Posted by Jeff Benson on Oct 30, 2018
President-elect Dennis Connolly presided over the meeting in the absence of our co-presidents.
Our guests today were:  Charlie Longbella from Big Blue Boxes, a transition storage company in New Brighton, Roseville Rotarian Marv Sorvala, exchange student Maria Klakegg and Smiley Rebelein.
Ed James reported on interviewing Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar applicants.  He also said that we have an opportunity to “adopt” a scholar headed to London.
Jeff presented a crystal plaque from CPY, honoring NBMV Rotary with the Community Spirit Award for our contributions to CPY and the community.  President –Elect Connolly accepted the award on behalf of the club (above).
Western Bank donated 4 tickets to the Gophers vs Minnesota State Hockey game this Thursday.  The tickets were auctioned off to benefit the Rotary Foundation.  The bidding was fierce but Dana Rebelein emerged victorious with a bid of $180.
Dennis brought our attention to a Journal of Science article about the potential for a surge in polio cases in Africa because poor sanitary conditions cause people to come in contact with excreted vaccine virus which has mutated to become capable of causing polio in unvaccinated individuals.  This situation will require additional funds to address, so keep this in mind as you consider your polio plus contribution to the Rotary Foundation this month.
Happy Bucks Highlights:
- Jason Miller was happy about attending the Wild game after winning the ticket at auction last week.
- Jason was also happy to report that his daughter qualified for the state meet in Cross Country.
- Geoff Hollimon thanked the Rotarians who attended the CPY Fall Gala last Friday.
- Mark Beisswenger was happy that the Packers didn’t gain on the Vikes (both teams lost).
Our speaker today was Amanda Freed.  Amanda is a massage therapist focusing on Neuromuscular Therapy.  Amanda is a graduate of Mounds View HS, earned her B.A. at North Park University in Chicago and obtained her Neuromuscular Massage Therapy at National Holistic Institute in California.  Amanda began her presentation by dispelling the myth that aging means that we are supposed to be in pain.  She said that the deep aching pain that people attribute to old age is actually caused by Myofascial Trigger Points.  A trigger point is an abnormally contracted muscle that puts pressure on nerves, causing pain, numbness or tingling in other areas called referral zones.  Common causes of trigger points are:
- Holding one position for long periods ie; sitting at a desk all day)
- Repetitive motion
- Cold temperature (the neck muscles are particularly susceptible)
- Nutritional deficiencies (Vit. B1, 6 & 12; Vit. C; Iron; Calcium; Potassium; Magnesium)
- Compensation – injury or weakness of one part of the body forces other areas to overwork
- Trauma – car accidents, injuries, extreme exertion
- Untreated trigger points can lead to additional trigger points in the referral zone
The neck muscles are a common location for trigger points and these trigger points can lead to a wide variety of problems including headaches, neck pain, and a wide range of arm and hand problems including pain, tingling and numbness.  Low back pain is often a result of trigger points in the hip flexor muscle.  Hip flexor trigger points can also cause pain that mimics sciatica.
Amanda employs Neural Reset Therapy, Trigger Point Reset Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-education and Somatic Education to eliminate pain and teach her clients to prevent pain in the future.  She prides herself on being able to correct trigger point problems with a minimal number of appointments.  Click here to be directed to Amanda’s website.  Dennis and Amanda are pictured below.