• December 19 - Annual Holiday celebration with Irondale Choir, noon @ Mounds View Community Center; guests welcome
  • January 2 – 11 am Board, noon election of 2023-24 officers and Board members. Please contact John Johnson if you are willing to serve beginning July 1, 2024
  • January 6 -  D5960 midterm @ Hamline U
  • January 16 – Club meeting at noon at The Exchange
  • January 31 – join the Lions Club Meal Pack in Roseville, 6-8 pm; details available from Ed James and/or the Jacobsen’s
  • April 19, 2024 – Gold Plate Dinner at Mounds View Community Center
  • Community Services Center (CDC) was chosen as the recipient of Fund-a-Cause for the Gold Plate Dinner in April. A ticket for two (2 meals, 1 lottery ticket) will cost $175. For the first time, 6 single options will be available for $120 (1 meal and 1 lottery ticket).
  • Jason, Jeff, Nyle and George are responsible for November and December programs, and meeting place set up and take down. Dana, Jim, Geoff and Devon have January and February; Charlie, Dave, the Jacobsen’s and John J have March and April; and John O, Cindy, Mary, Nils and Susie have May and June. Please let John Johnson and Jason Miller know what the programs will be.
  • Reminder - Indicate on the order form if you prefer coleslaw or salad to fries, and any necessary dietary requirements. Guest meals are $15.
  • Sean O’Brien, real estate agent with Coldwell Banker Realty, was a special guest today.
  • Colin and Tony, Irondale HS students, shared their experiences at Camp Enterprise. Both were energized and enthusiastic about the program, especially the exposure to marketing and business plans. See photo below.
Program:                                                             Sylvia’s Children
Sylvia Allen is working through matching grants to provide 20 computers and big screens to a school of 1,000 children in Uganda. Of the thousand students, 250 are orphans. She has been working for students there for 20 years, and has encouraged and prepared many to go on to college, some to become teachers.
The government of Uganda just raised the education requirement for teachers to a 4-year degree. The computers will be available for teachers who have not achieved that level to take online classes when the students are out of class.
Sylvia’s Children focuses on food, clothes, lodging, education, health care and sustainability for the children, the latter by providing chickens, pigs, and coffee trees as sources of income.