffic was backed up on Silver Lake Road for three blocks.  Dave Hoel thinks we may have had a thousand people there, but we were prepared with 400 pounds of jelly beans, 6,000 plastic eggs and lots of prizes.  Dave thanked all the hardy souls who came out in the rain to set up and then watched the weather turn gorgeous for the event.


John Risdall presented a $1,300 check, on behalf of the club, to Mary Stewart of Community Partners with Youth.  Mary, John and Paul are shown above.


Jason Slama announced that Irondale students Andrew and Amy will be our representatives at Camp RYLA.  Jason also announced that our Fourth Grade Foresters tree giveaway will take place on Friday, April 28th.  He’ll pass around a sign-up sheet next Tuesday, but mark your calendars now to reserve the time.  Jason is also looking for someone to write a brief news release about the Snack Pack project we did for the Food Shelf a few weeks back.


Mary Ann Bawden reminded us of the Community Support Center Luncheon on April 27th.  As a Founding Organization of the Community Support Center (CSC) it would be great if we could have a significant presence at the event.  Mary Jo McGuire will be the featured speaker. For more information about this free luncheon, click here.


As if the end of this month wasn’t busy enough, the District 5960 Conference will be April 27-29, at the Holiday Inn East in St Paul. Come for all three days to learn more about Rotary, or just for a featured speaker or two.  Gerry Tietz encourages all current and incoming board members to attend.  Learn more by clicking here.


Garry Johnson was happy to be able to be in Boise, ID, for his mother’s 85th birthday.


Amy Janecek reported that Irondale will be represented at the World Championships for Drumline and Robotics this spring.  How awesome is that!!!


Our Speaker today was Amy Janecek, principal at Irondale H.S.  Amy was born in Fargo, ND, but identifies more with Madison, WI, where she attended high school.  She attended St. Olaf and went on to teach at Washburn and Patrick Henry High Schools.  She married Scott in 2004, and they have 3 children, Gabriella (11), Trek (10) and Tegan (7).  They live in uptown Minneapolis. 


Amy was attracted to Irondale because of its cultural diversity and reputation for academic innovation and excellence.  Amy explained that Irondale’s student population is 18% Black, 12% Hispanic, 10% Asian, 2% Native American and only 58% White.  She said that there are over 50 different languages spoken at Irondale.  Additional challenges are that 40% of students are on free and reduced lunch and 11.5% qualify for Special Ed. services. Because of, and in spite of, these challenges Irondale has adopted its Equity Promise “Ensuring all students are prepared for post-secondary success, regardless of race, class, disability or gender.”


Irondale is also noted for its Early College Program which gives every student the opportunity to be adequately prepared for post-secondary success and earn a 2 year Associate Degree in addition to their high school diploma.  This partnership with Anoka Ramsey Community College is open to all students, with individual learning pathways determined by need.  The program enhances opportunities for high achieving students but is targeted at students in the academic middle.  Studies show that 50% of community college students drop out before their second year and only 33% achieve a degree or certificate. Many of those students are simply unprepared for the rigor of college classes.  The Early College Program addresses the issue by introducing high school students to college level courses.  Each year, 83% of Irondale students participated in rigorous courses and 78% have earned college credit while in high school.   David, Amy and John are shown below.


Meeting Recap - April 18, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-04-18 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 11, 2017

Dana Rebelein opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation.


John Risdall introduced his guest, David Vanneste of Vanneste Group Realtors.  Returning visitors were: Tom Pastor, Chiropractor and Ed James, President and CEO of Right Choice Delivery Services.  Both Ed and Tom have applied for membership in our club!  Also visiting was Marv Sorvala, a regular visitor from the Roseville club.


Dana Rebelein announced the Sunnyside Elementary PTA Carnival, Friday April 21st, 5:30-8:00PM. If you’d like to volunteer to help with the Carnival, one hour shifts are available from 5:15-6:15, 6:15-7:15 and 7:15 -8:15.  Call Beth Braun to sign up, 763-757-2203.


Dave Hoel offered up several large stuffed Easter Bunnies for auction to raise funds for the Egg Hunt. After several rounds of furious bidding, all the bunnies were gone and the Egg Hunt coffers were significantly replenished.  Thanks to all the bidders.


Geoff Hollimon let us know that we’ll be having two offsite meetings in June.  One road trip will be to Total Wine in Roseville for a Wine Tasting and the other will be a tour of the New Brighton Public Safety Building.


Jason Slama announced that we will have two students attending Camp RYLA this year.  Jason also offered to head up a Second Harvest Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive collection point if he can get 5-7 Rotarians to help with the effort.  The date for the collection is May 13th; let Jason know if you can help out.  Jason also will need several volunteers for the 4th Grade Foresters tree give-away on Arbor Day, April 28th.  The program takes just a couple of hours of your time and is a lot of fun.


Dave Hoel clarified the volunteer times for the Egg Hunt this Saturday at Driftwood Park.  All available club members should be at the park at 10:00 AM.  Tell your family and friends to be there by 11:00 to avoid parking hassles and meet the Easter Bunny.  Those members who will transport the eggs and prizes to the event should be at the parking garage at 9AM.


Dave Hoel also announced that the New Brighton Area Historical Society is presenting a program highlighting how New Brighton benefits from volunteer organizations.  David will be speaking about Rotary at the event.  Admission is free and there will be refreshments and a prize drawing.  Just show up at the New Brighton Community Center at 2:00 PM on April 27th.


Cindy Carlson and Mary Stewart debriefed the club about last week’s Gold Plate Dinner Gala Fundraiser.  We took in $10,090 in ticket sales, $3,625 in the Live Auction, $1,755 in the Fund-a Cause, $640 in the Mini-Raffle, $1,060 in Bingo, $850 in Split the Pot and $300 in miscellaneous donations.  Cindy reported net earnings of $20,211.64!!!  Well done Cindy, Mary and all others who helped to make the Gala such an overwhelming success.  Our 2018 GPD is planned for April 13th, so mark your calendars now so you don’t miss the fun.

Meeting Recap - April 11, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-04-11 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 04, 2017

Mike Neeley opened the meeting with the pledge and an invocation.


Bev Aplikowski introduced Tom Pastor, a new chiropractor in New Brighton.  Jason Slama introduced Ed James, a mental health counselor, visiting us for the second time.


Cindy Carlson thanked everyone who made the Gold Plate Dinner Gala such a big success.  Cindy said that she should have the results of the fundraiser at next week’s meeting.


Nils Friberg presented Jason Slama with a Paul Harris Fellowship, a new member who has been involved in many club activities and has already become involved in the leadership of our club.  You are a rising star Jason, and you are very deserving of the Paul Harris Fellow Award.  See photo above.


Dave Hoel reminded us that we need all hands on deck for stuffing the Easter Eggs this Sunday, April 9th, 11:00AM at the Exchange.  Many hands make light work.


Dave Hoel has also had 5 new signs made for the Egg Hunt, so everyone in New Brighton/Mounds View should be aware of the event.


Beverly Aplikowski celebrated a birthday yesterday, and there was no birthday hat in sight as the club sang happy birthday to her.


Bob Barmore attended his father’s 95th birthday recently.  Although his dad has Alzheimer’s disease, he was instantly able to recognize a very old photo of his father and grandfather.


John Risdall reported that his new medications are helping and he hopes to be able to drive again soon.


Our speaker today was Bob Reif, a fifteen year veteran of the New Brighton Fire Department. Bob was here to talk to us about the Fire Department and fire safety.  Bob was an English teacher at Spring Lake Park until his retirement three years ago.  He also works with Blaine/Spring Lake Park/Mounds View Fire Department and is a Firefighter Examiner as well as a Fire and Life Safety Educator.  Bob said that the New Brighton Fire Department is a “paid on call” department, which differs from a volunteer department in that all of the firefighters undergo the same training as those in a full time fire department.  New Brighton is a bit unique in that 12-15 of its police officers are cross-trained as firefighters.  New Brighton is also somewhat unique in that is permits city employees to be firefighters. These policies help the department to respond more quickly and effectively to fire calls, and New Brighton’s relatively small size helps to keep the average response time to a very low 4 minutes 20 seconds.  Bob noted that response time is critical since fires double in size every 30 seconds.  Last year the department responded to 311 calls, which was slightly above average but much lower than when Bob started with the department. 

Bob is part of New Brighton’s move toward public education to improve fire prevention.  Much of Bob’s time is spent talking to groups like ours about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire prevention.  Bob suggested that we test every smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector (use a broom handle) monthly, change batteries annually, and replace detectors at ten year intervals since the sensors degrade with age.  He noted that our sense of smell is inactive while sleeping, so you can’t rely on your nose to wake you from a fire. Also be aware that all the stuff we accumulate in our garages, basements and rafters can become fuel in the event of a fire.  Bob recommended at least two fire extinguishers in the home – one easily accessible in the kitchen and one along the escape route out of the house.


Bob was asked about the hidden hazards for firefighters and he listed back injury, on the job heart attacks and cancer as the big three.  Bob elaborated that smoke and particulate by products of combustion are a big cancer risk and contamination of their firefighting gear is managed with “extricators” that remove the contaminants.  John, Bob and Garry are shown below.

Meeting Recap - April 4, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-04-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 21, 2017

Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.


Our guests today were: Amy Wakem’s sons, Josh and Nathan; Garry Johnson’s wife Nancy; and Mary Jo McGuire.


Cindy thanked those who have provided restaurant gift cards for the Gold Plate Dinner.  We could still use items for the live auction and items for a “mini-raffle”.  Let Cindy know if you might be able to provide an item for these fundraising options.


Mary Ann Bawden reminded us of the Community Support Center Luncheon on April 27th.  As a Founding  Organization of  the Community Support Center (CSC) it would be great if we could have a significant presence at the event.  Mary Jo McGuire will be the featured speaker. For more information about this free luncheon, click here.


John Risdall auctioned off three unique sweaters (above) to raise money for the club’s charitable endeavors. 


Northeast Youth and Family Services (NYFS) will be holding their 2017 Leadership Conference on May 3rd at Midland Hills Country Club.  The free luncheon will feature Tony Beuttner, speaking about “Blue Zones”.  Blue Zones are places on this planet where people live significantly longer than average. To register, or for more information, contact Sandra Bahr at 651-379-3422 or


If you haven’t gotten your GPD meal choices to Bev, please do so right away.  651-633-3863.


Today’s program was a service project.  Jason Slama and Mary Stewart organized a “snack pack” project to provide Ralph Reeder Food Shelf with pre-assembled snack bags that they can distribute to school kids who need them.  The goal was to assemble 75-100 snack packs, and Jason did some serious shopping to make this project happen.  Way to go, Jason!  See the photos below.






Meeting Recap - March 21, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-03-21 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 14, 2017
Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and invocation.
Janet Ampe from the Rogers Rotary Club was here to promote sponsorships and walkers for “Moving Day”, a walk to support Minnesota’s Parkinson’s community and the National Parkinson’s Foundation.  This year’s walk will be on May 6th at the Hilde Performance Center Park in Plymouth.  If you would like more information about how to sponsor a walker or to join the walk, click here.
MaryAnn Bawden brought in ten wine bottles for us to bid on as a fundraiser for the club.  Thanks for your generosity, MaryAnn!
Glenna distributed a flyer to help you solicit donations of restaurant gift cards to raffle off at the Gold Plate Dinner.  Contact Glenna for a copy of the flyer if you didn’t get one today.  The gift cards can be a significant part of our fundraising strategy for the dinner, but we need lots of cards to put together packages worth bidding on.  Please do your part!
Jason Slama passed out a list of items needed for our “Snack Packs Project”.  At next week’s club meeting we will be assembling the snack packs, which will be delivered to the Ralph Reeder Food shelf.  Contact Jason Slama if you didn’t get a list of needed snacks.
Gerry Tietz is just back from the Rotary President Elect Training Session in Ames, Iowa.  It may seem impossible, but Gerry is even more fired up about Rotary than he was before.  Gerry described the experience as “awesome”.  Stay tuned for what Gerry learned about how we can make this club even better than it already is.
Bev reminded us that there are still 40 tickets unsold with the deadline almost upon us.  Remember that we must sell all 100 tickets, so let’s all make a special effort to find friends and family to join us so we can have a successful event.
Geoff Hollimon thanked everyone who attended the CPY Luncheon last week. Attendance was way up from last year and initial donation totals are way up as well, with donations still coming in.  Mary Stewart echoed Geoff’s comments and provided us with delicious desserts today as a thank you.  The special treats were also a preview of the desserts that Mary will prepare for the Gold Plate Dinner.
Mike Neeley reported that he has sold his home and has bought a new one.  Now he’s trying to figure out how to fit the stuff from the really big house into the not so big house!
David Hoel’s broken leg has improved to the point where he can safely drive himself around.  What will Dave’s chauffeurs do with all their spare time now that he can get around on his own?
Garry Johnson was called away on an emergency when our financial services members made presentations two weeks ago.  We had time today, so Garry was able to give his presentation.  Garry describes himself as a recovering CPA who found his true calling by becoming a Farmers Insurance Agent at the tender age of fifty.  Garry loves helping people and he feels making sure that his clients are protected against financial loss is a great way to help.  Garry provides auto, home, life and liability umbrella coverage, as well as financial services like IRA’s, college savings plans and annuities.  Garry has recently joined Rotary as a way to give back to the community and has taken the reins of our Homeless Student Initiative.
Mary Stewart introduced Gedam Azeze, owner of Limu Coffee.  Born in Ethiopia, Gedam came to the U.S., became a U.S. citizen, studied business at Mankato State, and started her own coffee shop business.  Her original business location was in St. Anthony, but a major coffee chain moved in nearby, forcing her out.  But Gedam was not to be defeated, establishing a new location at 500 5th Avenue in New Brighton.  That was 11 years ago and because of her love for coffee and people, Gedam has built a loyal following in her new location.  Gedam has just one employee, a part time college student, so she spends long hours at her business.  In fact, she had to close her doors today just to come and talk to us.
According to Gedam, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and she indicated that Ethiopians have a highly ritualized coffee ceremony, during which the coffee is roasted, ground, sifted brewed and consumed over a two hour period.  In Ethiopia, the importance of coffee can’t be overestimated.  Gedam serves only Ethiopian coffee in her shop, of course.  Stop by the shop and say hi to Gedam. The shop is open Mon-Fri 6AM – 5PM, Sat 8AM – 4PM and Sun 9AM – 3PM.  Check out the Limu Coffee website by clicking here.  Mary, Gedam and John are shown below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 07, 2017

Instead of our regular meeting, we attended the CPY Luncheon today.  Brian White, CPY’s Chair, opened the Luncheon by reviewing CPY’s history.  In 1997, a coalition of community leaders and parents joined together with the goal of reducing juvenile crime by increasing adult supervision during out of school hours.   Over time, CPY’s mission became “To provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills”.  In the 20 years since its inception, CPY has grown dramatically, now serving over 500 kids per year, offering thousands of hours of programming and having a budget of $500,000.


Executive Director Mary Stewart shared her frustrating early attempts to make connections with troubled middle school youth.  Those early experiences shaped CPY’s philosophy of making connections with youth:

   1st – Meet their basic needs (food and transportation).

   2nd – Empower them (leadership opportunities and service projects).

   3rd – Equip them with social and other life skills.

   4th – Provide a safe place.

CPY’s key partners are, the city of New Brighton, Christ the King Lutheran Church, Abiding Savior Lutheran church, Mounds View School District, and most recently, the City of Mounds View.  Gary Meehlhause, Mounds View City Council member, was on hand today to present a $2,000 check to CPY.


The featured speaker today was Chris Fields.  Chris grew up as one of three children of a single African American mom in the South Bronx.  His mother eventually married a white man whom Chris described as a “hippie”.  His hippie step-dad played a part in starting his transition from a street kid to the successful businessman that Chris is today.  His dad was a community activist whose vision was to improve conditions in the South Bronx. His dad started a non-profit that bought rundown buildings very cheaply and refurbished them to give people a route out of poverty through home ownership.  His stepfather’s non-profit now has 90 million dollars in assets.  His step-father’s integrity, belief in a cause and caring about others gave him the push he needed to rise above his circumstances.  Chris related this experience to CPY by saying that if you expose kids to things outside their normal experience and show them that you care about them, their lives can change for the better.  His step-father’s example was just the beginning of Chris’ turnaround, which continued when he entered the Marines, where he had to be truly accountable for the first time in his life.  He said life in the Marines agreed with him and, after 4 tours in Iraq, retired from with the rank of Major after 21 years in the Corps.  Chris summed up his presentation with his thoughts on how we can prepare our kids for the future.  He said first we must care, but caring is not enough.  We must put that caring into action if we are to truly make a difference.  For the past 20 years, CPY has done just that.  Find out more about CPY by clicking here.

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Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 28, 2017
George Winiecki opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
Gerry Tietz nominated John Marg-Patton to be our Club President-Elect Nominee for the 2018-19 Rotary year.  John’s nomination was unanimously approved by voice vote.  Congratulations, John!
Don’t forget that next Tuesday our club meeting will be at the CPY Luncheon.  Your presence at this free luncheon counts as Rotary attendance, but it’s important that you sign up so that the correct amount of food can be ordered.  Please let Geoff Hollimon know if you are coming but haven’t signed up yet.
Glenna Dibrell has not received enough $50 restaurant gift cards for the Gold Plate Dinner Live Auction.  Please talk your favorite restaurant into donating a gift certificate, split the cost with them or just buy it yourself. 
Cindy Carlson announced that the Board has agreed to provide $750 to help the Hamsa Girls Education Center (middle school) project in Niger.  Kara VanderKamp spoke to us about the project two weeks ago.
Bev Aplikowski has Gold Plate Dinner tickets for us to sell.  The success of the event is dependent on members selling all 100 tickets.  Talk to your friends and co-workers about the attending the event and let Bev know if you need more tickets.
Our guests today were: District Governor Jim Hunt, Sue Schabert, Andy Voorhees, Mike Scholl and Don Salverda.
District Governor Jim Hunt made a pitch for attendance at the District Conference, April 27-29, at the Holiday Inn East in St Paul. Come for all three days to learn more about Rotary, or just for a featured speaker or two.  Gerry Tietz encourages all current and incoming board members to attend.  Learn more by clicking here.
Our program today consisted of brief presentations by our members who are involved in financial services. 
Cindy Carlson is the Senior Vice President for Commercial Banking at Western Bank.  Cindy is a 23 year member of this club and has been with Western Bank for 33 years.  Western Bank was founded in 1915 and now has seven branches in the metro area.  Western’s primary focus areas are business banking, non-profit banking, and personal banking, but they offer a complete range of services for every banking need.  Cindy’s niche is commercial banking, serving the needs of small to mid-size companies, with particular focus on real estate transactions.
George Winiecki is the owner of WIN Insurance Agency.  George has been a Rotarian for 38 years and was a charter member of this club.  WIN Agency was started 42 years ago and today is an independent agency, offering insurance coverage from a number of companies for almost all of your insurance needs.  George focuses mainly on personal and small to medium commercial customers, offering home, auto, life, annuities long term care and worker’s comp but offers other coverage as well.  George’s sons, Dan and Tom, work alongside George at the office on County Hwy. 10.
Geoff Hollimon is a registered financial advisor with Primerica.  Primerica’s mission is to bring financial services to middle income investors.  Primerica is a big company that relies on word of mouth, rather than a big advertising budget, to attract new customers.  Primerica has been rated the 19th best for job security.  Geoff has been a Rotarian since 1988 and joined this club in 2001.  He has been named a Five Star Wealth Advisor 6 times and prides himself on putting the investor’s needs first.  Primerica’s strategy for the middle income investor is to protect assets with term, rather than whole life, insurance and invest the difference in a 401K or IRA.
Jason Miller is a partner with Smith Schafer and Associates, a full service accounting firm with offices in Red Wing and the Twin Cities.  Jason describes Smith Schafer as having a small firm feel but big firm support.  They offer accounting services for every stage of the business life cycle, from start-up through retirement or business transition.  Jason offers support for growth, special projects, compliance, lease vs. purchase decisions, financing packages, auditing and tax planning. 
Amy Wakem started her career with State Farm Insurance at 18 years old.  Now she owns her own State Farm agency, Amy Wakem Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.  Amy offers auto, home, life and health coverage but she believes, in the ever more complicated insurance world, that education is her real job.  She offered some tips about insurance coverage:
- Look carefully at your wind/hail damage deductible. Many companies are dramatically raising the deductible on this important coverage.
- For long term care coverage, check whether your doctor, or the insurance company’s doctor is the one who will certify you for benefits.
- Look carefully at your Medicare supplement policy provisions.  Policies can vary greatly.
Unfortunately, Garry Johnson, owner of a Farmers Insurance Agency, had to respond to an emergency and was unable to make his presentation.
Jason Miller, Cindy Carlson, Geoff Hollimon, George Winiecki, D.G. Jim Hunt and Amy Wakem are shown below.
Meeting Recap - February 28, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-02-28 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 21, 2017
George Winiecki led us in the Pledge and offered an invocation.
At Nils Friberg’s request, we viewed the Rotary Foundation video that was premiered at the Rotary Foundation Dinner this past fall.
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the CPY Luncheon that will take the place of the regular Rotary meeting on Tuesday, March 7th.  The luncheon will be held at the New Brighton Community Center.  Check-in begins at 11:30AM and the program will run from 12:00-1:00.  The featured speaker will be Chris Fields, who will share the story of his rise from humble beginnings as one of three children of a single mother in the South Bronx.  A sign-up sheet is being circulated at the club meetings, or you can contact Geoff Hollimon to sign up for this free luncheon.
Remember to get your $50 restaurant gift cards to Glenna for the Gold Plate Dinner live auction.  You are encouraged to ask your favorite restaurants to donate a gift certificate, or you could split the cost with the restaurant. 
Amy Wakem introduced our speaker, Beth Loo, president of Betmar Languages.  Beth’s company, which she started with her mother in 1985, has been providing translation, interpretation and other language-related services to both government entities and private industry for 32 years.  Beth’s interest in translation services began when she traveled to Japan as a Rotary Exhange student in Japan, without any prior knowledge of the Japanese language.  Betmar’s original focus was providing language assistance to businesses but, as time went on, the business grew to include translation and interpretation services for schools, social service organizations, government agencies, and businesses that need help communicating with people who have limited English language skills. Betmar now offers translation products in most world languages.  Because our schools are becoming more diverse, translation services are becoming an increasingly important communication tool to promote family involvement.  To answer this need, Betmar has developed a website called American School Explained which provides accurate translation of school information for limited English speakers.  Beth provided me with login information for the test site.  Just click here, then enter bloo in the login field and P@ssw0rd (the 0 is a zero) in the password field.  This will give you access to the online program that’s available to schools.  If you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to help provide this service to area schools, click here. Amy John and Beth are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - February 21, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-02-21 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 14, 2017
George Winiecki opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
The special Valentine’s Day meeting was hosted by John and Tina at Risdall Advertising’s impressive new office.  John arranged for The Exchange to cater the meal and the food was exceptional.  Mary Ann Bawden and Mary Stewart provided special desserts to complete the dining experience. 
Many Rotarians invited their significant others to join them for the meeting.  Nancy Benson, Chrissy Fournier, Cheryl Neeley, Tina Karelson, Debra Hollimon, Christine Winiecki, and Julie Barmore joined their husbands and Margaret Johnson invited April Stensgard, University of Northwestern’s Director of Career Development.  Mary Jo McGuire also was able to join us today.
Cindy Carlson had just returned from two weeks in Hawaii…She and Kevin had a wonderful time.
Principal Amy Janecek reported that the West Side Band, Choir and Orchestra Music Festivals were a great success this year.  Amy also encouraged us to check out the One-Act Play Showcases which will be held at Irondale on March 2nd -4th from 7-9 PM and March 5th from 1-3 PM.
Cindy Carlson reminded us that the Gold Plate Dinner will be on March 31st, just 6 weeks away.  Bev Aplikowski will be sending you your ticket and some brochures that you can use to help you sell as many additional tickets as you can.  The deadline for reporting your ticket sales and meal choices is March 17th, so start beating the bushes now for friends and business associates who might enjoy our fun event.
Cindy also announced a MN Zoo fundraiser on Thursday, February 23.  Cindy is going and hopes that some of us might like to join her in supporting the Zoo.  Tickets are $65.  See Cindy if you are interested.
Gerry Tietz made us aware that the position of Club President for the 2018-19 Rotary year has not yet been filled.  See Gerry with possible nominees.
Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, Kara VanderKamp, Founder and Executive Director of Remember Niger Coalition.  Kara has spoken to the club on a number of occasions about Remember Niger’s efforts to help the young people of Niger.  Niger is located in the heart of desert-like Northern Africa, and ranks as one of the least developed countries in the world.  The average life expectancy is just 54 years, and the average mother gives birth to 7 children.  Unfortunately, the child mortality rate is close to 20 percent, partly due to the fact that fifty percent of families don’t have access to clean drinking water.  With an average annual income of just $200, quality education is just a dream for many families.  Remember Niger is working to make education possible for the children of Niger.
Our club’s first exposure to Remember Niger’s education initiative was in 2012, when we supported a Rotary Global Grant totaling $36,600.  Since then we have supported District Matching Grants to improve schools by providing latrines and hand washing stations.  Until recently, efforts were directed toward primary schools, but as those students have aged, middle schools are now needed. Remember Niger has responded by building its first middle school.  Because incomes are so limited, even the low tuition is difficult for many families, so donations are needed to sponsor children to attend the schools.
To donate, or get more information about Remember Niger Coalition, click here.  Kara, John and Cindy are shown below.
Meeting Recap - February 14, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-02-14 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 07, 2017

George Winiecki opened the meeting with the Pledge and an Invocation.


Gerry Tietz announced that Todd Kruse has left the Twin Cities North Chamber and will be unable to continue his Rotary membership.  Gerry nominated Beverly Aplikowski to replace Todd as our Membership Director, effective immediately.  The club unanimously approved the nomination.  Congratulations, Beverly!


Beverly’s first official act as Membership Director was to pass out Rotary Club business cards that we can use to invite prospective members to visit the club.  Pick up some cards at our next meeting and give one to anyone you think would be a good Rotarian.


Gerry Tietz asked everyone to respond to a recent, one question, email survey about your willingness to attend a Thursday morning Rotary meeting.  Ten of you have not yet responded and he hopes you will do so soon.


Mary Stewart and Garry Johnson reported that our Homeless Student Initiatve Committee met recently with Tami Moberg, of Quincy Tree House, who has spoken to the club about high school student homelessness in our school district.  The meeting revealed common goals and the committee will investigate ways in which we might work cooperatively with Tami’s organization.


Remember that next week’s meeting will be held at Risdall Marketing’s new location.  Spouses/significant others are welcome.  Please contact Glenna ASAP if you haven’t RSVP’d yet.


At our February 28th meeting, you’ll have an opportunity to hear brief elevator pitches from our club’s financial services professionals.


George Winiecki introduced Mark Kulda, VP of Public Affairs for the Insurance Federation of Minnesota.  Mark began his presentation by assessing the changes in the power structure at the Minnesota Capitol following the recent elections.  For only the second time in the forty years since Minnesota politicians have declared party designations, Republicans have the majority in both the Senate and the House.  Mark appeared optimistic that Republican control would make insurance reform is more likely.  In fact, the first bill of this session was premium relief for families hit hard by the skyrocketing premiums in the individual health insurance market.  Mark said that MNSure is still broken and that much of the problem is due to a failure of the MNSure designers to consider the recommendations of the health insurance industry.  Time will tell what lessons have been learned but, hopefully, they will do a better job this time around.


Another area of concern for Minnesota is insurance fraud.  It’s estimated that insurance fraud costs the average Minnesota family $1,400 dollars per year in higher premiums and other costs.  Mark said that, as one of the few remaining no-fault auto insurance states, Minnesota has been a prime target for both individual and corporate insurance fraud.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau reports that Minnesota leads the nation in the amount of increase of organized crime in insurance fraud.  Also, the National Insurance Crime Bureau released a report showing suspected claims involving insurance fraud are up more than 26% over the last two years in the U.S.   The problem in Minnesota may be even higher.  As a result, Minnesota’s no-fault  auto insurance premiums are the fifteenth highest in the U.S.  Wisconsin and Iowa do not have no-fault coverage and their auto premiums are much lower, ranked at 48th and 44th highest, respectively.  Further complicating the Minnesota auto insurance premium picture are the numbers of uninsured drivers, estimated to be as high as 20%.  You can check out the Insurance Federation of Minnesota by clicking here. John, Mark and George are pictured below.


Meeting Recap - February 7, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-02-07 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 31, 2017
Due to illness, your bulletin editor was unable to attend the meeting, but Gerry Tietz was kind enough to provide a brief summary of the meeting.
Jason Slama opened the meeting and introduced his guest, Joe ??????????. 
President John Risdall drew names to determine the order of presentations from our financial services members on February 28th.  Each presenter will give a 3 minute “elevator speech” about the services they offer.
Margaret Johnson asked us to look for sponsors for the Gold Plate Dinner.
Nils Friberg presented Cor Wilson with a Paul Harris Fellow +3 Pin, signifying over $4,000 in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Well done, Cor!  Photo below.
There was no speaker today, but Gerry Tietz took the gavel to review the proposed update to the club by-laws.  The update was intended to both to reflect current practice and provide a framework to guide club administration over the next several years.  After much discussion, the update of the by-laws was approved.  Gerry will post the updated by-laws on the website after the approved changes are incorporated.
Meeting Recap - January 31, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-01-31 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 24, 2017
Cor Wilson led us in the Pledge of allegiance and Jason Slama offered the invocation.
Mary Stewart announced a "Get to Know Your Neighbor" IZI (Intentional Social Interaction) on Monday, January 30th from 5:30-8:30pm.  Click here to download more information.
John Risdall reminded us that our Valentine’s Day (February 14th) club meeting will be held at Risdall Advertising’s new location.  John is providing brisket lunch for NBMV Rotarians and their spouses.  You can expect an email from Glenna with the details, soon.
Note that the Gold Plate Dinner committee meeting on February 14th will also be held at Risdall at 11:00 AM.
Geoff Hollimon asked that we mark our calendars now for the CPY Spring Luncheon on Tuesday, March 7th.  This meeting is in lieu of our regular noon meeting.  Stay tuned for more details.
Gerry Tietz will be the temporary collector of funds during John’s absence, so bring your dues payments, etc, directly to Gerry until John returns.
Many Happy Fines were paid today, including the following:
      -George Winiecki  is now a four-time champion in Fantasy Football.  He credited much of his success to his partner, Jeremiah, who drafted very well.
      -Cor Wilson thanked all those who have expressed condolences for the passing of her father.  Her dad, a former B-17 pilot, was honored by a seven person honor guard, twenty one gun salute and taps; a moving experience for all.  Cor was also able to get her mom into assisted living, which her dad had resisted.
      -MaryAnn attended the Rotary Youth Exchange outbound orientation.  She was pleased to see that Ezra Krohn, our former outbound student to Italy, has become active in the youth exchange program.
      -Gerry Tietz encouraged us all to consider attending the District Conference, April 27-29.  Details can be found here.
      -Bev Aplikowski is pleased to be back after extended health issues prevented her from attending meetings.  After the recent sale of her business, she’s in the process of reinventing herself at age 83.
      -Glenna was proud of her daughters Andrea and Liz, who showed up at her church to present a memory book that they created for a woman who is in hospice care.  The woman was, thankfully, well enough to come to church to celebrate the baptism of her granddaughter.
      -Our program for February 28th will be an opportunity for members of the club who are involved in the financial services industry to present a brief description of their business and the services they have to offer.
Cor Wilson introduced our speaker, Joe Stallmann.  Joe is the owner’s representative for the restoration of the Minnesota State Capitol Building.  He is also the President-Elect of the North St.Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Rotary Club.  Joe’s firm, MOCA, helps clients transform the way their projects are planned, designed, built and managed.  Joe described his job as the “eyes and ears” of the building owner during a construction project.  The scope of the Capitol Building restoration required some pretty competent eyes and ears.  The five year, three hundred nine million dollar restoration is a very big and very complicated project. Much of the original Georgia white marble exterior had deteriorated over the past 100 years and new heating, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical systems were needed.  Safety systems, additional bathrooms and more egress stairways were also badly needed.  Because the building is on the National Register of Historic Places great care was taken to preserve the original features of the building.  When the restoration was underway, it became apparent that paintings, stained glass, and plaster artwork needed much more repair than anticipated, but the restoration would have been incomplete without these improvements.  The restoration is scheduled for a grand opening in the Fall of 2017.  For more about the project, click here.  Joe and Cor are shown below.
Meeting Recap - January 24, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-01-24 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 17, 2017

Nils Friberg opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jason Miller offered an invocation.


Gerry Tietz introduced the leadership team for his 2017-18 term as NBMV Rotary President:

    -Beverly Aplikowski – Gerry’s Co-President

    -Mary Ann Bawden – Secretary

    -John Ordway – Treasurer

    -Bob Barmore – Director of Club Administration

    -Glenna Dibrell – Communications Director

    -Jason Miller – Rotary Foundation Director

    -Jason Slama – Service Projects Director

    -Todd Kruse – Membership Direc tor

    -Paul Fournier – Past President

    -John Risdall – Past President

The leadership Team is shown below except for Bob Barmore, who arrived just after the photo.



Both Garry Johnson and Paul Fournier are celebrating their birthdays this week.  Paul noted that this birthday was his 83rd.


Many, many  thanks went out to Bev Aplikowski for hosting a great Holiday party.  Many thanks as well to all the Rotarians who helped to make the party such a big success.  A special thank you to Bev’s niece, Jenny, and Jenny’s daughter, Jordan, who also played a big part.


Margaret Johnson hopes to enlist our help in contacting potential sponsors for the Gold Plate Dinner.  We should all be thinking about companies or individuals that might consider sponsoring the dinner.  Please contact Margaret with any ideas.


