Nyle introduced today’s speaker, Juliet Mitchell, CEO of Life Etiquette Institute.  Juliet’s topic was “Civility in the Society”.  Juliet is a Career Development Consultant and Licensed Etiquette Professional serving clients of all ages and all walks of life.  Juliet’s professional service philosophy is “Treat Everyone with Dignity and Respect”.
Juliet defines civility as: Social norms and rules that a society agrees to follow in order to relate to others in a positive and productive way.  Etiquette (commonly called manners) is the expression of those norms and rules.  Juliet believes that manners are a key factor in relationship and business success.  Conversely, people with poor manners create a climate of incivility which leads to disrespect, mental and physical abuse, bullying, and the list goes on.  Today’s social and political rhetoric tells the whole story.  Juliet said that the economic impact of this incivility is staggering, citing costs of $49 million for the storming of the U.S. Capitol and $300 billion resulting from the George Floyd protests.
Juliet believes that civility can be restored.  She listed several ways to move in that direction:
  • Teach kids and young adults to be respectful and treat others with dignity.
  • Create workplace standards that promote civility.
  • Promote inclusivity and oppose exclusivity.
Juliet is pictured with the group below.
Next week’s speaker is Senator Jason Isaacson (District 42)