Today’s speaker was Patrick McCormack, director of the Minnesota House Research Department.  The House Research department was created in 1967 to provide research and legal services for House members and committees in a neutral and impartial manner.  Their services include information and analysis, drafting and amending legislation, evaluating the effects of proposed legislation and providing advice about the legal matters arising from House business.  Requests for information or advice are completely confidential.  House Research has 45 employees with a wide range of expertise. 
Patrick said that one of the greatest challenges in the legislative process is that any change in legislation, and especially economic legislation, is that legislation that benefits one group most often disadvantages another group.  He cited the loosening of liquor sales and distribution as an example.  Another issue is that legislation can have unintended consequences.  Patrick noted that the legislative gift ban was a necessary policy change, but it resulted in fewer opportunities for legislators to interact informally outside the House chamber which, in his view, has led to increased polarization in the House.
Patrick said that population shift to the suburbs has led to redistricting and a significant shift in political power to those suburban areas.  In his view, if the suburbs were to consolidate their political capital it could mean a big change in Minnesota politics.
Cindy Carlson noted that the Gold Plate Dinner Flyer has been distributed to club members by email today.  A corresponding sponsorship and donation information flyer is forthcoming.  Mark your calendars now for the April 22nd event.
The Board has decided to go ahead with the Egg Hunt this year.  We will stuff the eggs at the Exchange at Noon on Sunday, April 10th.   The actual Egg Hunt will be at Driftwood Park on April 16th.
Benedictine Living Community (formerly Innsbruck) received the top high performing recognition for long-term care and short-term rehabilitation in the recently released 2021-2022 U.S. News and World Report "Best Nursing Homes."  Click here for more info.
Next week’s presenter will be Dan Edgerton with “The Rest of the Story on Storm Water.”