President Ed James Quote of the Day - “I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” – Edward Everett Hale.
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Note that we will have a noon meeting on December 22nd (preceded by a Board meeting) but we will NOT have a meeting on December 29th.
Geoff Hollimon reported that the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition has received a grant request from Abiding Savior Lutheran Church for their Community Food Project.
Geoff also reported that CPY is continuing its Distance Learning Support Program as the District has transitioned to full distance learning.  CPY’s Fall Gala this year will take the form of a virtual silent auction.  The Auction will be held from December 3-5 but you can PREVIEW the items now by clicking here.  The silent auction is an important part of CPY’s fundraising effort each year.  Please consider participating in this virtual auction to help support the wonderful work that CPY does in our community.
Jed Hamoud reported that our contribution to the Beirut Collaboration has been received.  Help is still needed in Beirut because the seaport is still closed and there are widespread shortages of basic needs.
President Ed said that Harvest Pack is remaining active during the Pandemic by making its warehouse available to groups who are interested in packing food for their favorite charitable purpose.
Nyle Zikmund introduced Bob Johnson, board member and spokesperson for the 50 year old Minnesota Genealogical Society (MNGS).   As an all-volunteer a 501c3 nonprofit, MNGS works to:
 - Foster and increase interest in genealogy by providing an association for those interested in family, state, and local history.
 - Collect, preserve, and publish genealogical and historical records and information.
 - Hold meetings, classes, and workshops to educate members on current genealogy-related topics.
For an annual subscription fee of just $40, its 1,100 members have access to a wide range of genealogical resources including the Hoffman Research Library, the largest genealogical library in the state.  Members also receive a monthly digital newsletter and the monthly journal, “Minnesota Genealogist”. 
Bob said that DNA testing has increased interest in, and created new avenues for, genealogical research.   He listed several motivations for genealogical research:
 - Finding out about ancestors
 - Being a family historian
 - Creating a legacy for your family
 - Medical history research
 - Finding remote relatives
 - Finding your birth family
Bob offered one caveat for those who use DNA testing to determine their ethnicity.  Each DNA testing service apparently uses their own reference population, so results vary between testing services.  He suggested taking the ethnicity results with a grain of salt.  He offered the following DNA Testing Service recommendations for certain purposes:
 - European Heritage Discovery – My Heritage & Family Tree DNA
 - 23 and Me for health history information
Bob noted that if you are interested in DNA testing, now is the time to buy because they are all on sale now.
Bob gave us a brief genealogical math lesson that revealed the exponential effect of the generations on the number of grandparents you have.  If you go back just 10 generations to 1795 you would have 518 grand and great-grandparents and if you go back just 25 generations to the 1400’s you would have 16,777,216 great-grandparents!!!