Last week Glenna Dibrell asked each of us to consider asking our favorite restaurants to consider donating a gift card to our Gold Plate Dinner.  If the restaurant can’t donate, Glenna suggested that we consider donating ourselves.  Jim Kadechka was the first to take up the torch, presenting his gift card to Glenna today.


Nils  Friberg had the honor of presenting Gerry Tietz with his Paul Harris Fellow +3 pin.  This signifies at least $4,000 in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Nice work, Gerry!


Mark your calendars with a venue change for our February 14th (Valentine’s Day) club meeting.  John Risdall will host a brisket dinner for Rotarians and spouses at Risdall Advertising’s new office.  Stay tuned for more information.


Todd Kruse reported on the Rotary District 5960 Mid-Term meeting.  He attended sessions on Youth Exchange and Membership Development.  One plan to come out of the meeting is a Bowling Event to promote the Gold Plate Dinner and membership growth.  Details will be available soon.  Another idea for membership growth is to start a Breakfast Rotary Club to make Rotary possible for people who can’t attend a noon meeting.  Todd also asked us to consider attending the 5960 District Conference on April 28-29 in St. Paul.


Jason Slama introduced our speaker, Sam Thompson.  Sam is an Edina Noon Rotarian and serves as its Youth Services Director.  Sam was here to talk to us about Camp Enterprise.  Camp Enterprise is an extensive three-day camp offering up to 120 high school students the opportunity to participate in leadership activities focusing on the free enterprise system.  The 3 day entrepreneurship experience introduces students to the free enterprise system by presenting groups of 6-8 students with the challenge of imagining a new business, planning it and, finally, presenting the business idea to a panel of judges, ala the Shark Tank TV show.  Each team has a volunteer business mentor to advise them as they develop and present their business plan.  Groups with exceptional business plans are eligible for $1,000 scholarships.  Although every group can’t win a scholarship, all groups benefit by building self-confidence and by networking with business leaders.  As you can imagine, volunteers are critical to the success of the program.  About 80 Rotarians donate time in a variety of roles.  Business mentors, venture capitalists, marketing professionals and essay readers work very hard to make Camp Enterprise a great introduction to entrepreneurship for the next generation of business leaders. Sam and Jason are shown below.


Meeting Recap - January 17, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-01-17 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 03, 2017
Jason Slama opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg gave the invocation.
Todd Kruse announced a Chamber lunch seminar on mental health in the workplace.  The seminar is a collaboration between NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce.  For more information or to register, click here.
Nils Friberg presented Jeff Benson with his Paul Harris Fellow +6, signifying more than $7,000 in contributions to the Rotary Foundation.  Jeff said that the Rotary Foundation offers the "Best Bang for the Buck" for his charitable giving and he knows that Rotary distributes money in ways that he agrees with.  Nil and Jeff are shown below.
Cor's father passed away recently.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Cor and her family.
Gerry reminded us of the NBMV Rotary Holiday Party at Beverly Aplikowski's home on January 13th, 6-11PM.  If you have not registered or declined, please contact Gerry ( or 651-324-6761) ASAP so he can get a firm head count for ordering food.  If you are coming, don't forget a White Elephant for the exchange.  Please DON'T bring hors d'oeuvres, as there will be plenty of food.
Gerry also reminded us that the District 5960 Mid-Term/Summit meeting will be held at Hamline University on Saturday, January 14th, 8:45AM-2:30PM.  All Rotarians are encouraged to attend, particularly Club Presidents, Presidents-Elect and Board Members, Assistant Governors, and District Leadership.  For registration and other information, click here.
Cindy Carlson said that the Gold Plate Dinner planning committee will meet on Tuesday, January 10th, 11:30AM at the Exchange.
Our speaker was Mark Lampman, speaking about viral diseases.  Many people don't know that Mark has a degree in microbiology, so disease processes are a lifelong interest.  The list of diseases caused by viruses is extremely long, including:   Hepatitis A, B And C, Herpes, German Measles, Influenza, Rabies, Common Cold, Mumps, AIDS/HIV, Mononucleosis, Meningitis and Polio, among many others. 
Of course Polio is of great interest for Rotarians as we continue the fight to eradicate it completely.  Rotary has partnered with the World Health Organization, Centers for disease Control, Unicef, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to put an end to Polio, once and for all.  According to Mark, it may take up to 15 billion dollars to accomplish the goal, but Polio's days are numbered.
The viral diseases listed above show that Polio is certainly not the only major health threat caused by viral infection, and new viruses are being identified each year.  Other threats include the mutation of viruses to more virulent strains and re-emergence of previously conquered viruses because of indifference or unfounded fears about side effects of vaccinations. 
So what can we do?  The old advice is still the best...wash your hands frequently with soap and water.  Antibacterial soaps and gels are no more effective than soap and water and, in fact, The Mayo Clinic recommends against the routine use of these products because they can lead to development of resistant strains.  Mark also recommended using masks when you are sick or caring for sick people.  He even handed out some masks to help keep us aging Rotarians healthy this winter!   Mark is shown (masked) below.
Meeting Recap - January 3, 2017 Jeff Benson 2017-01-03 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 27, 2016
Mark Beisswenger called the meeting to order with the Pledge and Invocation.
Garry Johnson introduced his guest, Brian Daniels.  Brian is Garry's District Manager at Farmer's Insurance.
We welcomed Todd Kruse back from his teaching leave and Bev Aplikowski back after leg problems had prevented her from attending.
Dave Hoel reported that he is making rapid progress in his recovery from breaking his leg while skiing.
Gerry Tietz  has anointed Paul Fournier as "Club Entrepreneur" to spearhead the search for sustainable fundraising opportunities for our club.
On behalf of the Club, Geoff Hollimon presented a card and monetary gift to the Staff at the Exchange in appreciation for their excellent food and service.
Mark Beisswenger introduced our speaker, Gary Fredrick.  Gary is working to increase community awareness of Homes For Our Troops, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building specially adapted homes for severely injured Veterans across the nation to enable them to rebuild their lives.  Disabled Veterans face many barriers as they attempt to reestablish themselves as active and productive community members.  One of the biggest challenges is finding affordable housing that meets the requirements of their particular disabilities.  Homes For Our Troops is working to provide mortgage-free homes for these Veterans.  Each single-level home is equipped with over 150 special adaptations such as widened doorways, lower countertops and roll-under cook tops and sinks to allow full wheel chair accessibility.  Gary said that, nationwide, 229 mortgage-free homes have been provided so far and 82 projects are in the planning or construction phase.  Gary described the application process as "very rigorous" and indicated that financial counseling is an integral part of the process.  Homes for Our Troops is privately funded, relying on the generosity of donors, with 70% of its operating budget coming from individuals and community groups.  Since its inception in 2004, fully 90% of those contributions have gone to Veterans, earning H.F.O.T. a top rating with Charity Watch, an audited charity watchdog.  The average cost of one of these specially adapted homes is $430,000, and with 1,900 service men and women dealing with life altering injuries, the need is great.  If you'd like to be part of the solution, click here for more information.  Mark John and Gary are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - December 27, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-12-27 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 20, 2016
Today's meeting was held at Risdall Advertising's amazing new space at County Rd. C and Long Lake Rd. in Roseville.  Many thanks to Ted, John and Glenna for hosting.
Mark Beisswenger led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered the Invocation.
Paul reported that his pacemaker battery is good for another 12 must be an Energizer!
Todd Kruse was back with us after teaching college on Tuesdays this fall. He was up at 2AM this morning to begin reporting final grades for this semester so he looked a little exhausted, but he seemed glad to be back from his leave.
Gerry Tietz announced three additions to his board of directors for his year as Club President, which starts July 1, 2017:
- Todd Kruse will serve as Membership Director.
- Bob Barmore will serve as Director of Administration.
- Jason Miller will serve as Foundation Director.
Thanks to these three and all the others that work together to make this club great.
Dave Hoel was back with us today after missing 3 weeks due to breaking his leg in four places while skiing in Colorado.  We missed you Dave.  It's great to have you back.
Cindy Carlson read a Christmas letter from Charifa and Maman, Nigerian students sponsored by some members of our club through the Remember Niger Coalition.  A copy of the letter and photos of the students are shown below.
Amy Janecek reported that the Irondale production of  The Littlest Mermaid received multiple awards from the Hennepin Theater Trust.  She also said that an Irondale student who had recently lost both parents received a car from the Minnesota Vikings Organization.  You can learn more by clicking here.
The group was polled to determine whether January 13th or 20th would be the better date for our Holiday party at Bev Aplikowski's home.  January 13th was selected by popular vote, without the need to call in the Electoral College.  Stay tuned for more details.
Today's program was our annual Irondale choir concert.  Led by director Jason Etten and keyboardist Steve Firkus, The Guyz Group and the Triple Trio women's ensemble each treated us to a song and performed together on another song.  As usual, they also led us in singing several Christmas carols.  President John Risdall presented a check to Jason, which is apparently already earmarked for a joint performance with Vocal Essence at the Ordway.  Our thanks to Mr. Etten and the choir for getting us started on the right foot for the Holidays. 

Meeting Recap - December 20, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-12-20 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 13, 2016

Mark Beisswenger opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation.


Our lone guest today was Rotarian Frank Mabley from the Shoreview Arden Hills club.


Gerry Tietz announced that Todd Kruse has agreed to be our Club President for the 2018-19 Rotary Year.  He also announced that John Ordway and MaryAnn Bawden have agreed to continue as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively, for the upcoming 2017-18 Rotary year.


Several Rotarians commented on their conversations with David Hoel regarding his broken leg.  He's still taking pain killers, so he's a little groggy and tired at times, but he's getting gradually better and enjoys phone calls.  He hopes to be with us for next week's Irondale Choir Christmas Concert at Risdall Advertising's new location.  Glenna will be sending us an email with location and meal details.


Beverly has been dealing with pain from a leg problem which has prevented her from attending our meetings. Our prayers are with her as she recovers.  Garry Johnson has graciously offered to fill in for Bev as the leader of our Homeless Student Initiative.


Nils reported that Peg is receiving therapy to shrink her cancer by blocking estrogen from being absorbed by the tumor.  Nils and Peg are grateful for the support of the club at this difficult time.


Cindy Carlson is celebrating her 30th anniversary and Garry Johnson is celebrating his 39th.


Mark Beisswenger introduced our speaker, Detective Matt DeBoer.  Matt is a 18 year veteran of New Brighton's Police Department, with 3 years as a Detective.  Matt's topic was "Fraud".  Matt outlined the many types of  scams that criminals employ to fraudulently part us from our hard-earned cash.  Some examples are:

- Your grandchild is in jail... bail is needed immediately.

- Your loved one has been kidnapped in Mexico...ransom is required.

- Your student tuition is delinquent...send cash or get kicked out of school.

- Craig's List scams

- You've already won!!! Send cash to process the award.

- IRS delinquency...provide us with your personal information to resolve.

- Late regulatory payments or filings scam (D.O.T. , etc.)

- Renting unoccupied property without the knowledge of the owner.

- "Spoofing" - using fake phone numbers, email addresses  or web addresses to get private information.

- Credit card "skimming" to steal your credit card information at credit terminals or ATM's


Matt said that fraud is also very often perpetrated by friends or family of the victim, and that kind of fraud is often hard to prove and prosecute.  Vulnerable adults are also the most common target for fraud of all kinds.


Matt offered a few common sense tips to avoid being the victim of fraud.

- Any "immediate" need for "cash or money order" should arouse suspicion.

- Take the time to "Google" organizations before offering information or sending money.

- Don't give your personal information to anyone over the phone.  Reputable companies never ask for this information by phone.

- Maintain "control" of your credit cards at all times.

Matt, John and Mark are shown below.

Meeting Recap - December 13, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-12-13 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 06, 2016
Mark Beisswenger opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and an Invocation.
Cindy Carlson reminded us of the Gold Plate Dinner, scheduled for March 31st, at the Roseville Radisson.
Cindy also floated the idea of an open house for prospective Rotarians and others interested in Rotary.  Seeing considerable support for the idea, Cindy suggested that we plan an event for February.
John Risdall reported that Risdall Advertising has completed its move to new digs in Roseville.  Their new address is 2685 Long Lake Road.
Garry Johnson recently celebrated the marriage of his eldest daughter.
Dana Rebelein reported that Janet Ampe will have another brain surgery to adjust the electrical leads that are helping to control her Parkinson's Disease.
Cor Wilson recently celebrated with her parents on the occasion of their 70th wedding anniversary.
George Winiecki asked for someone to help him with the February Meeting and Program responsibilities.  Amy was scheduled with George but she is on leave of absence.
Mark Beisswenger introduced our speaker, Charles Krause.  Charles is an owner of Krause Holsteins, a dairy operation in Buffalo, Minnesota.  Charles' father, Warren, started the dairy in 1959 with 25 cows and 90 acres of land.  Today, three generations of Krause's work side by side to milk 200 cows and manage 600 acres.  The family is dedicated to producing the highest quality milk while providing a comfortable and healthy environment for the cows and the people who care for them. 
Charles had his first full taste of the of responsibility and sheer hard work of a dairy farm at age 16, when his father had a heart attack, leaving Charles in charge of the entire operation for 21 days.  Charles was up to the task and his work ethic is evident in his children, Andrew and Morgan, who will carry on the family business.
Dairy cows start producing milk at about 2 years old and produce for approximately 2 years, so a dairy farm needs a steady supply of calves to replace the cows when their milk dries up.  Thanks to artificial insemination with "sexed semen", 90% of calves born are female, greatly increasing breeding efficiency.  Calves weigh about 100 pounds at birth and drink 3 gallons of pasteurized milk per day until they are 3 months old and approximately 200 lbs.  Then they eat a nutritionist supervised diet of grain and silage, eventually reaching 1,300 lbs by age two.  Fully grown dairy cows will eat  100 pounds and drink up to 50 gallons of water per day, producing about 10 gallons of milk per day. 
Charles is a very active advocate for dairy farming, speaking to groups about dairy farming and active in dairy industry organizations.  In 2013, Krause Holsteins was the Minnesota Milk Producers Association Producer of the Year and the Dairy Farmers of America Central Area Member of Distinction.
Charles is promoting the Great American Milk Drive; an effort to provide the benefits of milk for hungry families.  Check it out here.   If you'd like Charles to speak to your group, contact Barbara Dodson at or 800-711-0747 ext 222.  Charles is pictured below.
Meeting Recap - December 6, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-12-06 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 22, 2016

John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered the invocation.


Just prior to today's meeting Dave Hoel, Jeff Benson, Mark Lampman, Debra Hollimon, Jason Slama, Jim O'Brien, John Marg-Patton and Geoff Hollimon (not pictured) stocked shelves and filled Thanksgiving food packages  at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf.  Many thanks to those who showed up to help and especially to Mark Lampman, who organized the event.


Mark Lampman shared the story of the late night rescue of his daughter's dog, which was stuck up to its chest in swamp mud.  He had passed near the spot several times earlier in the search but, because the dog is a non-barking breed, it had been unable signal its location.


Dana  was happy to report that her house has been sold, which was a good thing because she had already bought a townhome in Shoreview.


Former Rotarian Bob Jacobson was in the area and made a surprise visit to the meeting.  He is working with the Minnesota Police Chiefs Association.  Bob reported that his semi retirement is busier than expected and life should get busier yet as he is expecting his second grandchild soon.


Jim O'Brien introduced our speaker, Jack Nielsen from Cardiovascular Systems, Incorporated (CSI).  CSI has been headquartered in New Brighton since coming here in 2003, but the company was  in a non-descript building in an out of the way location.  That's no longer the case because their new building on Old Highway 8 is very striking. The new building was completed in just 10 months and ahead of schedule.  The new building will provide room to grow and adjacent land is available for future expansion.  CSI has developed a unique way of treating calcium deposits in leg and cardiac vessels. 


Calcium deposits in the legs can lead to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) which, as it gets worse can lead physicains to recommend amputation.  CSI's product uses a rotating microabrasive cylinder to "sand" away the calcium deposits, restoring circulation and health to the leg.  The cost of the procedure can be as little as $13,000, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the initial cost of amputation, not to mention the ongoing costs of physical therapy and prosthetic fabrication.


Calcium deposits also affect coronary arteries, and this technology is also approved for removing deposits from those vessels.  Removal of these deposits creates space for more effective placement of stents and the stents placed after deposit removal are less likely to plug up in the future.


CSI is the leader in market share in both the leg and cardiac markets and expects the overall market for these procedures to grow dramatically as doctors, hospitals and insurers are convinced of the health benefits as well as economic benefits of the procedures. Jack, Jim and John are pictured below.

Meeting Recap - November 22, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-11-22 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 15, 2016

Jim O'Brien opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and MaryAnn Bawden delivered the invocation.


Our guests today were Shoreview/Arden Hills Rotarian Frank Mabley and Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala.


Gerry Tietz thanked the sixteen NBMV Rotary representatives who attended the Rotary Foundation Dinner last Saturday. Not only were we the largest club contingent at the dinner, Gerry was proud to accept the EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Award for our club.  This award is presented to clubs where every member donates to the Foundation. Well done, NBMV Rotary!


Nils Friberg followed up on Gerry's announcement with an appeal for support of our club's Polio Plus fundraising effort during November.  Contributions to the Foundation this month will earn double points!  Nils noted that the points earned for Foundation contributions can be given to others to help them earn a Paul Harris Fellowship. See Nils for details.


Mark Lampman said that volunteers are needed at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd, from  9-11AM.  Let Mark know if you can help out.


New member Amy Janecek noted the many opportunities this holiday season to experience youth activities.  She also touched on challenges faced by some students, including homelessness and housing instability.  Cindy mentioned that we are in the beginning stages of developing a project to address homelessness among students.  Amy said that there are 30 students at Irondale who are either homeless or have unstable housing.  We hope to coordinate with the staff person monitoring homelessness at Irondale.


We've had a thousand "Rotary Values" note cards printed to use for handwritten communications.  The cards are available for everyone to use and can be found in the storage cabinet at our meeting place.


Our first speaker today was Mike Neeley.  Mike's topic was "Why Join Rotary - An Historical Perspective".  Mike joined Rotary in 1971, at the tender age of 22.  Since 1971, Rotary has changed in many ways but the core values have remained the same.  Here is Mike's "Top Ten Reasons to Join Rotary"

     10. Because you were asked by someone you respected. This is as true today as it was in 1971.

       9.The attendance challenge - In 1971, attendance was very important to Rotary Clubs and Mike accepted the challenge, maintaining perfect attendance for 45 years!

       8. The Rotary Club was, and in many communities still is, the pulse of the community.

       7. International Focus - In 1911 Minneapolis Rotary (#9) sponsored the charter of the Winnipeg Rotary Club, the first Rotary Club outside the U.S.  The international growth of Rotary is nothing short of amazing.

       6.  The Rotary Foundation - In 1971, Paul Harris Fellows proudly wore their Paul Harris medallions on a ribbon around their neck at Rotary meetings.  Nowadays, a lapel pin seems more appropriate but the Foundation, and being a Paul Harris Fellow, is still a great source of pride for Rotarians.

       5.  Fun - A great reason to join and a great reason to remain a Rotarian.  Some clubs add "Is It Fun" to the end of their weekly "Four Way Test".

       4.  The Four Way Test - This speaks for itself!

       3.  Make-ups - As mentioned above, Mikes quest for perfect attendance has made make-ups a regular part of his life.  Mike shared several stories about how making up missed home club meetings has changed his perspective on Rotary, resulted in new friends and even got him a new career.

       2.  Networking - While it's not the primary reason to be in Rotary, networking is a very valuable benefit of Rotary membership.  Rotary membership opens doors all over the world.

       1.  Inclusion of Women - United States Rotary Clubs fought international resistance to bring women into Rotary and Mike believes that its one of the best things to happen during his 45 years in Rotary. It surely is true for this club! 


Our second speaker was Paul Fournier.  Paul shared the story of his medical odyssey this past year.  Paul's heart issues were discovered when an eye problem alerted doctors to clogged coronary arteries and a poorly functioning aortic valve.  Open-heart surgery was recommended but a second opinion offered a non-surgical approach, which Paul accepted.  He was scheduled to have the first two stents placed but came out of anesthesia with four.  Paul's heart stopped the following day and it was determined that a pacemaker was needed immediately to keep his heart beating normally.  When he was well enough to continue he was scheduled for the last two stents but once again came out of anesthesia with more hardware than he bargained for.  This time he had 6 stents placed!  Ten stents was a new record for Paul's surgeon.  Three weeks later Paul underwent a Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), a less invasive approach to heart valve replacement.  Paul noted that he could feel the better circulation immediately after waking up from anesthesia.  The road to recovery is long for these kinds of procedures but Paul feels as though he is getting better gradually.  He jokes that he still needs to take a morning nap to prepare for the afternoon nap.  Paul, we don't care how many naps you need...we're just glad you're with us to joke about it!

Meeting Recap - November 15, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-11-15 06:00:00Z 0

Jim O'Brien opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg gave the invocation.

Our sole guest today was Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala.


Geoff Hollimon reminded us about the CPY Game Night Gala this Friday, November 11th, 6-10PM. For more info, click here or call Geoff.


Cindy Carlson reminded us that the Foundation Dinner on Saturday, November 12th, will be honoring 100 years of good works by the Rotary Foundation.  If you haven't already signed up you can, perhaps, still do so online by clicking here.  MBMV Rotarians will be reimbursed for their registration fee.  Spouses  may attend for $50.


Mark Lampman is working with the Food Shelf to find a time when we can volunteer to fill food bags for the Thanksgiving rush.  He will have the date(s) for us soon.


Past Club Presidents will meet briefly after our regular meeting on Nov. 29th to nominate club president candidates for the 2018-19 Rotary year. 


The Risdall Marketing Group (Floral Division) provided 17 beautiful artificial bouquets for auction today.  After the bidding frenzy subsided, Beverly and Mark were, I think, tied with five bouquets each.  Neither winner seemed to know exactly what they were going to do with all the bouquets, but their generosity is appreciated.  A total of $182 was raised to help fund community service projects.


Gerry Tietz is interested in using our Facebook page as a source for possible new club members or financial supporters. He is interested in gathering contact information for  those who have commented on, or liked, our page, so that we might make a more personal connection.  If you're willing to help in this effort, please contact Gerry.  It was also suggested that we print up some of the Rotary Values greeting cards that were presented to us by DG Jim Hunt at his visit to the club.  The cards could be used as a more personal communication tool than email, and would be especially useful to recognize volunteers in the community.


There was no speaker today.

Meeting Recap - November 8, 2016 2016-11-08 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 01, 2016

Jim O'Brien opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Dave Hoel gave the Invocation.


Our guests today were: Marv Sorvala (Roseville Rotarian) and John Risdall's guest, Brian Beeman.  Brian is the Business Development Coordinator for Mounds View.


Jim O'Brien and Cindy Carlson presented some possible themes for the Gold Plate Dinner, to be held at the Roseville Radisson Hotel on March 31.  The possibilities:

      -Spotlight on Youth

      -Shining a Light on Youth

      -Turning Darkness Into Light

The Gold Plate Committee welcomes club input on these possible themes and on the event itself.


Mary Stewart reminded us that the CPY Gala will be on November 11th, 6-10PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  Please come and support CPY and have a chance to win a 42" HDTV, a Kindle Fire HD8 tablet or a Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System.  Get more details by clicking here.


Don't forget the Rotary Foundation Dinner on Saturday, November 12.  If you haven't already signed up, please contact Nils Friberg, ASAP!


Mark Lampman is coordinating our effort to help the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf bag food for Thanksgiving.  Contact Mark if you would like to help.


John Risdall reported that District Governor Jim Hunt was very impressed with our club's accomplishments and the welcome he received at his recent club visit.


John Risdall donated, and Gerry Tietz auctioned off a Ragnar bobblehead and a flower arrangement for a total of $32 toward club charitable activities.


Cor Wilson said that a discussion of Minnesota Politics by Former VP Walter Mondale and former Governor Arne Carlson was videotaped by CTV North Suburbs today.  As of this writing the recording was not yet available but you should be able to access it soon by clicking here.


Jim O'Brien introduced our first speaker, Officer Kirsten Heineman of the Mounds View Police Department.  Kirsten was here to let us know about the Mounds View Police Department Foundation which is looking for board members. Call Kirsten (763-717-4070) if you're interested in serving on the Board.  Kirsten also spoke about the S.A.V.E. program (Safe Adult Validation and Education). Seniors registered for this program check in by phone with the Police Department between 9 and 11 AM each weekday.  If no check in call is received, the department will follow up.  More details are available here. Kirsten introduced Paul Mendoza, a former Paramedic for North Memorial Hospital's Helicopter Ambulance Service.  Paul was here to talk to us about saving lives with CPR and Automated External Defibrillators (AED's). Paul talked about the new "Compressions Only" CPR being twice as effective as "Traditional Compressions and Breaths" CPR.  Blood circulation to the brain is the key to survival of sudden cardiac arrest and studies show that proper compression, without stopping to give breaths, keeps the blood flowing best.  It's important to understand that CPR itself doesn't revive a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.  The purpose of CPR is simply to keep the oxygenated blood flowing to the brain until an AED can be used to actually restart the heart. 


If you encounter someone who is unresponsive and not breathing normally, you should do three things:

-Call 911, or have someone else call.

-Get an AED, or have someone get it.

-Start CPR, compressing the chest approximately 2 inches, 100-120 compressions per minute.


Remember that the earlier that you or the professional first responders use the AED, the more likely that the victim will recover.  In fact, if CPR is initiated immediately and the AED is employed within 2 minutes, 85% of victims can be revived.  Because locating an AED in an emergency may be difficult, Paul recommends that we be familiar with AED locations in places we frequent.  He also recommends the PulsePoint phone app to locate AED's in unfamiliar surroundings.  Once the AED is located, just turn it on and follow the instructions as the AED talks to you. It's as easy as that to save a life.  Contact Paul at 612-325-3465 for more information or for CPR/AED training.  John, Paul and Kirsten are shown below.

Meeting Recap - November 1, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-11-01 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 25, 2016
Co-President John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered an invocation.
Glenna introduced our visitors, Chris Ledbeter and Mary Jo McGuire.
Paul Fournier summarized his recent medical odyssey by revealing the new nicknames his kids have adopted for him.
·  Moses - for the 40 days and nights in the cardiac care unit.
·  Lazarus - he was brought back to life after a code blue.
·  Zombie - unexplained.
·  Pincushion - 15 shots a day for 40 days (do the math)
Paul, whatever nickname you might have, we're just glad you're alive to joke about it!
November is Rotary Foundation month, and Foundation Chair, Nils Friberg, presented a "History of the Rotary Foundation".  From humble beginnings in 1917, the Foundation has received contributions of over One Billion Dollars, all of which has been used to help those in need and promote peace and mutual understanding throughout the world.  Next year marks the Centennial of the Foundation and we hope, along with other clubs around the world, to make the coming year a record year for contributions.
Gerry Tietz announced that Jason Slama will fill in as Community Service Chair during Amy Wakem's leave of absence.  Bev Aplikowski has agreed to help Jason by leading our Homeless Student Project.  Mark Lampman will step up by coordinating our food shelf drive this fall.
Jeff Benson announced that we are officially a Founding Organization for the newly reorganized Community Support Center, which supports families in danger of losing their homes by providing long-term counseling and short-term financial support to keep them in their homes.  Formerly a part of CEAP, CSC has struck out on its own to better serve New Brighton and Mounds View residents.  As a Founding Organization, we are entitled to a seat on the CSC Board of Directors.  Paul Fournier agreed to fill that seat.  Thanks, Paul!
Cindy Carlson introduced District Governor Jim Hunt.  Jim became a Rotarian in 1989, as a member of the Prairie du Chien, WI Rotary Club.  A job transfer to the Twin Cities in 1992 led Jim to join the White Bear Lake Rotary Club, serving as its president in 2003-4.  In 2008-9 Jim led a GSE team to India.  His experience there led him to initiate two District Matching Grants, resulting in the drilling of 177 water wells in India.  Jim went on to serve as the chair of D5960 GSE from 2009-13.  Jim has also been involved in our district's Fast For Hope initiative in Nicaragua.
Jim began his presentation with his interpretation of the values that underpin Rotary membership. As you would expect, the Four way Test and Service Above Self were high on his list, but Jim also mentioned the Five Core Values that are part of Rotary's Strategic Plan Document. The five core values are: Fellowship, Leadership, Integrity, Diversity and Service. On each table were cards that visually represent the results of the Club Values Survey we filled out prior to the DG's visit. Jim suggested that we use the cards as thank you cards or for other Rotary communications and emphasized the public relations value of hand written notes in today's electronic world.  The card is shown below.
Jim revealed that, although Rotary membership is increasing in some areas of the world, District 5960, like almost every District in the U.S., is declining slightly in membership. Jim's goal is that clubs of our size strive to have a least a net +1 membership growth for the 2016-17 Rotary year.  Jim suggested that we evaluate our projects and outcomes to make sure that they are attractive to prospective Rotarians, especially younger ones.  He also urged us to focus on our public image, telling our story in ways that will be attractive to service minded individuals.
Last, but certainly not least, Jim encouraged us to continue and, hopefully, increase our financial support for the Rotary Foundation. He used Polio Plus as one example of the many ways the Foundation does good in the world.  The Foundation also has the highest possible rating (100 out of 100) from Charity Navigator.  It's the best bang for your charity dollar out there and local Rotarians have the benefit of helping to determine how some of their donations are spent.  One additional way to painlessly contribute to the foundation is to participate in the Amazon Smile program, in which .5% of eligible purchases go to the Foundation. Get more information by going to   John, Jim and Cindy are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 25, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-10-25 05:00:00Z 0
Jim Kadechka opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation.
Glenna Dibrell introduced our visitor, Mike Cylkowski, a commercial real estate agent who was referred to us as a potential member by last week's visitor, Chris Ledbeter, from US Bank.
Dana Rebelein read a letter from CEAP, thanking us for our $1,000 contribution.
George Winiecki was back with us after a bout with pneumonia.
Dana reported that she was happy to have bought a townhome. 
Gerry Tietz's son is back safe and sound after an adventure trip to Peru.
Our "miracle man" Paul Fournier was feeling well enough to join us today.
Nils Friberg reported that his wife Peg should be returning home this coming week after teaching in Thailand.  Nils seems to be surviving in her absence but I'm sure the dishes and laundry must be piling up by now.
Geoff Hollimon returned from the East Coast in time to miss most, but not all, of hurricane Matthew's fury.  Nice to have you back, Geoff!
George Winiecki stumped us with some Alaska purchase trivia.  Did you know that we bought Alaska from Russia in 1867 for just 7.2 million dollars. That's just 2 cents per acre.
John Risdall attended long time Rotarian Roland Wilsey's funeral recently. Roland was a giant in Rotary, playing a big part in so many areas and, especially, helping to start many Rotary Clubs, including our own.  Roland's legacy lives on.
MaryAnn Bawden reminded us that next week is District Governor Jim Hunt's visit, and we would like to have a big crowd to welcome him.
Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, Dr. Tom Hendrickson. Tom was here to talk about a microcredit program that he spearheaded in rural Iringa, Tanzania. Iringa is the poorest area of Tanzania, with an average annual family income of $300 per year.  Because there are no banks or financial services of any kind, borrowing and saving have been virtually non-existent.  Malnourished children and high infant and child mortality are the norm and school is not an option for the vast majority of the population.  Enter Tom, with his microcredit program, and things are beginning to change.  Tom's program, called Iringa Hope, provides small loans so farmers can get good seed and fertilizer to produce a viable crop from the depleted soil.  The typical loan is between $300-450 with the following stipulations:
·   Loans must for the purpose of producing income
·   Borrowers must save 1/3 of the loan amount
·   Borrowers must get two others (non-family) to guarantee the loan
·   Interest is 2-3% per month
·   Loan term is 6-9 months
For a farmer, the loan virtually guarantees an increase in crop yield, so farmers can feed their families and have enough crop left to sell in town. This allows them to pay off the loan and have enough saving left to borrow again for the coming year. The increased income allows these families to purchase higher protein foods which prevents malnutrition.  Families are also able to pay for schooling and eventually provide a permanent home.
Because the programs are  administered at the local level, community support is high, but the program has a waiting list due to limited funding.  Tom's Lakeville Rotary club has risen to the challenge by committing to a $200,000 Global Grant project to raise funds to expand the Iringa Hope project.  The total needed before District and International matching funds is $120,000, and Tom and his club have already raised $100,000, leaving $20,000 which can, hopefully, be raised by contributions from area Rotary Clubs. John, Tom and Jim are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 18, 2016 2016-10-18 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 11, 2016
Glenna Dibrell was recovering from a cold and channeled Lauren Bacall's husky voice as she opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
Char and Gerry Samuelson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently.  Gerry Tietz forwarded this photo.
Gerry Tietz introduced our guests:  
  • Rotarian Sven Andersen and wife Katie were in the Twin Cities for a wedding...and a long way from their home in Switzerland.
  • Chris Ledbeter, Branch Manager at US Bank New Brighton, was here as John Risdall's guest.
  • Ramsey County Commissioner, Mary Jo McGuire.
Gerry Tietz's son is not hiking to Machu Picchu, as announced last week...choosing instead to take a four day hike on the Santa Cruz Trail in Peru.
John Ordway's older son Erik just finished a curling bonspiel in Spain, his team finishing 6th. The team did, however, come away with first place in the bar bill competition!
Sue Ager reported that husband Duane, after 16 months in Benedictine Care Center recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome, is finally able to go home to continue his recovery.  Great news!
Mary Ann Bawden was embarrassed to win the raffle again (3 times in 4 weeks).
Nils Friberg reminded us that the little Rotary Foundation Piggybanks on the tables need to be fed often to help meet our commitment to the Foundation. 
Glenna Dibrell introduced our speaker, Scott Tilton, co owner of the Exchange Restaurant, our new venue for weekly Rotary meetings.  Scott has been involved in the restaurant business in one capacity or another since he was 15, starting as a soda jerk.  He soon became a short-order cook and continued that work until graduation from college. Even though he worked in corporate sales and later in advertising and design, he remained involved in the restaurant world throughout that time. A catering gig with D'Amico and Sons at the 2008 Republican Convention in St. Paul led Scott to become involved in the catering business full time. The recession dried up the catering business, so Scott went to culinary school and eventually worked at Eli's East, where he met his future business partner in the Exchange, Kyle Olson.  Scott and Kyle often talked about  what a restaurant should be like. They agreed that all items, (except for Heinz ketchup and Hellman's Mayo), should be made from scratch from only fresh ingredients and that the "front of house" (greeting and wait staff) should work cooperatively with the "back of house" (chef and cooks). Scott and Kyle have applied those principals at the Exchange. Scott said that success in the restaurant business also depends on previous restaurant experience, adequate capitalization and loving the work.  The Exchange is now enjoying its second anniversary, so their recipe for success appears to be working in a competitive restaurant market.  Check out the Exchange website here.  You can also visit their FaceBook page here.  Glenna, Scott and John are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - October 11, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-10-11 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 04, 2016
Glenna Dibrell started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
Jim Kadechka introduced our guests, Tyler Durocher from US Bank and Dean Lotter.  Dean somehow got possession of the microphone and updated us on the changes to the New Brighton water system, County Road E2 upgrade (should be completed in about 2 weeks).  Dean also mentioned that a decision on a new Public Safety Director will be made in the future.  It was great to see you Dean!
Jeff Benson was honored to induct our newest Rotary member, Amy Janecek, the new principal at Irondale H.S.  Welcome aboard, Amy! 
Cindy Carlson reminded us of the NYFS "A Taste of Northeast" fundraiser this Thursday, October 6th, 5:30 - 8:30.  Click here for more information.
Gerry put his auctioneering talents to good use, garnering $75 for the club by auctioning off a bouquet and Tiffany style lamp which were donated by John Risdall.
Cor Wilson reported that, with therapy, her broken arm is gradually regaining range of motion.
Gerry Tietz's son is hiking to Machu Picchu in Peru.
As new member Michelle Caron reached into the bowl to select the raffle winner she asked, "Is it OK to pick my own number" and then she did!
Glenna Dibrell introduced her husband David Cummings and Mark Baden, Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts at Northwestern University. David and Mark presented to the club about 1 1/2 years ago after they had completed the restoration of the stained glass "rose window" in the island chapel at Norhwestern University.  Today they updated us on further renovations, including six "angel" stained glass windows.  Technical difficulties almost prevented the showing of an award winning short documentary about the window restoration project featuring Mark and David.  For those who would be interested in visiting the Island Chapel, a field trip may be in the works.  For background information about the Island Chapel, click here.  For an earlier video of the inside of the chapel, click here.  David, Mark and Glenna are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 4, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-10-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by ben on Sep 27, 2016

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.  Mark Lampman introduced Garry Johnson's guest, Gary Frederick.


