Our guest today was Honorary Rotarian Beverly Aplikowski.  Welcome, Beverly!
Our presenters today were Mindy Handberg, ISD 621 Director of Community Partnership and Michael Werner, ISD 621 Dean of Post-Secondary Planning Student Services.  Mounds View Public Schools offer students the opportunity to explore various industry related careers through specific coursework that allows students to follow their interests and prepare for post-secondary study and work opportunities.  The Pathways program was created in response to community and industry feedback and in partnership with building trades, industry and post-secondary institutions.  Mindy and Michael graciously agreed to share their Powerpoint presentation for use in this newsletter.  You can access it by clicking here.  Examples of some popular pathways can be found hereMindy hopes that businesses will consider making classroom presentations or offer meaningful internships and shadowing experiences.  The program would also benefit from student group tours and mentorship experiences.  If you or your business could help with any of these learning opportunities, Mindy or Michael would love to hear from you.
 Mindy Handberg - 651-621-6094
Michael Werner 651-621-6045
We’ve all received an email from District 5960 regarding this year’s Strike Out Polio campaign.  I’m including the matching recognition points section of that email as a reminder and encouragement to contribute to the Strike Out Polio campaign this fall.  Details are below:
RECOGNITION: We will reward and recognize people who give at two levels:
SPARE!: Give at least $100 to PolioPlus before November 20th and the donation will be matched 1:1 with Recognition Points.
STRIKE!!: Give at least $365 (equivalent of $1/day) to PolioPlus during this campaign and we will utilize Recognition Points to award a Paul Harris Fellowship!
Thanks for being champions of this effort.  We look forward to working with you to promote our STRIKE OUT POLIO Challenge as we encourage all members to give to PolioPlus.
Please feel free to call or email Joe Stahlmann if you have any questions about the campaign at (210) 867-2569 or jts@mocasystems.com.
Our presenter next week will be new member Finara Fang’s classification talk.
November 2nd’s presenter will be Senator Jason Isaacson.  Note that Senator Isaacson will need to start at 12 sharp to make it to his next engagement.  Let’s all be there at a respectful 11:55AM!