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Home Page Stories

Pat President Gerry Tietz filled in for Co-President John Marg Patton.


Our guests today were:

     Dana’s sister in law, Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein

     Edla Koehntop

     Marv Sorvala, Roseville Rotarian


Happy Bucks Summary:

- Mike Neeley joined 35 other Ford Model A owners on a 500 mile road trip.

- Dana Rebelein was happy to have Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein as her guest.

- George Winiecki was happy to be back, happy to announce his 3rd grandchild, Aidan Thomas Nichols, happy to turn 70 and happy to be married for 27 years.  That’s a lot of happiness for one week!

- Mark Beisswenger was happy to have found someone to cover for him at work so he can come to Rotary on Tuesdays.

- Dana Rebelein noted that Nicholas Tietz (Gerry’s son) was featured in the paper for his Vitals Aware program for vulnerable adults.  Papa Gerry’s buttons were justifiably busting.


Ed James announced that our delegates to Camp Enterprise have been selected.  Irondale Students Breana Garcia and Ellie Goligowski will represent our club.


Ed also noted that we have met with the Eagles about Harvest Pack and they will let us know.


Gerry Tietz reported that the Membership Team’s strategy for his year will be to encourage members to personally invite potential Rotarians to come to a meeting or event.


Ed James introduced our exchange student and speaker Maria Klakegg from Norway.  Maria lives in Averøy, on the western coast of Norway.  She lives with her mother, father, two older sisters and a younger brother.  Maria and her family are outdoor lovers, enjoying like skiing, hiking and anything else that involves mountains.  The Klakegg’s are also avid travelers who avoid going to the same location twice.  Maria is interested in theater and had a role in Fame despite her admitted inability to sing.  The photo immediately below shows Maria and her younger brother and two older sisters.  The photo below that is of the entire family at her younger brother's confirmation.

Maria’s interest in being an exchange student started when the sister was an exchange student in Canada while the Klakegg’s hosted her Canadian counterpart.  She claims that everything in the U.S. is so much fun.  She loves to eat and, after her visit to the State Fair, has become a fried food fan and her favorite is State Fair Cheese Curds.  She plans to take a fryer back to Norway.  She finds Americans to be very warm and welcoming, which is quite different from her more reserved homeland.  She loves Irondale, having already made several friends and hoping to make many, many more.  She plans to try several sports and has already been to a basketball practice.  When asked about her 10 year plan, she said that she would like to follow in her parent’s footsteps and become a veterinarian, but possibly in a country other than Norway.  Some preconceived ideas about America that turned out to be untrue were that jocks and cheerleaders were mean and that Americans ate at McDonalds all the time.  Some bucket list goals for her stay are:

- Go to a drive-in

- Ride in a pickup truck

- Go to Valley Fair

- Make many new friends

- Act in a play (no singing)


If you are reading this because you missed today’s meeting; you should know that Maria is an incredibly charming and energetic young woman who really wants to experience everything that Minnesota has to offer.  Her English is excellent and she would fit in nicely on any adventure, large or small, that you or your family is planning.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little more about Norway and to give Maria a healthy dose of Minnesota Nice and Rotary hospitality.  You can reach Maria at   Future host mom, Denise Jacobsen, Maria and Ed James are pictured below.

