• April 8 – (Saturday) Easter Egg Hunt: Because of the condition of the field, candy and prizes will be handed out from vehicle trunks in the parking lot of the adjacent church at Silver Lake Road and 5th. Pick up the handouts from storage at 10:15 or be at the parking lot to help hand out. Let Dave know if you or someone you know will wear the bunny costume.
  • April 18 – Rotary Club meeting/CPY luncheon Christ the King Lutheran Church
  • April 20 – CSC luncheon – Contact John Johnson for details.
  • April 21 – Gold Plate Dinner at the Mounds View Community Center
  • April 22 – Paul Fournier memorial
  • SELL GOLD PLATE DINNER TICKETS! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! Don’t deprive someone of this fun evening because you didn’t invite him or her!
  • Get restaurant gift certificates to be bundled with others for the live auction,
  • Keep track of your Rotarian volunteering hours for RI.
  • We filled approximately 3,000 plastic eggs with jelly beans on Palm Sunday.
Angela Lewis Dmello from Northeast Youth and Family Services (NYCS) talked about the prevalence of children’s mental health conditions and programs that NYFS has developed to address the concerns.
Our Gold Plate Dinner Fund-a-Cause will raise funds to equip and refurbish two rooms used for mental health treatment – an art room for youth and a play room for younger children.
Since 1976, NYFS has worked with 10 municipalities to provide a juvenile diversion option to incarceration. They offer mental health assessment and family and couples counseling. The program is so successful that there is a 6 month waiting period for youth age 10 and under.