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In Memory of John Marg-Patton
John passed away on December 16 after battling lung cancer for many months.  He joined the Rotary Club of New Brighton/Mounds View during December 1991.  After John's diagnosis, while president-elect, he decided to continue moving forward as president as long as possible.  He attended a Rotary meeting on Tuesday, December 11.  
John is survived by his loving wife Ruth, two adult daughters and many close relatives and friends.  A celebration of John's life will be held on December 28th at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1900 7th Street NW, New Brighton.  Visitation will begin at noon, with the service scheduled for 2 PM and  a reception to follow.
Four-Way Test
Rotary's Four-Way Test
Of the things we think, say and do:
Is it the truth?
Is it fair to all concerned?
Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
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President Cindy Carlson opened the meeting by reading a thank you from Irondale Choir Director Jason Etten.  Jason thanked us for our generous donation and said that the money will be used to provide a scholarship for a student to attend All-State Choir this year.


Cindy also passed around thank you cards from our Remember Niger Coalition students Charifa (5th grade) and Mamaan (4th grade).  Cindy read a letter updating us on Remember Niger and thanking us for our continuing sponsorship of Charifa and Mamaan.  At our February 26th noon meeting, Remember Niger’s executive director, Kara VanderKamp, will be here to further update us.


We have been notified that our Harvest Pack meals have arrived in Puerto Rico.  We’ll be updated when the meals have been distributed to Puerto Ricans still suffering the effects of the hurricane.


Cindy Carlson, Margaret Johnson and new member Jed Hamoud attended the District 5960 Mid-Term this past weekend and came away with lots of useful information. They highly recommend that members consider attending this meeting next year.


President-Elect Dennis Connolly let us know that the new by-laws are ready for a club vote which will occur at next noon meeting (January 22nd).  You should receive a copy of the revised by-laws by email shortly.  Many thanks to Dennis for his hard work in editing the document.


The Gold Plate Dinner planning committee met this morning.  The ticket cost per couple will be $150 this year.  You should receive an information sheet by email that will help you in your effort to sell tickets.  Our Fund-a-Cause recipient for this year will be Harvest Pack.  Mark Beisswenger is heading up the ticket sale competition.  Four teams will compete for most tickets sold and the leading ticket seller each week will receive an amazing prize.  Teams will be announced next week.


Invitations to our Club’s 40th Anniversary Celebration were handed out today.  The event will be held at the New Brighton Community Center, February 23rd from 5:30-9:30PM.  A large number of previous Rotarians will be attending to help us celebrate this milestone.  You don’t want to miss it!


Ed James read a thank you from our scholarship recipient, Taylor Seim, thanking us for our generosity and letting us know that she is attending Bethel University and has been accepted into the nursing program with plans to become a Nurse Anesthetist.


Gerry Tietz noted that he had spoken with Bev and that she is recovering in a nursing home after serious problems with an infection.  Bev welcomes phone calls in the afternoon (651-443-1702).


Cor Wilson has terminated her Rotary membership and we’re bidding her farewell at our noon meeting on January 22nd.


Happy Bucks Summary:

- Bob Barmore will be a Grandpa for the second time in August.  Congratulations, Bob and Julie!

- Dave Hoel had our exchange student, Maria Klakegg, for dinner and had a wonderful time.

- Dennis had his first experience of skiing 6” of fresh powder at Copper Mountain last week.

- Jason Miller just returned from 10 days in Florida with family prior to the beginning of tax season.


Garry Johnson and Paul Fournier share a January 17th birthday.  Garry declined the Birthday Hat but Paul wore it with style, below.


Bob Barmore introduced our speaker, Mike Hickey, from NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business).  NFIB is the voice of small business, working together with small business owners to represent their interests in Washington, D.C. and in all 50 state capitals.  Founded in 1943, it is celebrating its 75th year.  NFIB is a non-profit, non-partisan lobbying organization exclusively serving small and independent businesses and funded exclusively by voluntary contributions by member businesses.


Mike cited several of NFIB’s recent accomplishments at the Federal level:

- Supporting the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

- Supported increased estate tax exemption and increased Section 179 expensing limits.

- Defeat of the “Hillary Care” health care proposal.

- Opposed President Obama’s Waters of America administrative action.


NFIB has also been influential in the Minnesota political arena:

- Opposed dramatic change in sexual harassment that would have forced small businesses to pay the litigation cost for harassment claims.

- Successfully pushed for an increase in the estate tax exemption from 2 to 3 million dollars.

- Supported reform of eminent domain laws.

- Supported Worker’s Compensation reforms.


NFIB’s Minnesota priorities for 2019:

- Achieve or make significant progress toward conformity with 1 million dollar Federal Section 179 limit.

- Conformity (or significant progress toward conforming to) Federal estate tax exemption

- Work toward conformity with other critical tax provisions to bridge the Minnesota tax code to the new federal law.

- Oppose legislation which mandates:

    - paid family leave,

    - paid sick leave,

    - 2 week advance employee scheduling,

    - $15 statewide minimum wage,

    - Gas Tax increase


Bob and Mike are shown below.