Cindy Carlson reported that our recent visioning event revealed a very strong youth focus.  Today the board discussed the alarming rate of homelessness in the Mounds View School District and authorized the formation of an ad-hoc committee to gather information and RFP's from community groups to address the problem.  Cindy, Gerry and Amy form the nucleus of this committee and they are seeking others who would like to work on the homeless youth problem.


Cindy also thanked the club for its support for the Syrian Refugee Children Classroom project, which hopes to be fully completed by the start of the school year in November of this year.


Dana Rebelein recently made inquiries about the current status of the Guatemala Literacy Project, which we have supported for many years.  Dana summarized the written response that she received. Guatemala has the second worst literacy rate in all of Central America, with the average adult having only 4 years of education.  The project is focused on textbook and computer projects and primary reading programs.  The 2016-17 goal for these efforts is $450,000.  We hope to use matching funds from the District and International to maximize our contribution to this worthwhile project.  You can read the full text of the response by clicking here.


Gerry Tietz announced that Char and Gerry Samuelson will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary soon and he will be attending the celebration. A card was circulated today for club members to convey their best wishes and/or fond memories.


Nils Friberg reminded us that the annual Foundation Event will be held on November 12th and he hopes that our club will equal last year's 18 attendees or even exceed it.  John Ordway reminded us that club member's admission is paid by the club and guests are $50.


Beverly Aplikowski revealed that the sale of Lakeside Homes is now complete. The sale is bittersweet for Bev who, with her husband and family, built the business from scratch and managed it for 53 years!  Those of us who have sold a business can sympathize with Bev when she describes the business as "her baby".  What's next for Beverly? We can only wait to see how she might apply her legendary skills in the future.


Jeff Benson reported that the board has agreed to be a founding organization for the newly reorganized Community Support Center.  The CSC provides emergency assistance and counseling to keep people in their homes.  Formerly a part of C.E.A.P., the CSC has separated itself from CEAP and is now its own 501c3.  For many years we have financially supported the CSC, but now we are a founder and we have the opportunity, if we choose, to have a representative on the CSC board of directors. If anyone is interested in serving on the board please contact Iris McGinnis at 763-754-1555.


Cindy Carlson said that the Gold Plate Dinner will be on March 31st, 2017 and the first planning meeting will be next Tuesday, October 4th, 11:00AM at the Exchange. Please join in to ensure a successful fundraiser.


Finemaster George Winiecki was having so much fun with Trivia the he used most of the time allotted for our speaker, Mark Lampman.  Mark wasn't too upset, though, because he was a little concerned about how the topic of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation might be received so soon after lunch.  Maybe Mark can fill a future scheduling void.



Meeting Recap - September 27, 2106 ben 2016-09-27 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 20, 2016

Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.  Mark Lampman welcomed two visiting Rotarians; Assistant District Governor Judy Rolow from the Anoka club and Alan Player from the Apple Valley Club.  Both visiting Rotarians were here to promote their clubs raffle fundraisers.


Co-President Paul Fournier was well enough to attend today’s meeting and he was warmly welcomed.  Paul said that he has spent 40 days in the cardiac care unit at $33,000 per day.  A cool 1.32 million if my math is correct, but well worth it!  Paul’s rebuilt heart should keep him going strong for many years to come.


Finemaster Jim Kadechka tested our knowledge of presidential trivia.  Did you know that Jimmy Carter was the first president to be born in a hospital, Grover Cleveland was once a hangman and Andrew Jackson won more than 100 pistol duels?


MaryAnn Bawden noted that the Rotary Foundation scored 100 out 100 possible points in Charity Navigator’s new rating system.


Mary Stewart was back today after a very busy summer and she thanked the club for its continuing support for CPY programs.  Mary said that CPY kids went to 70 off-site adventures during the summer. WOW!


Dana Rebelein reported that the Club Visioning Event last Tuesday evening was a big success.  The facilitators complimented us on our organization and the many ideas that were generated by the event.


David and Susan Hoel just celebrated their 47th anniversary.  Susan has applied for sainthood and inside sources say that the she is a top candidate.


John Risdall reported that Risdall Advertising will be moving to their new Roseville offices around Thanksgiving.


Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Todd Otis.  Todd’s topic was “Why Quality Early Learning is Crucial”.  Todd is the Senior Vice President for External Affairs at Think Small. Think Small is a 40 year old non-profit, dedicated to the idea that the quality of a child’s early experiences greatly influences his or her success later in life and that there is much that can be done to improve the quality of early childhood settings to optimize a child’s development.  There are 350,000 children from birth through five years old in Minnesota.  Of those, 156,000 are from low income families and study after study has shown that poverty impedes brain development. Minnesota also has the 2nd highest percentage of working mothers in the U.S.  All these factors contribute to fully 50% of Minnesota kids not being ready for kindergarten.


Why is school readiness so important?  Studies show that 90% of brain development occurs in the first five years of life, and if there is a deficit by age 5, it’s difficult to make up the difference. In many cases this deficit results in long-term challenges for children, often leading to behavior issues, failure to complete high school and even criminal activity.  The social costs of this problem are staggering.  Early education has been shown to prevent or minimize this deficit.  The Perry Preschool Study (a 40 year prospective study) showed a tremendous social and economic benefit to early childhood education, proving that children from low income families achieve nearly as well as their higher income peers when they have quality early education experiences.  A Minnesota study showed a net social benefit of $56,000 for each low income student receiving early education.  Minnesota currently allocates 2% of its budget for Early Education programs, but 84,000 kids are still are not receiving early education services.

Minnesotans can help by asking their legislators to:

-Increase funding for Early Learning Scholarships and the Parent Aware program.

-Increase the quality standards for child care providers.

-Invest in childcare assistance.

-Improve parent education.

 For more information, you can check out or call Todd at 651-233-2289. Todd, Jeff and John are shown below.
Meeting Recap - Sept 20, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-09-20 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 06, 2016
Jeff Benson opened the meeting with a flagless Pledge of Allegiance and an invocation. Jeff also introduced our guests, Marv Sorvala from Roseville Rotary and PDG Craig Leiser.
Matching Grant Gurus, Cindy Carlson and Geoff Hollimon, welcomed PDG Criag Leiser to the podium. Craig noted that the District Grants Committee experienced a new wrinkle this year, having only enough funds to fulfill 77 percent of grant requests. He urged us to consider the many avenues we have available to contribute to the foundation. In addition to conventional ways to contribute, you could also contribute to the Foundation using a Rotary credit card or a special program, each of which donate a percentage of your purchases to the Foundation. Sounds like the ultimate in painless giving. PDG Leiser was also here to present us with a check from the District Grants Committee for $3802, which represents the district's match of our fundraising for our Syrian refugee children's education project in Lebanon. Cindy, Geoff and President John Risdall gratefully accept the check from Craig, below.
Geoff Hollimon subbed for Gerry Tietz to remind us to RSVP (Yes or No) to the Club Visioning Event next Tuesday, the 13th, 4:45PM, at the NB Community Center. Note that this meeting replaces our regular Noon meeting.
Sue Ager introduced our speaker, Diane Nimmer, from Honoring Choices Minnesota. Honoring Choices Minnesota is a collaborative, community-based advance care planning initiative led by Twin Cities Medical Society through its Foundation. Honoring Choices Minnesota is based on the training, principles and overall methodology of Respecting Choices, the nationally and internationally recognized Advance Care Planning model developed in 1993 by Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, WI. Diane said that, 23 years after its initiation, ninety percent of LaCrosse residents have an advance directive plan in place and Lacrosse has the lowest per capita health care costs in the nation. Impressive! Diane would like to see that kind success in Minnesota as well.  Most Minnesotans agree that advance care planning is a good thing but the challenge is to get people to follow through and actually create a plan. To emphasize the simplicity of developing an Advance Care Directive, Diane reviewed HCM's long form (yes, a short form is also available for busy Rotarians).
Step 1: Choose a Health Care Agent. You should be able to trust your Agent to make tough decisions, follow your wishes and stand up for you if family members disagree with the Advance Directive. This person should also be local or readily available in an emergency situation. You will also want to choose an alternate Agent if the primary Agent is unavailable.
Step 2: Write down your Health Care Instructions regarding medical emergencies and end-of life medical treatments. There is also a section to outline the philosophy that underpins your health care choices, if you so choose.
Step 3: Sign and notarize the document.
After creating the document, it very important that you share the information with those who will be affected by it.  It's also important to review and update the document as your life situation changes. You can find out more and get forms at  Diane, Sue and President John are shown below.
Meeting Recap - Sept 6, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-09-06 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 30, 2016
The was no Rotary meeting today because we took a field trip to tour the new US Bank Stadium. Gerry Tietz had arranged a motor coach to hold all 53 tour participants and box lunches to eat on the way to the stadium. As we arrived, those who had not seen the stadium up close were impressed by how big the stadium is. The stadium seems huge on the inside as well, with large, open concourses and great views of the field. It's amazing what a billion dollars will get you. Our tour included a look at several private suites and clubs, the press box, and even the players locker room and showers. We were also able to spend some on the playing field, causing some of us to wonder what it would be like to play in a stadium of this size. You can get more information about US Bank Stadium by clicking here. Below are a few of photos of the stadium.
Meeting Recap - August 30, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-08-30 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 23, 2016

Jason Slama led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered the invocation.

Gerry Tietz reminded us to check our email for a link to RSVP for the Club Visioning Event on September 13th, 4:45 PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  Everyone should make an effort to attend this planning meeting. Follow the link in Gerry's email to RSVP.  It's important that each of us respond, yes or no, so that we can plan the event.


Gerry also reminded us of the departure time change for next Tuesday's US Bank Stadium tour.  You should be at Beisswenger's Hardware parking lot by 10:50 and park on the south side, or somewhere on the perimeter of the lot.  The bus will leave at 11:10 SHARP. The tour is in lieu of the regular Tuesday meeting.


Co-President John Risdall asked us all to think about items you might donate for a Rotary Club Garage Sale fundraiser.


Nils Friberg announced the Foundation Committee's plan to have monthly Foundation Moments and quarterly Foundation-focused club meetings to increase Foundation awareness and participation.


Mary Ann Bawden reported that she and Gary have been married for 53 years!  MaryAnn also delicious cookies for our dessert.  Thanks MaryAnn! Perhaps cookies are the key to marital bliss.


Mark and Gail Beisswenger just celebrated their 42nd anniversary.


John and Marla Ordway tied the knot 40 years ago; John also noted that he is 25,000 days old today, Wow!


Cor Wilson announced that CTV North Suburbs is celebrating 25 years of Community Media.  An event to mark the milestone will be held from 12:00-4:00PM, Saturday, September 10th at CTV North Suburbs, 2670 Arthur St. in Roseville. Join us for lunch, entertainment, prizes, tours and more. More details at


The program today was a Club Assembly.

Meeting Recap - August 23, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-08-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Aug 16, 2016
Co-President John Risdall (Co-President Paul Fournier continues his recovery from surgery at his home and John reports Paul is making progress) opened the meeting at 12:30 pm by leading the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Our Invocation was offered by the Padre of New Brighton – Nils Friberg
Guests – today’s guests included;
· Suzanna Stulberg, Northern Star Council of Boy Scouts of America
· Jason Etten, Irondale High School Choir Director and Roseville City Council member
· Amy Janezek,  Principal of Irondale High School
· Alex Huffman, with Edwards Jones and Co.
· Ronnie Nova, Irondale student who was awarded a Rotary scholarship to continue his studies at the University of MN-Duluth.  Ronnie said that he plans to focus all of his time on “studying and working………………” so perhaps the Duluth Rotarians can watch him for us!!!??
Stockyard Days
· Mark Beisswenger (who did not mention any special sales for the end of gardening season?!) asked all Rotarians who volunteered for the bingo booth to stand so the club could thank them. Nearly $900 was raised via this project and several Rotary brochures were distributed to bingo players.
· Dave Hoel thanked all of the post-parade hot dog distribution volunteers and noted that George "Big Dog" Winiecki was spending this week at his cabin recovering from his hot dog management duties.   Parade walkers (especially the Irondale football team) were very appreciative of the free food.
Gold Plate Dinner
· Cindy Carlson (event co-chair with Mary Stewart) reported that our 2017 Gold Plate Dinner will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Roseville with catering provided by Axel’s Restaurant.
· Rotarians and guests should “Save the Date” for March 31, 2017 for this event.
Vikings Stadium Tour
· Our August 30 club meeting will be offsite via a coach bus trip to US Bank stadium
· Gerry Tietz reported that we have 53 attendees for this event so hopefully some future Rotarians will result from this event!!
Visioning Session
· Gerry Tietz noted that the club’s September 13 strategic planning session is set to begin at 4:45 pm at the New Brighton Community Center
· Rotarians need to register for this seminar so the club can plan accordingly
Happy Fines
Overall club members appeared to have a very good week last week as evidenced by numerous happy fines paid with smiles intact despite Mark’s buzz kill opening fine -
· Mark Lampkin assessed a $1.00 fine to any Rotarian who did not work at any of the New Brighton Stockyard Days service projects
· Glenna Dibrell – offered several dollars (this lowly scribe missed several of them) to celebrate the camaraderie exhibited at Stockyard Days and Mark Beisswenger’s singing voice which was not shared with the club members at least at today’s meeting. Mark Lampman and Glenna's husband, David, are shown below, working at the Rotary Bingo Tent.
· Dave Hoel – thanked the Stockyard Days hot dog distribution volunteers and noted that his group’s Canadian fishing trip was a huge success but he never explained what became of the 400+ fish they caught.
· Amy Wakem – donated several dollars to celebrate the Irondale scholarship recipient and the fact she found and delivered the club donation check to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf so overall a productive week for Community Service led by Amy!
· Garry Johnson – noted how much fun he had at Stockyard Days
· Raffle Reminder - our weekly raffle proceeds (minus the $5 that goes to the winner) are given to Ralph Reeder Food Shelf so buy more tickets next week to help the cause.
Guest Speakers
Club Treasurer, John Ordway, introduced today’s guest speakers representing the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory   -  
· Jackie Sticha - is the president of Como Friends. She has been with Como Friends for 16 years, leading efforts to grow private support to invest in programs and improvements at the zoo and conservatory. Under her tenure, Como Friends has invested $34.5 million in programs and improvements at Como Zoo and Marjorie McNeely Conservatory.
· Allison Jungheim -is the Senior Zookeeper/Training Coordinator for Como Zoo.  She has worked at Como Zoo for the past 13 years, starting as a keeper in both the Animal Support Building and Aquatic Animal Building.  During this time, she was one of the trainers for the Sparky the Sea Lion show.  Now she oversees all the operant conditioning training programs at the zoo and trains polar bears, tortoises, gorillas, and more while also supervising the zookeeper staff, serving as a media spokesperson, and helping with community outreach.
While she did not participate in the Power Point presentation Chloe the Sloth accompanied Jackie and Allison which added a petting zoo atmosphere to the end of the club meeting.
Jackie informed the club that the zoo is an entity (function) of the City of St. Paul. The historical background of Como Zoo includes the closing of Longfellow Zoo in Minneapolis in the 1930’s which resulted in their exotic animals being donated to Como Zoo.  Additionally we learned that several structures at Como Zoo are the result of the Works Project Administration (WPA) program during the Great Depression. 
Currently Como Zoo is the second most popular destination in Minnesota with the Mall of America ranking number one.
Como Zoo offers a wide range of programs including –
· Educational seminars with a focus on conservation
· Animal husbandry – which included the invention of a “blood port” which allows for the safe collection of blood samples from polar bears who merely place their paws in the port.   A few Rotarians responded that the blood port would probably be needed to collect blood from them!
· Babies - recently several zoo residents have given birth especially the zebras so it seems like an ideal time to bring the kids/grandkids for a zoo visit.
· The “Blooming Butterflies” exhibit is VERY popular and since their life span is essentially 14 days this results in carcasses for art work and experiments.
· The “Giraffe Feeding Station” is also very popular where a $5 donation allows visitors to feed Skeeter heads of romaine lettuce
· Currently the zoo is building support for and lobbying for a new home for the Seals and Sea Lions to continue their 60 year tradition of seal shows.  This project is estimated at $14.5 million and would hopefully be completed in 18 months once construction is approved.
· One very interesting fact we learned today is that Como Zoo is one of only four (4) “free zoos” in the USA which also includes – St. Louis Zoo, National Zoo in DC, and Lincoln Park in Chicago.
· “Zoo Boo” is a family/child friendly event held the last two weeks of October and requires the use of over 250 volunteers so volunteers such as Dave Hoel (who clearly LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS  Zoo Boo!!) can register as a volunteer by going to this website -
· Questions from the audience included –
      Who does the zoo work with for veterinarian services?  (Answer – U of MN),  
      What happens to the “poo poo” created by the various animals?  (Answer -  it can’t be composted so it is disposed of via the St. Paul garbage collection  OR Gerry Tietz can have it delivered to his garden!), 
      Do Como Zoo and the MN Zoo collaborate?  (Answer – yes on government relations work but Allison noted Como always beats MN Zoo via fantasy football)
      Sloth roles? (Answer – amazing to be informed by zoo staff that the zoo’s sloths can be rented for birthday parties, wedding (romantic!), or perhaps for our 2017 Gold Plate Dinner?)
Jackie, Allison, John, John and Chloe are pictured below.
Co-President John Risdall led the club in the 4-Way Test to close the meeting at 1:35 pm
Submitted by Todd Kruse since Dr. Jeff Benson was still speaking at his press conference explaining his angling success in Canada which left the Canucks envious of his talent (or ability to tell a good fishing tale!).
Meeting Recap - August 16, 2016 Todd Kruse 2016-08-16 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 09, 2016
Gerry Tietz opened the meeting with the Pledge and an invocation.
Gerry said that Paul is still getting his pacemaker dialed in but is doing quite well since his surgery. Paul expects to be back with us soon.
Gerry also asked us to reserve September 13th at 4:30PM for a Rotary Visioning Event. All members are requested to attend this important planning meeting. The meeting will be held at the New Brighton Community Center. Please note that this meeting will be in lieu of our regular noon meeting.
George Winiecki needs your help with the hotdog feed at the end of the Stockyard Days Parade. Please be there (south of the Dairy Queen on Old 8) by 5:00PM to get a parking spot. The parade should be over by around 8:30.
John Risdall introduced his friend, Roseville Rotarian Don Salverda.
Cindy Carlson reported that fundraising commitments are in place for our matching grant proposal for education of Syrian refugee children. The grant proposal will be submitted to the District Grants Committee this month.
Todd Kruse expects to have three guests next week, so please help Todd to make them feel welcome.
Geoff Hollimon reported that the CPY Golf Ball Drop was a big success. 750 golf balls were dropped from a crane and the winner won $1250! CPY made $4,000 on the event.
Jason Slama was among several August birthdays but he got to celebrate all by himself today. See photo above.
Chef George left a couple of chafing dishes at our recent fundraiser and didn't want them back, so Gerry auctioned them off for $25. Bev Aplikowski was the high (and perhaps only) bidder.
Our scheduled speaker was unable to appear, but he was kind enough to arrange a replacement and Gerry introduced Scott Plum from the Minnesota Sales Institute. Minnesota Sales Institute works with salespeople who need to learn, change and grow to adapt to the marketplace.
Many people think of a salesperson as someone who twists your arm to get you to do something you don't want to do and, if asked, most people would not identify themselves as a salesperson. Scott's definition of a salesperson makes "sales" seem much less shady, and in fact, would define everyone who would influence another's opinions or actions. Scott described the three steps to sales conversations as follows:
1.  Creating Interest - Often thought of as "prospecting", this step is really about identifying potential wants and needs. Scott recommends open ended or multiple choice questions to discover how you might fit with the client. Scott recommends avoiding any pre-conceptions about the client's needs and to offer to "work with" the client rather than "help" the client.
2.  Making an Impact on the Experience - Carefully phrased questions can further identify the client's needs. Scott used the following example: Ask the client; "Are looking for the lowest price or the best value?"  Scott recommended never talking about solutions until you have identified the problems.
3.  Influencing the Outcome - Commonly referred to as "The Close", this step could take many forms, but common to each is the goal of causing a change in the client's behavior. In short, you want a commitment to working with the client or, at least, a commitment to continue to talk. Scott recommended asking the following question; "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate our conversation today?" If the answer is "seven", respond with; "That's pretty good, but what would it take to get it to a ten"?
Scott described accountability as the single greatest roadblock for success in sales. Salespeople often blame outside influences and other people for their lack of success. Success in sales requires the adoption of the P.I.C. concept.  P.I.C. stands for "Pilot In Charge" and refers to an airplane pilot's absolute responsibility for every aspect of a flight. If a salesperson has this level of accountability, success is virtually assured. Scott's book, "Taking Off Into The Wind", elaborates on accountability in sales.  John, Gerry and Scott are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - August 9, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-08-09 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 02, 2016
Gerry Tietz opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.
Our Guests today were Pat Whelan (PJW Automotive) and Mary Kunesh-Podein, Chair of the New Brighton Parks, Recreation and Environment Commission. Mary was on the Rotary Group Study Exchange Team to Lebanon in 2000.
Mark Beisswenger reminded the Stockyard Days Rotary Bingo volunteers of their assignments for this weekend.
Pat Whelan announced a new Stockyard Days event this year; bike racing. The events will run from 10AM - 6PM on Sunday August 7th. Get more details here.
Todd Kruse said that the Chamber is planning a County Road E2 bridge opening party at the Exchange. The opening should happen around August 12th, so stay tuned.
George Winiecki would like everyone to help with the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed on Thursday August 11th. Please be there by 5PM or you'll have to walk a long way.
If you need any other information about Stockyard Days, you can access the website here.
Visitor Mary Kunesh-Podein announced her candidacy for the State House of Representatives, District 41B. More information is available on her website.
Cindy Carlson said that our Matching Grant Request to educate Syrian refugee children in Lebanon should be ready for submission by the end of August.
George Winiecki and Gerry Tietz celebrated their birthdays today. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are entering a kinder and gentler era of birthday celebration; sans birthday hats. Of course we still sang to the birthday boys, which is torture enough! George and Gerry are shown above.
Gerry Tietz introduced our speaker, Terry Kerber, author of "The Story of Major Taylor". It is the story of the best athlete you never heard of.  Marshall "Major" Taylor was born in 1878 to black parents in Louisville, Kentucky. After moving to Indianapolis, Taylor's father was employed as a coachman for a wealthy white landowner.  Taylor became close friends with the landowners son and later moved in with the family, shielded from the realities of racial prejudice until the family moved to Chicago when Marshall was 12. His first job was as a bicycle trick rider. He would perform in a soldier's uniform, which earned him the nickname "Major".  Major started racing at age 13 and by age 15 was setting amateur track records while being booed and banned from some tracks because of his skin color.  He soon moved to Massachusetts to minimize racial abuse and to be at the epicenter of the booming U.S. bicycle industry.  At this time in America, bicycling was becoming a craze.  Everyone wanted a bike and everyone wanted to watch bike races.  Bike racers were the highest paid athletes of the time, earning as much as $5,000 for first place (big money in those days). With each race Major won, his fame grew.  By 1898 he held 7 world records at various distances and placed first in 29 of 49 races that year.  He was considered the national champion.  By 1899 he was the world champion, establishing seven world records in one six week period.  In 1902 he won 40 of the 57 races he entered, defeating the English , German and French champions. Along the way, Major became devoutly religious and vowed never to race on Sunday.  He honored that vow for the rest of his career.  He famously refused an offer of $15,000, up front, to  race in France on a Sunday.  In 1903 Major raced in Australia in front of 50 to 60 thousand person crowds, winning 27 of 31 races. Racing in Europe and Australia was relatively free of the racial prejudice he had experienced in America, so it was disheartening to return to his home country only to face it once again. Tired of the taunts and attempts by groups of riders to "box him in" during races, he retired for 3 years.  An attempted comeback was thwarted by excess weight, so he trained intensely to lose the weight and came back to beat all comers.  He finally quit racing for good in 1910, at the age of 32.  It's unlikely that any athlete will ever again dominate their sport in the way that Major Taylor did.  Terry Kerber and John Risdall are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - August 2, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-08-02 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Jul 29, 2016
Pledge:  Co-president John Risdall opened the club meeting at 12:31 pm by leading the club in the Pledge of Allegiance
Invocation:   offered by Bob Barmoe
Guests:   Two Rotarians from the Roseville, Minnesota club along with Ted Risdall from Minneapolis Club #9 who attended to introduce our guest speaker.   Potential member - Seth Thorsen, owner of Eurotech Auto in New Brighton
*Mark Beisswenger continued his recruitment of Rotarian volunteers to work in the bingo operation during Stockyard Days.   B-I-N-G-O we have some volunteers but could use a few more!!!
*George Winiecki noted that the club's annual hot dog distribution project will be August 11 so he needs volunteers
Gerry Tietz noted that the club's August 30 stadium tour currently has 42 attendees to US Bank Stadium -  a box lunch will be included.  Club members should consider bringing potential club members to this event so we can get to know them along the tour.
Geoff Hollimon promoted CPY's "golf ball drop" fundraising event on August 6 for which he is selling tickets.   If anyone wants to see an amazing display of physics and divot production at work then be sure to attend this event at Brightwood Hills Golf Course! 
*MaryAnn contributed $5 to celebrate the retirement of the club's birthday celebration hats -  happy birthday to MaryAnn on July 29th!!
*Dana promoted the Rotary benefactor program which members should consider via their estate planning
*Glenna noted Michelle Caron's successful wedding and the time Glenna was able to spend with her grandsons
*John Risdall noted his wife is completing her third college degree at St. Olaf and that Paul Fornier's heart surgery recovery is progressing well
John Marq Patton noted with quiet reserve that "since I have no grand children to brag about then I will brag about myself since I shot a double eagle (isn't shooting an Eagle illegal??) at a local golf course.........."   
Beverly noted she was very happy to be walking without a cane
Our guest speaker,  Gary Gilson, was introduced by John Risdall's boss -  Ted Risdall, chairman of Risdall Marketing who stated Gary's topic as "Whose News is it?" regarding the dramatic changes we have been experiencing in the world of journalism. 
Gilson began his journalism career as a reporter for the Minneapolis Star then spent 13 years in the television industry in New York City and another 4 years in Los Angeles before his return to the Twin Cities in 1981 to host a weekly magazine series on TPT.     For 14 years Gilson served as the Executive Director of the Minnesota New Council which focuses on holding news outlets accountable for accuracy, fairness, and ethical standards. 
Gilson opened his presentation by stating that numerous factors are impacting today's news gathering and reporting industry. Perhaps chief among these factors is that technology enables us to find news which reinforces our world view (aka "narrow casting").    Another factor includes the "entertainment value" of figures such as Don Trump who has received an estimated $2 billion in free media coverage which alters the news coverage process. Gilson then quoted CBS's CEO, Les Mooves, as saying "Trump may not be good for the country but he is damn good for CBS (in terms of ratings/viewership)."
Club members also learned that TV stations pay $0 in fees for licenses issued by the FCC which allow them to broadcast and earn very substantial profits with many earning 40% ROI however some broadcasters are known to earn 100% ROI.  By contrast the Cowles family was content with earning 5 to 6% ROI when they owned the Star Tribune.  Overall Gilson noted that the widespread use of online giant, "Craig's List", essentially killed the newspaper industry due to the loss of classified ads which ultimately reduced readership levels.
One critique of today's journalists Gilson offered was that they rarely ask follow up (plus "tough" follow up) questions to drive substantive answers although the clear exception to this herd behavior is CNN's Jake Tapper who asked Don Trump the same question 35 times before Tapper received a nominal response.  
Regarding what actually gets reported to the public is ultimately influenced by editorial choice (impacted by each individual's own personal bias and world view which "filters" the news for the general public).
The primary theme of Gilson's presentation noted that "the chase for 'eyeballs' by media outlets has fundamentally altered the journalism profession."   Thus Gilson's advice to aspiring journalists/students is to "find a smaller newspaper with high ethical standards............."  
Co-President John Risdall led the club members in reciting the 4-Way Test of Rotary to adjourn the meeting.
Submitted by:  Todd Kruse in support of Dr. Jeff Benson's fishing trip this week so hopefully The Exchange can grill some fillets for our August 2 club meeting!!
Meeting Recap - July 26, 2016 Todd Kruse 2016-07-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 19, 2016
President John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge and Bob Barmore gave the invocation.
We were blessed with several guests today:
  • Assistant District Governor, Judy Rolow;
  • Ella White, recipient of our $1,500  scholarship at Saint Anthony Village High School;
  • Bruce Cameron from Mounds View Community Theater, promoting their production of "The Drowsy Chaperone", now through July 31st at the Irondale Theater. This play won five Tony's in 2006. More information is available at
  • New Brighton City Manager, Dean Lotter. When pressed to say a few words, Dean offered that New Brighton has completed the transition to the Minneapolis water system while changes are made to eliminate a newly discovered contaminant in New Brighton's water. The changes will be complete in two years, at which time we will change back to our own water supply.
Gerry Tietz announced that Paul's cardiac valve replacement will take place tomorrow (Wednesday). Please keep Paul and Chrissy in your thoughts and prayers.
MaryAnn Bawden has put together an updated printed directory, available at the check-in table. MaryAnn also provided delicious desserts for the meeting today. MaryAnn, you are the best!
Dana would like the August Program Committee to get her the list of August programs so she can get the list published in the Sun-Focus.
Mark Beisswenger forgot to bring the Stockyard Days Rotary Bingo sign-up sheet, but he still needs workers for the following shifts:
  • Friday, August 12, 7:30-10PM   (2 workers needed)
  • Saturday, August 13, 10-12:30PM   (1 worker needed)
  • Saturday, August 13, 12:30-3:00PM   (1 worker needed)
  • Sunday, August 14, Noon-2:00PM  (2 workers needed)
Please call Mark now to help with this important fundraiser. 651-398-4622
George Winiecki will need help with the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed on Thursday, August 11th. Mark your calendars now and stay tuned for more details.
Dave Hoel said that he will be having dinner tonight with Eric Rudfeldt and his family, our exchange student 28 years ago. There will be a lot of catching up to do!
Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Pastor Sam Crabtree. Sam's presentation was titled "Practicing Affirmation".  Sam defined "affirmation" as "God centered praise of those who are not God". To clarify, he said that God is constantly at work doing great things through the actions of human beings, so affirmation of others is simply recognition of God at work in the world through us. Sam contends that affirmation is non-optional, meaning that whether we choose to affirm, or not to affirm, there is an effect on our relationships.  He suggested that affirmation is the key that provides access to a relationship just as your key provides access to your home. Affirmation is not the main thing but it is a crucial thing for relationships. In his many years of marriage counseling, Sam has seen failure of affirmation in virtually every divorce situation. Sam presented the idea of the Affirmation Ratio, explaining that, in relationships, affirmation drives relationships toward healthy communication and that correction, in the absence of affirmation to balance it, will drive relationships toward unhealthy communication or, in many cases total absence of communication. He also suggested that, in the absence of regular inputs of affirmation, the tendency is for relationships to drift toward unhealthy communication. He has observed that correction accelerates that drift. Correction without balancing affirmation results in the following progression:
Your loved one stops hearing the correction;
Your loved one stops hearing you;
Your loved one becomes oppositional.
Many marital relationships follow this path and parent/teenager relationships can easily follow it too. The good news is that genuine affirmation has the potential to heal even the most damaged relationships. The most effective and God-centered affirmations are those that affirm the "character of Christ" in the person.  Sam and Bob are shown below.
Meeting Recap - July 19, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-07-19 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 12, 2016
President John Risdall led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Margaret Johnson provided the invocation.
Our guests today were PDG Kathy Smith and her guest, prospective member Linda Buchs-Hammond.
Geoff Hollimon reminded us of the CPY Carnival and had Golf Ball Drop tickets to sell.
Mark Beisswenger is looking for a few good Rotarians to staff the Rotary Bingo Tent at Stockyard Days. Call him if you can help out for a few hours.  It's easy and fun.
Fifty Three Rotarians and guests attended the Kids Alive International fundraiser at John and Marla Ordway's beautiful home on White Bear Lake. We raised about $2,600 toward our District Matching Grant, which will build two classrooms for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. A hearty thanks to John and Marla for their incredible hospitality and generosity.
At the fundraiser Bill Foussard, the owner of the Best Western Plus White Bear Country Inn, donated an evening at his hotel and a gift certificate to Rudy's Red Eye Grill.  Gerry auctioned it off to John Marg-Patton for a tidy sum, which will help to get us closer to our fundraising goal for the Grant. Thanks, John!
Gerry reported that Paul was back in the ICU today and his heart valve replacement will be moved up to next week. No phone calls or visits at this time but cards are welcome at home.
Todd Kruse announced the Twin cities North Chamber Annual Business Meeting, to be held at Crooners on Aug. 17th, from 12:30 -2:00PM. Details are available here.
The Happy Fines were dominated by thank you "bucks" for the wonderful fundraiser at the Ordway's.
Mike Neeley proudly announced his new ticket magnet, a 2004 Corvette with 3.9 second 0-60 acceleration. He'll need a chiropractor with that kind of neck snapping speed!
John Ordway offered a buck to celebrate Cindy's and his "humiliation" of John Marg-Patton in Bocce Ball at the fundraiser. Poor John M-P was still reeling from being fleeced by Gerry in the hotel room auction just a few moments earlier.
Gerry Tietz and Bev Aplikowski offered their dollars to thank Jeff Benson for his hard work on the newsletter each week. The thank you's were immediately followed by a chant of "four more years, four more years" from the club.
Our speaker today was Garry Johnson, presenting his new member classification talk. Garry was born in Northwood, ND in 1953. He played football and wrestled for Northwood High and graduated in 1971. He attended the University of North Dakota, joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity and graduated in 1975 with a degree in Business and a major in Accounting. His first job after college was with the North Dakota State Auditor's Office, auditing schools, cities and counties. He moved to Minneapolis in 1977 to work in Public Accounting. That same year he was married to Nancy and they have been married for 39 years. They have two daughters, Lindsey and Andrea who each presented Garry and Nancy with a grandchild in the past two months. Newborns Parker Ella and Roland Thomas are clearly the apples of Garry's eye.
Garry worked as an accounting manager for Control Data, Fingerhut and US Bank before deciding, at age 50, that being an Insurance Agent would be a better fit for someone with his outgoing personality and love of working to help people. His Farmer's Insurance Agency is located at 580 5th Ave. NW in New Brighton. He currently has one employee, Jill Truth. Their mission is to advise customers in obtaining the best coverage for their money. Garry's business is based on relationships, always doing what's best for his clients.
Garry answered many questions. He stressed the importance of umbrella policies for protection of assets from lawsuits. He said that your zip code and your credit score are two major determinants of insurance rates. He indicated that only 1 in 20 new agents remain in insurance because of the time it takes to build up insurance business. He said that it's important to review your policy with your agent each year, or more often if life changes warrant it. Garry and President John are shown below.
Meeting Recap - July 12, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-07-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 05, 2016
Today was our first meeting at "The Exchange" and the transition couldn't have been smoother. The food, service and ambience were exceptional, making us feel right at home on day one. Many thanks to Scott and Christian for doing everything possible to make it work and thank you to the many Rotarians who helped in big and small ways to make the move so seamless.
Our Rotarian guests today were Frank Mabley and Marv Sorvala. Dana Rebelein's guest was her daughter, Smiley and John Ordway's guest was his wife, Marla.
Paul's heart valve surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 17th. Paul knows that our thoughts and prayers are with him and Chrissy.
For those who have registered, this Friday is the Gourmet Appetizer Fundraiser for our Matching Grant to support education for Syrian refugee children. If the weather is good, show up as early as 3PM. Beer, wine and pop are provided but, if your taste runs toward hard liquor, please B.Y.O.B.  The address is:
                10 Dellwood Ave.
                White Bear Lake, MN 55110
Mark Beisswenger needs a few more volunteers to staff the Rotary Bingo Tent at Stockyard Days. Please give Mark a call if you haven't already signed up.
Michelle Caron announced that her wedding will be in just 17 days.
Special thanks to MaryAnn Bawden for providing the delicious cake to celebrate our move!
MaryAnn introduced our speaker, Iris McGinnis, Board President and volunteer staff person at the Community Service Center (CSC). You may remember that Iris has spoken to the club on several occasions about CSC. Iris was joined by I.S.D. 621 Student Support Services Director, Mandy Little. The Community Support Center provides support to prevent homelessness for residents of New Brighton, Mounds View, Arden Hills, North Oaks and Shoreview. In case you think that homelessness is not a problem in our suburbs, consider that in the Mounds View School District last year there were 126 families and 216 students who were homeless at some point during the year. One study showed that 47% of metro households would be unable to respond to a $400 financial emergency without selling something or borrowing money to cover the emergency. Another study showed a 92% increase in metro area poverty since 2000.
CSC employs a very different strategy than most governmental and private grant agencies. Their hallmark is "Taking Time to Listen" and it is the key to their success where other agencies have failed. The first step when someone calls CSC is to determine if they are already taking advantage of all available resources and, if not, appropriate referrals are made. If all available resources are exhausted, CSC will schedule a two hour intake interview to get a true picture of the causes of the financial problem. If the person can be self-sufficient with ongoing financial counseling and short term financial assistance, goals are set and one hour follow-up sessions are scheduled every two weeks to keep things on track. The entire program is based on making changes that will lead to financial self-sufficiency and prevent homelessness caused by eviction.
In 2015, CSC did intake interviews for 60 families and provided direct assistance for 37 families. Long- term support is provided to about 15 families at any given time. Iris shared three heart-warming stories of single mothers, facing eviction, who were able to turn their lives around with the CSC's help.
For many years CSC was part of the Community Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) but CSC has spun off from CEAP to become self-supporting. CSC has been incorporated and will be a 501c3 tax-exempt organization very soon. One challenge of the transition is that staff salaries will no longer be supported by CEAP grants, so additional donations from businesses, organizations and individuals in the community and  will be needed to maintain the current service levels. Iris encouraged NBMV Rotary to become a founding member of the new, independent, CSC.  Iris offered us all the opportunity to participate in, and/or contribute to, the annual "Walk a Mile for Your Neighbors" event on Sunday morning, July 31st at beautiful Silverwood Park at County Rd. E and Silver Lake Rd. Mandy Iris and John are shown below.
Community Support Center
1600 Silver Lake Road Northwest, New Brighton, MN, 55112
651-387-8050 •
Meeting Recap - July 5, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-07-05 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 28, 2016
Cindy Carlson led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Sue Ager offered the invocation.
Our guest today was Linda Lafond's grandson, Alex.
Dana read a few more thank you cards from recipients of trees in our Fourth Grade Foresters tree give-away program.
Don't forget that next week's (and future meetings) will be held at "The Exchange", right across the street from our current meeting place.
Our Gourmet Appetizer party to benefit Syrian refugee children is on Friday, July 8th, starting at approximately 3PM at John and Marla Ordway's home on White Bear Lake. There are still a few spots left, so call Linda Lafond now if you would like to attend.
Next week's program will be Iris McGinnis, filling us in on recent organizational changes at the Community Support Center. The CSC has been supported by our club for several years.
August 30th is the date for the US Bank stadium tour. Your ninety-minute guided adventure through the U.S. Bank stadium will give you behind-the-scenes access to the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Discover the inner workings of the stadium, including VIP-accessible only clubs and suites, the press box, the art collection, team locker room, stadium floor and so much more.  A comfortable Minnesota Coach's bus will load at Beisswenger's parking lot (to be confirmed) at 11:15 AM. A box lunch, prepared by Green Mill, and beverages will be served during ride to stadium.  The tour involves about a one mile walk. Cost of this event is $30.00 per person  Member's lunches will be covered by the club, guest lunches will be $10.  The maximum number for this event is 30 persons.  NBMV Rotarians and guests get priority.  Sign up online here or call Gerry Tietz.
Mark Beisswenger is looking for volunteers to work the Rotary Bingo Tent at Stockyard Days. Call Mark or sign up at a Tuesday meeting.
Cindy Carlson said that our Syrian Refugee Children's Education Grant will benefit from a space reallocation that will effectively double the educational space available in the school.
MaryAnn Bawden was summoned to the podium to celebrate her birthday but, alas, we were a month early. We sincerely apologize, MaryAnn, for trying to age you prematurely.
Outgoing President Dana Rebelein thanked Mary Stewart for the decorations and cake to recognize Dana's contributions to the club as President.  Dana recognized the help she has received from club members with personalized gifts for each of us.
Paul Fournier will be having aortic valve replacement surgery in August, preventing him from actively participating in his Rotary Co-President role alongside John Risdall until, perhaps, January. Gerry Tietz and Jason Miller stepped up to help John as needed until Paul can return. Someone quipped that it will take three "men" to fill Dana's shoes!