Our guests today were our exchange student, Maria Klakegg and Harry Carter, Treasurer of the board of directors at Applewood Pointe.  Harry was a guest of our Speaker, Chuck Moe.
Also visiting was Assistant District Governor and Anoka Rotarian, Sandy Campbell.  Sandy was here to make us aware of all the fun Halloween activities in store for visitors to Anoka later this month.  Sandy was also selling tickets for the Anoka Rotary’s “Vacation of a Lifetime Raffle”.  A $10 ticket gives you a chance to win a $5,500 travel voucher and other great prizes.
This Thursday, 7AM at U.S. Bank conference room, there will be a brainstorming session about how to increase membership (and especially female membership).  Please join us and offer your thoughts.
Co-President Cindy Carlson reminded us of our 40th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday February 23rd, and asked our preference for either an adults only or family event.  Those present preferred the adults only option.  Cindy will email the club to get an idea of the preferences of those not present today.
Ed James noted that the Harvest Pack team will meet with the Eagles tomorrow to determine how they might participate in the food packing event.  If you would like to participate in the meeting, it will be held at 563 Old Highway 8 at 7:15PM.
 Happy Bucks Summary:
- Cindy Carlsonis looking forward to a girls golfing weekend.
- Geoff Hollimon was happy to have a road trip with his daughter to see the Pack play Green Bay.
- Paul Fournier announced that his wife, Chrissy, has published a second book about her experiences with her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s available on  Click here to check it out.
- Dave Hoel was happy to attend the Benedictine Health System leadership conference in Duluth this past week.
- Dave was also happy to attend his 55th high school class reunion in Rochester.
- Gerry Tietz paid a happy buck for the Packers.
- Dana Rebelein was happy for Joe Mauer.
Jim O’Brien introduced Chuck Moe, President of the Board at Applewood Pointe.  Harry Carter, Treasurer of the Board was also present.  As many of you are probably aware, Applewood Pointe is an example of the rapidly growing trend toward cooperative senior living.  Applewood Pointe began with the purchase of 10 ½ acres on the east side of Rush Lake in 2005.  Designed in a northwoods motif by Michael Pollock, the 4 story, 120 unit senior housing complex was ready for owners to move in by the end of 2006.  Applewood New Brighton is now one of 15 Applewood communities in the metro area but it remains the flagship property. 
Chuck said that 285,000 Minnesotans will turn 65 this decade and those over 65 will double between 2010 and 2030, by which time 1 in 5 Minnesotans will be over 65!  The traditional senior housing market is rushing to keep up with the demand and cooperative senior housing is booming as well.  There are now over 100 senior coops in the upper Midwest and the concept is rapidly gaining acceptance.  The concept is unconventional but relatively simple.  The Applewood coop is an association of shareholders, each shareholder having one share of stock and one vote per unit.  The stock is considered personal property and is not considered real estate.  Each shareholder has the exclusive right to occupy their unit provided they follow the rules and regulations of the coop.  A resident board of directors makes day to day decisions and works with various committees to manage property, marketing, financial and social concerns.  The cost to buy a share and move in ranges from $145,000 - $495,000, depending on size and location of the unit.  A monthly charge is assessed to cover all operating and maintenance costs exclusive of individual electricity use.  The monthly cost ranges from $681 - $1825, again depending on size and location of the unit.  If share is to be sold, an “asking price” is determined by a formula that includes a 2.5% annual equity increase.  People on the waiting list (currently 60) are informed of the asking price and all are allowed to bid on the available share.  The actual purchase price is negotiable and not tied to the asking price.  The entire transaction is handled in house for a fee of $750 with no real estate sales commission.  The overall property mortgage is HUD insured, decreasing the risk for shareholders and the proportionate mortgage interest and real estate taxes are deductable.
Chuck cited several advantages to living at Applewood Pointe including:
- Security
- Community control
- Turn-key living for snowbirds, cabin owners and travelers
- Full woodworking shop
- Exercise room, sauna and hot tub
-Underground parking and car wash
- Social Activities
Applewood is holding its Applefest Open House on Thursday, October 11th from 1-4 PM. Tours will be available and refreshments will be served.  The address is 1900 Rush Lake Trail, New Brighton (across from Beisswenger’s Hardware).  Check out the website here.
Jim and Chuck are shown below.

We had no visitors today, but we celebrated the return of Jim O’Brien after his summer at the lake cabin.  Welcome back, Jim!


The Board met this morning and here is a summary:

- Sue Ager’s resignation was regretfully accepted by the Board.  Sue knows that she will always be a welcome visitor to the club.

- John Ordway’s Treasurer’s report shows us $5,000 on the plus side so far this year.

- The District 5960 Foundation Celebration is on Saturday, November 10th, 5:30-9:00PM at the Inwood Event Center in Oakdale.  Club member’s admission will be reimbursed by the club but members are encouraged to bring guests at the regular admission price.  You can sign up online here or contact John Ordway.  This event is a wonderful celebration of all that we do, through the Foundation, to make our world a better place for all.

- Geoff Hollimon announced that we have pledged $500 to the Guatemala Literacy Project.

- Ed James reported that planning is progressing for our Harvest Pack event on December 11th.  Ed met with Irondale students yesterday and they have committed to raising $2,000 as well as to providing lots of volunteers.  Cindy Carlson has met with the Lions and Paul Jacobsen will ask the Eagles to help with the event.

- Ed also noted that we should soon have the names of our Irondale student representatives to Camp Enterprise and that we are hoping to start an Interact club at Irondale.


This Thursday, 3:30PM at the Exchange, is the kickoff for planning our 40th anniversary celebration.  If you love to party and you’d like to share your thoughts, all members are welcome.  The usual 4:01 happy hour will follow the planning session.


Mark December 18th club meeting on your calendars for the annual Christmas Carol Concert/Sing Along with Director Jason Etten and the Irondale Choir.


Happy Bucks Summary:

- Gerry Tietz was happy that he and fellow Stout State alum Peg Friberg (Nils’ Wife) were able to hand out awards at Stout’s award ceremony this year.

- Dana had a wonderful time at her annual Quilting Retreat last week.

- Ed was happy that Irondale won its first Homecoming Game in eleven years!

- Nils attended the Retired Pastors and Missionaries Retreat at Trout Lake Camp.

- John Risdall won the raffle, collecting a cool $5.


Cindy introduced our speaker, Dr Ron Felt, a long time Rotarian and Past President of the Oak Park, IL club.  He is now a member of the St. Paul Sunrise club and his topic for today was his club’s district matching grant (to which we contributed $250) which benefits the Milagro Women’s Education Center in Guatemala.  Guatemala is a very poor country with a 60% poverty rate.   As in many other poor countries, women and girls are treated as second class citizens and discouraged from educational and/or business pursuits.  Supported by the St Paul Synod of the ELCA, The Women’s Education Center will empower women by providing a safe dormitory setting where young women can get general education as well as specific job skills so that they can return to their communities to start small businesses, serve as leaders and also teach others the skills they have learned.  This particular grant will provide much needed appliances, sewing machines and furnishings for the Center. 