Our guests today were:
   -Our Global Grant Fellowship Scholar to London, Ellen Dunn    
   -Our Camp Enterprise representatives; Ellie Goligowski and Breanna Garcia
   -Roseville Rotarian and frequent visitor, Marv Sorvala
   -Twin Cities Rotaract member, Laura Skubic
   -Cindy Carlson’s guest, Kristi Jacobson
   -Today’s inductee Jed Hamoud and wife Becky.
We mourn the recent passing of two NBMV Rotarians, John Marg-Patton and Char Samuelson.  Cindy Carlson noted that memorials for her Co-President John Marg-Patton were preferred to NBMV Rotary and the total contributions were in excess of $4,000.  John’s wife Ruth sent a card expressing her gratitude for our support for their family during this difficult time.   Former Rotarian Char Samuelson’s memorial service was held this past weekend.  Gerry Tietz delivered one of the eulogies, outlining the many ways that Char exemplified the rotary motto: “Service Above Self”.  Both John and Char made a big impact on this club and their community and they will be sorely missed.
Cindy Carlson and Gerry Tietz shared the honor of inducting a new Rotarian, Jed Hamoud.  Jed has presented to the club many times about his efforts to provide education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.  Jed will make an excellent addition to our club.  Nils Friberg and Margaret offered words of praise for Jed’s character as well as his charitable efforts.  Jed’s wife, Becky was present for his induction.
Cindy, Jed and Gerry are pictured below.
Maria Klakegg, our Norwegian exchange student, was here today and Ed James presented her with a check from the club (below).
Cindy presented a holiday gift to the staff of the Exchange for their excellent service over the past year (below).
Irondale students Ellie Goligowski and Breanna Garcia spoke briefly about their amazing experience as our representatives to Camp Enterprise.  They said that there were five speakers, each focusing on an aspect of marketing strategy.  Each team developed a product and a business plan with the help of Rotarian mentors.  They presented their plans to a panel of “investors”, ala Shark Tank.  Both students praised the program and thanked us for providing the opportunity for them to attend.  Irondale Principal Amy Janecek, Breanna, Ellie and Ed James are shown below.
Saturday, February 23rd, is the date for our Club’s 40th Anniversary Party at the New Brighton Community Center.  The fun begins at 5:30PM and the cost is $30 per person.  We’re inviting as many previous Rotarians as we can get a hold of, so if you are in contact with any former Rotarians, please get their contact information to George Winiecki or Nicole Ulrich.  We could really use some help addressing and stuffing envelopes for the invitations this Thursday, 4 PM at the Exchange.
Our Gold Plate Dinner is coming up on Friday April 12th.  The next planning session will be on Tuesday January 15, 11AM at the Exchange.  The tickets for the event will be available soon.
Cor Wilson has retired and terminated her membership, but she’s not forgotten. Join us at our noon meeting on January 22 to give Cor a proper send-off.  Cards or other mementos are appropriate.
Margaret Johnson has arranged with the St Paul Rotary Club for the transfer of $10,000 of Foundation Recognition Points to our club to help promote contributions to the Foundation’s Polio Plus Fund.  NBMV Rotarians will receive one bonus recognition point for each dollar contributed to Polio plus in the next few months.  Don’t wait to take advantage of this special deal.
Cindy noted that the District 5960 Mid-Term will be held at the Anderson Center, Hamline University on January 12th, from 8:30AM to 3:00PM. There’s no better opportunity to learn more about Rotary.  To register, or just check it out, click here.
Cindy introduced Laura Skubic, to speak to us about her cultural exchange to Lebanon.  Laura is the Secretary of the Twin Cities Rotaract Club., where she learned about the cultural exchange program.  After several application and interview steps Laura was accepted for the August 2108 exchange.  The Baabda, Lebanon Rotary Club (Dist. 2452) was the host club for the one week exchange, and Laura was blown away by the hospitality of her hosts, especially at meals which were generally a three hour affair.  Because of the short time frame for the trip, the sightseeing and cultural experience was rapid-fire, which allowed her to experience so much, but left her wanting to return for a more complete view of Lebanon.  She was surprised by the variety of climate and scenery and her photos told the story of a beautiful country very unlike the typical stereotype of Middle Eastern countries.  She also had the opportunity to learn about a variety of Rotaract service projects from around the world.
Laura answered our questions about the Twin Cities Rotaract Club.  T.C. Rotaract has 15 members, ranging in age from 18-35. They meet twice a month, but the location varies.  Their FaceBook site is the best place to find the location of the next meeting.  Each year they select a charitable organization to support, and this year’s organization is the American Refugee Committee.  Laura is pictured below.
Cindy recognized Ellen Dunn.  Ellen is a senior at St. Olaf, studying public health.  She has been selected as a Global Grant Fellowship Scholar.  Ellen will study Global Health in London for a full year.  NBMV Rotary is serving as her sponsor.
I gathered all the wonderful young women who graced our meeting today for a photo.  If they represent our future leaders, the future is bright indeed.  From left to right are: Ellen Dunn, Breanna Garcia, Ellie Goligowski, Maria Klakegg, and Laura Skubic)

Because a larger than normal group was expected for our annual Irondale Choir Concert and Carol Sing-Along, the meeting was held in Risdall Marketing Group’s spacious meeting room.  Many thanks to Ted Risdall and staff for their graciousness in hosting the event.  The Exchange provided such a delicious Christmas meal that your editor needed a brief nap before beginning to write this bulletin.  Dave Hoel did a great job of putting all the pieces together for the meeting that is, for many, the best meeting of the year.


As many of you already know, Co-President John Marg-Patton passed away last weekend after a protracted battle with cancer.  John’s wife Ruth was present today and talked about John’s final days with remarkable composure.  NBMV Rotarians are invited to attend a visitation beginning at noon on Friday, December 28th, with meditation music at 1:30PM, celebration of John’s life at 2:00PM and reception to follow; all at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1900-7th Street NW, New Brighton.  If desired, donations may be made to the New Brighton Mounds View Rotary Club.  Click here to download the obituary.


Director Jason Etten and the Irondale Choir treated us to an eclectic mix of Holiday music.  First up was the girls Diva Group.  In past years they were the “Diva Dozen” but the great talent pool at Irondale has swelled their number to sixteen.  (See below)

The Guyz Group also numbered 16 this year, and among them were several freshmen.  Hats off to director Etten for attracting so many males to the choir program.  (Photo below)

Both groups joined together for the final two songs, which really showcased these very talented young singers.


The concert was followed by our traditional Carol sing-along with the choir.  Many thanks to the Choir, Director Ettten and accompanist Steve Ferkus for fitting us into their busy Holiday performance schedule.  Co-President Cindy Carlson presented a check for $500 to the Choir on behalf of the club.


Nicole Ulrich has accepted her nomination as President-Elect Nominee for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.  Congratulations, Nicole.


Our club’s 40th Anniversary Celebration is set for February 23rd.  Anyone interested in providing input on the party should show up at Win Insurance Agency, 2704 NE Highway 10, Wednesday December 19th at 4:15PM.  We’d like to invite previous NBMV Rotary members to the party, so if you have addresses for previous members of our club, please get those addresses to George Winiecki.


