NBMV ROTARY CLUB Meeting July 12, 2022
This was a celebratory meeting, changing of the guard and honoring the Rotarian of the Year. Jason Miller presented outgoing president, Charlie Longbella, with a Past President’s pin, thanking him on behalf of the Club for his excellent leadership. Charlie gave Jason the incoming President’s pin and gavel, and warmly welcomed him as he took the helm.
Jason and Dana Rebelein introduced Cindy Carlson as the recipient of the 2022 NBMV Rotary Club Rotarian of the Year Award, chronicling many of the contributions Cindy makes and has made to the strength of the Club and the Club’s contributions locally and globally. Cindy said, “Service is my love language.” Her focus is on youth and international service, observing that, collectively, we can have a huge impact. Her proudest achievement as a Rotarian was championing the $32,000 matching grant for latrines, electricity and computers for a school in Niger. Spouse, Kevin, and daughter, Natalie, were present to make the event even more special.
Funded by a gift from Mike Neeley, the Award included $500 for the charity of Cindy’s choice. No surprise there – she chose Remember Niger Coalition (RNC) with whom the original and subsequent initiatives have been accomplished in Niger. Cindy presented the check to Karen, Sponsorship Coordinator for RNC. The funds will be used for scholarships to enable 2 teachers to participate in the Teacher Training Program.
Kara VanderKamp, RNC Director, Zoomed in from Niger with an update on the growth of the program. Remember Niger now works in 7 of the 8 regions of Niger, up from 2 when we started supporting them. They work in 18 schools serving 4,000 students, providing latrines, hand-washing stations, security walls, additional classrooms, computer labs, clean water, solar power, and teacher training.
We support 2 students, Cindy and Kevin support one and Cindy’s mother supports another. The opportunity to do so is open to all. Get information from Cindy.
The meeting was especially festive with dinner served buffet style followed by gourmet cupcakes.  Attendance was very good.