Ron also shared photos from his 2017 mission trip to Guatemala, engaging in numerous mission activities while visiting El Mirador School, the Catholic Mission in San Lucas as well as a church in Santiago.  Cindy and Ron are pictured below.


As the meeting was ending, it was realized that we had not properly recognized Geoff Hollimon’s 71st Birthday.  Due to the last minute nature of the celebration, Geoff escaped wearing the Birthday Hat but he was treated to a pretty well executed birthday song.  Happy Birthday, Geoff!

Our Guests today were:  Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala and our own Honorary Rotarian, MaryAnn Bawden.
Mary Stewart reminded us of the CPY Fall Gala on October 26th.  The theme will be TV Game Night.  She announced that our club will receive the CPY Spirit Award at the Gala, so mark your calendars to join in the fun at the New Brighton Community center on Friday, October 26th from 6-10PM.
Co-President Cindy Carlson said that she and Ed James are in the process of planning our December 11th Harvest Pack Event.  She also noted that the September 27th 4:01 happy hour meeting will begin early, at 3:30 to begin planning our club’s 40th anniversary celebration.  All members are invited to check out the energy of the happy hour meeting and give some input about the anniversary celebration.
Co-President John Marg-Patton introduced Patty Hall who apologized for missing her opportunity to speak at last week’s meeting.  Our club gave $500 toward her White Bear Club’s District Matching Grant to provide clean water for 2,000 in Nigeria.  Patty briefed us on the progress of that grant and also presented a check from her organization, H2O for life, for $500 to jumpstart our December Harvest Pack event mentioned above.  Thanks, Patty!
Ed James reported on his amazing experience at the Youth Exchange Welcome and Orientation.  He is really fired up about youth exchange and he hope’s the fire will sweep through the club and keep burning long into the future.  Be sure to be at the noon meeting on October 9th when our exchange student, Maria Klakegg, will give her introductory presentation to the club.
Many Rotarians offered happy bucks today.  A summary follows:
- Garry Johnson golfed in a tournament that raised $120,000 to build homes for disabled veterans!
- Geoff Hollimon offered a dollar for the people of North Carolina as they deal with the aftermath of Florence.
- Cindy Carlson just celebrated her 35th anniversary at Western Bank.
- Cindy also enjoyed an excellent play by Theater Latte Da entitled “Once”.  She described it as one of the best plays she’s seen.
- Mike Neeley made his debut as a beer drinker in an ad for Spiral Brewery.  Word is he needed no rehearsal and nailed it on the first take.
- Cor’s physical therapy sessions for her new knee are done and she has no plans to go back soon.
- Sue Ager sadly announced her need to retire from Rotary to allow more time with her husband Duane.
The New Brighton Community Support Center (CSC) is preparing for a Potluck Dinner on November 8th for all participants and supporters of CSC.  They’re looking for a few volunteers to meet once or twice to plan the potluck.  The first planning meeting will be on either Thursday, September 27th at 12 pm or Tuesday, October 2nd at 5:30 pm.   If you can help plan, call Karen Meyer at CSC (651) 387-8050 or email her at
John Marg-Patton introduced our speaker, Monique Hammond. Monique’s topic was “Hearing Loss: A Silent Epidemic”.  Monique was a Hospital Pharmacist until a “sound insult” (loud sound exposure) resulted in a total loss of hearing in her left ear.  In addition to the hearing loss, she experienced severe vertigo (Meniere’s Disease). Because accurate hearing is essential to prevent medication errors, Monique knew that she would not be able to continue as a pharmacist. She began to educate herself on hearing loss and would eventually embark on a crusade to educate others to prevent them from experiencing her fate.  Since then she has spoken to hundreds of groups about protecting their hearing.  The facts about hearing loss are alarming.  One person in five over the age of twelve has hearing loss profound enough to affect communication.  Among sixty to sixty-five year olds, one in three has significant hearing loss and fully one of two seventy to seventy-five year olds is significantly affected.   There are many causes of hearing loss, but the one over which we have some measure of control is excess noise.  Loud noises result in high pressure in the inner ear.  Eighty five decibels (about as loud as a cafeteria) is the safe limit for 8 hours of exposure.  Anything louder than that requires hearing protection for prolonged exposure.  Symptoms of typical hearing loss include sound dullness, full feeling in ear(s), not understanding speech with background noise, miscommunication on and off the job, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).  These symptoms are due to the degradation/death of hearing fibers in the cochlea located in the inner ear.  These fibers do not repair themselves and there no medical treatment available that can repair the damage.  The only answer is prevention and hearing protection is the key to prevention.  Monique’s parting thought was that we “pay it forward” by avoiding loud noises, properly using hearing protection and encouraging family, friends, and especially young people, to do the same.
John and Monique are shown below.