Because the Anniversary Celebration is so soon after the holidays, we will forego the Club holiday party this year.


Watch your email for the latest version of the proposed revision of the Club By-Laws.  Contact any Board member with your input.


Cindy noted that our Harvest Pack Event was a great success.  The Irondale student body, Eagle’s Club, Lion’s club and NBMV Rotary combined to pack 35,000 meals for those in need.  Meal packs will go to Puerto Rico and also to feed hungry families right here in our own community.  Well done!


John Ordway reminded us to get our dues in by December 27 so he can close the books for the quarter.

Our January 29th noon meeting will be our Annual Meeting…all club members are encouraged to attend.
Our guests today were:
- Steve Jordy and Curt Glenna, guests of Nicole Ulrich
- Bob Nelson and Steve Porter, guests of Mike Neeley
- Kristi Jacobson, guest of Cindy Carlson
- Bob Benke
- Karen Meyer
Karen Meyer, executive director of community Support Center (CSC) took a moment to explain CSC’s mission to prevent homelessness by providing short-term financial assistance and ongoing counseling.  She invited us to attend their “Sing for Your Neighbors” benefit concert on January 27th, 2PM at Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, 8211 Red Oak Drive in Mounds View.  This concert features several choirs from local area churches which support CSC.  NBMV Rotarian and CSC Board member, Paul Fournier, is shown below presenting our $1,000 donation to Karen.
Dennis Connolly reviewed the proposed changes to our Club Bylaws.  Check your recent emails for a draft of the new bylaws and come prepared to vote on them at next week’s noon meeting (December 18th).
Cindy noted that Life Prep Academy has added some new services for high school teens.  They have added drop in hours from 3-7Pm on Monday –Friday and overnight emergency shelter services to reach out to even more teens experiencing homelessness.  Volunteers/Donations are always needed so if you’d like to help, click here for more information.
Cindy also made us aware that the deadline is December 14th to take advantage of the dollar for dollar match provided by Bell Lumber and Pole for new or increased contributions to the Food Shelf.   Make checks payable to the Ralph Reeder Food Shelf and drop them off at the Food Shelf or get them to Cindy by the 13th.
Many of you have already heard of the passing of former NBMV Rotarian Char Samuelson.  Visitor Bob Benke said that the Memorial Service will be on Jan 5th, 11AM, at Salem Covenant Church.
Gerry Tietz requested that each of us respond to his request to update our Clubrunner profiles before December 31.  Just follow the link in his recent email.
It’s time to think about ticket sales for the Gold Plate Dinner.  Garry Johnson, Michelle Caron, Dave Hoel and Nicole Ulrich have been designated as Team Captains and their teams will be published soon.
Our annual Irondale Choir concert and carol sing-along is next Tuesday, December 18th, at Risdall Advertising, 2685 Long Lake Road, Roseville.  Don't miss it!
Mark Beisswenger introduced our speakers, Soile Anderson and Eleanor Ostman.  Soile grew up in Finland and, after losing her father in WWII, learned from her mother how to cook and care for her 3 younger siblings.  She learned so well that, in her early 20’s, she bought and successfully operated a restaurant and later ran a 140 room hotel.  She was intrigued the American fast food trend and came to the U.S to find out more about it.  She worked at Perkins at first, and soon found herself working at the other end of the spectrum at the Anchorage restaurant.   She started the Art Deco Restaurant in the Minnesota Museum of Art and shortly thereafter established Deco Catering.  When the Museum was sold in 1992, Soile closed the restaurant but continued the Deco catering business.  About that same time she started Taste of Scandinavia bakeries, specializing in Northern European baked goods.  Taste of Scandinavia eventually grew to 5 locations and was sold in 2005 so she could focus on her catering business.  Deco Catering has become the premier Kosher caterer in the Twin Cities and Jewish clients compose 80% of her business.  Soile has now sold Deco catering and is concentrating on writing books (with co-speaker and author Eleanor Ostman) and giving cooking lessons.  Eleanor, Soile and Cindy are pictured below.
Your newsletter editor is in the mountains of Colorado but Dana Rebelein was kind enough to provde him with this excellent meeting summary so he could publish it remotely,  Thanks, Dana!

Co-President Cindy called the meeting to order and Mark Beisswenger offered the invocation , including gratitude for snow.
Guests were Bob Benke, Ken Johnson, Marv Sevala and Past District Governor Gary Campbell.
 Ed James reminded us of the Harvest Pack event next Tuesday with Eagles, Lions, and Irondale students at Irondale High School. We can arrive at 3 and will begin our shift at 3:30. The meals packed will be distributed locally and in Puerto Rico.
    Former District Governor and current head of the District 5960 Foundation Team, Gary Campbell, presented the Club with a District matching grant check for $2,720 for the Harvest Pack project. He reported that AG Sandy Campbell is convalescing after knee surgery, and he was glad to not be eating his own cooking this noon.
    Ed James also reported that we have been invited to serve as a host Club for a Rotary Global Scholar, Ellen Hunt, a St. Olaf College senior. Her focus will be on inequalities in health care in refugee camps. Polled by Co-President Cindy, the Club overwhelmingly accepted the privilege.
    President-Elect Dennis Connolly reported on planning for the 18th annual Gold Plate Dinner to be held Friday, April 12, 2019, at the Radisson in Roseville. Tickets will be $150 for two guests/one raffle chance.  [Ed. Comment: Time to step up and volunteer – beat the draft!]  The theme will emphasize the Club’s 40 years of service. The recipient of Fund-a-Cause hasn’t been chosen, but suggestions included Harvest Pack, CPY, Ralph Reeder Food Shelf, and Community Service Center.
Captain Mark Beisswenger announced that there will be 4 ticket selling teams with prizes for the team which sells the most. He asked for volunteers to chair the teams, one of whom will be from the awesome Flex group. 
    Community Services Center: Co-President Cindy announced that Karen Meyer will be at our meeting next week to accept our $1,000 donation toward CSC programs. CSC keeps a box of small extravagances from which patrons can pick up items that they appreciate, but can’t afford. Cindy accepted donations to pick up items, and asked the rest of us to bring things of $3 - $10 value. Suggestions included lotion, shampoo, conditioner, lip gloss, decorative candles, or gently used household items such as knickknacks, pictures, etc. CSC puts these into small gift bags and distributes them to people who come in. 
    She also said there will be a board meeting at 11 o’clock December 18 at Risdall Advertising preceding the holiday sing-along with members of the Irondale choir.
Garry Johnson announced that his office is a collection point for dropping off donations to the Ralph Reeder food shelf.
    Mark Beisswenger introduced the speaker, former classmate and graduate of Mounds View HS, author, and former teacher, Diane Dettmann. Diane has published a number of books, including a historical fiction trilogy which deals with living in the US during World War II: Miriam Daughter of Finnish Immigrants is set in the 1920’s when a Finnish family homesteads in Embarrass, Minnesota, living in a sauna while they finished building their home. Courageous Footsteps is about the experiences of a Japanese-American family separated and taken to detention camps with only what they could carry. On Liberty’s Wings reunites the family, which experiences prejudice following the war. 
    She also wrote 28 Snow Angels, a book about losing a loved one, drawn from her personal experience of her husband’s death after 28 years of marriage.
    Diane is presently contemplating writing a book about Camel Crickets. If you don’t know what they are, you have to wait for the book! 

