President John Johnson’s meeting review.
We had a good meeting today.  We heard updates from the Service Directors.  Each gave a quick update in their respective area.
  1. Please consider joining a service area and if you have any interest, please reach out to me or the current Service Area Director.  My phone number is 612.877.1484 or you can reply to this email.
  2. Attend February 6th, meeting to vote / approve service directors.
Service Area Directors are:
Jason Miller- Club Service
Edeth Hames- Community Service
Geoff Hollimon - International Service
Cindy Carlson - Membership
Paul and Denise Jacobson - Youth service and Youth Exchange
Dana Rebelein - Foundation
Charlie Longbella - Communications/Website
John Ordway - Treasurer 
At today’s board meeting a membership policy change was discussed and approved: Spouses/Partners of current NBMV Rotary Club Members can be a Rotary club member with reduced membership fees of $200 annually ($50 quarterly).  The spouse/partner can hold officer positions within the club.
The Irondale Choir concert meeting was a huge success and next year we plan to invite more attendees.  
Devin and Cindy will finalize the Gold Plate Dinner menu so invitations and formal communications can be created.
John continued to share terrible jokes with the club.  Luckily most people finished their lunch so there wasn’t much food to be thrown at the comedian.
Next meeting is January 16th @ noon.  Location is New Brighton Exchange