We welcomed our Norwegian Rotary Exchange student, Maria Klakegg, to her first U.S. Rotary club meeting.  Maria was joined by her host parents, John and Dana Johnson.  Nicole Ulrich provided a video of the club welcoming Maria at the airport.  Maria, Dana and John are shown below


Co-President Cindy Carlson noted that the club bylaws are being revised and that the revision team, spearheaded by President –elect Dennis Connolly, welcomes input from the club.


The District’s Fast for Hope Nicaragua project is on hold or perhaps even dead as a result of the turmoil there.


Mark your calendars now for our next Harvest Pack Event, scheduled for December 11.  We will be meeting with the Lions club to jointly plan the event.


The Community Support Center (CSC) could use new or gently used household items for their clients who are working to remain in their homes.  CSC is located in the Faith Christian Reformed Church at 1600 Silver Lake Rd in New Brighton.


Mary Stewart updated us on CPY saying that, due to budget constraints, the summer program had to be shortened from 10 weeks to 7 weeks but the additional time was helpful as they planned their school year program.


Several Packers, Gophers and Vikings fans were inspired enough by their teams wins to cough up a happy buck.  Amy Janecek was happy for a successful Irondale Block Party last Friday.  Nicole Ulrich was happy to be on the way to getting two specially adapted bicycles designed to allow seniors to experience the thrill of a bike ride while in their wheel chairs. 


Our scheduled presenter today was H2O for Life Director Patty Hall, who was unfortunately unable to appear.  While we were waiting to see if Patty could make it, Maria Klakegg provided some information about herself.  She has been busy experiencing all that the Twin Cities has to offer and looks forward to new experiences, making life-long friends, eating at every fast food restaurant and also playing tennis at Irondale.  Maria will offer a more complete picture of her life when she speaks to the club in October.


 Nils Friberg graciously volunteered to sub for the absent speaker by completing the retirement presentation which time prevented him from finishing a few weeks ago.  Nils’ retirement from teaching at Bethel Seminary in 2001 was, in many ways, the beginning of a series of new opportunities for service.  Soon after retirement he became the Pastor of Congregational care at GracePoint Church and just a year later became their Stephen Ministry Leader; a position he still holds today.  In 2011, he and his wife Peggy discovered Wycliffe Associates, a non-profit organization striving to translate the Bible into as many languages a possible.  Nils already was multilingual so he was a natural to provide language support for translators and Peggy had 40 years of experience teaching the visually impaired.  Wycliffe Associates is also closely aligned to their faith orientation.  Nils describes this work as extremely fulfilling and energizing and it must be because Nils is a pretty spry 83 years old!  In fact, he just celebrated that 83rd birthday recently so Cindy ambushed him with the dreaded birthday hat…a dubious reward for filling in as our speaker with no notice!  See the photo below.

Maria Klakegg, our Norwegian exchange student, will arrive at the airport this evening.  A group of about ten of us will be there to welcome her.  Nicole Ulrich displayed the “Welcome to Minnesota” banner that she created just for the occasion.  Gerry Tietz recognized new members Paul and Denise Jacobsen for their part in encouraging us to get back into youth exchange.


Co-President Cindy Carlson noted that our upcoming Harvest Pack Event will be held on Tuesday afternoon, December 11th.  This will be a joint effort of the Irondale Student Council, Rotary, Lions and possibly the Eagles.


Cindy also said that our club’s 40th anniversary is February 22, 2019 and volunteers are needed to help plan a celebration of this milestone.


As our club evolves, updates to the by-laws are needed to reflect changes in club structure and policies.  On Tuesday, September 11th, a team will meet to review the current by-laws and recommend changes. If you are willing and able to help, your input at this meeting would be welcomed.


Cindy noted that the board has allocated $500 toward a matching grant proposal to provide a security fence around the Daylight School in Kenya and also has approved a $500 contribution to Mounds View’s Festival in the Park.  The presentation of the check will be made at the next City Council meeting.


Happy Bucks Summary:

- Beverly is recovering, albeit slowly and Cor’s knee is getting better every day

- Nyle Zikmund was in Hamburg, Germany to attend the wedding of Ineke, his seventh exchange student “daughter”, when he was surprised, and honored, to be asked to walk her down the aisle.


Today’s program consisted of new-member classification talks by Nicole Ulrich and Reid Hewitt.  Nicole was the first to speak.  Nicole was raised in Winona, MN and attended college at Winona State.  She and husband, Tyson, are the proud “parents” of 2 dogs, a cat and a fish.  All of the pets are creatively named but the fish, named sushi, must be nervous about its future.  Nicole and Tyson love to travel and explore the outdoors and actively pursue service opportunities at church and in the community. She is currently the secretary of the Lions club and they help with youth musicals and mission trips at Christ the King Lutheran Church.  Nicole is also a talented and passionate photographer.  She joined the staff at Benedictine Care Center at Innsbruck about 8 months ago, working on marketing and social Media, fundraising, photography, videography and the Innsbruck Foundation.  She played a video of a specially adapted bicycle that makes it possible for the elderly to safely experience a bike ride, powered and steered by a strong legged volunteer.  Click this link for a video of Marilyn’s TWOcan Bike in action.