We had no visitors today.


Dave Hoel said that the Irondale Choir concert and carol sing-along will be at Risdall Marketing on Tuesday, Dec. 18th.


Co-President Cindy Carlson read a thank you from Peacemakers Minnesota for our continuing support of their anti-bullying program.  We are also invited to participate in their annual cribbage tournament in April.  Watch for details here when they become available.


Ralph Reeder Food Shelf thanks us for our help with the Holiday Baskets last week, as well as for all that we do during the rest of the year.  We should also be aware of the largest challenge grant in their history.  Bell Lumber and Pole and St Odilia Catholic Church have partnered to match, dollar for dollar up to $25,000, new and increased giving to the food shelf until December 14th.  Contact the Food Shelf for more information.   651-621-6280


The Board allocated $500 to Blaine/Ham Lake Rotary’s Adopt-a-Home matching grant project.  Julie Jeppson spoke to our club recently about this project to provide transitional housing for those moving out of homeless shelters.


Our big Harvest Pack event, in partnership with Irondale students, Eagles and Lions will take place on Tuesday December 11th.  Our portion of the packing will start at 3:20 PM, but you can come right after Rotary if it works for you.  A sign-up sheet will be circulated soon and you are welcome to bring guests as long as you sign them up ahead of time.


Next Tuesday, December 4th at 11AM, the Gold Plate Dinner Planning Team will have its first meeting.  All are welcome to attend.  Your input will make this the Best Gold Plate Dinner yet.


It’s time to start thinking about the Rotary Christmas Party.  Talk to a Board member with your ideas and/or a willingness to host the party.


Mark Beisswenger and David Hoel had  birthdays this past week and they were each quick to point out the other’s advancing age (apparently Mark is slightly younger than Dave).  Dave and Mark supplied cake for the occasion to be sure we had enough energy to sing them the Birthday Song (we did).


Past-Presidents are asked to stay after next week’s noon meeting to nominate a president-elect.


Watch your email for a draft revision of our club by-laws for review and comment.  Thanks to Dennis Connolly for his work on the revision.


Ed James had to be badgered into admitting that he was recently engaged.  The lucky bride-to-be may be travelling here from her home in England to be with us at our 40th anniversary celebration.  Congratulations, Ed!


Cindy Carlson introduced Ike Graham, her co-worker and friend at Western Bank for the past 13 Years.  Ike is a NBMV Corporate Designee from Western Bank and today he was presenting his classification talk.


Ike grew up in Brooklyn Park and graduated from Park Center High School.  After a year of ski-bumming in Vail, Colorado, financial reality hit and he returned to the University of Minnesota to study Finance.  He worked at Wells Fargo in the Brokerage Operations division for five years before taking a job as a Credit Analyst at Western Bank.  Somewhere along the way he got his Masters in Real Estate by taking night classes at St. Thomas and he eventually became a Commercial Real Estate Banker at Western Bank.  Based in the Twin Cities, Western Bank has $500 million in assets and is part of American National Bank, which has $4 billion in assets.  Ike handles a variety of commercial loans including, construction, multifamily, industrial, senior living facilities, hotels, office, retail, as well as short-term bridge loans.  In addition to Rotary, Ike volunteers as a board member and treasurer of Community Child Care Center (CCCC) and also volunteers in many capacities at Bel-Air Elementary, where his oldest son is a 1st grader.


Ike is married to Jennifer and has two sons, Louis and Monroe.  They live in New Brighton, along the 2nd hole of Brightwood Hills Golf Course.  Their choice to live in New Brighton was based mainly on the quality of the school system.  When he’s not working, Ike likes to golf, fish and spend time at the cabin.

Cindy and Ike are pictured below.

