Posted by Jeff Benson on May 29, 2018
Cindy Carlson opened the meeting with the pledge of Allegiance and George Winiecki offered the invocation.
The Program and Meeting Assignment List was distributed and can be downloaded by clicking here.
President Gerry Tietz reviewed our accomplishments for the past year in light of our goals and District expectations.  It’s very clear that our club is on its game in nearly every category and we should be very proud of all our accomplishments.  Kudos, All!
Next year’s Co-President, Cindy Carlson, outlined plans for the coming year.  The first topic was the Gold Plate Dinner and those present today decided that April 12th would be the best date for the GPD.  We also decided to have the dinner at the Roseville Radisson again this coming year. 
Cindy also presented a draft budget for 2018-19.  The proposal shows a deficit of $8,811 because we have that amount accumulated in the Rotary Healthy Youth Foundation and the Board feels that those funds should be used in the community rather than sit in the Foundation.  Our total budget is $77,874.  Questions about the budget should be directed to Cindy Carlson, John Marg-Patton or John Ordway.
As a result of our Fund-a-Cause effort at the Gold Plate Dinner, we will be presenting 8 beds to Life Prep Academy.  The presentation will likely be on Friday, June 1 or Monday, June 4th.  If you’d like to be there for the presentation, please contact Cindy Carlson.  Cindy hopes to keep our homeless youth initiative alive with hands-on opportunities to connect Rotarians with homeless youth at Life Prep.  Life Prep is also holding their Annual Yard Sale Fundraiser on June 7-10 at 1628 County Highway 10, in Spring Lake Park.  Donated items would be greatly appreciated.  Please drop items off from 9-4 M-F.  All items should be dropped off by June 6th.
Cindy’s Co-President, John Marg-Patton, reminded us that Maria, Our Rotary Exchange student from Norway, will be arriving in August.  It’s been awhile since we have hosted an exchange student and we want to make the experience truly memorable for the student as well as ourselves.  You’ll soon be receiving details about how to easily get an online background check, as well as ideas about what kinds of things to do with Maria.
John also said that the NBMV Rotary picnic will be held a John and Marla Ordway’s home on White Bear Lake on July 14th.  (details to follow)
Remember that the next two Noon meetings will be off-site.  On June 5th we will meet at Ed James’ apartment (1300 Northwest Parkway, New Brighton) for a Nigerian Meal (Subway for those who prefer).  On June 12th we will meet at Benedictine Health Center (1101 Black Oak Dr, New Brighton).
Cindy and John's final words about their upcoming Rotary year are:
    1.       Do Good
    2.       Have Fun
    3.       Celebrate Our Accomplishments
We are investigating the possibility of sponsoring an Interact club at Irondale.  A key factor will be finding an instructor at Irondale willing to lead the club.
The Flex Group is looking into the possibility of putting together a Dragon Boat Race team at NBMV Rotary as an additional fundraiser for NBMV Rotary.  I can’t wait!
Dave Hoel and Jeff Benson are looking for golfers to play in a best-ball tourney to benefit UofM pancreatic cancer research.  The tournament is at Majestic Oaks on June 22nd starting at 11AM.  If you would like to play, or just contribute, call Dave Hoel.
John Risdall was with us for the 3rd week in a row, thanks to Paul Fournier.  It was also John’s birthday today so we broke out the Birthday Hat and did our best on the Birthday Song.  John is shown below.