Speaker Date Topic
Dana Healy - CTV Executive Director Jul 14, 2020

Many local businesses are leaning into hyperlocal marketing and advertising channels. Media channels that are primarily focused on the needs and issues of the people in the community are more effective than mass-market ads. How do we take hyperlocal marketing techniques one step further, and improve the communities we work and live in while also gaining brand awareness? Now, how do we adapt these marketing techniques to the times of COVID-19. Dana Healy, Executive Director of CTV North Suburbs will provide some tactical ways to deploy hyperlocal marketing that will improve your local community in the long term, while still keeping your company and patrons safe.

Summer Park Picnic Meeting Jul 21, 2020
Silverview Park - Mounds View

Gather at Noon, bring your own meal and beverage

Kevin Watson Jul 28, 2020
United States Army Corps of Engineers

The Army Corps has as one of its many tasks, managing/regulating our navigable waterways.  They operate the lock and dams on the Mississippi but are also involved in storm water management as those systems carry rain water, pollutants and sediment into our rivers and streams and eventually into the ocean.

Tara Jebens-Sing Aug 04, 2020
New Executive Director Northeast Youth and Family Services
Whitney Clark Aug 11, 2020
Friends of the Mississippi
Michael Wurth Aug 18, 2020
Urban Boat Builders
Tyler Ahnemann Aug 25, 2020
Minnesota Zoo Adult Adventures Program

For a number of years the Minnesota Zoo hosts an Adult Adventure program.  Last years was a Safari in Africa and this years, which has been cancelled; was to Patagonia.  Tyler Ahnemann coordinates and leads theese adventures and will explain more about the program.