Our guests today were: Exchange student Maria Klakegg; Ed James’ guests, Oladele James and Abiodun Adeoye; Irondale Activities Director Chris Fink and Assistant District Governor Sandy Campbell.  We were also blessed by the presence of Honorary Rotarian MaryAnn Bawden.
Ed James reminded us of the Harvest Pack event on Dec 11th.  The service club shift will begin at 3:20 PM and continue until all food is packed.
Maria Klakegg decided that basketball was not going to be her sport so she opted for a more traditional Norwegian choice, the Ski Team.
Just a reminder that, as much as you might want to escape, there will be no  4:01 happy hour meeting on Thanksgiving day.
After the meeting today, Dave Hoel called to say that he has nailed down the location for our Irondale Choir Concert and Carol sing-along on December 18th.  Ted Risdall has graciously offered to host it at Risdall Advertising.
Jeff Benson reported on NBMV Rotary volunteers packing Thanksgiving food bags at Ralph Reeder Food Shelf this morning.  They worked hard and the hard work was greatly appreciated by the food shelf staff.
Happy Bucks Highlights:
- Gerry found a buyer for his ham radio system.  He noted that the longest call he ever got was from Madagascar.
- Assistant District Governor Sandy Campbell offered two dollars; one for our sponsorship of Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, Ellen Dunn and one for Ed James work in selecting the scholars.
- Dana paid a dollar in honor of DG Mike Becker and ADG Sandy Campbell.
Cindy Carlson auctioned off Western Bank’s Gophers vs. Michigan State Hockey tickets.  Dave Hoel was highest (and only) bidder at $50. The proceeds will go to the Rotary Foundation.
While in London recently, Ed James visited the Harrow Rotary Club which will host the previously mentioned District 5960 Ambassadorial Scholar, Ellen Dunn, during her year of overseas study.  Ed showed photos of the club members, one of whom will host Ellen for the entire year at no cost!
Co President John Marg-Patton introduced ADG Sandy Campbell who then introduced District Governor Mike Becker.  Mike got on our good side right away by saying that he had scheduled us as one of his final club visits because he was saving the best for last.  He wondered out loud how a club with so few members can get so much done.  At the same time he wondered how many people in the community know about all we accomplish.   He suggested that Rotary clubs need to do a much better job of getting the word out into the community by taking every opportunity to talk about Rotary with friends and business associates.  He also said that almost everyone who joins Rotary does so because someone asked them to.  To make his point he invited Co-President Cindy Carlson, Membership Team Leader Gerry Tietz and Charlie Longbella to join him at the podium.  Charlie was asked by His Rotarian uncle to join Rotary, so Charlie sought us out.   Charlie has been approved for membership so Cindy and Gerry had the honor of inducting Charlie as the newest member of the club.  See the photo below.
Mike went on to say that getting someone to join Rotary is just the first step.  Retention of members is the real challenge.  Keeping members engaged and being aware of, and following up on, signs of waning interest are the keys to retaining members.  Mike reminded us that the District is there as a resource to help us be a more effective club and to help us get the word out about Rotary.  In fact, the District has developed a promotional campaign that will be airing soon on Public Radio.
Mike also made us aware that District Matching Grant requests far exceed the funds available.  These funds come from the Rotary Foundation, so Mike suggested that we all make the Rotary Foundation our charity of choice.  There really is no better bang for the buck than contributing to the Foundation
In closing, Mike repeated his favorite saying, “What’s in me for it?”  Isn’t that what Rotary is all about?
Co-Presidents John and Cindy are shown with DG Mike Becker below.
Our guests today were new member-in-waiting Charlie Longbella and prospective member John Brady.
- Jerry Tietz said that Bev was back at Benedictine Health Center after a hospitalization.
Those who signed up to pack Thanksgiving meals at Ralph Reeder Food Shelf should show up at 9:30 on Tuesday the 20th.  The new address is 2544 Mounds View Boulevard (formerly County Hwy 10), Mounds View, MN 55112 in the Silver View Plaza strip mall.
- Next week is District Governor Mike Becker’s official visit to our club.  He will meet with the board at 11 AM prior to the meeting.
- Cindy Carlson said our part of the Harvest Pack event will start around 3:30PM on December 11th.  We hope to have everyone there.
- Cindy also presented Gerry Tietz with a certificate of appreciation from the Rotary Foundation honoring our financial support of “End Polio Now”.  The certificate was presented at last week’s Foundation Dinner.  Gerry commented that the certificate belongs to all of us.
-  At the Foundation Dinner, Margaret Johnson was the lucky winner of the split-the-pot drawing and came away $740 richer.
- Dave Hoel reminded us that the Irondale Choir will perform at our December 18th noon meeting.  The location has yet to be determined.
- Dennis Connolly noted that the Gold Plate Dinner will be on April 12th and that the first planning meeting will be on December 4th at 11AM (before our noon meeting).
Happy Bucks Summary:
- Dave Hoel offered a buck for Mark Lampman as he recovers from hip replacement surgery.
- George Winiecki was happy for his deer camp experience with family members, even though they only got one deer for the party of five hunters.
- Cindy Carlson gave a dollar in honor of Joe Mauer’s playing career with the Twins.
- John Ordway was in New York recently to preview plays to bring to the Ordway Theater.  He and Marla watched 5 plays in 2 ½ days and were able to visit with the directors and staff of all the plays.
- Gerry Tietz was happy to have Charlie Longbella and John Brady here today.  He was also happy for a packers win.
- Geoff Hollimon was happy to finally attend the wedding of his niece which was scheduled to be held on Kiawah Island, South Carolina just after the hurricane hit.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated this time.  Geoff shared that the impact of the storm was devastating in New Bern, North Carolina, but his time share was fortunately spared.  Geoff also joined Gerry in celebrating a Packers win.
- Paul Fournier advised us that Chrissy will be interviewed on Channel 11, Monday November 19th, at 4:00PM.  The topic will be her new book on Alzheimer’s Disease, titled “The Unexpected”.
Jason Miller introduced our speaker, Julie Jeppson, Executive Director of Stepping Stone.  Stepping Stone’s mission is to “provide emergency housing and support to youth and adults who are 18 and older experiencing homelessness, as they strive for self-sufficiency”.  Julie began by saying that homelessness is on the rise for all groups but youth and veteran’s homelessness is growing dramatically and these two areas are the priority for Stepping Stone. The rise in youth homelessness has three main causes; ageing out of foster care, mental health issues and fetal alcohol syndrome.   The annual report of the National Low Income Housing Coalition served as the basis for a report by the Minnesota Housing Partnership titled, “Out of Reach Minnesota 2017” which revealed that:
-The amount a household needs to earn to afford a modest apartment (the “housing wage”) increased by 5% in 2017 compared to a 3% increase in 2016.
- To afford a two bedroom apartment, the median income renter would need a 13% raise.
- The average minimum wage earner would need to work 78 hours a week to afford a two bedroom apartment.
- A full time minimum wage earner can’t afford even a one bedroom apartment in any of Minnesota’s 87 counties.
These numbers explain the increased need for homeless shelters and Stepping Stone is no exception.  As of yesterday there were 252 people on their waiting list.  This is due to increased demand as well as increased length of stays in a facility meant for short term emergency stays.  Stepping Stone employs a holistic approach to homelessness, providing classes in financial literacy, housing, employment, life skills and social support.  The goal is to move people from the shelter into transitional housing and eventually full financial independence.
Julie’s home Rotary Club (Blaine/Ham Lake) is sponsoring a District Matching Grant to rehabilitate homes to provide transitional housing for people moving out of the Stepping Stones Shelter.  Julie hopes that we will be able to contribute to this grant.  Jason and Julie are shown below.