Presidents-Elect Gerry Tietz and John Risdall presented Dana with a Past President's Pin and a plaque commemorating her year as President. Dana was treated to a standing ovation. See photo above.
Cindy Carlson spoke about the Lakeville Rotary Club's ambitious $200,000 Global Grant Proposal to provide "microcredit" to farmers in Tanzania. The Board acted to support this proposal with a $500 contribution. Tom Hendrickson will be speaking to our club about the proposal.
MaryAnn Bawden donated a flag and John Risdall donated a Lindberg styled radio for auction at the meeting, together raising over a hundred dollars for the Rotary coffers.  Thanks John and MaryAnn!
John Risdall also provided a rolling cabinet to house all our Rotary stuff at our new meeting place. Thanks John, you're the best.
Meeting Recap - June 28, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-06-28 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 21, 2016
John Marg-Patton led us in the Pledge and gave the invocation.
Our guests today were: New Brighton Public Safety Director Bob Jacobson Marika (Smiley) Rebelein and Marika's friend, Michael Baker.
Dana was back at the helm today after recent back surgery. Welcome back, Dana!
Outgoing, incoming and continuing Board members are strongly encouraged to attend the Board meeting next Tuesday, June 28th at 11 AM.
Next week's program will be the transition of the club presidency from Dana Rebelein to Co-Presidents Paul Fournier and John Risdall. The transition will be followed by a club assembly dedicated to discussion of issues and plans for the coming Rotary year. Dana, John, Paul and the Board welcome your ideas for discussion at the club assembly. Please forward your ideas to Dana.
Mark your calendars right now for an extremely important club visioning event from 4:45-9:00PM on Tuesday, September 13th. The meeting will be in lieu of our Tuesday noon meeting. For the visioning to be effective, the entire membership should be present; so please put it on your calendars now to reserve the time.
If you haven't signed up yet, we are having a gourmet appetizer party at John and Marla Ordway's home on White Bear Lake on Friday July 8th. We're raising funds for a Matching Grant to provide education for Syrian refugee children, in conjunction with Kids Alive International. Chef George, of Table Top Catering has agreed to donate top-shelf appetizers so the proceeds can all go toward the grant.  Contact Linda LaFond (763-571-6937) to reserve your spot.
Gerry Tietz announced that the US Bank stadium tour is back on. It has been rescheduled for August 30th and will serve as our regular club meeting. We'll meet our bus at Beisswenger's Hardware parking lot around 11:15AM and the bus will leave for the stadium at 11:30AM. Box lunches from Green Mill will be served on the bus. The cost is $30 per person. Sign up on our website (click the stadium tour link in the Upcoming Events section on the home page) or call Gerry at 651-324-6761 or email him at
Gerry also announced that Paul now has a total of 10 cardiac stents! His new heart valve should be placed in about 6 weeks.
Jeff Benson had the pleasure of inducting Michelle Caron as the newest member of our Rotary club. Michelle is an independent insurance broker with Anchor Insurance Agency in Plymouth. Michelle will be a great addition to the club. Please take a moment to welcome her. Jeff and Michelle are shown below.
Dana read thank you cards from children who received tree saplings in our 4th Grade Foresters tree give-away for Arbor Day.
Geoff Hollimon read a thank you from ECHO for the farm equipment we provided via a Matching Grant.  Geoff also mentioned that he has 500 "pollinator" seed packets to distribute.
Some Rotarians have been unable or, perhaps, unwilling to attend Rotary during their birthday week. As a result, we had to play catch-up today with three Rotarians fighting for the honor of wearing our two birthday hats. The photo below shows Feng-Ling and Cindy sharing a hat while Mark has one all to himself!
Cindy Carlson announced that our Grant request to provide education for Syrian refugee children has been approved by the Matching Grants Committee. Let's all participate in the appetizer party at Ordway's the help raise the money for our club's contribution to the grant.
Murmurs of conspiracy were heard as Smiley Rebelein's raffle ticket was drawn by her friend, Michael Baker. A special investigator is being appointed as I write this.
Bob Jacobson announced that he is retiring as Public Safety Director, effective July 13th, after 32 years with the Department. The city has benefitted tremendously from Bob's leadership and we will miss him. We hope that the culture that Bob and his officers have created will be preserved by whomever is selected to replace him. The city has some big shoes to fill.
Today's program was Jason Slama, presenting his new member classification talk.  Jason's heritage is split between German, Bohemian, English, Irish and Native American ancestors. He grew up in Pine County with a sister who was 6 years older and a brother who was 12 years older. He got his first job cleaning barns and mowing lawns at age 10. By age 12 he was working 35-45 hours a week at a tree farm, riding his bike 5 miles to work and 5 miles home each day. His father introduced him to the idea of community service at the age of ten by engaging him in sportsman's club service projects and taking him along to several benefit events he organized for his neighbors who needed help. After high school he joined the Army reserves for 4 years and, after leaving the Reserves, he had a variety of jobs including welder, mechanic, motor rebuilder and semi-trailer repair. During this time he was pursuing his undergraduate degree and, finally, his graduate degree in Health Fitness Management from Globe College. He started out as a trainer at Lifetime Fitness and, after earning his certification in Muscle Activation Technique, set up an independent business with a home base at Minnesota Muscle just Northwest of Long Lake Rd. on County Highway 10. Jason describes Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) as a systematic approach to assessing, identifying and correcting muscle imbalances. He said that pain is a symptom of dysfunction, not unlike the check engine light in your car. Jason made it clear that he doesn't treat the pain, but rather the muscle imbalances that create the pain. The hands-on technique focuses on improving the contractile ability and range of motion of the involved muscles. Jason sees clients at Minnesota Muscle as well as in their homes. Jason and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - June 21, 2106 Jeff Benson 2016-06-21 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 14, 2016
John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. Sue Ager offered the invocation.
Today's guests were:  Scott Tilton, owner of The Exchange restaurant; prospective member Michelle (Fettig) Caron; Harvey Smith, a Duluth Rotarian and brother of today's speaker and Roseville Rotarian John (whose last name I failed to catch). John was here to promote Roseville Rotary's "Taste of Rosefest" on June 24th from 5-8PM.
John Risdall reported that Paul had two more cardiac stents (for a total of six) and a pacemaker placed last Tuesday and is feeling the beneficial effects of the surgery. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Paul and Chrissy.
John also reported that Dana will be having back surgery this Thursday. Best wishes to you, Dana, for relief of your back pain.
D.D.'s restaurant will be closing June 30th and we are grateful for the wonderful catering service they have provided over the past several years. We are working out a new luncheon arrangement with The Exchange restaurant (across the street from C.U. Companies).
Next week's program will be new member Jason Slama, presenting his Classification Talk.
Mark Beisswenger is looking for volunteers to staff the NBMV Rotary Bingo Tent at Stockyard Days. Look for a sign-up sheet at future club meetings.
Don't forget to sign up for the party at Ordway's on Friday, July 8th, to raise funds for our Rotary Matching Grant to benefit Syrian refugees.  Chef George has agreed to donate gourmet appetizers and the Ordway's have graciously opened up their home to host the party.  Contact Linda LaFond (763-571-6937) to reserve your spot.
The quarterly meeting of the New Brighton Business Council is this Thursday, June 16, 7:30-9:00AM. The topic is an overview of Stockyard Days 2016 and the featured speaker will be Mayor Val Johnson. The meeting is free and will be held at Risdall Marketing Group, 550 Main Street, Suite 100, New Brighton.
John Marg-Patton has returned from his trip to Alaska and he has some fish stories to tell!
Seventy year-old Dave Hoel somehow managed to survive 150 miles over two grueling days on a bike, to benefit Multiple Sclerosis research, by riding in the MS 150. Seems to me that the Porsche would be the preferred vehicle, but that's just me.
Sue Ager reported that it has been nearly a year since her husband, Duane, was stricken with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The disease had almost completely paralyzed him from the neck down but he is now walking at the parallel bars and will be going home soon.
John Marg-Patton introduced our speaker, Lynette Reini-Grandell. Lynette is a creative writer, radio host and English professor at Normandale College, but it's clear that her passion is writing poetry. Her passion has resulted in numerous awards, but she attributes her growth as a poet to hard work and learning everything she could from those whose work she admires. One way that she learns is by performing and observing at spoken word venues. Another is co-hosting KFAI's "Write on Radio" show, interviewing local and national writers about their work. She read some selections from her book, "Approaching the Gate: Poems", including "As We Drove", "Radio Girls" and "The Naturalist." Lynette admitted that it's hard to make a living writing poetry, but Minnesota is easier than most, especially since the Legacy Amendment provides grants for creative writing study opportunities. You can read more about Lynette on her website.  Lynette is shown below, flanked by her brother Harvey Smith, John Marg-Patton and John Risdall.
Meeting Recap - June 14, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-06-14 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 07, 2016
President-Elect John Risdall (subbing for President Dana) opened the meeting with the Pledge. Sue Ager offered the invocation.
Prospective members Gina Jacques and Michelle Fettig visited the club for the second time.
Val Johnson introduced her guest, Profulla Pradhan, a Rotarian visiting us from Katmandu, Nepal. Profulla was in the Twin Cities to visit his nephew and found us via our website. He and Val are both members of WASRAG, a Rotary Action Group focused on water and sanitation issues.
Gerry Tietz made several announcements:
  • Paul Fournier had 4 cardiac stents and a pacemaker placed yesterday and, despite coding and being revived during the night, is doing reasonably well. Paul still needs to have an aortic valve replacement to get his heart in the best possible condition. Please hold Paul and Chrissy in your prayers.
  • The Samuelson's say "Hi" to all their friends in NBMV Rotary.
  • Jason Slama made Gerry aware of an opportunity to tour the new U.S Bank Stadium. The August program committee will make arrangements for an off-site Rotary meeting on a Tuesday in August. Groups of up to 20 can take the tour, so we may need to arrange two or more groups.  The cost would be $14/person. Stay tuned for more details.
Next week's program will be poet and teacher Lynette Reini-Grandell.
John Risdall provided a Cuisinart Griddler for auction at the meeting. Thanks for your generosity, John!
NOTE: C.U. Companies is expanding into the area currently occupied by D.D.'s, and D.D.'s will be closing its doors at the end of June.  We have decided to relocate our Tuesday meetings to the Exchange, just across the street. Our first meeting in the new location will be July 5th.  If you have an opportunity to thank the folks at D.D.'s for their catering services over the past several years, I'm sure they would appreciate it.
Mike Neeley introduced our speaker, Fridley/Columbia Heights Rotarian Roy Goslin.  Roy is no stranger to most NBMV Rotarians...he's spoken to the club in the past and has been a very generous contributor of several wine tasting parties to help raise funds for our club projects.  Roy began his presentation with some background on South African wine production. As a South African Native, Roy is understandably partial to South African wines, but Roy makes a strong argument for the quality and value of wines from his native land.  South Africa has the strictest wine production laws in the world, and these laws are supported by vintners intent on being the best wine region in the world. These laws severely limit the use of chemicals and require labeling on every bottle that traces the contents back to the vineyard.  Roy and his wife Diane travel to South Africa for two months each year, tasting 650-800 wines to identify the wines that represent the best value, concentrating on the "sweet spot" from $8-20. A favorable exchange rate of 1.5 to 1 makes it easy to provide stellar quality wines in this economical price range.  Roy's company, Z wines, has the largest selection of South African wines in the U.S and you can find them at quality liquor stores all around the Twin Cities and Minnesota.
Roy and Diane's trips to South Africa have made them critically aware of the privileges that we enjoy in this country and this awareness leads them to offer their resources to benefit those who are less privileged.  One disparity that they see is the lack of government support for preschool education in South Africa.  Well to do families can afford preschool, but children from poorer families are educationally well behind their more fortunate peers as they enter elementary school.  Roy and Diane would like to help by seeking a Rotary Matching Grant to help build preschool classrooms from used shipping containers.  The grant has been approved, in principle, by the grants committee and the Fridley/Columbia Heights Rotary Club has agreed to raise $5,000 of the $7,500 needed to provide the classrooms. Roy is looking for support from our club, and others, to raise the remaining $2,500.  After District and International matches and the local club's participation, the total project cost would be $34,000 to provide preschool education for 600 students over the next 10 years.  Roy hopes to have the project completed prior to the start of the school year in January, 2017. Roy is pictured below.
At the conclusion of the meeting, our guest from Nepal, Profulla Pradhan, presented us with a banner from his club (see photo below).
Meeting Recap - June 7, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-06-07 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 31, 2016

John Risdall led the Pledge and Bev Aplikowski offered the invocation.


President Dana was able to make it today and she reported that she will be seeing a spine specialist soon to determine what can be done for her ruptured disk.


Dana asked that everyone pay their dues ASAP to help with year-end bookkeeping.  Cindy Carlson asked us all to consider a little extra donation to the Rotary Foundation because recent market fluctuations have decreased the funds available for Foundation programs.


Dana thanked the May Program Team (Mary Stewart, Bev Aplikowski and Jim Kadechka) for their hard work and welcomed the June program team (Sue Ager, Mike Neeley and John Marg-Patton).


Next week's program will be Roy Goslin from Z Wines.


The final board meeting of the 2015-2016 Rotary year will be a joint meeting of this year's and next year's boards. The meeting will be at 11AM on June 24th.


Linda LaFond reminded us that our Appetizer Party fundraiser for Kids Alive International will be held at John and Marla Ordway's home on July 8th, starting in the late afternoon. Gourmet appetizers will be prepared by Chef George. Proceeds will help to fund our portion of a District Matching Grant to help educate Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Watch your email for an invitation and please RSVP (yes or no) as soon as possible so we can decide whether to extend the opportunity to non-Rotarians. attendance is limited to 50.


Over  the holiday weekend you may have missed the E-vite to John Risdall's 71st Birthday Celebration to be held this Saturday evening, June 4th, at North Oaks Golf Club. The RSVP deadline was shown as May 31st, but because of the short notice, they are trying to extend the deadline, so RSVP quickly if you would like to attend.


Amy Wakem presented $1500 scholarships to two Irondale students this past week and will present another $1,500 scholarship to a St. Anthony Area H.S. student this week.


Paul Fournier will receive two cardiac stents now and 2 more soon, followed by a new heart valve. Or thoughts and prayers are with Paul and Chrissy for successful surgeries and speedy recovery.


John Risdall celebrated his birthday by bringing us some delicious treats and modeling his new hat (see photo above).


Today's program was a club assembly. President Dana asked us to consider a couple of questions in our table groups:

1.       How do we engage current and potential members through Social Media?

a.       How do we motivate ourselves to participate in social media?

b.      What forms of social media should we use?

2.       How do we assure continuity of leadership?

a.       Rely on septuagenarians until we are no more?

b.      Refine responsibilities to make them manageable for younger members?

It was hard to answer these questions in the brief time available, but the board acted earlier today to have a club visioning event (in lieu of our regular meeting) on a Tuesday evening in September. These visioning events have been helpful in the past to clarify our goals and find a path to reach them.
Meeting Recap - May 31, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-05-31 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 24, 2016

Jim Kadechka opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.


President -Elect John Risdall reminded us of the Board Meeting at 11AM, Tuesday the 31st.


Our visitors today were Gary Gilson and Zgia Hoffpauir


Cindy Carlson reported that the District Grants Committee has received grant requests totalling $103,000 but has only $67,000 in available funds. Grant writers will be asked to look for additional funding  sources.


Gerry Tietz reported on this morning's Communications committee meeting. Gerry has posted the first six of twenty "Reasons to Join Rotary on our Facebook page and these six posts have been "boosted" to increase their impact with local Facebook users. The committee will try to evaluate the impact of these boosted posts on membership interest.


Mark Beisswenger has agreed to help organize NBMV Rotary's Bingo fundraiser at Stockyard Days this year.  Mark would like some help in this effort, so please call him if you can help.


Cindy Carlson has returned from her European vacation and she reported that she and Kevin had a wonderful time.


Cor Wilson revealed that CTV North Suburbs received the Telly Award for its Behind the Badge program.


Lack of time forced us to delay John Risdall's birthday celebration, but we'll get it gone next week.


Bev Aplikowski introduced her long-time friend, and today's speaker, Dorothy Fleming. Dorothy was joined by her husband Mike.  Many of you will remember that Dorothy has presented to the club in the past and that her presentations center around her love for movies.  Her topic for today was Heroes and Heroines: The Movies That Tell Their Stories.


Hollywood loves a great story and nothing is better than true stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things for others without seeking reward or recognition. These selfless heroes and heroines have been the subject of many movies. Today, Dorothy guided us through her favorite movies about heroism.  Here's her list (synopses are from


Seabiscuit - 2003 - Undersized depression era racehorse lifted the nation's spirits

Cinderalla Man -2005 - James Braddock, washed-up boxer, comes back to become a champion.

Grapes of Wrath - 1940 - Depression era family moves to California to start over.

High Noon - 1952 - Town Marshall's town refuses to help him face a deadly enemy.

Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - 1939 - Naive man, appointed to Senate, stands up to corruption.

It's a Wonderful Life - 1940 - An angel shows a suicidal man what life would be like without him.

Gran Torino - 2008 - Korean war vet reforms a Hmong teen who tried to steal his prized Gran Torino.

Life Is Beautiful - 1997 - Jewish father shields his son from the reality of their Nazi concentration camp.

The Great Debaters - 2007 - All black debate team challenges Harvard team for national championship.

Braveheart - 1995 - Scottish rebel William Wallace's revolt against King Edward I of England.

Sister Kenny - 1946 - Sister Elizabeth Kenny struggles for recognition of her polio treatment discovery.

The Miracle Worker - 1962 - Anne Sullivan's struggle to teach Helen Keller to communicate.

Entertaining Angels - 1996 - The story of social activist Dorothy Day in the 20's and 30's.

Boy's Town - 1938 - Against all odds, Father Flanagan starts Boy's Town.

The Blind Side - 2009 - Homeless boy becomes NFL 1st round pick with help of a caring family.

Stand and Deliver - 1988 - Jaime Escalante gets high school dropouts to excel at calculus.

Amazing Grace - 2006 - William Wilberforce fights against Parliament to end slave trade.

The Hiding Place - 1975 - Corrie and Betsie ten Boom are sent to concentration camp for hiding Jews.

To Kill a Mockingbird - 1962 - Atticus Finch defends a black man wrongly accused of rape.

Louis Pasteur - 1936 - Paul Muni, as Dr. Pasteur, revolutionizes agriculture and medicine.

Emile Zola - 1937 - French writer Zola fights false conviction in Dreyfus' espionage case.

On The Waterfront - 1954 - Ex-prize fighter (Marlon Brando) stands up to corrupt union bosses.

Bridge of Spies - 2015 - Lawyer defends soviet spy and negotiates release of Francis Gary Powers.

Serpico - 1973 - New York cop blows the whistle on corruption and fellow cops turn against him.

Sergeant York - 1941 - Hillbilly sharpshooter (Gary Cooper) becomes WWI war hero.

Lincoln - 2012 -  Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln.

Schindler's List - 1993 - Oscar Schindler turns his factory into a refuge for Jews in WWII Poland.

Lawrence of Arabia - 1962 - T.E. Lawrence unites the warring Arab tribes to fight the Turks in WWI.

Spartacus - 1960 - The slave Spartacus leads a violent revolt against the decadent Roman Republic.

Ben-Hur - 1959 - A Jewish prince enslaved by the Romans, gains his freedom and seeks revenge.

Hotel Rwanda - 2004 - A hotel manager saves the lives of over 1000 helpless Rwandan refugees.

Left To Tell - Immaculee hides from Rwandan troops in a 4X3 foot room with seven women for 3 months.

Scarlet and the Black - 1983 - The Vatican's effort  to save Allied airmen and POW's from the Nazis.

Joan of Arc - 1948 - A 14 year old French farm girl leads an army against the English occupation.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness - 1958 -  Englishwoman in China saves 100 children in war with Japan.

Yankee Doodle Dandy - 1942 - The life of renowned composer, playwright and dancer George M. Cohan.


Mike, Dorothy and Bev are pictured below.

