Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 23, 2018
Co-President Cindy Carlson highlighted some items from today’s Board meeting:
- Net income is ahead of budget.
- We are hoping to establish an Internet chapter at Irondale.
- Dennis Connolly is leading the way on updating our club by-laws.
Ed James reported that this year’s Harvest Pack event on Dec 11th will likely be twice as big as last year’s.
Margaret Johnson reminded us of the Foundation Dinner on November 10th.  There are still seats available and you can register online by clicking here or by contacting John Ordway.  Club members are reimbursed for their registration.
John Ordway offered a couple of prime Wild tickets for auction as a fundraiser for the Foundation Share Fund.  Jason Miller won the auction with a $100 bid.  Next week's auction item will be Four tickets to the Gophers vs MN State hockey game on Friday November 2nd. The tickets will be donated by Western Bank
Mark Lampman has been granted a 6 month leave for recuperation from upcoming hip surgery.
Geoff Hollimon asked us to consider attending the CPY Fall Gala this Friday, October 26th, 6-10PM, at the New Brighton Community Center.  NBMV Rotary will be presented with the “Community Spirit Award” this year, so it would be great if we had a good turnout from Rotary.  Contact Geoff Hollimon or Mary Stewart if you’d like to join us.
Mike Neeley celebrates his 69th birthday this week!
The Mounds View Lion's Club is having a Waffle Breakfast to benefit the Mounds View Police Foundation on Saturday, November 3rd, 9:00-12:00PM, at the Mounds View Community Center.
Let's all be thinking of things to do with our exchange student, Maria Klakegg.  You can reach her at 612-562-2145.
Happy Bucks summary:
- Gerry Tietz said that Ed James Facebook post about his Paul Harris Fellow presentation has garnered 236 likes as of this meeting time.  Great publicity for the club!
- Dave Hoel spent the weekend pheasant hunting in South Dakota and the birds were so wary he was only able to get off two shots and bagged zero birds. 
- Dave was happier about attending a great Fleetwood Mac concert last night.
- On the concert theme, Mike Neeley was happy to have been at the Carole King concert.
- There were several happy bucks for the Vikings win on Sunday.
- Cindy Carlson’s 10 month old grandson had his first sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house and he slept for 11 hours (I need to know their secret).
Dean Lotter introduced our speakers for today.  Greg Kiel and Julia Macejkovic , both from Barr Engineering, which has been involved in the ongoing effort to clean up New Brighton’s water supply since the discovery of its contamination by organic compounds dumped at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant  (TCAAP).  Greg has been involved since the contamination was discovered three decades ago and has provided much of the engineering knowledge necessary for the legal wrangling with the federal government over these many years.  To greatly simplify the history, the discovery of the TCAAP contamination of the shallow aquifer necessitated the use of wells that drew water from deeper aquifers, filtered with activated charcoal.  With those deeper wells online, the Army and New Brighton used the old shallow wells to successfully draw the contaminants out of the aquifer.  In 2014 however, 1,4 Dioxane contamination was discovered in the deeper aquifer water.  TCAAP was determined to be the source of this contamination, as well.  Unfortunately, 1,4 Dioxane could not be removed with activated charcoal, so a new technology called UV Peroxide Oxidation was tested and found effective in breaking down 1,4 Dioxane into non-harmful by-products.  Full-scale application of this new technology required major modifications to the existing water treatment facility on 5th St., and this is where Julia Masejkovic comes in.  Julia is the project manager for the conversion of the existing water treatment facility to utilize the new UV Peroxide Oxidation system.   The conversion would require the deep well system to be offline, so New Brighton contracted with Minneapolis to supply water in the interim.  Over the past three years, Julia has supervised the necessary additions and modifications to the existing treatment facility and it is scheduled to go online at the end of this month.  Exterior and esthetic improvements should be completed in the spring of 2019.  The $11 million price tag for the expansion and $3 million/year in operating costs will all be borne by the U.S. government.  Dean, Greg and Julia are shown below.