Our guests today were: Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala and Past District Governor Kyle Haugen.


PDG Haugen took the floor to present a Rotary Citation to Immediate Past-President Gerry Tietz.  The Rotary Citation acknowledges clubs that set and achieved significant goals and was awarded to only 12 other clubs in the district.  Gerry thanked all who helped make the citation possible and asked last year’s Board to join him for a photo, below.


Cindy Carlson noted that Ralph Reeder Food Shelf needs volunteers to help pack Thanksgiving meals for food shelf clients.  We hope you can join us on Tuesday, November 20th from 9:30-11:00. Their new address is 2544 Mounds View Boulevard (formerly County Hwy 10), Mounds View, MN 55112 in the Silver View Plaza strip mall.


Cindy also said that the grant request for our Harvest Pack Event on December 11th is ready to be submitted to the District Grants Subcommittee.  The event will be a cooperative effort of the Eagles, Lions, Rotary and Irondale students and we expect it to be twice as big as our last packing event.


Mark your calendars on Saturday, February 23 for the celebration of our 40th Anniversary as a Rotary Club.  We’d like to include as many previous Rotarians as possible so be thinking about whom you could contact to join in the celebration.


John Ordway read a note from PeaceMaker Minnesota thanking us for our recent contribution of $250 as well as all the other contributions we have made over the past nine years.


Charlie Longbella has been approved for club membership.  Be sure to take the opportunity to welcome him into the club.


Most of you will remember Jed Hamoud, a frequent presenter at our club regarding Kids Alive International.  Jed intends to join the club in the next few months.


Happy Bucks Highlights:

- Jeff Benson offered a dollar in gratitude for keeping control of his car after hitting a deer at 70 mph last Friday.

- Jeff also gave a buck for Dave Hoel who was happy to be a head election judge today and thus unable to be at Rotary.

- Mike Neeley offered a buck on the occasion of his 47 years in Rotary, all of it with perfect attendance.  Mike summarized some of the many ways Rotary has changed since he joined way back in1971.

- Gerry Tietz was happy for the club, upon receiving the Rotary Citation.

- Paul Fournier was happy to recognize the 71st anniversary of the one and only flight of Howard Hughes’ Spruce Goose.  Paul made regular trips to maintain the propellers of the big bird in case it should ever fly again.

- John Marg Patton travelled to Branson, MO and was very impressed with the Texas Tenors.

Dana Rebelein was happy for the Vikes and the Wild and for her chance to see the Gophers hockey team, even though they lost to Minnesota State.


Dennis Connolly introduced his Medtronic co-worker and Mano a Mano Board member, Anneli Borst.  Anneli’s topic was Mano a Mano International Partners.  Mano a Mano’s mission is to create partnerships with impoverished Bolivian communities to improve health and increase economic well-being.  Anneli’s involvement with Mano a Mano began when Medtronic supported a project to provide medical supplies to Bolivia.  Anneli was drawn to the project because she has family living in Bolivia and she was aware of the shortage of medical supplies there.


Mano a Mano was founded in 1994 by Joan and Segundo Velasquez, who began by bringing one suitcase of surplus medical supplies back to Bolivia after a trip to the U.S.  Segundo was an airline employee so he could bring back as many pieces of luggage as he wanted, so soon he was bringing back 15 at a time.  Soon, they started working with communities to build sustainable medical clinics and now there are 165 clinics serving 800,000 poor Bolivians.  The new clinics led to housing for doctors and staff, road construction, water wells and reservoirs, agricultural classes, schools and aviation medical care.  All of these initiatives are based on an integrated approach, involving the communities in decisions and maintenance to improve sustainability.  All of these improvements have been accomplished despite Mano a Mano’s steadfast refusal to give bribes to officials to get things done.  Corruption, cross-cultural issues and government requirements hamper Mano a Mano’s ability to bring change.   Lack of U.S. awareness of Bolivia’s plight has also been a challenge but more and more organizations, including 20 Rotary clubs (ours included), are seeing the need and responding.  Mano a Mano is happy to set up opportunities for groups to sort medical supplies prior to shipping them to Bolivia.  For more information about Mano a Mano, click here.  Dennis and Anneli are pictured below.