Meeting Recap - May 24, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-05-24 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 17, 2016
Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
John Risdall, subbing for President Dana, noted that Paul Fournier's heart surgery has been rescheduled for next Thursday.  Mike mentioned that his hip replacement is scheduled for this Monday and Cor just returned from her hip replacement, which went very well. Perhaps we should see if we can get a volume surgery discount.
Next week's program will be Dorothy Fleming. Her topic will be " Heroes and Heroines - The Movies That Tell Their Stories"
Don't forget the Board meeting next Tuesday, May 24th at 11:00AM.
John Risdall reported that over 700 Rotarians and 70 Youth Exchange students participated in the Joint District 5950/5960 Conference this past weekend at Mystic Lake Conference Center. He noted that the Conference voted to change the By-Laws to make it easier for clubs to attract new members. Gerry Tietz sent me the photo below.
Jeff Benson thanked Dave Hoel, Dana Rebelein, Jason Slama and Nils Friberg for their help with the joint 2nd Harvest Heartland/U.S. Postal Service food drive. Together we were able to almost fill a semi- trailer with donated food for area food shelves.
Sue Ager reported that her youngest son was married recently.
John Risdall announced that his daughter Lily graduated from the UofM this spring and that his wife Tina is continuing her post graduate studies.
Bev Aplikowski introduced our speaker, Jo Tolck, Executive Director of Human Life Alliance. Human Life Alliance is a pro-life organization with the following mission (from their website):
"Human Life Alliance promotes awareness of the inherent dignity and personhood of human life, born and preborn, without exception or compromise. Human Life Alliance proclaims and defends a culture of life and chastity through education, social and political awareness and life-affirming alternatives to abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia. Human Life Alliance accomplishes its mission in a spirit of prayer and non-violence."
Jo was here today to speak in opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide Legalization. Human Life Alliance's understanding of proposed Physician Assisted Suicide legislation prompts the following concerns:
  • The definition of terminal illness is too broad, and could be construed to include those who require medication to live (i.e. diabetics).
  • Doctors are not infallible. Incorrect diagnosis of terminal illness, though not common, does occur.
  • The definition of "intractable suffering" is to imprecise.
  • Psychological evaluation is not required.
  • The proposed 15 day waiting period is too short to allow for solid decision making about complicated medical issues.
  • There is no required follow-up after dispensing the deadly drugs for assisted suicide.
  • Post-suicide reporting by the physician is not required.
  • The Death Certificate doesn't list suicide as the cause of death.
  • The legislation doesn't take into account the untoward effects of Physician Assisted Suicide on the patient's loved ones and the treating physician.
Bev Aplikowski took the podium to explain how her unlikely survival after premature birth at 2 1/2 pounds and the circumstances surrounding the death of her husband and mother, have resulted in her strong opposition to physician assisted suicide. Bev's support of human Life Alliance is more than verbal; she's listed as President on the Human Life Alliance website. You can check out their website by clicking here.  Jo, Bev and John Risdall are shown below.
Meeting Recap - May 17, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-05-17 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 10, 2016
Mary Stewart opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
Visitors today were Bob Jacobson, Marv Sorvala and Gordon Backlund. Gordon was here seeking donations to complete the funding for a major update of the Springbrook Nature Center. Renovation of the several areas of the park and a near doubling of the size of the interpretive center will make Springbrook a jewel among our region's parks. Options are available to donate Trees, Benchs,
Recognition Pavers and, of course, cash donations are always welcome. Visit the Springbrook Nature Center Foundation website to donate or get more information.
Jeff Benson welcomed his guest, Rich Kusich, President of MN Residential Mortgage. Rich is considering club membership.
Next week's program will be the Human Life Alliance of Minnesota, speaking about "The Truth of Compassionate Choices"
President Dana reported that her table location at the New Brighton Community Open House last Friday was right in the incoming traffic pattern which helped draw attention to all the great things Rotary is doing in this community. Thanks for being there, Dana!
George and Mark L. filled in for absent Fine-Master Jim K. with a nostalgic 50's era gas station trivia game. Unfortunately, almost everyone one of us was old enough to remember those days well, so the trivia challenges weren't too successful at bringing in much cash. Fortunately, there were plenty of happy fines to fill the jar.
Garry Johnson proudly announced that he's expecting two grandkids (different parents) in the next few weeks. He was positively beaming with anticipation.
Todd Kruse was back to the club today after two months of teaching a class for MNSCU at noon on Tuesday. Welcome back, Todd!
Bob Barmore celebrated his birthday with us today, looking as stylish as ever in his birthday hat (above).
Mary Stewart introduced our speaker, Melanie McMahon, Community Services Attorney with the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.  Melanie's topic was Motor Vehicle Theft.  Melanie began by reviewing national auto theft statistics. She noted that auto theft results in 4.3 billion dollars in losses in the U.S. each year. This is despite the fact that the number of auto thefts nationally is down 50% since 1995. Better anti theft capabilities built in to recent models is likely responsible for the reduction in thefts, and it would be tempting to think that it would be all but impossible to steal a newer car, but 70% of autos stolen were left unlocked and 25% had the keys left inside the auto. Melanie went on to say most cars are stolen at night from the street or surface parking lots, and both she and Public Safety Director Bob Jacobson stressed that the vast majority of auto thefts are crimes of opportunity and many or even most of these are directly or indirectly drug related. A common scenario would be a drug user seeing valuables visible in a car, trying the doors, finding them open and, perhaps, finding the keys in the car, making for an easy exit from the scene of the crime.  Melanie and Bob agreed that not many cars are stolen for parts or resale, but rather as a result of a spontaneous theft of belongings left in the car.
Melanie's job at Ramsey County is to gather, analyze and  disseminate car theft data to the county and other agencies to prevent auto theft. One of Melanie's especially useful tools is a map of auto theft hotspots to help the police in adjusting patrol frequencies and locations of special "bait" cars. Melanie's data also helps the Ramsey County Attorney's Auto Theft Unit to train law enforcement personnel about common methods used by car thieves and the best practices for auto theft investigations. You can get more information about the Ramsey County Attorney's Auto Theft Unit, click here. Bob, Dana and Melanie are shown below.
Meeting Recap - May 10, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-05-10 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 03, 2016
Jim Kadechka led us in the Pledge and gave the Invocation.
President Dana welcomed our lone visitor, New Brighton City Manager Dean Lotter.
Next week's program will be Melanie McMahon.
Margaret was unfortunately absent again today and thus unable to celebrate her birthday with us. Don't worry Margaret, we won't forget to celebrate on your return!
New Brighton's annual Community Open House will be May 7th, 8-Noon, at the New Brighton Community Center. Dana will be staffing the table and would appreciate company, if you are available.
Several members helped with the Fourth Grade Foresters tree give-away last Friday at Bel Air and Pinewood Elementary Schools. It was fun to see how much the kids knew about trees and the environment and to experience their enthusiasm about receiving their spruce saplings and sunflower seeds.
Linda LaFond announced a golf tournament to benefit the Disabled American Veterans organization. It will be held at the Refuge Golf Club in Oak Grove, MN on July 14th. For more information, contact:
Dana read two thank you cards from this year's Camp RYLA scholarship recipients.
Dana presented Jeff Benson with his bronze level new member sponsorship pin. (photo above)
Finemaster Jim Kadechka confounded us with U.S. Presidential Quote trivia. You can never tell what a president, or future president, might say.
Dean Lotter announced that the Minnesota Police Chiefs Association and the Upper Midwest Community Policing Institute will soon be leasing space in the lower level of City Hall. The agreement will offset the cost of much needed improvements to the space and provide income to keep your property taxes as low as possible.   Dean reminded us that the Recycle/Clean-up Day is Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM.
Our speaker today was Jill Brown, Executive Director of the North Metro Mayors Association. The North Metro Mayors Association (NMMA), established in 1987, is composed of Mayors, City Administrators and Council Members from 16 cities representing nearly a half million people. Working closely with private and non-profit community partners, the NMMA works to make the North Metro the best place to live, work, be educated and raise a family. The NMMA works in a non-partisan way to provide leadership and ensure the equitable distribution of:
  • quality development and redevelopment,
  • shared tax resources and
  • investment in private and public facilities.
A very important part of their mission is to advocate with state and federal officials for economic development funding. They also analyze economic data and share it with legislators to make them aware of impacts on the North Metro.
Both Dean Lotter and Val Johnson provided glowing testimonials and specific examples of the value of the NMMA to the North Metro.
For more information, go to North Metro or contact Jill Brown 612-889-2611 or Mandy Meisner  763-226-1809. Dana and Jill are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - May 3, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-05-03 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 26, 2016
Jeff Benson got the meeting started with the Pledge and Invocation.
Next week's program will be Jill Brown, Executive Director of the North Metro Mayors Association.
Our lone visitor today was Marv Sorvala, from the Roseville club.
Margaret Johnson celebrated another birthday yesterday, but was inexplicably absent today, preventing us from sharing birthday wishes and missing the opportunity to wear the Birthday Hat. The hat will be ready for you next week, Margaret!
Cor's hip surgery went well and she should be back with us soon.
Mark your calendars now for our Summer Social Fundraiser to benefit Kids Alive International. Chef George has graciously volunteered to donate high end appetizers and desserts for this effort. The event will be held at the home of John and Marla Ordway on White Bear Lake, Friday July 8th from late afternoon until early evening.
Char and Gerry Samuelson have sold their home and Char will be relocating to a nursing home soon.
Amy Wakem reported that we will be handing out tree saplings at two local elementary schools for our Fourth Grade Foresters program this Friday, April 29th. Volunteers are still needed for both locations and, if you haven't participated before, it's easy and fun. If you can help, please contact Amy at 651-636-8337 W or 651-470-7278 H.
Amy Wakem will also be representing the club at the Scholarship Awards Programs for St. Anthony Village H.S. on Friday, June 3rd and the Irondale H.S. on May 18th. She would love to have company at these award programs.
Jim O'Brien, Dave Hoel, Garry Johnson, Jason Slama, Nils Friberg, Dana Rebelein and Gerry Tietz have volunteered to help site leader Jeff Benson with the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive to help resupply the 2nd Harvest Heartland food shelf. We'll be helping to transfer donated food from postal vehicles to semi-trailers. We'll gather at Cub Foods (100 West County Road B, Maplewood, MN 55117) at 2:15 on Saturday May 14th and we should be done by 4:00. If you would like to join the group, call Jeff at 763-780-2584.
John Risdall reported the he and Jeff Benson represented NBMV Rotary at New Brighton's Volunteer Appreciation Dinner last Sunday. It was a great celebration of the spirit of volunteerism in our community.
John Noltner, our scheduled speaker for today, had to cancel because his high school aged daughter's close friend took her own life this week. He has cancelled all appearances this week to support his daughter and her friends. He will reschedule at a later date.
Meeting Recap - April 26, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-04-26 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 12, 2016
Gerry Tietz read the following poem at the start of the meeting.
When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator,
and I immediately wanted to paint another one.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you feed a stray cat,
and I learned that it was good to be kind to animals.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you make my favorite cake for me,
and I learned that the little things can be very special in life.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you make a meal and take it to a friend who was sick,
and I learned that we all need to help take care of each other.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you give your time and money to help people who had nothing,
and I learned that everyone can make a difference.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw you take care of our house and everyone in it,
and I learned the importance of FAMILY.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw how you handled your responsibilities, even when you didn’t feel good,
and I learned that I would need to be responsible when I grew up.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I sometimes saw tears come from your eyes,
and I learned there are things that can hurt, yet it’s O.K. to cry.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I saw that you truly cared about people,
and I wanted to be everything that I could possibly be
to follow in your footsteps.
When you thought I wasn’t looking…
I looked at you and wanted to say,
“Thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn’t looking.”
–original poem by Mary Rita Schilke Korzan
Gerry followed the poem with the Pledge and the Invocation.
President Dana introduced her guest and sister-in-law, Janet Ampe.  Janet is president of the Rogers Rotary Club. Janet was here to promote the Rogers Rotary Golf Tournament at Fox Hollow on Tuesday June 14th. Click here for details on registering or sponsoring.
Dana also noted that "Moving Day Twin Cities", a walk to support the Parkinson's Foundation will be held on Saturday May 7th in Plymouth. Details are available by clicking here.
There's still time to register for the District Conference at Mystic Lake Conference Center on May 12-13, but hotel reservations need to be made very soon. Get the details here.
Next week's program will be Patrick Donohue speaking on access to capital for small businesses.
The Board will meet at 11:00AM on April 26th.
Gerry Tietz announced that the Easter Egg Hunt Video he posted on FaceBook has had 5,000 hits and over 2,500 views. Nice work Gerry!
MaryAnn Bawden is subbing for Cindy Carlson as a table captain for the Northeast Youth and Family Services Leadership Luncheon on May 4th from 11:30 - 1:00 at Midland Hills Country Club. Click here for details.  Contact MaryAnn if you'd like to sit at her table.
Amy Wakem reported that we have 2 students signed up for Camp RYLA.
Amy  also noted that the 4th Grade Foresters tree give-away will be on Friday April 29th.  Stay tuned for details on how you can help with this great program. 
Amy has just returned from a family trip to South Africa. She may be willing to provide a Rotary Program about her trip.
Margaret Johnson introduced our speakers from Northwestern University, Matt Hyre, Ph.D. Department Chair of Mathematics and Engineering, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Dan Crane, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Behavioral & Natural Sciences, Professor of Chemistry. They were here to speak to us about the Northwestern's Math and Engineering Department.
Dan spoke first in general terms about the Engineering Program. He told us that engineering, at its core, is really just problem solving. But he stressed that ethics is becoming an increasingly important component in engineering, especially in biomedical engineering. He said that Northwestern's engineering program emphasizes ethics as an integral part of their program.  The engineering program was, for many years, part of a dual degree program with the University of Minnesota. In 2008, the UofM discontinued the dual degree program and Northwestern developed its own Bachelor's degree program with many advantages over larger university programs. Northwestern offers smaller class sizes, earlier exposure to core math and physics classes and earlier opportunities for research and publishing.  This year's class is the first to graduate from the new degree program. Northwestern will soon be offering an Early College program which will allow qualified high school students to complete the first year of the college program while still in high school.
Matt Hyre, Department Chair of the Math and Engineering Department, echoed his colleague's thoughts about the advantages of Northwestern's engineering program. He said that 15-20% of undergrads are involved in research and many undergrads have extensive publishing experience. He also emphasized the focus on experiential learning and described Northwestern as a model Christian community. He offered some specific examples of the research being done by his engineering students. He spoke about student research on coronary artery stents, concussions, athletic mouth-guards, submarine missile launches and ventilation systems for a Navy Seal team situation practice facility.  Dan, Matt, Margaret and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - April 12, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-04-12 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 05, 2016
Glenna opened the meeting with the Pledge and the Invocation.
Our Guests today were Mary Jo McGuire and District Governor Marlene Gargulak.
DG Marlene took the podium to invite us all to the upcoming District Conference, held jointly with District 5950. Marlene was looking for ideas to promote a "Bridging" theme emphasize this joint effort with our sister district. If you have any ideas that would be helpful, please contact Marlene at (715)234-8314.
Next week's program will be Dr. Matt Hyre, professor at Northwestern University, speaking to us about biomedical research.
The Board will meet at 11AM on April 26th.
The District Conference is on May 12-13 at Mystic Lake Conference Center.  For more information click here.
Bev Aplikowski's 81st birthday was celebrated with a great hat and a pretty fair rendition of the "Birthday Song".  See photo above.
NBMV Rotary has sponsored a Bingo Tent at Stockyard Days for the past couple of years. The members present agreed that we should continue to sponsor and all members are encouraged to serve as callers or money takers this year.
A motion from the floor nominated Gerry Tietz and Beverly Aplikowski as Co-Presidents elect for 2017-18. The motion passed. Thank you Gerry and Beverly!
Happy fines were numerous today.  Here are the highlights:
  • Paul Fournier was happy for the success of the Gold Plate Dinner.
  • Jim O'Brien had a wonderful time sailing in the BVI with family.
  • Dave Hoel had the pin removed from his broken thumb.
MaryAnn graciously provided brownies and ice cream for dessert.  Thanks, MaryAnn.
Jeff Benson was honored to induct Garry Johnson into NBMV Rotary. Stay tuned for Garry's classification talk.  See photo above.
Paul Fournier took the podium to again thank all those who helped with the Gold Plate Dinner. Preliminary figures show income of about $17,500, very close to our previous best.
Paul challenged us to think of ways to create an additional sustainable income stream to help us fund the many causes we are asked to support.
Meeting Recap - April 5, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-04-05 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 29, 2016
Bob Barmore opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Invocation.
President Dana reminded us that next week's program will be a review of our Gold Plate Dinner.
The District 5950/5960 Joint Conference is at Mystic Lake Conference Center, May 12-13.  If you haven't been to a District Conference, you really should check it out.  Click here for more information.
On April 19th, Kids Alive International is celebrating 100 years of providing loving homes and promising futures for kids all around the world. Click here for your invitation to join in the celebration.
The Ramsey County Conservation District is hosting a FREE seminar titled "Urban Pollinators" to present information on the importance of butterflies and honeybees as pollinators.  The event will be held at Ramsey County Public Works, 1425 Paul Kirkwood Drive, Arden Hills.  RSVP to: Ashley Bennett by April 14: or 651-266-7277
A motion was made by Cindy Carlson and seconded by Glenna Dibrell to elect Paul Fournier and John Risdall as NBMV Rotary Co-Presidents for the 2016-2017 Rotary year. They were elected unanimously by those present at the meeting. Congratulations and thanks to Paul and John. Members are encouraged to consider stepping up to be club president for 2017-2018.
Dave Hoel thanked those who helped with the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It's estimated that 700-750 of our friends and neighbors attended the event. Feedback on the event included the following:
  • More gift stations might reduce the long lines to pick up gifts
  • 3 new signs are needed to publicize the event
  • A central location for food shelf or cash donations would be helpful
  • A coffee vendor would be nice
  • We owe a big thank you to the city garage and public safety departments
The program today involved final planning for the Gold Plate Dinner. Everyone is working hard to ensure a fun and successful fundraiser. Please do your part by showing up right at 6:00, if possible, and being gracious hosts to all our non-Rotarian guests.
Meeting Recap - March 29, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-03-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 22, 2016
Nils Friberg opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.
Jeff Benson introduced his guests, Garry Johnson and Jill Truth, Farmers Insurance Agents in New Brighton.  Garry is interested in joining the club.  We also had a walk-in guest, Brent Mehrin, who saw our newspaper ad and decided to check us out (way to go, Communications Committee!).
PDG Gary Campbell was here to present a check for the District's matching contribution to our ECHO grant.  Gary is shown presenting the check to Nils Cindy and Geoff, below.
President Dana noted the upcoming Parkinson's Walk on May 7th. Check here for more information.
Next week's meeting will be focused on final planning for the Gold Plate Dinner.  Future programs can be found on the website at
Egg Hunt News:
  • Many thanks to all who helped stuff eggs last Sunday. We had a great turnout and were done in just over an hour. Our special thanks to Bev Aplikowski for providing space at Lakeside Homes.
  • Those who have agreed to transport the eggs and prizes from the garage under our meeting place to Driftwood Park should be at the garage at 9 AM on Saturday.  EVERYONE else should be at Driftwood Park at 10 AM. Driftwood Park is located at 2974 5th NW St (just west of Silver Lake Road on 5th).
Don't forget that the Gold Plate Dinner is April 1st, 6:00 PM.  If you haven't gotten your ticket stubs (with meal choices) to Bev yet, do it right now!
Mary Stewart brought delicious Oreo Cookie cake today to thank everyone who attended and supported the CPY Spring Luncheon.
Gerry Tietz auctioned off 4 T-Wolves tickets donated by John Risdall.  Dave Hoel and Mary Stewart each got 2 tickets.
Val announced an upcoming "Walk for Water".  Stay tuned for more details.
Cindy Carlson thanked those who have contributed toward sponsorships for two Nigerian children.  We just need a few more $30 contributions to complete the sponsorship for the 2nd child. Let Cindy know if you are willing to help sponsor.
Nils Friberg introduced our speaker, Shawn Hofer PhD, LP.  Shawn is a licensed psychologist with Arden Woods Psychological Services. Shawn's topic was "Freud Strikes Back". Shawn began by explaining that, although some of Freud's ideas have lost favor, the effectiveness of Freudian style psychoanalysis cannot be denied.  Psychologists routinely use Freud's original concept of "talk therapy" to help their patients. Research shows that the relationship between the therapist and patient, built on conversation, is the key to successful treatment.
Shawn says that the foundation of Psychotherapy is the belief that we are all crazy, it's really just a matter of what kind of crazy and how much. In fact, psychotherapists themselves need regular therapy to be at their best for their patients, Shawn reviewed the basic concepts for understanding of the human mind.
  • We all have an unconscious mental life, unaware of inner thoughts and feelings.
  • Our minds are in conflict, often harboring mutually contradictory thoughts and feelings.
  • The past is alive in the present. Throughout our lives we have internalized ways of dealing with people and situations and these coping mechanisms are hard to change.
  • Psychotherapy involves a new situation and a new relationship to which patients must apply their previously formed relationship and situation templates.
  • Defense - Patients often must face facts about themselves that they don't want to admit, resulting in defensive behavior.
  • Psychological Causation - Nothing in the mind is random. All thoughts and actions serve some psychological function.
Shawn's presentation was adapted from: That Was then, This Is Now: An Introduction to Contemporary Psycho-Dynamic Therapy by Jonathan Shedler. Shawn and Nils and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - March 22, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-03-22 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 15, 2016
President-elect Paul Fournier (subbing for Dana) opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Eric Nelson offered the invocation.
Tom Wilson from Risdall Marketing presented an opportunity to sponsor a table at the Achieve Services Gala on Friday, April 15th, at Bunker Hills Golf Club.  Tom serves on the board at Achieve Services, which provides employment opportunities for the developmentally disabled.  Table sponsorships are available starting at $800 (8 tickets). If you or your business are interested in sponsoring a table, click here and scroll down to the sponsorship information.  If you would like to purchase an individual ticket, click here.
Glenna Dibrell announced the birth of Maximillian (9 pounds 2 ounces), making her a grandma for the third time.  Everyone is doing well.  Ask Glenna to see photos.
Bev Aplikowski noted that she has 22 grandkids.
Nils Friberg is celebrating his 8th anniversary with Peg.
Eric Nelson announced that he is going to back to school in the fall to get his doctorate in education which means that he will be resigning as Principal at Irondale. You will be missed, Eric!
Geoff Hollimon thanked all those who attended and supported the CPY Spring Luncheon last Tuesday.
Gerry Tietz reported that Char Samuelson is in memory care.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and husband Gerry.
Cindy provided an update on the Gold Plate Dinner.  This year's event will not have a silent auction. It will be replaced by "Fund a Cause" and a "Split the Pot" Raffle. We will still have the Raffle/Bingo combination and live auction as before.  Hiring a comedian is also under consideration.  Everyone should get busy selling tickets to ensure a successful event.
Dave Hoel reminded us that the Easter Egg Stuffing will be on Palm Sunday, March 20th at 11AM at Lakeside Homes, 1200 Foss Rd. The Egg Hunt itself will be on March 26th and everyone should be at Driftwood Park by 10 AM.
As promised, John 1 and John 2 (a.k.a. Ordway and Marg-Patton) brought delicious cookies to help celebrate their birthdays but happy fines and Gold Plate Dinner announcements took so much time that we were unable to sing happy birthday to them today.  John Marg-Patton seemed distressed that he would be deprived of the honor of wearing the birthday hat until Paul assured him that he could wear it next week. Whew!
Eric Nelson introduced our speaker, award winning photographer and author, John Noltner.  John has  worked as a freelance photographer for over 20 years, shooting for national magazines and Fortune 500 companies. Like most freelance photographers, he felt the impact of the economic recession in 2007 and, as he describes it, "the economy handed me some free time".  This free time was an opportunity to consider new ways to use his photography and storytelling skills. In his home they have the saying, "Some jobs feed the belly...and some jobs feed the soul", so John imagined a way to feed his soul by traveling over 40,000 miles around the U.S. asking people, "What does peace mean to you?". The result is a multimedia exhibit of portraits and stories of ordinary people from all walks of life, all races and religions, which reveal ideas about how we might work together toward the common good and even, perhaps, toward peace. This exhibit spawned the idea of a book version of the exhibit but, as is so common today, publishers were hesitant to publish anything unconventional. So the exhibit self-published the book titled "A Peace of My Mind" using a Kickstarter campaign. The book features interviews of 52 diverse Minnesotans and along with 2 traveling exhibits, speaking engagements and workshops, it provides a framework for dialogue about conflict resolution, civic responsibility and peace. John shared some lessons learned during his time on this project:
  • Mel Duncan, of Nonviolent Peaceforce left John with the thought that "We struggle with a shrunken notion of our own ability".
  • Jennifer McNally taught him that, "Even when life is bad, it's still really, really good".
  • Eric Gibson, a Buddhist teacher shared that, "If you think about the happiness of others, then there is always interesting work to do".
The success of this project has led to a second book, American Stories, and it will be the topic when John returns to deliver part two of his story on April 26th.  John and Paul are shown below.
Meeting Recap - March 15, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-03-15 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 08, 2016
Today's meeting was off-site at the CPY Spring Luncheon.  Most NBMV Rotarians are very familiar with CPY but, for those who are not, their website offers the following description:
In 1997, community leaders and parents established Community Partners with Youth (CPY) with the goal of reducing juvenile crime by increasing adult supervision during “out of school” hours – those hours after school, during student holidays and over the summer months.  Over time, our goals grew until we laid out our current mission:
To provide a safe, nurturing environment where youth can strengthen their personalities and develop educational and social skills.
Today, we have become one of the state’s most respected providers to offer supervision during out of school hours to elementary and middle school youth.  Each year we care for more than 500 children, offering thousands of hours of programming for youth and their families. CPY is committed to creating an environment that fosters each child’s development.  Parents can have peace of mind, too, knowing our talented and committed staff are ensuring each child has access to programs designed to meet their needs.  All children attending our programs are nurtured and challenged, with an emphasis on leadership, excellence, honesty, respect, service & kindness; all are encouraged and practiced each day.
Rotarian and CPY board member Geoff Hollimon said that more than 150 had registered for the Luncheon and I was proud to see how many NBMV Rotarians were present (see below) to support the great work that CPY does in our community. 
Rotarian and CPY Executive Director Mary Stewart quizzed us on CPY statistics and some highlights were:
CPY serves over 500 K-8 graders, at 3 locations.
Over 85% of CPY's students are on the free or reduced lunch program at school.
Over 24,000 meals and snacks are served to students each year.
90% of CPY students receive scholarships to attend programs.
CPY manages all this with just 2 full-time and 10-18 part-time staff.
Click here for more information about CPY.
The keynote speaker was John Turnipseed (above), a former gang leader and drug dealer who overcame the effects of an absent alcoholic father, unloving mother, and multiple prison stays to become the leader of the Center for Fathering at Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation for more than 15 years and to become Vice President of Urban Ventures in 2004. John's story is a dramatic one, his lack of love and support at home drove him into the gang life, where he felt loved and appreciated.  The gang lifestyle led to jail experiences at age 12 for armed robbery and age 14 for manslaughter.  The downward spiral continued until age 40, when a very persistent mentor finally got John to consider his wasted life.  John let God into his life and finally developed the conscience that had been completely lacking in his earlier life.  Since then he has been a tireless advocate for changing the "urban cycles of recidivism, poverty and patterns of choice by modeling how to rebuild relationships and create pathways to success".   Click here for more information about Urban Ventures.
Meeting Recap - March 8, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-03-08 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 29, 2016
Eric Nelson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation.
Eric introduced his guests Mara Corey and Sharria Armstrong, teachers at Irondale. John Risdall introduced his guest, Tyler Moury, account executive at Risdall Marketing.
President Dana Rebelein took the podium to remind us that next week's meeting will be offsite at CPY's 5th Annual Spring Luncheon. The keynote speaker will be John Turnipseed, a great speaker with a compelling message. The luncheon will be held at the New Brighton Community Center from 12-1 PM (Check-in begins at 11:30). Click here for details. See the left hand column for future programs.
The Egg Hunt is coming up soon, so mark your calendars now so you will be available to help. Egg stuffing will be on Palm Sunday, March 20th at 11AM at Lakeside Homes, 1200 Foss Rd. The Egg Hunt itself will be on March 26th and everyone should be at Driftwood Park by 10 AM. 
By now all of you should have received Paul Fournier's email informing the club that, for health reasons, he would be unable to serve as President 2016-17. Dana announced that John Risdall has offered to be co-president with Paul for the 2016-17 term (following the club meeting, a special Board meeting passed a resolution to present the proposed co-presidency for approval at the March 15th regular club meeting).
The Board will have its regularly scheduled meeting on March 22, 11 AM.
Don't forget that the Gold Plate dinner will be April 1st. Tickets should be available soon. Margaret Johnson passed out a Gold Plate Dinner sponsorship information sheet.  You can download it here.
Gerry Tietz presented Bev Aplikowski with a Paul Harris Fellowship +3.  Thank you Bev, for your support of the Rotary Foundation.
Cindy Carlson reported that support has been strong for sponsoring Maman, a 7 year old Nigerian student.  In fact, the $360 needed to sponsor him for a year has already been raised and she has begun collecting the additional contributions needed to sponsor a female student as well. Contact Cindy if you would like to contribute.
Dana summoned John Marg-Patton to the front so that we could properly celebrate his birthday, but John resisted the summons, drawing a surly response from the membership until he defused the situation by offering to partner with John Ordway to bring dessert in two weeks so that we could celebrate both John's birthdays at once. Finemaster Jim Kadechka was not so easily pacified, fining John a dollar for the delay tactic.
Glenna Dibrell offered a happy fine in anticipation of her 3rd grandchild, who should be born any day now.
Eric Nelson introduced Irondale teacher Mara Corey, who thanked us for our support of the Classical Actors Ensemble's upcoming performance of "Macbeth" at Irondale.  We are invited to attend the performance on Friday March 11th at 11AM.  Eric and Mara are shown below.
Eric Nelson introduced our speaker, Sharriah Armstrong.  Sharriah spoke to us about "Paideia", a learning method that she employs to increase student engagement and improve literacy skills at Irondale.  Sharriah described Paideia as a discussion method that teaches rules for civil discourse and thought exploration in a professional setting.  It teaches students how to think critically, not what to think.  To ensure civil discussion and inclusion of all viewpoints, she has seven rules for Paideia discussions:
  • Avoid sarcasm
  • Always refer back to the text being discussed
  • Use mindful body language
  • Avoid side conversations
  • Speak when no one else is speaking
  • Use names whenever possible
  • Use accountable talk for professional conversations
Sharriah led us through a Paideia discussion and many were impressed by the effectiveness of this learning strategy. Our thanks to Sharriah for sharing it with us.  Dana, Eric and Sharriah are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - Mar 1, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-02-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 16, 2016
Linda LaFond opened the meeting with the Pledge and an invocation.
Our guest today was Richard Scovill.  Richard saw an article about our club in the paper (nice work, P.R. Committee).
Our District governor's newsletter contained a couple of items that seemed of particular interest:
"Rotary Global Rewards" is one more perk of Rotary Membership.  This program entitles Rotarians to discounts from an extensive list of retail and online businesses.  Check it out at Global rewards.
Blaine/Ham Lake Rotary is offering an opportunity to hear Maria Pacheco, founder of Communities of the Earth, speak about her economic development work in Guatemala.  The presentation is at TPC in Blaine on Feb 26th, 7PM.  Click here for details.
President Dana noted that the Board will meet next Tuesday at 11AM.
Next week's program will feature new member Winie Bradford and Gerry Tietz, showing us how to get more from our website.  Future programs can be found in the left hand column.
Don't forget that our March 8 meeting will be offsite at CPY's 5th Annual Spring Luncheon.  The keynote speaker will be John Turnipseed, a great speaker with a compelling message.  The luncheon will be held at the New Brighton Community Center from 12-1 PM (Check-in begins at 11:30).  Click here for details.
Paul Founier took the podium to firm up responsibilities for the Gold Plate Dinner, which is only 6 weeks away.  John Marg-Patton, Mark Beisswenger, George Winiecki and Bob Barmore will handle the bingo, Gerry T. and Jim O'Brien will decide on food choices,  Mary Ann Bawden will work with a yet unnamed person on the decorations and printed programs, Cindy Carlson, Glenna Dibrell, Margaret and Gerry Tietz will work on sponsorships, live auction and other fundraising opportunities, Val Johnson and John Ordway will take care of payments at the dinner and Val Johnson will get the gambling license.  If I have erred in recording any of these responsibilities, please let me know and I'll issue a prompt retraction!
Cor Wilson introduced today's speaker, Tyler Middleton, VP of Operations, MN for CenturyLink.  Tyler provided an overview of Century Link and I think many were surprised at the size and scope of this 18 billion dollar company.  The company owns and operates 240,000 fiber optic route miles domestically and owns or leases 280,000 more fiber optic route miles internationally, but they  are working at a furious pace to expand their fiber network to bring 1GB service to Minneapolis and 15 other major metropolitan areas across the U.S.  To be clear, 1GB is a thousand megabytes per second, a bandwidth that would have seemed completely unnecessary 10 years ago.  Tyler explained that many home networks now have 20 or more networked devices and that video streaming has led to an exponential increase in bandwidth demand.  Netflix alone accounts for 50% of internet bandwidth!  Fiber-based GB internet also has the advantage of symmetrical upload and download speeds, unlike asymmetrical systems which have upload speeds only 10% of download speeds.  GB internet will also let CenturyLink provide a new internet based television service called Prism TV.  Prism TV will compete directly with Xfinity, breaking the monopolistic stranglehold Comcast has had on TV viewers for so many years.  Prism TV comes with a wireless set-top box with no coaxial cable connection, allowing you to take TV programming to any location, even outside.  With 210 channels of HD content, instant channel changing and  PEG (public, educational and government) available for other Twin-Cities metro communities, CenturyLink should be very competitive with Xfinity.  To find out more, click here.  Dana and Tyler are pictured below.
Meeting recap - February 16, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-02-16 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 09, 2016
Linda LaFond opened the meeting with the Pledge and Invocation.
John Risdall introduced his guests; Samantha Rubin form the T.C. North Chamber of Commerce and Gina Jacques from LaMettry Collision.  Other guests were Mary Jo McGuire and Mary Burg, and Joel Fox
Next week's program will be Tyler Middleton from CenturyLink.  Future programs can be found in the left hand column.
Jeff Benson had the pleasure of inducting Jason Slama into the club.  Jason has a Master's in Health Fitness Management.  He owns his own Muscle Activation Technique practice which he operates out of the Minnesota Muscle Gym in Mounds View.
Mary Stewart reminded us that C.P.Y. is participating in the Box Tops for Education program.  Just clip the pink labels on many common products, get the box tops to Mary or Geoff, and C.P.Y. gets $.10 for each one.  What a great way to help C.P.Y. continue their great work in our community.
Paul Fournier said that, based on responses to his survey, he won't be making any sweeping changes to the Gold Plate Dinner fundraiser for this year.
Paul also said that he has arranged for NBMV Rotary members to receive a 15% discount on tickets for  "A Chorus Line" at the Ordway.  The production runs from February 16-28 and demand is very high, so act today if you are interested.  Tickets are available on the Ordway website, or by calling 651-224-4222 To get your 15% discount, use the promotion code LUNDSTRUM15
District 916 Education Foundation is holding their 25th Annual Gala Event on Friday, February 19, 2016 at 5:30 pm at Jimmy's Conference Center (just east of 35E and County Road E) in Vadnais Heights.  Information and tickets are available here.
Sue Ager announced the birth of her first grandchild, Desmond.
President Dana paid $20 to avoid wearing the Birthday Hat but, alas, she still was forced to listen to us sing the birthday song.  See photo below.
Cor Wilson introduced today's speaker, Ramsey County Commissioner Blake Huffman.  Blake spoke to us about his Veterans Journey Home project, a housing initiative for veterans.  Blake explained that there are 30,000 veterans living in the Twin Cities and many of those veterans face significant mental, physical and financial challenges.  Veterans Journey Home seeks to help by "providing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods served by great schools to military veterans and their families".  
VJH is currently building a home in Shoreview where dozens of partners have contributed over $100,000 worth of money, materials and labor to the project.  The community has backed the project by volunteering and donating money, local companies have provided materials and students from St Paul College are developing their construction skills while being the primary workers on the site.  Geothermal technology and extra insulation will keep energy costs manageable for the homeowner or renter.
VJH is also planning a six unit housing project on donated land in Vadnais Heights.  Dunwoody's architecture students will design the homes, St Paul College carpentry and cabinetmaking students will play a primary construction role and Century College's interior design students will also play a key role.  Job Core students will assist in the construction and painting of the homes.  Commitments are in place for support from companies, churches, communities and also business and civic groups like Rotary.  The total cost of the project is 1.9 million and 88% of that total has been secured in grants and in-kind donations, leaving $236,000 still to be funded.   Blake's contact info:  651-249-1732  Dana and Blake are shown below.
Meeting Recap - February 9, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-02-09 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Feb 02, 2016
Linda LaFond opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.
John Risdall introduced his guest, Seth Thorson, owner of Eurotech Auto Service in New Brighton.
Linda Lafond's guests were her husband, Roger and son, Steve.
President Dana reminded us that there will be a brief Board meeting immediately following next week's club meeting.
Next week's program will be Blake Huffman, Ramsey County Commissioner.  Mr. Huffman will  speak on "Housing the Homeless".
Dana noted that the Technology and Public relations Committees have been merged to form the Communications Committee.
Paul Fournier may be able to get tickets for "A Chorus Line" at the Ordway in February.  He'll have a sign-up sheet next week.
Finemaster Jim Kadechka quizzed us on the results of the Iowa Caucus and our knowledge proved wanting.   Immediately after fleecing us of our hard-earned dollars, Jim had the nerve to win the raffle.
Linda LaFond was proud to introduce her son, Steve, to talk with us about diabetes and healthy lifestyles.  Steve grew up in Fridley, studied biology and chemistry at the University of Minnesota and recieved his PharmD from Minnesota as well.  As a pharmacist, Steve has a natural interest in diabetes, but his young daughter's diabetes diagnosis makes his interest more personal. As a self-confessed health fanatic and former personal trainer, he is also very interested in how lifestyle can prevent or minimize the impact of diabetes.
Steve explained that there are two kinds of diabetes; type 1 and type 2.  Both types result in the body being unable to regulate the level of sugar in the body.  Symptoms (if present) are similar for both types: fatigue, poor healing, increased thirst and frequent urination. Type 1 diabetes results when the body's immune system attacks the cells in the pancreas that make insulin, resulting in no insulin being produced.  In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas is still able to produce insulin, but the body is unable to utilize the insulin properly. This is called insulin resistance, and it is primarily caused by lifestyle factors like high sugar diet, obesity and inactivity.
Type 2 diabetes affects 28 million Americans and that number is growing very rapidly.  Even more ominous is the 86 million Americans who are pre-diabetic, many of whom will become type 2 diabetics if they are unable to make lifestyle changes.  Equally alarming is the fact that pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes are occurring at much earlier ages, with children and teens showing a huge increase.
Steve had some dietary suggestions for diabetes control and prevention, but these suggestions are healthy for non-diabetics as well.  Fruits and vegetables (the more colorful, the better), lean meats, eggs, fish, yogurt, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.  Avoid processed foods, especially highly processed carbohydrates and sugar. 
Dana and Steve are shown below.
Meeting Recap - February 2, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-02-02 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 23, 2016
Geoff Hollimon opened the meeting with the Pledge and an invocation.
President Dana reminded us that next week's speaker will be Linda LaFond's son Steve, who will talk to us about diabetes management.  Future programs are listed in the left hand column.
Our joint food drive and fundraiser with the T.C. North Chamber netted 1366 pounds of food and $1676 for the Ralph reeder Food Shelf.  Thanks go to all who helped or contributed.
Our P.R. Committee has published a Rotary Peace Scholarship article and is also preparing an article about our club for a paid ad which will appear in the Lillie News soon!
Don't forget about the District 5960 Leadership Academy, to be held at the Roseville Radisson on Friday, January 29, 5:30-10:00PM (dinner provided) and Saturday, January 30, 7:30-8:45AM (continental breakfast provided).  It's a great way to sharpen you leadership skills and meet Rotarians from other clubs.  The District Mid-Term meeting immediately follows the Leadership Academy, beginning at 9AM on Saturday and running until 2PM (lunch provided).  The Mid-Term meeting is an opportunity to meet other Rotarians and share ideas about all aspects of Rotary.  For more information, or to register, click here.
Nils Friberg had the honor of presenting pins to Glenna Dibrell for her Paul Harris Fellowship +2 and Geoff Hollimon for his Paul Harris Fellowship +3.  Our congratulations and thanks go to Glenna and Geoff.
Paul Fournier led a group discussion about what our club will look like in the future, including discussion about fundraising in general and the Gold Plate Dinner Fundraiser, specifically.  Paul outlined some of the issues he sees facing our club:
>How can we increase involvement of the community at large in our activities and fundraising?
>How do we increase the vitality of the club as its members age?
>How do we attract younger members?
The lively discussion brought forward many ideas that could help to make us a better club.  Good luck to Paul as he leads the Gold Plate Dinner planning and prepares for his year as club president.
Meeting Recap - January 26, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-01-23 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jan 19, 2016
Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the Pledge and Nils Friberg offered an invocation.
Our guests today were Ken and Judy Dalager, parents of our speaker, Kevin Dalager. Bob Barmore's guest was Sandy Hillsdale and Dave Hoel's guest was Rich Pieper.
John Risdall announced that Carole Miller died last week after a battle with cancer.  She will be missed by all who knew her.
Don't forget the Board meeting next Tuesday at 11AM.
Next weeks program will be a Club Assembly with a focus on the upcoming Gold Plate Dinner.  Future programs can be found in the left hand column.
Paul Fournier has a birthday this week, and he noted that he is at that tender age where your family gives you flannel-lined jeans for your birthday.   Several Rotarians, all of them younger than Paul, fessed up to owning flannel-lined jeans and I'm also considering the purchase after this past week's cold weather.  Congratulations, Paul!
Mark Beiswenger introduced today's speaker, Kevin Dalager.  Kevin is Mark's nephew, son of Ken and Judy, husband and father of two kids, and a New Brighton resident.  Kevin's engineering degree is from Iowa State and he has been with Mortenson Construction for 18 years.   Mortenson is a 60 year old, 3rd generation company with 4,000 employees and over two billion dollars in annual earnings.  Kevin is a construction executive on the new Vikings Stadium, supervising all the concrete, plumbing and electrical work for the project, which was the topic of today's presentation.   Construction for the new stadium began in December of 2013 and is scheduled to be completed by July of 2016.  At 1.7 million square feet, it is nearly twice the size of the Metrodome that it will replace.  It will seat 65,000 for regular season football but is expandable to 72,000 for special events.  The addition of many more club seats, lounges and suites as well as more spacious concourses and public areas will make the new stadium "state of the art".  Interesting details like the clear roof and giant 55 foot wide by 95 foot tall doors make the stadium even more distinctive.  The stadium will host the 2018 Super Bowl and 2019 NCAA Final Four, and has configurations for baseball and other events.  Kevin emphasized the challenges of designing and constructing a project of this size and complexity and his slides drove home the point. The iconic design required massive concrete pours, 26 million pounds of steel to support the roof and giant cranes to lift the steel roof trusses into position 300 feet above the ground.  It's also challenging to coordinate the efforts of hundreds of subcontractors to get the project done on time and on budget.  Judging from the progress to date, Kevin and his team have what it takes to do the job.  (Mark would probably say that Kevin learned everything he knows working at Beisswengers Hardware)  For more on the project, click here.  Dana and Kevin are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - January 19, 2016 Jeff Benson 2016-01-19 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 29, 2015
Mark Beisswenger led us in the Pledge and gave the invocation.
Jeff Benson introduced his guest, Jason Slama.  Jason is a prospective member who found us via our website. Yeah!

