Posted by Mary Stewart on May 01, 2018

Cindy Carlson led us in Pledge of Allegiance and Nyle Zikmund offered the invocation.


Our guests today were Carol Mueller--Mounds View Mayor, Gary Meehlhause--Mounds View City Council member, Jill Heineman--Mound View Police Foundation Board Member, and  Bob King--Mounds View Police Foundation Board Member.


President Gerry Tietz opened the meeting and welcomed the full room.  He asked Mary Stewart to provide an update on the Financial Literacy Class that was created, organized and run by our club for the youth at Community Partners with Youth (CPY).  Mary reported that the youth immensely enjoyed the class.  They learned how to use a checkbook register, and each youth made a set of three banks: one for spending, one for saving, and one for giving.  The youth can't wait to have another class and learn more about managing their money!  She thanked Chris Ledbeter, Michelle Caron, and Gerry Tietz for leading the class.  Here is a picture of the group. 


Other Announcements:

Jason Slama reported that on Friday, our club gave away trees to 4th graders at four local schools.  Even though they were a little thin on volunteers, they were able to distribute over 500 trees!


Jason was also excited to announce that Alexander Coaster from St. Anthony Village will be this year's recipient for our club's scholarship award.  Jason asked a club member to go to the ceremony to represent our club. 


Lastly, Jason urged the club to volunteer for the Stamp Out Hunger event on May 12, 2018.  The event will be held at the Cub Foods on Hwy 36 & Rice Street.  The students from Life Prep Academy will join us for the collection.  


George Winiecki recently visited John Risdall and said he was doing well.  He encouraged others to go and visit.  He is going to be at his current location for another ten days. 


MaryAnn Bawden thanked all members who attended the Community Support Center (CSC) luncheon last Thursday.  She added a special thank you from Iris McGinnis for all the support given by our club.  MaryAnn added that Nyle Zikmund represented the club well and gave a heartfelt ask - thank you Nyle!


MaryAnn shared with the club that she will be resigning in July so she can fully support her husband.  She will be dearly missed by all, and to celebrate all she has done for and through Rotary, we will be holding a celebration for her and her family on July 10, 2018.  More details to come.  


The club had a special treat with the return of our in house comedian, Jason Miller.  He had the group rolling in laughter with his latest joke.   


Cindy Carlson introduced our speakers, Mounds View Police Chief Nate Harder, and Mound View Police Foundation Board Member (and the City of Mounds View Prosecuting Attorney) Katrina Joseph.  Police Chief Harder and Katrina shared with the club about the Mounds View Police Foundation. 

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that raises funds to support the City of Mounds View, Minnesota's Police Department, it's public safety and other functions, both directly and indirectly, with grants for services, equipment, or items which will enhance the mission of the Police Department as it relates to service to the citizens of the City of Mounds View.  Chief Harder explained that often times when the police are called, they see people at their worst.  With the help of the foundation, they are able to provide events, programs, and experiences that allow the public safety department to connect with people at their best.  The goal is to build positive relationships with the community to prevent crime and make the community stronger.  Outreach events have included: a climbing wall, hockey games, Bowl with a Cop, parades, Father/Daughter Ball, National Night Out Pre-Party, MVPD Retirees breakfast, Shop with a Cop, and Festival in the Park.  With the support of our club, they have also hosted the New Americas Academy.  Through this academy, new immigrants to the community learn about American life, about the local government and local services, they are taught about local laws, and learn how to identify human trafficking.  To find out more about the foundation, check out their facebook page at or send them an e-mail at  Cindy is joined by Police Chief Harder & Katrina Joseph from the Mounds View Police Foundation below.