President-elect Dennis Connolly presided over the meeting in the absence of our co-presidents.
Our guests today were:  Charlie Longbella from Big Blue Boxes, a transition storage company in New Brighton, Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala, exchange student Maria Klakegg and Smiley Rebelein.
Ed James reported on interviewing Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar applicants.  He also said that we have an opportunity to “adopt” a scholar headed to London.
Jeff presented a crystal plaque from CPY, honoring NBMV Rotary with the Community Spirit Award for our contributions to CPY and the community.  President –Elect Connolly accepted the award on behalf of the club (above).
Western Bank donated 4 tickets to the Gophers vs Minnesota State Hockey game this Thursday.  The tickets were auctioned off to benefit the Rotary Foundation.  The bidding was fierce but Dana Rebelein emerged victorious with a bid of $180.
Dennis brought our attention to a Journal of Science article about the potential for a surge in polio cases in Africa because poor sanitary conditions cause people to come in contact with excreted vaccine virus which has mutated to become capable of causing polio in unvaccinated individuals.  This situation will require additional funds to address, so keep this in mind as you consider your polio plus contribution to the Rotary Foundation this month.
Happy Bucks Highlights:
- Jason Miller was happy about attending the Wild game after winning the ticket at auction last week.
- Jason was also happy to report that his daughter qualified for the state meet in Cross Country.
- Geoff Hollimon thanked the Rotarians who attended the CPY Fall Gala last Friday.
- Mark Beisswenger was happy that the Packers didn’t gain on the Vikes (both teams lost).
Our speaker today was Amanda Freed.  Amanda is a massage therapist focusing on Neuromuscular Therapy.  Amanda is a graduate of Mounds View HS, earned her B.A. at North Park University in Chicago and obtained her Neuromuscular Massage Therapy at National Holistic Institute in California.  Amanda began her presentation by dispelling the myth that aging means that we are supposed to be in pain.  She said that the deep aching pain that people attribute to old age is actually caused by Myofascial Trigger Points.  A trigger point is an abnormally contracted muscle that puts pressure on nerves, causing pain, numbness or tingling in other areas called referral zones.  Common causes of trigger points are:
- Holding one position for long periods ie; sitting at a desk all day)
- Repetitive motion
- Cold temperature (the neck muscles are particularly susceptible)
- Nutritional deficiencies (Vit. B1, 6 & 12; Vit. C; Iron; Calcium; Potassium; Magnesium)
- Compensation – injury or weakness of one part of the body forces other areas to overwork
- Trauma – car accidents, injuries, extreme exertion
- Untreated trigger points can lead to additional trigger points in the referral zone
The neck muscles are a common location for trigger points and these trigger points can lead to a wide variety of problems including headaches, neck pain, and a wide range of arm and hand problems including pain, tingling and numbness.  Low back pain is often a result of trigger points in the hip flexor muscle.  Hip flexor trigger points can also cause pain that mimics sciatica.
Amanda employs Neural Reset Therapy, Trigger Point Reset Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education and Somatic Education to eliminate pain and teach her clients to prevent pain in the future.  She prides herself on being able to correct trigger point problems with a minimal number of appointments.  Click here to be directed to Amanda’s website.  Dennis and Amanda are pictured below.
Co-President Cindy Carlson highlighted some items from today’s Board meeting:
- Net income is ahead of budget.
- We are hoping to establish an Internet chapter at Irondale.
- Dennis Connolly is leading the way on updating our club by-laws.
Ed James reported that this year’s Harvest Pack event on Dec 11th will likely be twice as big as last year’s.
Margaret Johnson reminded us of the Foundation Dinner on November 10th.  There are still seats available and you can register online by clicking here or by contacting John Ordway.  Club members are reimbursed for their registration.
John Ordway offered a couple of prime Wild tickets for auction as a fundraiser for the Foundation Share Fund.  Jason Miller won the auction with a $100 bid.  Next week's auction item will be Four tickets to the Gophers vs MN State hockey game on Friday November 2nd. The tickets will be donated by Western Bank
Mark Lampman has been granted a 6 month leave for recuperation from upcoming hip surgery.
Geoff Hollimon asked us to consider attending the CPY Fall Gala this Friday, October 26th, 6-10PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  NBMV Rotary will be presented with the “Community Spirit Award” this year, so it would be great if we had a good turnout from Rotary.  Contact Geoff Hollimon or Mary Stewart if you’d like to join us.
Mike Neeley celebrates his 69th birthday this week!
The Mounds View Lion's Club is having a Waffle Breakfast to benefit the Mounds View Police Foundation on Saturday, November 3rd, 9:00-12:00PM, at the Mounds View Community Center.
Let's all be thinking of things to do with our exchange student, Maria Klakegg.  You can reach her at 612-562-2145.
Happy Bucks summary:
- Gerry Tietz said that Ed James Facebook post about his Paul Harris Fellow presentation has garnered 236 likes as of this meeting time.  Great publicity for the club!
- Dave Hoel spent the weekend pheasant hunting in South Dakota and the birds were so wary he was only able to get off two shots and bagged zero birds. 
- Dave was happier about attending a great Fleetwood Mac concert last night.
- On the concert theme, Mike Neeley was happy to have been at the Carole King concert.
- There were several happy bucks for the Vikings win on Sunday.
- Cindy Carlson’s 10 month old grandson had his first sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house and he slept for 11 hours (I need to know their secret).
Dean Lotter introduced our speakers for today.  Greg Kiel and Julia Macejkovic , both from Barr Engineering, which has been involved in the ongoing effort to clean up New Brighton’s water supply since the discovery of its contamination by organic compounds dumped at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant  (TCAAP).  Greg has been involved since the contamination was discovered three decades ago and has provided much of the engineering knowledge necessary for the legal wrangling with the federal government over these many years.  To greatly simplify the history, the discovery of the TCAAP contamination of the shallow aquifer necessitated the use of wells that drew water from deeper aquifers, filtered with activated charcoal.  With those deeper wells online, the Army and New Brighton used the old shallow wells to successfully draw the contaminants out of the aquifer.  In 2014 however, 1,4 Dioxane contamination was discovered in the deeper aquifer water.  TCAAP was determined to be the source of this contamination, as well.  Unfortunately, 1,4 Dioxane could not be removed with activated charcoal, so a new technology called UV Peroxide Oxidation was tested and found effective in breaking down 1,4 Dioxane into non-harmful by-products.  Full-scale application of this new technology required major modifications to the existing water treatment facility on 5th St., and this is where Julia Masejkovic comes in.  Julia is the project manager for the conversion of the existing water treatment facility to utilize the new UV Peroxide Oxidation system.   The conversion would require the deep well system to be offline, so New Brighton contracted with Minneapolis to supply water in the interim.  Over the past three years, Julia has supervised the necessary additions and modifications to the existing treatment facility and it is scheduled to go online at the end of this month.  Exterior and esthetic improvements should be completed in the spring of 2019.  The $11 million price tag for the expansion and $3 million/year in operating costs will all be borne by the U.S. government.  Dean, Greg and Julia are shown below.
Cindy Carlson’s guests today were: Jason Helgemoe and Mike Scholl from Northeast Bank.
Margaret Johnson had the privilege to present a Paul Harris Fellow to Ed James.  An anonymous foundation points contribution from a club member made the Fellowship possible.  Margaret noted that from the moment he joined the club, Ed has jumped right in and gotten involved in a large number of club responsibilities.  Margaret and Ed are shown below.
Margaret also reminded us that November is Rotary Foundation Month, and that we have committed to a $2,000 contribution to the Foundation.  The club’s commitment is $750, leaving $1,250 to be contributed by individuals.  See Margaret for details about your personal contribution.