There was no speaker because today's meeting was a Club Assembly.
Bev passed out invitations to the club's Winter Party, to be held on Friday, January 8th at 6PM.  Famous Dave's will be catering.  Alcohol and mixes will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own if you have a special preference.  Don't forget your white elephant gift!  RSVP to Bev at 651-633-1264 or
Dana initiated discussion about some possible changes to our Gold Plate Dinner format.  A comedian challenge and raffle changes are among the suggested changes.  Check your recent emails for one from Paul Fournier requesting feedback and suggested changes to our Gold Plate fundraiser.  A club meeting to evaluate possible changes will be coming soon.
Amy Wakem outlined the Community Service Committee's plans for next year.  We will continue to support Adopt-a-Park, 4th Grade Foresters, Ralph Reeder Food Shelf Holiday Food Drive, Camp RYLA and Camp Enterprise.  We are also looking at starting a Pollinator Project.
Cindy Carlson reported on the successful completion of our Niger Global Grant and said that our District Matching Grant Sanitation Project in Niger is underway.  There may also be an opportunity to participate in proposed Global Grants in South Africa and Ethiopia.  Geoff Hollimon updated us on our support for ECHO.  Our District Matching Grant, scheduled for next year, was moved up to this year.  Geoff also explained that District matching funds are limited to $3,000 per club per grant.  This promotes teamwork among clubs, pooling their contributions, with each participating club contributing up to the $3,000 limit.  This ensures the maximum possible district match for each project.
John and Marla Ordway will be hosting a fundraiser at their home this summer.  Chef George Serra will donate the food and his considerable culinary skills.  Stay tuned for more details.
Jeff Benson reminded us of the goal of 55 members that we set at our visioning event in 2013.  Working toward that goal, the Membership Committee will continue to work with the Tech Committee to keep the website fresh and attractive to prospective members.  They will also continue to work with the P.R. Committee to get the word out about our club.  They are considering alternative membership options that may make Rotary possible for more people.  Jeff stressed that these efforts only set the stage for membership growth. Real progress toward the goal of 55 members still depends on individual club members inviting others to visit the club, to see what Rotary is all about.  This is every Rotarian's responsibility.
Gerry reported that we exceeded our goal of $1,000 in member contributions to Polio Plus in November and December.  He also reported that our club was one of only two clubs in the District that contributed an average of more than $100 per member to the Foundation last year.  Wow!  Gerry also challenged us to see if those, who haven't already done so, could increase our mandatory $10 quarterly Foundation contribution to $25 per quarter, thereby making us an EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) Club.
Mark Lampman reported on Youth Service/Youth Exchange.  Mark feels that to continue our inbound exchange program participation we need to have a committee of at least 3 people.  He said that finding host families is a big problem.  Jeff suggested that we devote some time at a club meeting to figure out what our involvement in the exchange program will look like in the future.
Gerry Tietz reported that the Tech committee continues to work on making the website better.  Gerry has successfully linked the site to FaceBook , LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube, and has made almost any information about our club that you might need available in the member section.  Please help Gerry feel that the effort is worthwhile by checking out the website and especially the member section.
Meeting Recap - December 29, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-12-29 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 22, 2015
Mark Beisswenger opened the meeting with the Pledge and a "Child's Prayer" in honor of his new grandson, Andrew Mark.
Please note the addition of an "Upcoming Events" section at the top left of the newsletter and the website home page.
Winie Bradford had the birthday stage all to herself today since Dean and Sue were A.W.O.L.  Dean and Sue, you can run but you cannot hide from the birthday hat forever!  Winie is shown rocking the birthday hat, below.
Bob Barmore was our speaker today and presented a slide show of his recent trip to Israel.  Bob was joined on the trip by his wife, Julie and 44 others from Bethlehem Baptist Church.  Bob and Julie packed a lot into their ten day trip, visiting four sites each day, and gaining a new perspective on the Holy Land and the origins of their Christian faith.  Bob and Dana are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - December 22, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-12-22 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 15, 2015
Mark Beisswenger opened the meeting with a musical bell ringing and an invocation which ended with a plea for some snow on behalf of Beisswenger's Hardware.
President Dana welcomed our many visitors, including: Susan Hoel, Ruth Marg-Patton, Marika (Smiley) Brandt, Mike Baker (Marika's Boyfriend) and Denny and Debbie Connolly (Guests of the Marg-Patton's).
Dana reminded us of the Board Meeting next week at 11:00AM.
Next week's program will be Bob Barmore, with photos from his recent trip to Israel.  See the list in the left-hand column for future programs.
Our Holiday Party will be at Bev Aplikowski's home on Friday, January 8th; arrive between 6 and 6:30PM.
The District 5960 Mid-Term/Leadership Academy will be held at the Radisson Roseville on January 29 & 30.  This meeting is a great way for Rotarians to learn more about Rotary and polish their leadership skills.  The Mid-Term meeting will never be closer or more convenient than Roseville, so this is your chance to check out this great meeting. More information is available here.
The District Conference this year will be held jointly with District 5950 on May 12th and 13th at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN.  Mark your calendars now.
A few slots may still be available to volunteer with 2nd Harvest Heartland Food Shelf, call or email District Governor Elect Jim Hunt. 612-770-2203
The Irondale High School Choir, directed by Jason Etten, provided our program for today, once again showing how great the choral music program is at Irondale.  We were treated to a mini-concert featuring the Guyz Group and the Triple Trio.  Those of us with good counting skills noted that the young women had only seven singers instead of the normal nine.  A couple of singers were ill, but the remaining seven sounded just like nine.  The concert was followed by our annual carol sing-along with the choir which is, for many, the favorite program of the year.  The choir is shown below.
Meeting Recap - December 15, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-12-15 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Dec 08, 2015
Mark Beisswenger opened the meeting with the Pledge and, in honor of Pearl Harbor, a tribute to our men and women in uniform.
Our sole guest today was Marv Sorvala, who returned to the club despite, or perhaps because of, wearing the birthday hat last week.  Marv is here so often, we should really get him a name badge.
President Dana made several announcements of upcoming events, including:
The T.C. North Chamber is hosting a Holiday Charity and Recognition Luncheon this Thursday, December 10th, from 11:00-1:30 at the New Brighton Community Center.  For more details, click here.
Next Tuesday's club meeting will feature a holiday concert and sing-along with the Irondale Choir.  Let Jason Miller know if you will be bringing a guest, so we can be sure to have enough food.
See the list in the left-hand column for future programs.
Our Holiday Party will be at Bev Aplikowski's home on Friday, January 8th.
The District 5960 Mid-Term/Leadership Academy will be held at the Radisson Roseville on January 29 & 30.  This meeting is a great way for Rotarians to learn more about Rotary and polish their leadership skills.  The Mid-Term meeting will never be closer or more convenient than Roseville, so this is your chance to check out this great meeting. More information is available here.
The District Conference this year will be held jointly with District 5950 on May 12th and 13th at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN.  Mark your calendars now.
If you are interested in volunteering with 2nd Harvest Heartland Food Shelf, call or email District Governor Elect Jim Hunt. 612-770-2203
Jeff Benson presented John Risdall with a New Member Sponsor Pin.  John received the district award for sponsoring Winie Bradford's membership in the club.  Let's see how many others in our club can sponsor a new member and receive the special pin with blue background.  Jeff, John and Winie are pictured below.
Val Johnson announced her proposal for a Global Grant project to provide clean water to elementary schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  She will present the proposal at the next board meeting.
Mark Beisswenger, substitute finemaster, was up to the task as he deftly removed dollar bills from wallets and purses of everyone present.
Todd Kruse looked dapper as he celebrated his birthday with "The Hat" and an unusually melodic birthday song serenade.  Todd is shown below.
Mark Beisswenger introduced our speaker, Steve Yoch.  Steve is an attorney and partner at Felhaber Larson and serves on the board of trustees of the Mounds View Schools Educational Foundation.  Steve is also an historian and author and his presentation today was about his debut novel, "Becoming George Washington".  Steve's 99% historical novel lays out the little known details of Washington's life, with emphasis on his early failures and how they shaped his development into the icon of leadership that we revere today.  The author's note in the book describes Washington as a "brash, ambitious, passionate and angry young man" who was "transformed by experience".  "His greatness is all the more remarkable when one considers the challenges he overcame.  Success was not an accident; it was the product of experience, intelligence, and (most of all) persistence."  Steve's presentation was intriguing and caused me, and several others, to buy his book.  I can't wait to read it!  Steve and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - December 8, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-12-08 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Dec 01, 2015
Fellow Rotarian - Mark Beisswenger - opened our meeting with a nautical bell ringing performance and then offered the Invocation.  Amen!
Guests at today's meeting included - 
  • Marvin Sorvala -  Roseville Rotarian who should just join our club instead! 
  • Deb Nygaard -  Roseville Rotarian who promoted the Rotary Educator Exchange Program (REEP) with Sri Lanka priced at $2500 per educator to enable our local teachers to gain insights on ESL programs
  • Dr. Karen Gulliver - from Argosy University who is interested in a potential project for the Mekong River in Vietnam
President's Announcements - 
  • Future speakers at club meetings were reviewed (see the list at - 
  • December 10 Holiday Lunch for Ralph Reeder Food Shelf was promoted with a request for Rotarians to staff the club's information table for recruiting new Rotarians.    The club is donating a $500 challenge grant for this event. 
  • January 29 to 30, 2016 Rotary's District Mid-term Conference will be held in Roseville, Minnesota
Other Announcements - 
  • Gerry Tietz noted Char Samuelson's health status which drove her relocation to the Fargo area.   Gerry discussed the possibility of organizing a tribute to Char's history of civic engagement which was agree could be a nice addition to our April 1, 2016 Gold Plate Dinner.
  • Mary Stewart noted that Bev Aplikowski will again be hosting our club's holiday party set for January 8, 2016
Birthdays Celebrated - 
Marvin Sorvala and Mark Beisswenger both celebrated their birthdays today by wearing the hats of honor!
Rotary Foundation Report - 
Nils Friberg presented a Paul Harris Fellow (+2) award to Gerry Tietz.  Fortunately Glenna took the photo instead of the "selfie" Gerry wanted to take of the ceremony.
The self-described "Director of Happiness" (Mark Lampkin aka Finemaster) then assumed the floor to suggest that in the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday everyone in the room had many things for which to be thankful thus they should each contribute $1 happy buck.   Sadly this week's substitute Bulletin Editor (Todd Kruse) did not record all of the thanksgiving messages but rest assured life is good for Rotarians!
The happy dollar fines wrapped up with the Right Reverend Nils Friberg posing the eternal question asked at every home during Thanksgiving -  "How many cooks does it take to stuff a turkey?    Answer - only one cook but  you really have to push to get him in there................"     
A wide collection of groans and smiles followed Nils' observation of the laws of physics.    
Guest Speaker -  
Today's guest speaker, Cheryl Thomas of the Global Rights for Women ( GRFW  project, based in in Minneapolis opened her presentation by sharing a 3 minute video overview of their organization's work.   This video is located on their website and is definitely worth spending 3 minutes of your life to better understand the challenges in our world.  
GRFW got its start in the former republics of the Soviet Union and the Baltics.  GRFW only works in  countries where a local group invites them to be involved so they are working with a local resource and ally in any given country. 
Ms. Thomas noted that Minnesota has been a historic leader in legal reform to combat violence against women with a 1979 law versus Austria's passage of a similar law in 1997 which was the first European nation to enact such a law.  
GRFW relies on volunteer judges and police officers from the USA to help with local/in-country training programs.   
President Dana presented Ms. Thomas with a coffee mug and Rotary light/pen as a token of our club's appreciation for her presentation.   Clearly there is much work for groups like GRFW to make our world a place which is "Fair to All Concerned".
President Dana (with Mark Lampkin leading the charge!) closed our meeting with all attendees rising to recite Rotary's Four-Way Test
Submitted by - Todd A. Kruse, Club Secretary, on behalf of Bulletin Editor, Dr. Jeff Benson,  WT   (World Traveler)
Meeting Recap - December 1, 2015 Todd Kruse 2015-12-01 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 24, 2015
Jeff opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.
President Dana reminded us of the following upcoming events:The District 5960 Midterm is Jan. 30, 9:00-2:00 at the Roseville Radisson.  Midterm is a time to meet and network with fellow Rotarians, learn of club activities around the district, and re-energize for the rest of the year. All Rotarians are encouraged to attend, particularly Club Presidents, Presidents-elect and Board members, Assistant governors, and District Leadership. Get more information here.
Our Gold Plate Dinner fundraiser is scheduled for April 1, 2016.
Mark your calendars now for the District Conference which will be held May 12-14, 2016 at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake.  Details are forthcoming.
Geoff Hollimon reported that our ECHO grant proposal, which had been delayed because of another district grant proposal, is on again for this Rotary year.  Geoff will have details in the near future.
Nils Friberg had the honor of presenting Mike Neeley with his Paul Harris+2 award, indicating total contributions to the foundation of over $3,000.  Way to go, Mike!  Nils and Mike are pictured below.
Char Samuelson will be moving to an assisted living facility in Moorhead, MN as she continues her recovery after her recent fall.  Our best wishes go with her and Gerry.
Val reported that former NBMV Rotarian, Roger Anderson, passed away this past week.
Jim Kadechka announced the rapid-fire births of two grandsons in just two days this past weekend.  The boys are named Andrew James and Shawn Michael.
A big thank you to all who helped organize for the holiday rush at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf!
John Marg-Patton reported on his hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  As the signs say: "Going down is optional...Coming back up is mandatory".  John and Ruth spent two nights on the Canyon Floor, plenty of time to rest up for the "mandatory" return to the canyon rim.
November is Rotary Foundation Month, and Gerry Tietz, along with his new Foundation Committee sidekick, Nils Friberg, presented a great overview of the scope of Rotary Foundation Programs and how donations flow from clubs and individuals to the myriad of grants and programs which are supported by the Foundation.  Here are the highlights:
The mission of the Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotary Members to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through:
  • Improvement of health
  • Support of education
  • Alleviation of poverty
The foundation's areas of focus are: —
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution
  • Disease prevention and treatments
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Economic and community development
Donations to the Foundation are invested for three years with the investment proceeds and only 5% of the principal used for administrative costs.  The remaining principal is then split 50/50 between the District Designated Fund (DDF) and the World Fund.  The DDF goes back to the district, where it is split 50/50 between District Grants and Global Grants.  The World Fund is used by Rotary International to fund Matching Grants, Packaged Grants, Peace Fellows, Polio Plus and other international programs.
New Brighton Mounds View Rotary has been a District leader in both giving and grants leadership for many years.  In fact, we were one of only two clubs in the District to be an EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) club this past year.  This means that every NBMV Rotarian contributed to the foundation and we averaged over $100/year/Rotarian.
For more information about the Rotary Foundation, and our club’s amazing participation, check out Gerry’s and Nil’s PowerPoint in the Home Page Download Files Tab in the left column, or click here.  Gerry and Nils are shown below.
Meeting Recap - November 24, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-11-24 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 17, 2015
Jeff opened the meeting with the pledge of allegiance and an invocation.
President Dana invited Jeff back to the podium to introduce and induct our newest member, Winifred "Winie" Bradford.  Originally from Liberia, West Africa, Winie has lived in th U.S. since 1991.  She is an entrepreneur and independent representative for 5LINX, providing products and services for home and business.  Winie has been an active volunteer in the Minneapolis area, and seems destined to be an active Rotarian as well.  Please take a moment to introduce yourself to Winie and you'll see what a great addition she will be to our club.  Jeff and Winie are shown below.
John Risdall provided a special steak dinner for Val Johnson, in honor of her election to Mayor of New Brighton.  Congratulations Val, and bon appetit!
Todd Kruse forwarded the District Governor's email newsletter to the club this past week.  If you missed it, go back and find it to catch up on all the good stuff going on in District 5960.
Amy Wakem garnered 7 volunteers to help with holiday food organization at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf on Monday, November 23rd, from 9:30-11:00.  More help would be appreciated, so if you can help, please email Amy at
Please note upcoming programs in the left column.
Also note that our Gold Plate Dinner has been scheduled for April 1st.  Mark your calendars now.
Dave Hoel displayed the "General Custer Award" that was given to him by then president Jim Kadechka after our first Easter Egg Hunt in 1990.  We were expecting 30-50 people but the weather was perfect and we were overwhelmed by 600 or so anxious parents and kids.  Dave stood his ground, bravely trying to maintain order using nothing but a bullhorn.  It was a miracle that no lives were lost and no injuries were reported, but the emotional scars remain.
Gerry T. updated us on Char's progress after her recent fall.  Recovery has been slow due to complications and Char, now at Benecictine Care Center at Innsbruck, is considering a move to Moorhead to be closer to her daughter.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Char and Gerry in this difficult time.
Todd Kruse has set up LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for the club and will be giving a tutorial at an upcoming club meeting.
Glenna celebrated her birthday but the birthday hat was nowhere to be found.  An investigation is underway to locate the missing hats and bring the responsible party to justice.  Glenna is pictured (sans hat) below.
Our Presenter today was Tami Moberg.  Tami has been a part of the Mounds View community for over 30 years.  A degree in Social Work from Bethel University started her on a path to many service activities including the Young Life Committee for 15 years, the Bethel Alumni Board, Church and School Volunteering.  Tami, and her husband David, have been foster parents for many children through the Ramsey County Crisis Nursery.  For the past 5 years, Tami has worked at Irondale High School and one of her roles was to support the STRIPES program.  STRIPES stands for Students Together Respecting the Importance and Purpose of Education in Schools and it surrounds students with a "safety net" that meets their needs by partnering with various community businesses, parents and universities.  STRIPES teaches young men to be resilient, persistent and focused on education.  While working with these young men, Tami saw the need for a place for them to meet after school hours.  Her dream was  to find a home that could be open for students to get support from caring adults.   In March, 2015, a home was found and the Quincy Treehouse was born.  Quincy Treehouse is a partnership with Treehouse, which has been providing support to students for over 30 years.  Quincy TreeHouse was established to provide hope, guidance and unconditional love to at-risk teens dealing with issues like depression, suicidal tendencies, substance abuse, truancy, self-injury and homelessness.  Teens experience grace and are reminded that they are loveable, capable and worthwhile.  All teens are welcome, regardless of background.  Check out the Quincy TreeHouse website here.  Dana and Tami are shown below.
Meeting Recap - November 17, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-11-17 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Nov 10, 2015
Today's Rotary Club meeting was opened by the ringing of the bell by Jim O'Brien who led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Jim also announced that the club did not have any guests today and called on Padre Nils Friberg to offer our Invocation.   
  • President Dana Rebelein commented that the November 7th Foundation Dinner was very worthwhile and educational.    President Dana also highlighted that Cindy Carlson gave an excellent presentation on the Niger water project the club supports and that our club should consider Cindy for a future presentation at a regular club meeting.   President Dana completed her remarks by noting our club was awarded an "EREY banner" for Every Rotarian Every Year donating to the Rotary Foundation.  
  • The club's Technology Committee will meet on November 13th at 11:30 am at DD's Cafe to learn how to leverage social media to promote the club via a presentation by Risdall Marketing.   Dana will also explore how to email all club members the District Governor's Newsletter. 
  • December 10 reminder of the Holiday Charity Lunch for which the club is collaborating with the Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce at the New Brighton Community Center.   Rotary will have an information booth onsite to promote the club and recruit new members and Amy Wakem will coordinate the club's traditional November food drive among local businesses to support this December 10 lunch event. 
  • January 29 to 30, 2016 Rotary's District Conference will be held at the Radisson Hotel in Roseville.
  • April 1, 2016 has been set as the club's annual Gold Plate Dinner being held at the Mermaid Event Center in Mounds View.
Linda LaFond reported that the CEAP check presentation by Dr. Jeff Benson was published in The Bulletin newspaper.  
  • Gerry Tietz noted that club member Char Samuelson was hospitalized due to a fall and head injury -   the club will send her a get well card and flowers.
  • Gerry Tietz presented President-elect Paul Fornier with another Paul Harris Fellow gem for his financial support of the Rotary Foundation. 
Jim Kadechka flew solo today as Finemaster but he rose to the occasion but assessing fines to most of the attendees!  Happy fines offered by club members included - 
  • Mark Beisswenger celebrating a Vikings win and a Packers loss to which several members noted should cost $2.00!!
  • NEW ROTARIAN - Winie Bradford contributed a dollar to celebrate being a new club member and to note the great club atmosphere she has already experienced. 
  • Dana and Glenna noted the success and value of the recent Foundation Dinner including the excellent meal!
  • Gerry Tietz was thankful for his wife's improved health.
  • Cor Wilson promoted the Century Link franchise discussion at tonight's New Brighton City Council meeting.
  • World traveler Paul Fornier celebrated his recent trip (first time ever!) to Fargo, North Dakota which he enjoyed.
  • Gerry Tietz highlighted and gave thanks for John Ordway's skills as club treasurer -  Editor's Note:  we should all watch for our invoices via email from John
  • Linda La Fond recognized and thanked all the veterans in the club -  happy Veterans Day and thank you on November 11.
  • Geoff Holliman noted that Winie and her husband were a lot of fun to meet with during the Foundation Dinner.
  • Todd Kruse was thankful for having attended the Iowa State University Navy/Marine ROTC Annual Ball this past weekend to hear his fraternity brother serve as the keynote speaker.    
Today's guest speaker was Marsh Jones, Olympic Sprint Coach,  with the Rice Creek Boat Club (RCBC) whose Power Point presentation opened with a slide focused on "Youth Obesity and the Internet Age"  which led to a presentation on youth sports trends and the work of the RCBC.    Mr. Jones offered the following statistics - 
  • By age 17 at least 59% of youth have participated in some organized sport
  • By age 15 at least 70% of kids have dropped out of all sports
Parental pressure, financial burden, burn out from being single sport centric,  "total victory" mindset,  etc.  
Maybe "video games" are not the cause of children dropping out of sports but instead the cause could be Parents? 
Mr. Jones noted that the "Long Term Development Model" (LTDM) should be used with young athletes where at the youngest ages children play a wide variety of sports where "fun" is the focus,  then as they age children "learn to compete",  and towards the end of high school these athletes develop goals for their athletic involvement.
History of the RCBC
Jones noted the club was started to provide cross-training opportunities for cross country skiers via three programs - 
  1. Marathon
  2. Sprint I
  3. Sprint II
In 2016 the RCBC will celebrate its 10th Anniversary and today they own 40 boats including both canoes and kayaks.   Club members are involved in two groups 1.) Introduction and 2.) Competition. 
The RCBC travels several times each year in the USA and internationally for various tournaments thus the club is launching a fundraising drive to defer travel costs and to purchase requisite equipment.     
Each athlete is expected to purchase their own paddle which typically cost nearly $500 each but last for several years and retain nearly all of their resale value -  unlike several stocks this Bulletin editor purchased over the years!!!      Nearly 90% of the club's members return on a year to year basis  prior to aging out to college, etc. 
A pending project that was noted was that the RCBC is working with Ramsey County to build a boat house for the club's equipment but the RCBC would benefit greatly from any volunteers in the Rotary Club network who could provide assistance with grant writing to help raise funds for the club.  
President Dana presented Mr. Marsh with a Rotary coffee mug so he can bail out their boats and  closed the meeting by having club members recite Rotary's Four Way Test. 
Submitted by:  Todd A. Kruse, Club Secretary in the place of our regular Bulletin Editor, Dr. Jeff Benson whose writing skills are greatly missed due to his travel schedule.  
Meeting Recap - November 10, 2015 Todd Kruse 2015-11-10 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Nov 03, 2015
Jeff Benson opened the meeting with the Pledge and invocation.
Our guests today were: 
Coon Rapids Rotarian - Margie Rash
Bill McReavy
New Brighton's finance director and Dean's guest - Brenda Davitt 
Prospective member - Winie Bradford
Don't forget the Foundation Celebration this Saturday, November 7th, 5:30PM at the Holiday Inn East, St Paul.
Todd Kruse announced a holiday food drive to benefit area food shelves.  Our club will join the TC North Chamber to provide food for those in our community who don't have enough this holiday season.  Rotary will collect food and help pack food bags at the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf as we have done in the past.  The Chamber will be hosting a Holiday Charity and Awards Luncheon on Thursday December 10th, from 11:00AM to 1:30PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  The luncheon is free, but tickets are limited.  RSVP to Samantha Rubin - 763-571-9781.
Our Gold Plate Dinner has been scheduled for April 1st, 6:00PM.  Mark your calendars now!
Cindy Carlson updated us on our District Matching Grant for sanitation and handwashing stations at a school in Niger.  Thanks go to Cindy for her hard work on this grant.
Geoff Hollimon reported that he visited ECHO in Fort Myers, FL last week.  He had an opportunity to visit with board members and see the results of our contributions to this very relevant and worthwhile organization.
The Irondale choir will entertain us with a concert and Christmas Carol sing-along at our December 15th club meeting.  Guests are welcome but please let Jason Miller know if you will bring a guest so we can plan for enough food.
Mike Neeley and Jeff Benson were blessed with the opportunity to put on the birthday hats to celebrate their advancing age.  Life just isn't fair!  See the photo below.
Jim O'Brien reported that his wife Maureen was diagnosed with cancer last week and that surgery was successful.  They will find out soon if chemo is needed.
Thanks go to MaryAnn for the delicious treats for today's meeting.  You are the Best!
Jeff introduced our speaker Bob Jacobson, New Brighton's Director of Public Safety.  Bob's topic was the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  Bob began his talk by describing a trend of decreased trust between peace officers and the public they are sworn to protect.  Recent events in Ferguson, Cleveland and New York City are the extremes, but they are indicative of the overall trend.  In response to this trend, President Barack Obama signed Executive order 13684, establishing the Task Force on 21st Century Policing.  The introduction to the task force's final report describes its mission: " to examine ways of fostering strong, collaborative relationships between local law enforcement and the communities they protect and to make recommendations to the President on ways policing practices can promote effective crime reduction while building trust."  Bob reviewed the six "Pillars" of the Task Force's recommendations.
Pillar One - Building Trust and Legitimacy  
>Law Enforcement should adopt the “guardian” vs. “warrior” mindset
>Police cannot be viewed as an occupying force
>Establish culture of transparency and accountability to build public trust
>Law enforcement should initiate positive non enforcement activities
>Should conduct annual surveys to measure levels of public trust
>Workforce encompass broad range of diversity
Pillar Two - Policy and Oversight
>External/independent investigations for officer involved shootings and/or in custody deaths
>Conduct peer reviews of critical incidents
>Establish civilian oversight mechanisms
>DOJ/COPS Office should provide technical assistance and funding to small agencies toward interagency collaboration, shared services and regional training
Pillar Three - Technology and Social Media
>Use of technology can build community trust
>Must have defined policy framework with defined purpose and goals
>Use of technology should improve transparency without infringing on individual rights
>DOJ should establish national standards for research and development of new technology
>Should consider local needs aligned with national standards
>Adopt model policies and best practices
Pillar Four - Community Policing and Crime Reduction
>Community Policing should be a guiding philosophy
>Law enforcement should work with community residents to identity problems and collaborate on solutions with meaningful results
>Engage in multi disciplinary, community team approaches
>Communities should support a culture and practice of policing that reflects the values of protection and promotion of dignity for all
>Develop youth in the community through positive police/youth collaboration and interactions
Pillar Five - Training and Education
>As the scope of law enforcement expands so does the need for expanded and more effective training
>Federal government should support the development of partnerships with training facilities across the country
>National post graduate institute of policing for senior executives
>Ensure licensing boards require training such as Crisis Intervention Training, disease of addiction, implicit bias, procedural justice, etc.
Pillar Six - Officer Wellness and Safety
>Emphasize support and proper implementation of officer wellness and safety
>Develop programs for financial support for law enforcement officers to continue to pursue higher education
>Encourage implementation of scientifically supported shift lengths
>Analyze not only officer deaths but “near misses”
>Tactical first aid training, ballistic vests for all, wearing seat belts
It bears noting that the New Brighton Police force had implemented most of these recommendations long before the Task Force was commissioned.  While Director Jacobson would be hesitant to brag; its's abundantly clear that his leadership and the professional attitude of his officers has made New Brighton's Police Department a shining example of community policing at its best.  Check out the N.B. Public Safety webpage here.  Bob and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - November 3, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-11-03 06:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 27, 2015
Our Guests today were New Brighton city councilperson Mary Burg and prospective club member Winifred (Winie) Bradford.
Todd Kruse announced the Chamber's upcoming Holiday Charity and Recognition Luncheon to be held on December 10th, 11:00AM - 1:30PM at the New Brighton Community Center.  You can get more details here.
The Board recommended Friday, April 1, 2016 as the date for our Gold Pale Dinner and the date was confirmed by a vote of the members present.
The Tech Team and the Public Relations Committee will have a joint committee meeting on Friday, November 13th, 11:30 - 12:30, at DD's.  Last week's Rotary speaker, Tracy Henry, will attend the meeting to provide some guidance on how to market our club online.  All interested members are encouraged to attend.
New Brighton Mounds View Rotary has 20 registrants for the Annual District 5960 Foundation Celebration on Saturday November 7th, 5:30-9:00PM at the Holiday Inn East (note the venue change).  If you'd like to join in the fun, I believe you can still register here.
President Dana presented a Rotary International new member sponsor recognition pin to Jeff Benson.  Jeff is shown with new member Todd Kruse below. (Photo courtesy of Gerry Tietz)
Jason Miller introduced our speaker, Teri McLaughlin, Vice President of Dardis Communications, Inc.  Dardis Communications is one of the Midwest's leading professional training companies, helping thousands of professionals become better communicators and leaders.  The Dardis trademark is " Speak as well as you think".  Teri identified three core skill sets that are the focus of her company's training programs:
  • Leadership and Presentation
  • Professional Image
  • Consultative Selling
As an example of the training process, Teri walked us through the process of creating an effective "elevator speech".  According to Teri, and effective elevator speech is has three components:
  • A short, compelling statement about your company.
  • Three headlines (specific examples of the product or services you offer)
  • Invite further conversation about how you might partner with the prospect.
President Dana was brave enough to offer our Rotary elevator speech as an example.  More informations about Dardis Communications is available on their website.  Teri and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 27, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-10-27 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 20, 2015
John Risdall opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the invocation. 
President Dana introdced her guests; Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein and Janet Ampe, both of whom have been visitors in the past.  John Risdall introduced Tracy Henry, a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Risdall Marketing Group and today's speaker.  Since he was here, Tracy made a pitch for the Irondale Youth Hockey Association, of which he is the current president.
Dana announced that we made the front page of the October 16th edition of the Sun Focus community newspaper.  The photo shows Jeff Benson, on behalf of the New Brighton Rotary Club, presenting a check for $1,000 to Community Emergency Assistance Program (C.E.A.P.).  Our club has been a consistent supporter of CEAP and it was great to have our support recognized in the local paper.  Linda LaFond deserves the credit for getting the article published and she says that we should also expect to see the photo in this Wednesday's New Brighton Bulletin.  Way to go, Linda!!!
Dana reviewed the list of upcoming programs, which can be found on the left side of this page.
Don't forget the Foundation Celebration, Saturday November 7th, 5:30-9:00PM at the Holiday Inn East (note the venue change).  Gerry tells me that 16 of us have seats reserved! Get the details here.
Jim O'Brien had successfully avoided wearing the birthday hat for over 2 months, but everyone must pay the piper, even those who try to weasel out of it by trying to claim the "over 80 exemption".  Nice try Jim!  Jim is shown below.
The finemasters efficiently vacuumed up any loose dollars with a combination of happy fines and a political quote table quiz.  What will those politicians say next?
Our speaker, Tracy Henry, identified the five types of online marketing strategies that are available to help businesses and organizations get their message to potential customers.  According to Tracy, the five types are websites, search engines, social media, awareness and email.
Websites can be effective but they must be functionally sound and have "credibility" for todays web-savvy users.  For Tracy, credibility means usable, attractive and, most of all, mobile friendly since 30% of all website views are from mobile devices.
Search has become the replacement for White Pages, Yellow Pages and the Encyclopedia.  Careful content management and search engine optimization are essential to be noticed in this competitive area.
Social Media is valuable as a means of, as Tracy put it, "amplifying" your message.  FaceBook is useful for personal and B2C communication.  LinkedIn is best for professional and educational communication.  Tracy described Twitter as the vehicle for timely and newsworthy communication, while Pinterest is best for inspiration and creative communication.  When asked which of these four social media avenues would be best for the purpose of attracting new members to our Rotary Club, Tracy suggested a combination of FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Awareness involves the placement of clickable ads or messages designed to direct the user to your website.  These are often referred to as "click bait".
Email methods include e-newsletters and ads that are "targeted" to an individual's search profile.
Tracy wrapped up with the basics of online marketing:
-Ensure that your website portrays credibility and is mobile optimized.
-Claim and optimize your Google business listing.
-Create and configure appropriate social media accounts.
-Post content to social media daily.
-Track your results.
Check out the Risdall Marketing Group website at   Dana and Tracy are shown below.
Meeting Recap - October 20, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-10-20 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 13, 2015
Paul Fournier opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Jeff Benson offered an invocation.
Alan Player, an Apple valley Rotarian who visited us a year ago to promote their Education Foundation fundraiser, was here again to sell raffle tickets for an opportunity to win a Ford Focus.  Alan noted that last year's effort raised $39,000.
It was great to have George back to the club after successful opening of his completely blocked coronary artery.
Our speaker today was Jim Lukaszewski.  Jim is world renowned as a crisis manager, using his public relations expertise to guide organizations and their leaders through crisis to recovery.  Jim's topic for today's presentation was "The Ethical Expectations Leadership".  Jim began his talk with the story of a major medical products company that was indicted on several hundred felony charges, among which were illegal alteration of medical devices that resulted in two deaths and serious harm to several others.  This situation developed, as so many of them do, when an executive said “do whatever it takes” to keep sales up and costs down.  By the end of a six year legal process, six company executives were in jail and the company was forced to change its business climate, and Jim was a part of that process.  Jim offered the story to illustrate patterns of failed leadership behavior and inadequate or ineffective organizational response that often leads to these types of disasters. Here are some of the elements of these patterns:
  • When things go wrong in an organization, it generally starts at or near the top.
  • Top executives are very smart people who think they can "beat the rap".
  • Almost every ethical crisis requires that people are aware of the ethical problem, yet remain silent.
Jim suggested the following "Ethical Expectations of Leadership"
  • Find the truth as soon as possible.  Tell the truth and act on it as soon as possible.
  • Promptly raise the tough questions and answer them thoughtfully.
  • Vocalize core business values and ideals constantly.
  • Walk the talk
  • Help, expect and enforce ethical leadership
  • Foster ethical pathways for employees to to rise to the top of the organization.
  • Be a cheerleader, model and teacher of ethical behavior.
  • Make core values more important than profits.
You can check out Jim's website at  Paul and Jim are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - October 13, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-10-13 05:00:00Z 0
Social Media Links Gerry Tietz 2015-09-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 29, 2015
CEAP, or Community Emergency Assistance Programs, helps our financially challenged neighbors by providing emergency assistance and financial counseling to help them become financially stable and independent.  CEAP also provides referrals to partner agencies and services that may be able to help.  The New Brighton Mounds View Rotary Club supports CEAP's mission and is pleased to be able to support that mission with a donation of $1,000.   Check CEAP out at   Holli Rolfe, CEAP Family Services Manager at the Blaine location, is shown receiving the check from Jeff Benson.
New Brighton Mounds View Rotary Donates $1,000 to CEAP Jeff Benson 2015-09-29 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Sep 22, 2015
Todd Kruse opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and Nils Friberg offered an invocation.
President Dana announced that George was able to have two stents placed in his blocked coronary artery, and open heart surgery was avoided.  George is understandably thrilled and feeling very well!
We have been offered a unique fundraising opportunity which would raise $2,000 for the club with very little effort on our part.  Chef George Serra is willing to donate his time and materials to prepare gourmet appetizers for a group of 40-50.  Attendees would contribute $40-50, with all the proceeds going to a charitable cause of our choosing.  All we need is a location for the event.  Let Linda LaFond (763-571-6937) or Mary Stewart (651-442-6891) know if you could host the event.  We can't afford to pass on this opportunity.
Saturday, November 7th, is the District 5960 Foundation Event.  As in past years, we'd like New Brighton to have a big contingent at the event.  The club will cover the cost for Rotarians, so contact Gerry Tietz (651-636-1899) for information or to register.
Everyone should be here next week as we welcome Marlene Gargulak, our District Governor, to the club for her annual visit.
Cindy Carlson is looking for a polio survivor in our area who might be willing to be interviewed about their polio experience as part of our PolioPlus fundraising push this fall.  If you know of anyone, please let Cindy know (651-772-1080).
Geoff Hollimon's birthday provided us yet another opportunity to demonstrate our melodic magnificence on the birthday song.  Happy Birthday, Geoff!  See photo below.
Dave Hoel (651-636-3589) and Mike Neeley (651633-7330) are looking for some help for the Spina Bifida picnic this Sunday the 27th.  Give them a call if you can help out for a few hours, starting at 11AM.
Sue Ager reported that Duane is making progress with his recovery from Guillain-Barre syndrome.
John Ordway introduced Jim Markoe, spokesperson for the White Bear Lake Restoration Association (WBLRA), who presented an update on the seriously low water level in White Bear Lake.  Since 2003, the average water level of the lake has been steadily decreasing.  This decrease has been attributed to depletion of the aquifer beneath the lake by high volume (i.e. municipal) water wells surrounding the lake.  White Bear Lake is unique in that it has a direct connection with the underlying aquifer, so that it is draining into the depleted aquifer faster than rainwater runoff can replenish it.  Six billion gallons is drawn out of the aquifer each year by the high volume wells and almost all of it goes into the Mississippi River via storm and sanitary sewer systems.  Jim reported that the surface area of the lake has decreased by 25% and the lake level has gone down 5 feet in the last 15 years, creating untold problems for homeowners as well as promoting zebra mussel and milfoil growth in the lake.  In 2012, a lawsuit was filed which eventually led to an unprecedented seven rounds of court ordered mediation.  In 2014, a 36 month stay of litigation was imposed, which has the following provisions:
     1. Multifaceted water conservation efforts
     2. Development of a plan for surface water utilization
     3. DNR to set a protective minimum lake level
     4. The right is reserved to pursue lake augmentation (get water from a reservoir or the Mississippi river)
Let's hope that these efforts can restore this great lake to it's former glory.
The White Bear Lake Restoration Association website is  Jim and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Recap - September 22, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-09-22 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Sep 08, 2015
Our September 8 meeting was called to order by Todd Kruse who led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and offered a reflection on Labor Day for the Invocation.
President Dana then led the meeting with the following annoucements - 
1. District Governor nominations are due on October 2nd so Dana encouraged club members to submit their own names for consideration.
2. The Goodwill Friendship Exchange with India is scheduled for January 9-10, 2016
3. Dana is also exploring options for new club member name badges
The September and October line up of guest speakers was reviewed and is posted on the club's website -  September 15 our speaker will be Steve Kracht of Bell Pole Company.
Announcements from the Floor
1. Gerry is hosting a club Technology Committee meeting at 11 am on September 15 at DD's Cafe
2. Glenna promoted Benedictine's open house set for September 12
3. Mark (Lampman) noted he had a blister and the club feigned sympathy for his ailment!
4. Mark (Beisswenger) reported that he will soon have "bone on bone" thumb surgery soon.  Ouch!
5. Nils reported that his son is recovering but slowly from his recent surgery
Jim (Kadechka) was happy about the round of frisbee golf he played in New Brighton and Margaret echoed Jim's comment noting that frisbee golf is really fun.   Did someone say "Rotary frisbee golf tournament............."?    
Bev contributed a happy dollar now that her recent medical issues/tests were completed
Mary (Stewart) gladly paid a dollar to celebrate being back at club meetings and to celebrate the new school year
Dana parted with a dollar to celebrate her grandson's football performance
Amy thanked the club for the wedding gift donation in Amy's name to Peacekeepers
Geoff promoted the October 2 Community Partners for Youth (CPY) annual party
Val offered a dollar to note how much fun she had working at the MN State Fair despite the hot weather!
The club sang Happy Birthday to Linda LaFond since she was "39 again" this month. 
Guest Speaker
Todd (Kruse) introduced Julia Donnelly,  Political Director, for the 49'ers labor union which represents nearly 33,000 members in the construction industry.    
Julia noted that 40% of their members were unemployed during the Great Recession which helped cause higher divorce rates, addiction, and related problems. 
This union works with nearly 800 contractor companies and has three operating divisions - 
1. Pension fund
2. Self-insured health fund
3. Training fund - which includes their training center near Hinckley which sits on nearly 400 acres and has a $17 million annual operating budget.   The training center shapes their apprentice programs and works with the "MSHA" (OSHA style regulations specific to the mining industry) regulations to develop their certification courses
Julia noted they work with the MN Chamber and local chambers of commerce to lobby for policies that will generate job creation.  In terms of job creation the proposed Polymet mine is almost  a bigger job opportunity than the Metro Dome with nearly "2 million work hours" and noted the regulatory/environmental permit process is delaying the project.   
President Dana asked about transportation funding and Julia explained the potential funding sources such as a "gas tax" -  which would indeed help repair roads and bridges but it would also add cost to using construction equipment.  
Julia closed her presentation noting that the average age of their members is 47 and the average retirement age is 62 so they need to recruit youth into the industry.  Overall most jobs in their industry last 7 to 8 months each year due to the nature of the industry (such as weather).  
President Dana presented Julia with a Rotary Club coffee mug as a token of our appreciation then closed the meeting by having club members recite the Four Way Test. 
Meeting Recap - September 8, 2015 Todd Kruse 2015-09-08 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Sep 01, 2015
Today's club meeting was called to order by Todd Kruse who led the club in the Pledge of Allegience and Invocation where he offered a prayer for safety and fun for all Minnesota State Fair attendees and the hope for children returning to school next week to "learn, have fun, and grow up to become Rotarians!" 
Guest Introductions:
Craig Leiser -  Stillwater Sunrise Rotary and representative for District-5960 international projects
Sandy and Gary Campbell -  Anoka Rotary Club  (selling $10 raffle tickets which offers a $5,000 travel voucher as the grand prize for this club fundraising event!!)
Charlie Hall -  former member of this club now living in Hugo, MN
Sue Schabert - owner of Minuteman Press and guest of Todd Kruse
Gerry Lund
President Dana then led the meeting with several Announcements:
  • "Pollinator Project" (Give Bees a Chance!!)  information was distributed to club members to gauge our interest in the club playing a possible role
  • Survivor Network brochures are on hand with the club should any members want to distribute to any interested/in need of assistance
  • Mounds View Schools activities calendars were distributed
  • The 10th Annual West Africa Project Fair was noted as being set for November 10 to 19, 2015 in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.  Cost is $1,779 (double occupancy)
  • District Governor candidate nominations for the 2018-2019 Rotary year are due on October 2, 2015 
  • Winnipeg Goodwill Friendship Exchange is set for September 18 which will be the 90th anniversary for this event
  • District-5960 is hosting a Goodwill Friendship Exchange with India scheduled for January 9 and 10, 2015
  • A word of "thanks" was given to club members who participated in the August 25 Sunny Square Park clean up project 
Upcoming Programs at Club Meetings:
September 1 -  Rod Dummer with Dalco Enterprises based in New Brighton
September 8 -  Julia Donnelly with the 49'ers labor union speaking on "Labor Day" themes
September 15 - Steve Kracht with Bell Pole Company of New Brighton 
September 22 -  White Bear Lake water level overview  AND  11 am board of directors meeting
September 29 - District 5960 Governor Marlene Gargolak  AND 11 am directors and committee chairs meeting with Governor Gargolak
October 6 -  Mark Baden and David Cummings,  "Stained Glass restoration work on the Island Chapel on the campus of the University of Northwestern-St. Paul"
October 13 -  Jim Lukaszewski ,  author and consultant on leadership and crisis communications issues
Announcements from the Floor:
Representing District 5960 Craig Leiser (PDG) presented a $2800 check which was accepted by Cindy Carlson for our club's Niger latrine/clean water project.
Fine Master/Happy Bucks:
Jim Kadechka happily separated dollars from club members who failed to wear their name badges today but several other dollars flowed into the kitty via several celebrations from club members including;  Sue Ager's grand child on the way, John Risdall's story of his broken arm (he was smiling due to heavy medication it appeared!), Geoff for his Alaska cruise, Glenna memorialized the passing of her husband's step father at age 94, and former club member, Charlie, who was happy to visit the club again. 
Nils (September 1st) wants again celebrated his 20th birthday (perhaps 60 years later!) while sharing the story of his family appearing at his front door early in the morning to wish him a happy birthday.   
Rod Dummer, our guest speaker from Dalco Enterprises, was introduced by Todd Kruse.   
Rod opened his presentation by noting his past visit to the Hopkins/Minnetonka Rotary Club.     
Dalco was founded in 1959 in what is now Hubert's Bar (across from the former Metro Dome) by three guys who eventually parted ways for individual ventures.
Dalco's culture was resulted in great longevity of employees with one worker recently celebrating 43 years at the company.   Today they have 162 employees focused on a customer base in Minnesota, Wisconsin, northern Iowa, and Michigan.  They are the largest privately owned janitorial supply company in the USA. 
Rod noted the company utilizes the "traction/EOS process" to help drive excellent company performance (from the book "Traction" by Gino Wickam) and is hosting a September 15 trade show/open house at their New Brighton headquarters from 9 am to 2 pm.  
Dalco has experienced substantial consolidation and competition from large competitors like Grainger and Staples.  While Dalco has a wide range of clients it was noted they have numerous health care industry clients plus they sell custom floor mating and  A LOT OF TOILET PAPER! 
Rod closed his presentation by noting Dalco's primary challenges to the success of their business:
  1. Taxes
  2. Health care costs - they are self-insured
  3. Talent recruitment
  4. Employee turnover is increasing
  5. Technology upgrade costs
President Dana presented Rod with a Rotary Club coffee mug as a token of our appreciation for his very informative presentation. 
Four Way Test:
President Dana led the club and we adjourned at 1:35 pm
Meeting Recap - September 1, 2015 Todd Kruse 2015-09-01 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Todd Kruse on Aug 25, 2015
Rotarians gathered in Sunny Square Park for our August 25 meeting with a two fold mission: 
1.  Eat sandwiches while enjoying the beautiful weather as we lounged on picnic tables  - much better than being stuck in an office!
2.  Walk the park collecting any trash we discovered.  As you can see from the enclosed photos there was plenty of clean up work for our club but now the park looks even better.  
Twenty club members signed in at this gathering (after a few stopped at DD's Diner first!!) so many hands made for light work on this project.   Perhaps the highlight of this project was the search conducted in search of the park building key enclosed in a small envelope that was checked out for this event. 
After club members searched in vain for the missing key which speculation led us to believe it was accidentally placed in our garbage bags we later discovered that the missing key was found on the floor of President-elect Paul's car!!     
Our meeting/service project adjourned at 1:30 pm while the sun was shining and birds were singing.  
Meeting Recap - August 25, 2015 Todd Kruse 2015-08-25 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 11, 2015
Today's Meeting was off-site at Bilfinger Water Technologies (formerly Johnson Screens).  Paul Fournier introduced our host and speaker, Al Smith, whose background is in agricultural engineering.  Al played a video explaining the "Hydrologic System" and the role of well-water screens in filtering sediment and prolonging the usable life of water wells.  The video, although dated, explained that 15 million homes in the U.S. get their drinking water from individual wells, averaging 200 feet deep.  Filtering screens, like those manufactured by Johnson, are needed for many of these wells to keep sediment from clogging the well.   Minnesota is a great place for individual wells, with plentiful aquifers that can easily supply 10-15 gallons per minute.  Many other regions, however are happy with 2 or 3 gallons per minute.  For those who are tech-minded, the screens are made from a variety of materials but their premier screen is made from a continuous triangular stainless steel wire, formed into a cylinder and electric resistance welded.  On a tour of the huge production facility after the meeting, we were able to see screens being made in all sizes from 2 inches to 10 feet in diameter.  Al is pictured below, courtesy of Dana Rebelein.
President Dana opened the business meeting wiith the Pledge and George Winiecki offered the invocation.
Marv Sorvala (Roseville) was our sole visitor.
Dana thanked all those who helped with various Stockyard Days activities.  George Winiecki, Mark Beisswenger and Val Johnson each offered a more specific thank you to Rotarians who helped with the Hot Dog Feed, Rubber Duckie Race and Bingo Tent, respectively.
Cindy announced a bike ride fundraiser to support Peacemaker Foundation's anti-bullying efforts on Saturday September 12th.  Information can be found here.  Get a registration form here.  Get a donation form here.
Don't forget that the Board meets next Tuesday (a week earlier than usual) at 11:00AM, in the room adjacent to our regular meeting room.
Meeting Recap - August 11, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-08-11 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Aug 04, 2015
George Winiecki opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and offered an invocation, which included a prayer for good weather on Thursday for the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed.
President Dana Rebelein reviewed the meetings for the month and you'll find them listed to the left.  Note that the August 11th and 28th meetings are off-site.
Val Johnson didn't have the Stockyard Days Bingo Caller sign-up sheet today but she will email all the members Tuesday evening.  Please sign up for a shift or two and you'll be helping raise funds for Stockyard days and our Club.  Those of you who have done it know that it's easy and a lot of fun.  Those of you that haven't should give it a try.
Remember that Thursday, Aug 6th is the Hot Dog Feed for the Parade participants, so be there (just South of the Dairy Queen on Old 8) before 5PM.  We're serving 1,100 hot dogs, so we need you (and your spouses if they are willing) to help.
Nils Friberg presented Todd Peck with a Paul Harris Fellow+1 award, signifying contributions to the Foundation of over $2,000.  Way to go, Todd!
There were four birthdays to celebrate today.  Jim Kadechka, Todd Peck, Gerry Tietz and Val Johnson were all fighting over who would have the honor of wearing the hats (we only have two) but order was restored by singing twice.  The two birthday duos are shown below.
Mike Neeley announced that Fridley/Columbia Heights Rotary is having a Pig Roast Fundraiser on Wednesday, August 26th, from 5PM to 8PM at Locke Park, 6911 University Ave. in Fridley.  A Dixieland Band will provide the entertainment. Tickets are $25 per person and are available from Mike Neeley (651) 636-6966.
Mark Beisswenger has Stockyard Days Rubber Duckie Race tickets.  (651) 636-8159
Val Johnson introduced our speaker, Frank Bond.  Frank shared his story of homelessness.  Frank son's were selling drugs and his home was seized as a result.  He stayed at a shelter for a while but was upset by the attitudes of staff and other homeless people at the shelter, so he left the relative comfort of the shelter and became truly homeless, staying in abandoned buildings, under bridges or whatever places he could find.  In winter, he and other homeless people would walk the skyway or ride a bus to stay warm.  Val met Frank near her workplace and they became friends.  Val's encouragement "lifted his spirits" and he credits her with giving him the confidence to get a job.  He has an apartment now but over half his income goes to rent.  He admits that he is still struggling to make ends meet, but is proud to be working hard to achieve a better life.  Frank and Val are shown below.
Meeting Recap - August 4, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-08-04 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Glenna Dibrell on Jul 28, 2015
Meeting Announcements:
  • Dana read a note from the New Brighton Historical Society thanking the club for its support of the caboose restoration. 
  • ECHO publication was passed around to help the club get better informed of all the work this organization does. Anyone interested in a subscription should see Geoff Hollimon.
  • Board Meeting Notes:
    • The Board voted to contribute $500 in support of the Chisago Lakes club's $40,000 Jamaica project to assist two impoverished communities with medical equipment and training (this will buy $100,000 worth of equipment due to some excellent negotiations).
    • Cindy Carlson noted that she and Char Samuelson met with the other local clubs that make up the Healthy Youth Foundation and discussed the possibility of doing a fundraiser for the Peacemaker organization. Still in formative stages.
    • There is a Friendship Exchange to India January 9-20, 2016; see Dana or the District Site for more info.
    • There is a Rogers Rotary Club motorcycle rally on August 22; see Dana for more info.
    • Board meeting schedule is slightly adjusted in the coming months: next meeting is August 18 and there will be two meetings in September--one on the 22nd and another on the 29th for the District Governor, who will be visiting our club that day.
  • Stockyard Days is coming right up August 2-10. See Val to volunteer for Bingo; see George to let him know if you will be helping for the parade hot dog feed on August 6th.
  • Mark your calendars that our August 11 meeting will be offsite at the Bilfinger Water Tech / Johnson Screen plant. Paul asked for people to sign up to confirm their attendance and will be asking for box lunch orders at next week's meeting.
  • Val, Paul and George are the August Committee members; Jason, Todd Kruse and John Ordway are the September Committee members.
  • MaryAnn Bawden celebrated her birthday (see photo below).
  • The club is making a contribution to the Peacemaker organization in honor of Amy Wakem's wedding; if you want to bring a card to Amy's August 8th wedding celebration party consider writing a check to Peacemakers as your gift to her.
Program: Susan Park Rani, PE, on the Destination Medical Center (DMC) Initiative.
  • John Risdall introduced Susan as a member of the DMC board, appointed by Governor Dayton.
  • Susan provided an overview of the initiative, which is a statewide effort to help Mayo Clinic and Rochester become a global medical destination for patients and their families from around the world.
  • There is increasing competition for international patients (Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson) and Mayo has seen significant reductions in their international patient volume. To become a viable destination it isn't enough to just be an outstanding research and medical resource; it also requires world class hotels, restaurants, transportation and cultural options for these visitors. 
  • A statue was passed by the MN Legislature to fund $585 million to leverage a $5 billion investment from other sources. There is a comprehensive strategic plan to harness the energy and creativity of the entire community.
  • This initiative is pulling together resources from Mayo and their nonprofit the Economic Development Association, the city of Rochester, the county and the state of MN. All are working together to make this happen over the next 20 years. It is the largest and most complex project undertaken by the state.
  • Susan will be serving a four-year term on the board. We were honored to meet her and have an inside look at this amazing initiative. Thanks for John Risdall's introduction.  John, Susan and Dana are shown below.
Meeting Summary - July 28, 2105 Glenna Dibrell 2015-07-28 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cindy Carlson on Jul 21, 2015