Reid Hewitt, Administrator at Innsbruck Care Center, grew up in Brooklyn Park and played hockey and baseball.  He even played collegiate hockey while working on his health care administration degree at UW, Eau Claire.  Reid became the Administrator at Innsbruck about the same time as Nicole was hired.  He previously was the administrator at Texas Terrace Care Center in St Louis Park.  It seems that Reid’s entire extended family is involved in teaching or social service of some kind.  Reid and wife, Miriam, are the proud “parents” of rescue dog named Mr. Finn (named after Finnegan’s beer.  The 90 pound dog sleeps with them every night.  Reid’s passions are golf, sports talk radio, hiking with Mr. Finn, restaurants, breweries and, recently, home renovation.  At work, Reid focuses on finance, marketing, HR, living environment, customer service and risk management, but all these are driven by his primary focus…quality of care. 

Reid and Nicole are pictured below.

Mike Neeley introduced us to his son, Scott, who was visiting prior to relocating to Manhattan, Kansas.
Cindy made us aware of an opportunity to help sort donated medical supplies.  This effort is organized by Mano a Mano, a non-profit organization working to help the poor in Bolivia, Several Rotarians expressed interest and more are welcome to help.  Stay tuned for possible dates.
Co-President John Marg-Patton noted that the Board will meet on Monday, August 27th at 6:45PM at the Marg-Patton residence, 1152 Rose Lane, New Brighton. Parking is very limited so park on Beach Rd (the road leading to the boat launch).
Cindy reviewed the District Governor’s newsletter, highlighting the following:
- September 15th Rotary Riders Event
- Camp Enterprise Article
- District Membership up by 26 members since July 1
- One Rotary Summit
Click here to download the newsletter.
Ed James reminded us that our Norwegian Exchange Student, Maria Klakegg, will arrive on Tuesday, August 28th, 6:05PM at the MSP Humphrey Terminal.  We’d love to give her a proper Rotary welcome, so everyone is invited to greet her at the baggage claim area when she arrives.  Please email Ed  if you are going so he can let you know if there is a change in schedule.
Happy Bucks Summary:
- John Ordway is celebrating 42 years of marriage to his 1st wife, Marla.
- Mark Beisswenger chimed in that he was married 44 years ago this week.  Did someone offer to send a sympathy card to Gayle?
- Dave Hoel thanked all those who helped with the Hot Dog Feed.
- Dave Hoel, Cindy Carlson and Dana Rebelein are all recovering from recent vacations.
- Garry Johnson just returned from a mission trip to Alaska.
- Ed James’ Nigerian professor visited him last week and was amazed at the lack of visible security at the Governor’s mansion, unlike the multiple layers of security around the corresponding residence in Nigeria.
-Mike Neeley was able to empty out his mother’s Iowa home as well as get a couple of full price offers on the property.
- Gerry Tietz has some great ham radio equipment for sale.
Mike Neeley introduced our speaker, Jeff Schott, who spoke about the “Steamboat Minnehaha”.  The steamboat has had two lives; the first one beginning in 1906, when Lake Minnetonka was the place to be during the hot Twin Cities summers. Before good roads and reliable cars, streetcars would bring people to the lake and steamboats would make regular routes around the lake to get passengers where they needed to be.  These six boats were, for all intents and purposes, floating streetcars.  In fact, they were actually built in the same factory as the streetcars and looked very much the same (see photo).
As roads and cars improved, the steamboats were used less and less until they were decommissioned in 1926 and soon were sunk in deep water on Minnetonka.
Fast forward a half century to 1975, when diver Jerry Provost began to search for the sunken steamboats.  In 1978, he found the Minnehaha submerged on the north side of Big Island.  It took three cranes and many airbags to raise it, but the surprisingly intact hull floated without repair after being submerged for more than fifty years.  Because the steam engine and much of the interior of the boat had been removed before sinking it, a great deal of time, effort and money would be needed to restore the boat.  During the ten years it took to determine who should actually own the boat, the hull itself deteriorated and would need to be replaced, further increasing the cost to restore the classic steamship.  The restoration was accomplished in time to launch the “new’ Minnehaha exactly 90 years after its maiden voyage and she has been in continuous service now for 23 years; three years longer than her original run.  More information is available at the website.  Jeff and Mike are shown below.
We had two guests today.  Past District 5960 Governor Tom Yuzer was visiting from California and Dean Lotter introduced us to New Brighton Planning Commission member, Nasreen Fynewever.
Co-President Cindy Carlson thanked everyone who participated in the Stockyard Days Parade Hot Dog Feed last Thursday.  In Dave Hoel’s absence, Jeff Benson was pressed into service to comment on the event which, by his estimation, was the best one yet.
Geoff Hollimon praised all those who helped to staff the CPY “Udderly Fun Zone” Inflatable Park at Stockyard Days.  The inflatables are a significant income source for CPY’s very important work with kids in our community.  Geoff also talked about CPY’s Golf Ball Drop.  This year 702 balls were dropped and the lucky winner took home over $1,200.
Ed James reported that, due to a conflict, the Harvest Pack planning meeting with the New Brighton Lions has been postponed.  A new date will be scheduled soon.
Dean Lotter, N.B. City Manager, reported that New Brighton’s new water treatment system will be going online soon and will transition from the Minneapolis water system to the Mount Simon Hinckley Aquifer.  The change in chemical disinfection protocols may result in some temporary mild orange or yellow discoloration of your tap water.  The discoloration is a normal part of the changeover.   Click here to access the New Brighton City website for more information and watch your Postal Service mail for a series of letters about the changeover.