The District 5960 Foundation Celebration is on Saturday, November 10th, 5:30-9:00PM at the Inwood Event Center in Oakdale.  Club member’s admission will be reimbursed by the club but members are encouraged to bring guests at the regular admission price.  You can sign up online here or contact John Ordway.  This event is a wonderful celebration of all that we do, through the Foundation, to make our world a better place for all.
Ed James will serve as an interviewer for our District’s Ambassadorial Scholarship candidates.
So far, the Eagles, the Lions, Shoreview/Arden Hills Rotary and Irondale H.S. have pledged financial support for our Harvest Pack Event on December 11th.
Happy Bucks Summary:
- Gerry Tietz was conscripted by the vacationing Geoff Hollimon to offer a buck for the Packer’s dramatic victory.  Gerry also celebrated the Pack’s win with a happy buck.
- Mark Beisswenger offered a hardware store happy buck for snow and sunshine.
- Paul Fournier attended the 50th anniversary celebration of Chanhassen Dinner Theater recently.  He also encouraged us to see Chanhassen’s production of Irving Berlin’s “Holiday Inn”, playing now through February 23rd.
- Cor had a wonderful time visiting with relatives while cleaning out her parent’s home.
- Dennis Connolly is back from a tour of Ireland.  Despite the rainy weather, he and Debbie had a wonderful time and were able to gather information about his Irish heritage.
- Dana Rebelein was happy for the Vikings and happy to have spent time with her sister in law, Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein during her recent visit.
- Jim O’Brien is six years cancer free after treatment for pancreatic cancer.
- Cindy Carlson and seven friends just got back from a girl’s golf and spa week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
Dana Rebelein introduced our speaker, Robert (Bob) Patterson, PhD., Professor Emeritus, U. of Mn. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.  Bob’s topic was “Issues Surrounding Early Heart Transplants”.  Bob’s Electrical Engineering Master’s thesis on cardiac blood flow measurement attracted the attention of a pioneering U. of M. heart surgeon, Dr. C. Walton Lillehei.  Bob worked with Dr. Lillehei as he worked out a strategy for heart transplant surgery.  Dr. Cristiaan Barnard had been Dr. Lillehei’s resident in 1958 and after Dr. Barnard accomplished the first successful heart transplant surgery, he returned to the U.S. for further study.  While he was here he invited Bob to come work with him in South Africa.
Bob said that one of the key issues in heart transplant surgery was that, at that time, death was legally defined as the cessation of heart function.  This created ethical issues for surgeons who participated in the harvesting and transplanting of human hearts.  One surgeon was actually arrested and charged with murder!
The University of Minnesota Hospital has performed 159 transplants to date.  Improved anti-rejection strategies and better mechanical hearts have improved success rates dramatically, extending patient’s lives by many years in most cases.  Dana Rebelein shared the story of her sister Debbie, who lived 10 productive and enjoyable years after her heart transplant.
Bob and Dana are pictured below.

Pat President Gerry Tietz filled in for Co-President John Marg Patton.


Our guests today were:

     Dana’s sister in law, Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein

     Edla Koehntop

     Marv Sorvala, Roseville Rotarian


Happy Bucks Summary:

- Mike Neeley joined 35 other Ford Model A owners on a 500 mile road trip.

- Dana Rebelein was happy to have Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein as her guest.

- George Winiecki was happy to be back, happy to announce his 3rd grandchild, Aidan Thomas Nichols, happy to turn 70 and happy to be married for 27 years.  That’s a lot of happiness for one week!

- Mark Beisswenger was happy to have found someone to cover for him at work so he can come to Rotary on Tuesdays.

- Dana Rebelein noted that Nicholas Tietz (Gerry’s son) was featured in the paper for his Vitals Aware program for vulnerable adults.  Papa Gerry’s buttons were justifiably busting.


Ed James announced that our delegates to Camp Enterprise have been selected.  Irondale Students Breana Garcia and Ellie Goligowski will represent our club.


Ed also noted that we have met with the Eagles about Harvest Pack and they will let us know.


Gerry Tietz reported that the Membership Team’s strategy for his year will be to encourage members to personally invite potential Rotarians to come to a meeting or event.


Ed James introduced our exchange student and speaker Maria Klakegg from Norway.  Maria lives in Averøy, on the western coast of Norway.  She lives with her mother, father, two older sisters and a younger brother.  Maria and her family are outdoor lovers, enjoying like skiing, hiking and anything else that involves mountains.  The Klakegg’s are also avid travelers who avoid going to the same location twice.  Maria is interested in theater and had a role in Fame despite her admitted inability to sing.  The photo immediately below shows Maria and her younger brother and two older sisters.  The photo below that is of the entire family at her younger brother's confirmation.

Maria’s interest in being an exchange student started when the sister was an exchange student in Canada while the Klakegg’s hosted her Canadian counterpart.  She claims that everything in the U.S. is so much fun.  She loves to eat and, after her visit to the State Fair, has become a fried food fan and her favorite is State Fair Cheese Curds.  She plans to take a fryer back to Norway.  She finds Americans to be very warm and welcoming, which is quite different from her more reserved homeland.  She loves Irondale, having already made several friends and hoping to make many, many more.  She plans to try several sports and has already been to a basketball practice.  When asked about her 10 year plan, she said that she would like to follow in her parent’s footsteps and become a veterinarian, but possibly in a country other than Norway.  Some preconceived ideas about America that turned out to be untrue were that jocks and cheerleaders were mean and that Americans ate at McDonalds all the time.  Some bucket list goals for her stay are:

- Go to a drive-in

- Ride in a pickup truck

- Go to Valley Fair

- Make many new friends

- Act in a play (no singing)


If you are reading this because you missed today’s meeting; you should know that Maria is an incredibly charming and energetic young woman who really wants to experience everything that Minnesota has to offer.  Her English is excellent and she would fit in nicely on any adventure, large or small, that you or your family is planning.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to learn a little more about Norway and to give Maria a healthy dose of Minnesota Nice and Rotary hospitality.  You can reach Maria at   Future host mom, Denise Jacobsen, Maria and Ed James are pictured below.

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