Janet Cobus, Development Director, and Bob Elsenpeter and his canine partner Herbie, came to say "thank you" to our club for a $250 contribution that we made to Can Do Canines to help purchase a $22,000 Ford transit van that was funded with the generosity of 12 Minnesota Rotary clubs, and to bring awareness about this locally based non-profit organization that serves people in MN, WISC, IA, ND and SD.

Can Do Canines is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities by creating mutually beneficial partnerships with specially trained dogs.  These individually trained dogs, often adopted from animal shelters or donated by select breeders, are provided to their partners free of charge, thanks to donations made by people and organizations like Rotary.  For more than 25 years, Can Do Canines has trained and placed nearly 500 dogs providing assistance with:  hearing, mobility, seizure, diabetes, or autism.    Janet and Bob helped us to understand the huge quality of life benefits...often not only for the recipient adult or child...but also for the other family members who receive some relief from high levels of anxiety, worry and dependence.

A key component in raising future assistance dogs is the Can Do Canines Prison Puppy Program.  It is currently operated in four Minnesota prisons and involves 40 - 50 dogs at a given time.  The puppies usually enter at around 18 weeks of age and are each assigned two handlers.  This is a special privilege for carefully selected inmates.  Inmates raise the puppy, teach obedience, and in some cases, even teach assistance dog skills, such as pulling open a door.    Inmates benefit from the relationships with the dogs, and gain skills, self confidence and self control that transfer to other areas of their life in an out of prison.  Prison officials say that it's not only the participating inmates that benefit-the entire prison environment seems to be positively transformed.

Overall, the dogs go through 7 or 8 levels of obedience training before being placed in a home.  They are certified by ADI.  If not for the generosity of donors, the average cost for a fully trained dog would be $25,000.    Currently 180 people are on a waiting list to receive an assistance dog.   Can Do Canines anticipates that they can provide matches for 46 people and dogs in 2015, and expect to increase that to 76 in 2017.  More donations are needed to make these wishes into reality.

How can we help?  Make a donation or pledge support for their annual fundraiser "Can Do Woofaroo" walk and festival on Saturday, Sept 12th in New Hope.  Check out   Bob, Janet, Dana and Can-Do-Canine "Herbie" are pictured below.

(MANY THANKS to Cindy Carlson for providing this summary)


