Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 16, 2018
Cindy Carlson’s guests today were: Jason Helgemoe and Mike Scholl from Northeast Bank.
Margaret Johnson had the privilege to present a Paul Harris Fellow to Ed James.  An anonymous foundation points contribution from a club member made the Fellowship possible.  Margaret noted that from the moment he joined the club, Ed has jumped right in and gotten involved in a large number of club responsibilities.  Margaret and Ed are shown below.
Margaret also reminded us that November is Rotary Foundation Month, and that we have committed to a $2,000 contribution to the Foundation.  The club’s commitment is $750, leaving $1,250 to be contributed by individuals.  See Margaret for details about your personal contribution.


The District 5960 Foundation Celebration is on Saturday, November 10th, 5:30-9:00PM at the Inwood Event Center in Oakdale.  Club member’s admission will be reimbursed by the club but members are encouraged to bring guests at the regular admission price.  You can sign up online here or contact John Ordway.  This event is a wonderful celebration of all that we do, through the Foundation, to make our world a better place for all.
Ed James will serve as an interviewer for our District’s Ambassadorial Scholarship candidates.
So far, the Eagles, the Lions, Shoreview/Arden Hills Rotary and Irondale H.S. have pledged financial support for our Harvest Pack Event on December 11th.
Happy Bucks Summary:
- Gerry Tietz was conscripted by the vacationing Geoff Hollimon to offer a buck for the Packer’s dramatic victory.  Gerry also celebrated the Pack’s win with a happy buck.
- Mark Beisswenger offered a hardware store happy buck for snow and sunshine.
- Paul Fournier attended the 50th anniversary celebration of Chanhassen Dinner Theater recently.  He also encouraged us to see Chanhassen’s production of Irving Berlin’s “Holiday Inn”, playing now through February 23rd.
- Cor had a wonderful time visiting with relatives while cleaning out her parent’s home.
- Dennis Connolly is back from a tour of Ireland.  Despite the rainy weather, he and Debbie had a wonderful time and were able to gather information about his Irish heritage.
- Dana Rebelein was happy for the Vikings and happy to have spent time with her sister in law, Sister Ruth Ellen Rebelein during her recent visit.
- Jim O’Brien is six years cancer free after treatment for pancreatic cancer.
- Cindy Carlson and seven friends just got back from a girl’s golf and spa week in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.
Dana Rebelein introduced our speaker, Robert (Bob) Patterson, PhD., Professor Emeritus, U. of Mn. Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.  Bob’s topic was “Issues Surrounding Early Heart Transplants”.  Bob’s Electrical Engineering Master’s thesis on cardiac blood flow measurement attracted the attention of a pioneering U. of M. heart surgeon, Dr. C. Walton Lillehei.  Bob worked with Dr. Lillehei as he worked out a strategy for heart transplant surgery.  Dr. Cristiaan Barnard had been Dr. Lillehei’s resident in 1958 and after Dr. Barnard accomplished the first successful heart transplant surgery, he returned to the U.S. for further study.  While he was here he invited Bob to come work with him in South Africa.
Bob said that one of the key issues in heart transplant surgery was that, at that time, death was legally defined as the cessation of heart function.  This created ethical issues for surgeons who participated in the harvesting and transplanting of human hearts.  One surgeon was actually arrested and charged with murder!
The University of Minnesota Hospital has performed 159 transplants to date.  Improved anti-rejection strategies and better mechanical hearts have improved success rates dramatically, extending patient’s lives by many years in most cases.  Dana Rebelein shared the story of her sister Debbie, who lived 10 productive and enjoyable years after her heart transplant.
Bob and Dana are pictured below.