Dean’s guest, Nasreen, drew PDG Tom Yuzer’s number for the raffle.
Cindy Carlson introduced our own Nils Friberg, who led a discussion entitled, Retirement: Stress and Resilience in Conflict.  Nils knows all about “stress”.  Much of his career has revolved around people in stressful situations.  Nils was an Emeritus Professor of Pastoral Care at Bethel Seminary, a Congregational Care Pastor at GracePoint Church, a Police Chaplain and has even co-authored a book titled, Before the Fall: Prevention of Pastoral Sexual Misconduct.  These occupations brought him into contact with countless individuals who were under stress, and each of them demonstrated some degree of resilience, or lack thereof.  Although retirement may not be as stress-inducing as some of the life crises that he has dealt with, Nils believes that it can be quite stressful.  Nils engaged us in discussion about our reasons for retirement and our pre and post-retirement experiences.  He asked us to consider the stresses of retirement, and ways of coping with the stress.  He encouraged us to focus on the blessings of retirement to minimize the stress.  Some examples of helpful strategies are:
- Have a financial plan
- Pursue a healthy life style
- Adjust your expectations
- Be positive
- Prize novelty and opportunity
- Use your social support network
- Embrace your spiritual side
- Actively manage the transitions
- Utilize your previous skill set
Nils and Cindy are pictured below.
At last Tuesday's meeting, Ike Graham (Western Bank) was inducted as a Designee and Nicole Ulrich was inducted as a Rotarian.  See photos below.
Nils led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the invocation.
Our guests today were: Marika (Smiley) Rebelein and potential new member Ashley Holm from Servion.
Many of us helped the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf move into its new space a while back.  Now it’s time to help them celebrate their Grand Opening on Tuesday, August 21st starting with a ribbon cutting at 3PM and a community social from 4-7PM.  The new location is 2544 Mounds View Blvd, in the Silver View Plaza.
Dave Hoel tied up loose ends for the Stockyard Days Hot Dog Feed.  It’s all hands on deck to make this effort go smoothly so be at the 300 block of Old Hwy 8 at 4:30PM to start the setup.  Be sure to be there before 5PM as they close the roads at that time for the parade.
CPY needs more volunteers to make their Stockyard Days “Udderly Fun” Bouncy House attraction a success.  Take a minute right now and click this link to go to the sign up page and volunteer for one or more shifts.  Nancy and I did it last year and I think we had as much fun as the kids.
While you’re in the Bouncy House mood, why not also volunteer for the Inflatables area at the Mounds View Festival in the Park.  Shifts are available between 11:45AM-7:30PM on Saturday August 18th.  The signup sheet will be circulated again at next week’s meeting.
Maria Klakegg, our Norwegian exchange student will arrive on August 28th in the afternoon.  Let’s get a big group together to greet her at the airport.
Ed James revealed that the next Harvest Pack food packing event will be Tuesday, December 11th after Rotary.  We’re coordinating with the Lions to make this an even bigger event than the last one.  A planning meeting with the Lions is scheduled for August 22nd.  See Ed if you’d like to attend the planning meeting.
Margaret Johnson had the honor to present Sue Ager with her PHF+3, signifying contributions to the Rotary Foundation in excess of $4,000. See photo above.  Sue said that the Foundation is a way for her to reach out to those in need in other countries.
Recent News
Paul Fournier recently took a long Amtrak trip and said that the train was great as long as you aren’t concerned about leaving or arriving on time.
Dave Hoel, Jeff Benson and Jason Miller had a great time on their Canadian fishing trip.
Dana Rebelein reported that her niece, Janet, fell and fractured her hip recently.
Cor reported that she is close to gaining full mobility of her knee after replacement surgery.
Ed James daughter will attend Notre Dame this fall.
Nicole Ulrich introduced our speaker, Brian Vickery, who spoke to us about New Brighton’s Stockyard Days celebration.   Brian was accompanied by the Stockyard Days Parade Chair, Tarii Kluse.   The Stockyards played a big role in the development of the New Brighton area in the early 1900’s.  Although the Stockyards are long gone, we still honor their part in the economic history of New Brighton.  Stockyard days was preceded by three other community festivals.  From 1949 through 1964 we celebrated Old Time Days.  From 1964 to the 1970’s the Jaycees organized an Independence Day celebration.  In 1981, Stockyard Days was started and was strengthened by the addition of the Antique Car Run in 1987.  This year’s celebration will include, among other attractions, inflatables, a bike race, a ski show, bands and a big parade.  This year’s budget is $60,000.
Brian reviewed some of the reasons for having a community celebration like Stockyard Days.  First, he emphasized the social benefit of strengthening of relationships between residents, businesses and local government.  He also said that there are several economic benefits to community celebrations, among them are increased visibility for the city, increased tourism and opportunities for business marketing and advertising.
Brian did his homework, and wove Rotary principals into his plea for increased Rotary involvement on the Stockyard Days Committee and in soliciting businesses for financial support for the festival.  One idea that surfaced was to organize a Job Fair tent for next year’s event and to use free will donations from participating businesses to cover the costs or even make money for Stockyard Days.
Co-President Cindy Carlson presented Brian and Tarii with a check from the Club for $1,500, above.
During his talk Brian expressed interest in Rotary membership so, as an enticement, he rang the sacred bell to end the meeting. Tarii, Nicole and Brian are pictured below.