Speaker Recap - July 21, 2015 Cindy Carlson 2015-07-21 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Dana Rebelein on Jul 21, 2015
Mary Ann Bawden opened the meeting, offered the invocation, and introduced Pat Drovdal and Allisyn Gurley, guest of Dana Rebelein.
Cindy and Dana took notes in the absence of Jeff Benson, masterful Bulletin editor.
Dana announced that DG Marlene Gargolak will visit us on September 29. Because that would ordinarily be our quarterly club assembly date, committees are asked to address the club during announcement times on days leading up to that to share goals and plans, seek input, etc.
The Midterm will be in Roseville again, January 29 & 30. All officers and board members should put that on their 2016 calendars now to save the dates. This is also the first session for President-Elect training.
A picture of current Stockyard Days Royalty was passed around. One of the princesses is sponsored by our own Mark Beisswenger of the famous hardware store. We contribute significantly to SYD, sponsoring the social event for royalty, the hot dog feed, and $1,000 from bingo proceeds.
Despite his retirement as chair of the hot dog feed after last year’s event, George Winiecki stepped up to the plate/pot  and arranged for the location, satellites, water, etc. Dave Hoel will get the wieners, buns and chips. This year, he will get 1100 dogs and buns and chips. Set up will be at 4 p.m., and the 120 unit parade, including a group of unicyclists, starts at 6. Many hands are needed to make it go smoothly.
Geoff Hollimon announced a CPY golf ball drop and carnival Aug 1, 2015. Mascots, including Madonna the St. Paul Saints pig, and Goldie Gopher, will be there. The carnival will run from 1 to 4:30, with 15 free games and prizes. Tickets may be purchased for face painting and playing in an inflatable.  The balls will be dropped at 4:30 p.m. by the New Brighton Fire Department. “Buy” balls from Geoff.
Char Samuelson received her Paul Harris plus 3 pin from Gerry.  Congratulations, Char! And thanks for your generous support of The Rotary Foundation.  Gerry Tietz and Char are pictured below.
(MANY THANKS to Dana Rebelein for providing this meeting summary)
Meeting Recap - July 21, 2015 Dana Rebelein 2015-07-21 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 13, 2015
MaryAnn Bawden opened the meeting and offered the invocation.
President Dana Rebelein announced the upcoming speakers and said she has some suggestions for those looking to fill a speaker slot.
We are running the Stockyard Days Bingo Tent again this year.  There will be a sign-up sheet next Tuesday so remember to bring your calendars to the meeting.
If you are going to Amy Wakem's reception on August 8th, Mark Lampman could use some help from club members to assemble the pizzas that he is baking at the event.  Call Mark if you can help him out at the event.
Paul Fournier announced that we will be having an off-site Rotary meeting on Tuesday, August 11th.  We'll be visiting Paul's former employer, Johnson Screens.  We will enjoy a short movie/presentation about water well design and installation along with a plant tour for whoever is interested and could stay an extra 15 minutes.  The meeting will begin as usual at 12:15 and we will have DD's box lunches, menu to be determined.   Johnson Screen company is located at 1950 Old Highway 8, just across the street from Beisswenger's. The visitor's entry is the North driveway, with parking at the far SW corner. (Paul will hand out a map and provide a sandwich selection sign-up sheet at a future meeting).
Todd Kruse introduced his guest, Denny Smith.  Denny is a diversity inclusion trainer.
Marv Sorvala of the Roseville Club was also visiting today.
MaryAnn introduced our own Cor Wilson, who updated us on recent developments at the North Suburban Communications Commission as well as at CTV North Suburbs.  Cor is the executive director for CTV North Suburbs and for the North Suburban Communications Commission (NSCC).  Cor started by showing a video outlining the wide variety of programming and services provided by CTV North Suburbs.  We are all probably familiar with the community access programming on Channel 15, but CTV North Suburbs also provides classes in video production and editing, internships for students interested in media production or information technology and fee-based video production services for community organizations.  NSCC/CTV15 is funded by the $4.15 PEG fee paid by cable subscribers and fees from the previously mentioned video production services.  Cor said that Comcast's monopoly over our local cable services is being challenged by CenturyLink, which has applied to provide local services alongside Comcast.  Minneapolis has already approved CenturyLink and their service seems to have what it will take to compete with Comcast.   Time will tell if more competition in the cable marketplace leads to lower prices or better product offerings in the future.   Dana and Cor are shown below.
Meeting Recap - July 14, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-07-13 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jul 07, 2015
MaryAnn Bawden opened the meeting and offered the invocation.
Our guests today were Don Craighead from the Roseville Club and Frank Mabley, immediate past president (for about 4 hours) of the Arden Hills Shoreview club.
It was announced that Sue Ager's husband, Duane, has been hospitalized with Guillain-Barre Syndrome.   Nils Friberg updated us on his son, Jim, who will have surgery in 2 weeks to repair an aortic aneurysm.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Duane and Jim, and their extended families.
Val Johnson was interviewed by WCCO TV at her Village Scoop ice cream shop.  She looked like she survived the ordeal, despite the 3AM start time.
President Dana Rebelein attempted, in vain, to celebrate the birthdays of Amy Wakem (absent) and Todd Kruse (actually born on December 5th).  Todd Peck was the actual birthday boy but he was absent as well. 
Mary Ann introduced our speaker, Iris McGinnis, a volunteer with the Community Support Center of New Brighton and Mounds View.  The Community Support Center is an off-shoot of CEAP, which has a service area that includes mostly Anoka and Hennepin counties.  Our own Nils Friberg was involved in bringing CEAP services to the New Brighton Mounds View area, and CEAP still provides assistance in our communities in the form of the Community Support Center (CSC).
Iris offered us the opportunity to join other community members in the annual "Walk a Mile for Your Neighbors" event which will again be held at beautiful Silverwood Park on July 26th.  Last year the event raised $12,000 for the CSC, a significant portion of their $75,000 annual budget.  The remainder of the $75,000 is from donations by churches, individuals and groups, like Rotary, who believe in the Community Support Center's mission to combine short-term emergency assistance with long-term financial counseling to promote self-sufficiency for low income families.  CSC's volunteer advocates carefully allocate their limited resources to families who are most likely to become self-sufficient with minimum financial assistance.  CSC also gets help from local businesses that offer employment opportunities to their clients.  Our own Val Johnson did just that by hiring the son of a CEAP client to work at the Village Scoop.
Iris introduced Ed Petsche, the outgoing CSC coordinator, who noted some startling statistics from the Federal Reserve Report - 2014.  The report said that 47% of respondents would not be able to cover a $400 emergency expense within one month's time.  The report also indicated a 92% increase in poverty since 2000.  Our own Mounds View School District reports 117 homeless households with 187 homeless students.  These statistics emphasize the need for programs like the CSC.  Iris and Ed thanked NBMV Rotary for our continuing support.  Dana, Ed and Iris are shown below.
Meeting Recap - July 7, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-07-07 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 30, 2015
Jeff Benson opened the meeting and offered the invocation.  Jeff noted that former member Bob Jacobson married Diane this past weekend.  Jeff also said that Nils Friberg is currently in Rochester with his son Jim, who has been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm.  Our prayers go out to Nils, Jim and their families.
Our guest today was Mary Jo McGuire.
President Margaret started the final meeting of her presidential year with a review of her 30th reunion in Taiwan.  She had a wonderful time and, despite still suffering from jet-lag, appeared rested and relaxed.  Margaret distributed cards from Pinewood Elementary School students, thanking our members for talking to them about the value of trees and for the tree seedlings we gave them in celebration of Arbor Day.  Eric Nelson selected a few of the funniest to read aloud.  Thanks to Amy Wakem for organizing the Fourth Grade Foresters program, even though she was on a leave of absence.
Geoff Hollimon read a letter from ECHO thanking us for our multi-year matching grant totaling $8,326.  The letter also outlined some of the recent developments at ECHO, including regionalization of ECHO's training and services to bring them closer to areas of high demand.  These regional centers offer programs on natural farming, rice intensification, seed swapping, livestock production and nursery management, among many others.  ECHO is world renowned for their expertise in small-scale farming practices and our grant will help ECHO to promote these innovative practices around the globe.  Thanks to Geoff Hollimon for his work to secure the matching grant.
Don't forget that next Tuesday, July 7th, at 11 AM, there is a training session for all committee chairs on using the ClubRunner committee management module.  Please bring your (fully charged) laptop or tablet to get hands-on experience with the module.  The session will be held in the normal meeting space.
Dean Lotter gave a brief update on the city's efforts to manage the trace amounts of 1,4-dioxane that had been recently discovered in New Brighton's drinking water.  Although no regulatory limit has been set for this contaminant, Dean, and city staff are aggressively seeking a permanent solution which will be funded by the U.S. Army.  For more information on the problem, click hereThe temporary solution currently in effect is to switch to a deeper, uncontaminated, aquifer but there is concern that late summer water demand may exceed the pumping limit of these deeper wells.  The City has already established guidelines for its own water usage during the peak demand period.  To view those guidelines and see what you can do to reduce the burden on those temporary wells, click here.
Margaret offered a very thoughtful and sincere thank you to the Board members and all other Rotarians who had a part, big or small, in the successes we've shared during her presidency.  She also thanked us for the kind words and personal support she has received.  Margaret then welcomed our new president., Dana Rebelein, to the stage.  Dana presented Margaret with a plaque to commemorate her presidency and thanked Margaret on behalf of the club for her leadership and the creation of a great foundation on which to build future successes.  See Margaret with her plaque, below.
Dana then revealed Rotary International President K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran's theme for 2015-2016: "Be a Gift to the World".  She briefly outlined her own vision for the coming year.  For the past couple of years we have run a deficit budget to bring our reserves down to an appropriate level for a non-profit organization, and that level has been reached.  Dana's (and the Board's) challenge for the coming year is to provide the maximum benefit for each dollar we donate to our charitable partners.  Dana recognized the outgoing and incoming Board members and distributed a sign-up sheet for members to indicate which committees they would like to serve on in the coming year.  If you were unable to sign up today, you can be sure to see the sign-up sheet at the next meeting.  See Dana with her Pre-Presidential Mug, below.
Meeting Recap - June 30, 2105 Jeff Benson 2015-06-30 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 23, 2015
Todd Kruse opened the meeting and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Gerry Tietz introduced our guests, Marv Sorvala from Roseville, and Ezra Krohn, our outbound exchange student to Italy in 2013.
Cindy updated us on our district Matching Grant Project in Madaoua, Niger.  Progress is being made on latrines and handwashing stations.
Ezra Krohn updated us on his recent travel back to Italy, where he reconnected with his exchange host families.  Ezra will be attending the University of Manitoba in the fall to study international business.  Ezra is shown below.
Cindy Carlson chose the blue birthday hat since the red one would have clashed with her pink blazer.  Happy Birthday Cindy!  See photo below.
Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Past District Governor Clare Lillis.  PDG Clare was here to speak to us a couple of months ago about our District's Nicaragua initiative.  Time was limited for his previous presentation so he agreed to come back to complete his talk.  Before addressing Nicaragua, Clare spoke a little about his experience at the Rotary International Convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Clare said it was the smallest convention he has attended, but the speakers, entertainment and the food were all excellent.  Under President Gary C.K. Huang's leadership, Rotary has expanded its presence to 206 countries and has experienced a net increase of 47,000 members.  Overall contributions to the Rotary Foundation were also up dramatically this year, in large part due to 47 new Arch Klumph Society members, each of whom contributed $250,000 or more to the Foundation.  Wow!!!
Clare also learned that significant progress is being made on polio eradication.  There have been no new type 3 polio cases in 2 1/2 years and even Afganistan and Pakistan are making significant progress due, in great measure, to the efforts of women in those countries.  Clare said that total polio eradication is possible in 6 years.
District 5960 Nicaragua Initiative is also making great progress.    The project has empowered the local community in the planning and execution of the project.  The community identified 1.roads and water, 2. literacy and health, 3. leadership and 4. capacity and engagement as its key needs.  Clare and many others from the district have worked tirelessly to ensure that the project stays on track and the keystone of the project, a new road and reliable water supply, is in the final planning stage.  Rotary will likely use a Global Matching Grant to raise approximately $300.000 to complete the project.  Dana and Clare are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - June 23, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-06-23 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 16, 2015
Jeff Benson opened the meeting and offered the invocation.
President-elect Dana Rebelein (filling in for President Margaret) reminded all old and new board members that next Tuesday, June 23rd, we will have a joint meeting of this year's and next year's boards.  The meeting will be held in the room adjacent to our regular club meeting room at 11AM. 
Jeff Benson announced that we are considering various ways for service-minded people, with time or financial constraints, to become involved in Rotary without becoming "members" of the club.  He welcomed your feedback on this or other ways to increase participation in, and awareness of, New Brighton Mounds View Rotary.
Sue Ager brought up the idea of having our weekly meetings in the morning rather than at noon.  If you have opinions about our meeting time, please make your feelings known to the Board.
Val summarized her experience at the RI Annual Convention, held in Sao Paulo, Brazil earlier this month.  Val wasn't impressed with this convention, compared with her previous convention, but she reported that the Water Summit was excellent.  She's already looking forward to Seoul next year.
Jeff Benson introduced our speaker, Karen Thompson, of Junior Achievement Upper Midwest.  Karen presented a picture of Junior Achievement that was quite different than the picture many of us had in our heads about Junior Achievement.  JA has adapted to the changing needs of students in a number of ways. JA now serves students from K-12 with a number of interactive, hands on experiences that develop Financial Literacy, College and Career Readiness and Entrepreneurship Skills in students.  JA has developed these educational experiences so that they can be comfortably delivered by volunteer business people in the school classroom, with the support of the classroom teacher for behavior control, if needed.  Activities are available for all grade levels and volunteers are provided with step-by-step instructions, training videos and access to JA staff for questions.  This program would be a natural fit for Rotarians who embrace the vocational service focus of Rotary.  Junior Achievement is solely funded by donations from individuals and businesses.  To volunteer, or just get more information, contact Karen at 651-255-0050 or  You can also find out more about Junior Achievement by going to:   Dana and Karyn are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - June 16, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-06-16 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 08, 2015
Gerry Tietz opened the meeting and offered the invocation.
Our guests today were Mary Jo McGuire, and prospective member Sean Kinsella (Jeff's guest), owner of Right at Home, a home care and assistance agency located in New Brighton.
President Margaret Johnson read a very nice thank you letter from "Can Do Canines", thanking us for our $250 donation to their service dog training organization.  A representative from the organization will speak to the club on July 28th.
Margaret noted that she will be in Taiwan for the next two Rotary Meetings so the next time we see her will be at her final meeting as president on June 30th.  President-elect Dana Rebelein will fill in during Margaret's absence so she should be all practiced-up for the first meeting of her tenure on July 7th.
Gerry Tietz reminded all committee chairs and directors that they are requested to attend a training session on using the "committee" module in our ClubRunner club management software.  The session will be held in the our normal meeting area at 11:00AM on July 7th.  Please bring your wi-fi enabled devices so you can get help actually accessing the functions of the software.
Mark your calendars now for the New Brighton Stockyard Days Celebration, August 2-10.  Make special note of the Stockyard Days Parade on August 6th, because we'll need your help to feed hot dogs to all the parade participants.  We'll start cooking at 4:30PM.
Gerry Tietz introduced our speaker, Samara Bilyeu-Anderson, from Lillie Suburban Newspapers, Inc.  Samara spoke to us about many ways to make make your advertising dollars go further.  For newspaper advertising, Samara advised to forego full-page ads in favor of multiple smaller ads on an ongoing basis.  This strategy keeps your message in front of potential customers or clients, promoting top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA, in advertising lingo), so that your business comes to mind no matter when the customer decides they need your product or service.  She stressed that, unless you've already got strong branding, you must include all the information the customer needs to make a decision to contact or visit your business.  Make no assumptions about what the customer already knows about your company.  Samara said that your newspaper advertising representative will be happy to help you design ads and ad programs for maximum effectiveness.  Even though Samara's job is newspaper advertising, she also offered that radio, TV, internet and direct mail advertising can, depending on your situation, be important elements of a comprehensive marketing strategy.  Regardless of the advertising media, however, frequency and consistency are the cornerstones of any effective advertising effort.  Gerry and Samara are shown below.
Meeting Summary - June 9, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-06-08 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Jun 02, 2015
Gerry Tietz led us in the Pledge and invocation.
There were no guests today.
President Margaret read two thank you letters from recipients of our scholarships at Irondale.  The recipients were: Ryan Norlinger and Megan Montero.
Margaret also read a letter from MaryAnn Bawden praising Dana Rebelein for her inspired speech at the presentation of our "at large" scholarship during the St.Anthony H.S. scholarship awards ceremony.  The recipient of the scholarship was Elena Dorman, a New Brighton resident.
Sue Ager announced that her son is engaged and will be married in Bangkok, Thailand.  Talk about a destination wedding!
Returning member Jim Kadechka announced that his son and daughter are each expecting a baby and those babies are both due on the same day in November.  WOW!!!!
Jeff Benson had the great pleasure of re-inducting Jim Kadechka into the club.  Jim first joined the club in 1984 and was president in '89-'90.  Jim owns a printing company, Apache Print, in St. Anthony.  One wonders if he's rejoining Rotary to escape diaper changes when his 2 grandkids are born in November.  Jeff is making it official, below.
Jeff Benson introduced our speaker for the day, Todd Kruse, to present his new member classification talk.  Todd grew up a farm boy in a poor German family in Ida Grove, Iowa.  Todd has been interested in politics and public policy since he was very young and remembers accompanying his father to zoning and planning commission meetings as a child.  Todd related that he has been a member of seven Rotary clubs, joining clubs in most of the many locations where he's been employed.  His first service club experience was with the Kiwanis in Iowa, where it was the only club in town.  This early experience helped to shape and nurture his interest in civil society.  Todd entered Iowa State to pursue a degree in industrial engineering but graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Political Science, with a minor in Speech Communications.  Although he didn't mention it, he also holds an M.B.A. in International Management and has numerous other educational experiences in public policy and public affairs.  Todd has had an interesting variety of occupations including U.S. Senate Campaign Field Representative, Government and Industry Relations Manager for Frontier Communications, Vice President and European Director for DCI Group, Managing Partner of Constantine Group, Adjunct Faculty Instructor for MNSCU and, of course, his current position as the President of Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce.  Todd talked about the roles of local, state and national chambers in providing direct services to businesses and helping to inform policy makers about the needs of businesses.  Todd lives in Inver Grove Heights with wife, Jaleh, and 2 kids, aged 7 & 11.  Gerry and Todd are shown below.
Meeting Summary - June 2, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-06-02 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 26, 2015
Events and Announcements:
All committee chairs (you know who you are) should mark their calendars for the "All Committee Chairs Meeting" at 11AM, Tuesday, June 2nd.  This meeting is extremely important as we plan our work for the coming year.  We'll meet in the conference room adjacent to our regular meeting room.
Don't forget that our outbound exchange student to Italy, Ezra Krohn, is having a graduation party on Saturday, June 6th, form 4-8PM.  We are all invited.  Ezra's mom, Anne, is involved in the District 5960 exchange program and is considering membership in our club.  The invitation is shown below.
The Rotary Rally With The Twins is happening on June 20th.  The deadline to order tickets is June 2nd.  For more information, or to purchase tickets, click here.
Our guests today were Jim Kadechka (to be inducted next week), Mary Jo McGuire, and Erica Buckingham (guest of Glenna Dibrell and currently interning at Risdall Marketing)
Mark Beisswenger has been unable to attend for a while , so it was great to see him at the meeting.  Mark said that his wife Gail recently had a heart vessel stent placed and is doing very well.
Val Johnson introduced our Speaker, Laura Crepeau.  Laura is a senior at St. Kates, with a major's in both biochemistry and biophysics and will pursue a career in trauma medicine.  Laura spoke about her efforts to help the women of Tanzania with problems related to menstruation.  It all started during her freshman year when she traveled to Tanzania with her sister during j-term.  While in Tanzania, she became aware of the cultural taboos surrounding menstruation and the many difficulties faced by menstruating women each month:
-Feminine hygiene products are in very limited supply and cost as much as ten times their cost in the U.S.
-Because of limited supplies and cultural taboos, few women attend school or other normal activities during their periods.
-The use of unsanitary cloths, rags and even dirt, instead of proper products, is a primary cause of infections for women.
Laura came back to the U.S. determined to do something about these problems, so she wrote the manufacturers of feminine hygiene products to see if they could be of help, but got no response.  She reasoned that reusable pads might be a viable solution so she personally sewed 2,000 pads in her "spare time" and distributed them to Tanzanian women.  At some point Laura and our own Val Johnson connected and HER. Empowerment was born.  This initiative empowers the Tanzanian women by providing them with the materials and instructions to make their own reusable pads.  Her. Empowerment's mission is to educate more women and provide them with proper pads which will allow them to fully attend school and other activities.   Val and Laura are pictured below.
Meeing Recap - May 26, 2105 Jeff Benson 2015-05-26 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on May 04, 2015
Our guests today were Past District Governor Craig Leiser and NBMV Past President Jim Kadechka.
PDG Leiser presented Margaret a check from District 5960 for $3,750.  The money was the District's match for the ECHO grant which was just completed.  Thanks once again to Geoff Hollimon, who spearheaded the grant.
Margaret was proud to report that our club received the 2014-2015 Zone Literacy and Education Award for our efforts to promote Literacy and Education in the New Brighton Mounds View community as well as internationally.  This award is a big deal in Rotary and we should be very proud.  A hastily taken photo of the award is shown below.
Gerry Tietz was pleased to present Cindy Carlson with a Paul Harris Fellow +4 award, signifying that she has contributed a total of over $5,000 to the Rotary Foundation.  Congratulations, Cindy, and thank you for your continuing support of the Foundation.  Cindy and Gerry are shown below.
Val Johnson, MaryAnn Bawden and Char Samuelson represented Rotary at the New Brighton Town Hall/Open house this past Saturday.  It's a great opportunity for us to create community awareness of Rotary and also interest people in joining Rotary.
John Ordway reported that we can probably expect $17,500 net from the Gold Plate Dinner.  These proceeds will help the Board to handle the ever-increasing requests for donations.  Thanks again to all who contributed to the successful fundraiser.
Watch the Lillie Suburban News this week for a story about our Fourth Grade Foresters Arbor Day Tree Giveaway.  Thanks to Linda Lafond, Cor Wilson and others who have found a way to get our stories and events published in the local papers.  This will surely lead to greater awareness of all the great things we so quietly accomplish in our community.
Dean Lotter reported on a new water contamination issue for New Brighton.  New technology has made it possible to detect extremely low concentrations of chemicals in drinking water and a recent test by the Minnesota Department of Health has detected trace amounts of 1,4-dioxane in the City's water.  The chemical was used in solvents at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant.  Although the health risk is thought to be very low, the City and the Army are cooperating to address the problem, and the Army will pay for the eventual solution.  Until a solution is implemented, New Brighton's water will be coming from deeper wells that are free of the contaminant.  Kudos to Dean and New Brighton city government for their swift and transparent response to this situation.  For more information, click here.

Margaret Johnson and Bob Barmore teamed up to celebrate their birthdays.  See the photo below.

Cindy Carlson introduced our speaker, Kara VanderKamp from the Remember Niger Coalition,  You'll remember that Kara has spoken to us in the past about Niger, and that we were the lead club in a Global Matching Grant project where ten District 5960 Rotary clubs raised $11,500 which, when added to matches by District 5960 and the Rotary Foundation, resulted in a total of $37,300 to improve conditions in schools in Niger.  Niger is the least developed country in the world and lack of education is a big part of the problem.  Fully 60% of the population has no schooling at all.  The current rate of school participation is very low and the rate is even lower for girls, only 37% of whom attend  primary school and only 8% attend secondary school.  Our Global Grant helped to improve the conditions at three schools supported by the Remember Niger Coalition.  Your dollars provided new and improved latrines, electrical power, fresh water, computer training and improved security to make these schools healthier, safer and more attractive to parents struggling with the decision to send their children to school, or not.  To find out more about the Remember Niger Coalition, click here.  Kara VanderKamp, Cindy Carlson and Kara's Associate Cathy Hickman ae pictured below.


Meeting Recap - May 5, 2105 Jeff Benson 2015-05-05 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 30, 2015
CTV North Suburbs has put together a great video of our 2015 New Brighton Mounds View Egg Hunt.  It's available on YouTube by clicking here.  The video first appeared on CTV's North Suburban Beat news show.  You can check out all the other ways that CTV North Suburbs serves our communities by clicking here
2015 New Brighton Moundsview Egg Hunt Video Is Available On You Tube Jeff Benson 2015-05-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 27, 2015
John Risdall welcomed his guest, John Johnson.  John Marg-Patton welcomed NBMV Past President Jim Kadechka.
Our Gold Plate Dinner fundraiser was a great success again this year.  Event chair Dana Rebelein, and many others, expressed their appreciation for all the hard work that goes into planning a successful event of this kind.  This is our sole fundraiser of the year, so we depend on a successful dinner to fund most of the good work we do in the community and the world.  Thanks to all for a job well done!
Our "Fourth Grade Foresters" Arbor Day tree giveaway was a hit again this year.  Thanks to the many intrepid Rotarians who delivered the trees and answered questions from the 4th graders.  Also thanks to Amy Wakem, who organized the event.
Our club will be represented at the Town Hall/Community Open House on Saturday May 2nd, 8-Noon, at the New Brighton Community Center.  Click here for details.
Cindy Carlson and Bev Aplikowski are each hosting a table at the NYFS Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, May 6th from 11:30-1:00 at Midland Hills Country Club in Roseville.  Please contact Cindy or Bev if you can attend.  Get more information about the luncheon here.
Paul announced that the last performance of "And the World Goes 'Round" will be on May 17th, so those who had planned to attend on May 20th will need to reschedule.  Contact Paul to arrange a time to attend before the 17th.
Bob Barmore introduced his good friend Mike Cleary, who spoke to us about the need for careful pre-planning of your intended charitable giving as part of estate planning.  He stressed that if you don't have a well thought out estate plan, the government will provide you with one that you definitely would not have made if had the choice.  Charitable giving, as a part of estate planning, can be a valuable tool to maximize the benefit to a charity while minimizing or eliminating taxes on appreciated assets.  Charitable remainder trusts, paired with life insurance, are one example of estate planning that benefits the donor and the charity while the donor is still alive.  Mike's most important message was that NOW is the time to do your estate and charitable giving planning, and that concerns about the complexity and cost of estate planning can be greatly minimized by deciding what your giving goals are before you visit an estate planner.  By deciding three things (where the money will go, when it will go and how much will go) before you visit a planner/attorney, you can dramatically reduce the cost of estate planning.  Mike and Bob are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - April 28, 2105 Jeff Benson 2015-04-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 20, 2015
Our meeting today was filled with last minute details for the Gold Plate dinner.  This Friday is the big event we all have a part to play in the success of our major fundraiser.  Let's do our best to show our guests a great time and show them what a classy organization we are.  Setup at the Mermaid will begin at 2PM and even though we have some people signed up to help, please consider showing up to lend a hand.  Remember that the theme is "The Roaring 20's", so it would be great if many of us would dress the part.  Costumes are "admired but not required".  Social hour begins at 6:00 and dinner is at 7:00.  Twelve tickets remain to be sold, so there will be an opportunity at the dinner to purchase additional chances to win the big money!
Sue Ager was unable to be at today's meeting as she was attending her sister-in-law's funeral.  She wanted to remind us of the Benedictine Gala on Friday, May 1st.  If you don't have your tickets yet, contact Sue.
Cindy Carlson and Bev Aplikowski are each hosting a table at the NYFS Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, May 6th from 11:30-1:00 at Midland Hills Country Club in Roseville.  Please contact Cindy or Bev if you can attend.
Dave and Susan Hoel are the proud grandparents of Henrik Alan Stordahl, 8 lb., 11 oz. and 22 in.  Mother (Lauren) and son are doing well.
Geoff announced that the Echo Grant has been completed and the new Gator utility vehicle should already have been delivered to a very appreciative ECHO staff.  Once again, we got a lot of praise from the District for doing the grant and doing it right.  Great work, Geoff!
Bob Barmore introduced our speakers, Steve Jahnke and Chris Drahn, of Nuveen Investments. Steve and Chris presented information about the bond market in general and about Minnesota's bond market in particular.  It's one thing to listen to a talk about the bond market, but quite another to write an intelligent summary of a talk about the bond market.  Fortunately for me, and for you, Chris has written a piece on Minnesota's bond market which I will attempt to summarize here.
Minnesota enjoys a relatively good bond investment outlook for a number of reasons.  First, with a budget surplus, high taxes and favorable credit perception among investors, demand for Minnesota municipal debt is high.  Minnesota's economy is also relatively stable due to a good mix of higher paying jobs and high worker education levels.  Investors also note that Minnesota's recovery from the recession outpaced the national recovery with a year-over-year GDP growth rate of 2.8%. Minnesota's debt management is also in the top 25% nationally.  The health of Minnesota's pension system is also good compared to many other states, having passed pension measures in 2010.  State statutes also safeguard general obligation debt for many levels of Minnesota government, with the state auditor having the authority, but so far not the need, to levy property taxes to cover all principal and interest on State G.O. bonds.  Local level bonds have similar safeguards as well.  These safeguards have resulted in fairly high demand from in-state investors which, in turn, attracts out- of state investors.  This has resulted in a stable market for many years and Chris feels that that stability will continue in the near future.  Chris, Bob and Steve are shown below
Meeting Recap - April 21, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-04-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 13, 2015
Margaret was warmly welcomed back after a couple of weeks away.
Dana's guest today was her daughter-in-law, Janet Ampe. She was present to invite us to the Rogers Rotary Foundation "Big Cup" golf tournament. Details may be found at:  While Janet was here she also offered an opportunity to join her in this year's "Moving Day Twin Cities" walk/run for parkinson's disease.  Janet recently underwent successful deep brain stimulation surgery which has enabled her to walk in the event this year.  For more information, click here.
Gold Plate Dinner News
- Final GPD planning meeting is Tuesday, April 21st, 11AM at CU companies.  All GPD committee chairs should attend and all interested Rotarians are welcome.
- Please bring a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer on Tuesday, April 21st, to donate for a new fundraising effort at the GPD.  Val will be collecting your donations.
- Please get your silent auction donations to Cindy Carlson or Mary Stewart ASAP so they can have everything ready for the gala.
- Bev reminds us that that there are still 14 tickets left to be sold, so let's get it done!
Val needs one more volunteer to help her staff our Rotary booth at the New Brighton Town Hall Meeting from 8AM to Noon on Saturday, May 2nd.  Please call her if you can help.
Margaret read thank you's from District 5960 for our continuing support of Polio Plus, and from Ralph Reeder Food Shelf for the 163 pounds of food collected at the Easter Egg Hunt.
The Board will meet at 11AM on April 28th.
Mark reported that his mother passed away on Easter, but praised Benedictine Health Center for the compassionate care that she received during her stay there.
Our Speaker today was Eric Nelson.  Eric gave his long-awaited classification talk and here are the highlights.  Eric grew up as a "Rice Street Boy" on the East Side of St. Paul.  School was all parochial until 8th grade, but high school was at Tartan H.S.  Eric worked full time evenings to pay his own way through college, graduating from the UofM in 4 years with two degrees and no debt!  He got his graduate degree from St Mary's University of Minnesota.  He met his wife Christine (Chris) in high school but she wisely waited to show any interest until college had matured him a bit. The light of Eric's life is his daughter, Julia. Eric's first job was in the basement of the Tin Cups bar, trimming frozen chickens and he also worked at Rainbow Foods while in college.  His first education job was teaching at Henry Sibley H.S. but he soon got an assistant principal job at Edina H.S., where he worked for 12 years.  When the Irondale principal job opened up, Eric jumped at the chance to learn from 621 Superintendent, Dan Hoverman and to continue the great work started by Colleen Wambach and Scott Gengler at Irondale.  Eric loves lists and presented his list of loves, summarized here:
1.  The Desert
2.  Golf
3.  Arsenal Football Club (Soccer)
4.  Italy
5.  WWII Documentaries
6.  The Gophers
7.  Netflix
8.  Music (all kinds)
9.  The Godfather I and II
10. And of course, Countdowns and Lists
Eric and Margaret are pictured below.
Meeting Recap - April 14, 2015 Jeff Benson 2015-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Jeff Benson on Apr 06, 2015
Margaret was in San Francisco and Dana was in Italy, so Glenna was conscripted to lead the meeting, which she did with her usual style and grace.
Dave reported that Saturday's NBMV Rotary Easter Egg Hunt was a great success.  Dave credited the many Rotarians, spouses and family members who participated in making this 26th annual egg hunt every bit as successful as the 25 that preceded it.  Working like a well-oiled machine, we carefully spread out 6,000 plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and prize slips and watched as every egg was gathered up in just over a minute.  Great weather led to a big turnout (Dave estimated 900 people) but parents and kids remained calm as they waited to redeem their prize slips.  We also collected 163 pounds of food for the Food Shelf.  Thanks again to all those who helped in any way.  Check out the Egg Hunt '15 Photo album here.
Gerry had the honor and pleasure to present Sue Ager with a Paul Harris Fellow+2 award, recognizing her total contributions of over $3,000 to the Rotary Foundation.  Way to go, Sue!  Sue and Gerry are shown below.
Bev Aplikowski celebrated her 80th birthday this past week, and I couldn't help but think of the positive impact that she has had on her community in those many years.  Thanks, Bev, for all you do!  Bev's birthday photo is shown below.
Geoff Hollimon reported that our ECHO grant is almost completed.  We pooled this year's and last year's ECHO budget and got a sizeable contribution from Prior Lake Rotary to enable the purchase of a John Deere Gator and internet video publishing software.  Ed Kiefer would be proud that we have continued to support his beloved ECHO.  Thanks to Geoff for all his hard work on this matching grant.
There was an opinion article in the Star Tribune yesterday about how Rotary's Polio Plus program is close to ridding Africa of polio.  You can read it here.
Our 3 Irondale Scholarships will be presented at the Senior Recognition Program at 6PM on May 20th.  It would be great if another Rotarian could join Amy at the event to represent our club.  Call Amy if you can join her.
Sue Ager reminded us that May 1st is the date for the Benedictine Gala.  See Sue for more information about this fun event.
Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Bob Showers, a baseball historian and independent author.  In 1970, Mr. Showers traveled with his family from his home in Iowa to the Twin Cities for a Twins game, caught Twins Fever and has never recovered.  He later moved to Bloomington and worked in the marketing department for the North Stars, and eventually  wrote a book with Lou Nanne about the North Stars.  That success led him to write a book about the early years of the Twins franchise, from their arrival in 1961 until their last game at Metropolitan Stadium in 1981.  The book includes photos of all 252 players from that era and lots of stories, many of them previously unpublished, that offer a fresh look at the beginnings of professional baseball in Minnesota.  Proceeds from the book go to the Minnesota Twins Charitable Fund.  Glenna, Bob and Bob are pictured below.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 30, 2015
Dave Hoel thanked the Rotarians, spouses and family members who helped stuff prize slips and 400 pounds of jelly beans into 6,000 plastic eggs last Sunday.  The volunteers were very efficient this year, completing the task in about 2 hours. Thanks to Bev for providing the community room at Lakeside Homes, which makes the process so convenient.  Also a special thanks to Jim and Maureen O'Brien's three granddaughters, pictured below, who have been a regular part of the egg hunt crew for several years.  Rotarians are reminded to be at Driftwood park, on 5th St. NW, just West of Silver Lake Road, at 10AM on Saturday, April 5th to set up for the hunt.
NBMV Rotary is sponsoring 2 students to attend Camp RYLA again this year. RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  As the name implies, the 5 day camp helps high school students develop leadership and other skills through a variety of  physical, mental, emotional and intellectual challenges. We hope to have the students report to the club after the experience.
Paul Fournier will pass around the sign-up sheet again next Tuesday for the Jungle Theater`s "And The World Goes 'Round", an excellent musical revue. Mark your calendars now for either May 13th or 20th, and make sure to sign up next Tuesday or call Paul to reserve your seats.
Our guests today were Rotarians Marv Sorvala, and Mary Jo McGuire.
Sue Ager reminded us that the Eighth Annual Benedictine Gala will be held on Friday, May 1st, at St John The Baptist Catholic Church, 5:30PM.   Individual tickets are $60 and you need to reserve your spot by April 19th.  See Sue for more details.
The NYFS Leadership Luncheon will be held at the Midland Hills Country Club from 11:30AM to 1:00PM on Wednesday, May 6th.  Cindy Carlson and Bev Aplikowski are each hosting a table and they would love to have you join them.
Since today is the 5th Tuesday, a club assembly was held to review planning for the Gold Plate Dinner silent auction.  The silent auction is vital to the success of the fundraiser, so it's important that each club member contact businesses and friends to see if they might have something to donate.  We have only three weeks until the event so please make those contacts ASAP. We could also use some more volunteers to help with the silent auction, so contact Cindy Carlson or Mary Stuart if you can be of help.
We still have at least 30 tickets remaining to be sold for the dinner, so get out there and beat the bushes for friends and business associates that might enjoy this great event.  Please remember also to return your personal ticket reservation stub (with meal choices) to Bev by Tuesday, April 7th, so we can get an idea of where we stand on ticket sales.
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Posted by Jeff Benson on Mar 23, 2015
Dana filled in, last minute, for Margaret.
There were no guests or visiting Rotarians today.
Upcoming Activities:
All members are invited to attend some or all of the District 5960 Conference, being held at the Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester from April 30th - May2nd.  More information is available here.
Paul Fournier is organizing opportunities to attend a musical review at the Jungle Theater titled, "And the World Goes 'Round'.  Paul's wife Chrissy is involved in the production, so you know it will be great.  The dates are Wednesday, May 13th and Wednesday, May 20th, at 7:30 PM.  Contact Paul if you would like to attend.
There was lengthy discussion about planning for the Gold Plate Dinner which is scheduled for Friday April 24th.  To summarize:
     -There are still 40 tickets unsold, so think about who you could invite to join in the fun.
     -We need more items for the silent and live auctions.
     -More volunteers are needed for the silent auction team.  See Mary Stewart.
The NBMV Rotary Easter Egg Hunt is fast approaching and your help will be needed to make the event a success: 
      -On Sunday, March 29th, at 11:00AM, we will meet at Lakeside Homes community room, 350 Old Hwy 8 SW, New Brighton, to fill the plastic eggs with jelly beans and prize slips.
      -On Saturday, April 4th, at 10:00AM, we will all meet at Driftwood Park, 2705 5th St NW, New Brighton, to set up for the hunt. 
John Risdall is putting together a group to dine, listen (and possibly dance?) to 30's and 40's music at Crooner's, 6161 Hwy 65 in Fridley.  Call John for more information.
We are all invited to attend Achieve Services annual gala on Friday, April 17th.  For more details, please visit their website.
Our Speakers for today were our own Eric Nelson, principal of Irondale H.S., and Mindy Handberg, from the Mounds View Schools Education Foundation.  Eric spoke first with a presentation entitled "Progress Towards the Promise".  The promise referred to is the District 621 Equity Promise, ensuring that all students are prepared for post-secondary success regardless of race, cl