Co-President John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the pledge of Allegiance and Sue Ager presented the Invocation.


Geoff Hollimon reminded us that we are helping to run the CPY inflatable recreation area at Stockyard Days again this year.  Check your email from Geoff or Mary Stewart for a link to sign up for one or more 2 hour shifts from August 10-12th.   Geoff also has tickets for the CPY Golf Ball Drop. 


Geoff will continue to gather donations for our deployed servicemen and women in conjunction with Citizens Supporting Our Armed Forces (CSOAF), a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Next Tuesday, July 31st, is the deadline for donations.  The supplies list and more information about CSOAF can be found by clicking here.


Cindy read a thank you letter from Rotaract member Laura Skubic, thanking us for our support for her mission trip to Lebanon.  Laura will speak to the club on her return.


Your email for July 20th should include a note from Jason Slama with an opportunity to support Mounds View’s community festival, just as we support New Brighton’s Stockyard days.  The Mounds View opportunity also involves inflatables so you won’t need to learn any new skills.  There are three time slots on August 18th.  Please contact Jason, Geoff or Cindy to sign up for a shift.


Bob Barmore was proud to announce the birth of his first grandchild, Penelope Kay, last week.  The vitals are: 22 inches and 8 pounds 14 oz.  Mom and daughter are both doing well.


Cindy Carlson’s foursome came in first in her flight and first overall in a golf tournament last weekend!


Always a good time manager, Cor Wilson managed to both retire and recover from hip surgery in the month of July.


Mark your calendars for August 24th…Our Norwegian exchange student, Maria, arrives that afternoon and we’d like to give her a warm welcome at the airport, if you are available.  Sue Ager has accepted the role of Youth Exchange Counselor.


Sue Ager introduced today’s speaker, Rotary World Peace Fellow, Amanda Ottman.  You’ll probably remember that Amanda accompanied Jilla Nadimi, when she spoke to us recently.  At that visit Amanda was representing the American Refugee Committee (ARC).  Today’s presentation focused on how Rotary, and specifically the Rotary World Peace Fellowship, has shaped her desire to make a difference in the world.  Her first contact with Rotary was as a Rotary Exchange student in Argentina in 2000.  The exchange experience increased her awareness of service opportunities and started her on a path that eventually led her to apply for the Rotary World Peace Fellowship.  This fellowship is awarded to only fifty of the most qualified and motivated students each year.  Argentina was one of the options that year, so Amanda naturally gravitated to the country where she had exchange program ties.  The Fellowship is a 2 year Masters program in International Studies.  It offered her an opportunity to make a strong connection to the local Rotary Clubs, share the mission of Rotary with others, and be an ambassador for peace.  She spoke about how venturing out at night in the poorest part of town to engage with the locals sharpened her vision of her mission for the future.  Upon completing her fellowship, Amanda has worked with Save the Children in Morocco, El Salvador and Haiti, and recently joined the American Refugee Committee, helping to improve the lives of refugees in the Nakivale Settlement Camp.  You’ll remember that our club donated $500 to support the efforts of the Nakivale Rotaract Club and that the Rotaractor’s efforts were chronicled in a 12 page spread in a recent Rotarian Magazine.  Amanda (and the ARC) are partnering with the Rotaract Club to provide services to the 90,000 refugees in the camp.  Amanda thanked us for our support for this mission and encouraged us to contribute generously to the Rotary Foundation.  Sue and Amanda are shown below.


John Marg-Patton opened the meeting with the Pledge and Margaret Johnson provided the Invocation.
Our guest today was Arden Hills/Shoreview Rotarian Frank Mably.  Frank invited us to attend their annual Taste of the Hops beer tasting fundraiser on Friday, August 17th from 5:30 to 8:30PM at Snail Lake Park.  Click here for more information or to purchase tickets.
Co-President John said that the Board will meet on the Marg-Patton pontoon boat on Monday, July 23rd at 6PM.  Light snacks will be provided but you should eat before you come.  John’s address is 1152 Rose Lane, New Brighton.  Parking is very limited so park on Beach Rd (the road leading to the boat launch).
Co-President Cindy Carlson presented a GIANT card from MaryAnn Bawden thanking the club for her send-off last week. 
Cindy also thanked John and Marla Ordway for opening their home to host the Rotary Picnic last weekend.  What a perfect day to gather with great friends.
John Ordway presented Cindy Carlson and Jeff Benson with the bocce ball championship trophy (a bottle of wine).  Cindy and Jeff edged out John Ordway and Cindy’s husband Kevin in a hotly contested match.  John suggested that Cindy was extra competitive because she was playing against Kevin.  Jeff’s contribution was just picking the right partner.  Cindy and Jeff are shown with the trophy, below.
Cindy also made us aware that Rochester Rotary’s $95,000 Global Grant Proposal to benefit Mayan communities in Guatemala has been approved by the Rotary Foundation.  Our club pledged $500 toward the project.
Geoff Hollimon has tickets available for the CPY golf ball drop.  See Geoff for your chance to win big!
Geoff also reminded us that we will be helping again this year to supervise the bouncy houses and other inflatables at Stockyard Days.  This was great fun last year and now that we’ve got the system down it should be even better this year.  Watch your email for an online sign-up link.
Geoff also circulated a list of supplies needed by our deployed troops.  Citizens Supporting Our Armed Forces (CSOAF), a 501(c)3 non-profit, is gathering these needed supplies and Geoff will collect your donations and see that they get to CSOAF.  The supplies list and more information about CSOAF can be found by clicking here.
The Flex Group meets at US Bank at 7AM this Thursday.  All are welcome to come and see what all the excitement is about.
Ed James noted that our Norwegian Exchange Student, Maria, will be arriving sometime in the afternoon on Friday, August 24th.  We’re hoping to have a sizable contingent at the airport to welcome her, if possible.  We have two host families lined up but a third host family would be nice.  If you or someone you know would be a good host family, please let us know.
Ed James will also be offering the ‘Two Truths and a Lie” fundraiser next week.
Happy buck were plentiful today.  Many gave a dollar in recognition of the Ordway’s generosity in hosting the picnic. 
Please change your newly printed 2018-19 directory to indicate that Jason Slama, not Dana Rebelein, is the Community Service Director for the coming year.
I don’t know how many Taste of the Hops tickets Frank Mably sold today, but at least he was able to take home $5 as the raffle winner today.
Margaret Johnson introduced today’s speaker, Ed James, to give his new member classification talk.  Ed’s amazing story began in Iregba, Nigeria. Iregba is a village too small to appear on a map, but it lies near the southwest border of Nigeria.  Ed was born in 1965 and is the youngest of 6 kids.  His dad died of food poisoning when Ed was 11, but Ed’s mother was determined that her kids would get an education.  Ed put that determination to the test when he barely completed the 2nd grade.  Instead of sending him to 3rd grade, his mom had him repeat 2nd grade and it completely transformed Ed academically.  From that point forward, Ed was always at the very top of all his classes and was consistently elected or appointed to student leadership positions.  After High School there was no money for college, but after 2 years of working and saving, Ed was able to enroll at Polytechnic Ibadan where he studied Business Administration and Management.  While at Polytechnic, he led multiple student organizations while maintaining an academic performance level that is, as yet, unsurpassed.  He went on to earn his Master’s in Finance and Accounting  at Ambrose Alli University through online study after coming to the U.S. on a work visa.  His schooling in Nigeria, while rigorous, was completed without ever using a computer.  Ed’s wife encouraged him to learn about computers so, instead of taking a few lessons; Ed earned an associate’s Degree in Computer Science instead.
Ed’s first job in the U.S. was at ACI/Honeywell in 1996.  When Chinese competition forced his division to close in 2004, Ed became Director of International Operations at CareMate, travelling the world in search of products to supply developing African markets.  Ed left CareMate to start his own import/export business, Right Choice International Shipping, in 2007.  In 2008, Ed started working part-time as a Mental Health Counselor with ResCare, working to keep clients with mental illness employed and involved in their communities, a job he still enjoys today.  In 2012, the ever-changing international shipping market made it impossible for his international shipping business to remain profitable so he quit that business and started Right Choice Delivery Services, delivering paychecks for ADP, PayChex, Averta and CBIZ to 15 cities in the metro area.  
Ed has always loved singing and has sung in choirs since age 8, but he has also written nearly 80 songs and even has a CD of original songs.  He has led choruses for the International Christian Fellowship and leads a group that has performed over 100 times at his home church, Grace Evangelical Free Church in New Brighton.
Anyone who’s paying attention will also have noticed that Ed is totally committed to community involvement and charity work.  His Rotary membership is just one of the many ways he has a positive impact on his community.  Margaret and Ed are pictured below.
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