Meeting notes:  
  • IMPORTANT:  January  31 All Hands On Deck Noon Meeting at The Exchange to plan Gold Plate Dinner
  • Calculate and report your hours of community service as a Rotarian since July 1, 2022
  • The St Paul Club is seeking adult counselors and a Camp Director for RYLA
  • Next regular meeting: February 7, noon, at The Exchange. Board meets at 11.
Today’s Speaker:
Dana Johnson from Cargill, a Minnesota company, shared:
  • Cargill is the largest privately owned company in the U.S. with $134 billion revenue last fiscal year.  If it were publicly traded, it would rank #16 just behind Walgreens. It has 155,000 employees in 65 countries.
  • There are 4 divisions – (1) Grain (analytics re. origination & trading), (2) Protein (poultry & salt), (3) Food Ingredients and Bio-industrial (ex., cane & corn syrups and non-artificial high intensity sweetener Stevia; sustainable aviation fuel, elimination of chemically derived products such as plastic, and promoting low-till farming to reduce carbon emissions), and (4) Trading Risk Management (ocean transportation).
  • Cargill gives 1% of its earnings to the community, for example, to support general food security and water and to oppose child labor.
  • To support its employees and the need for food, Cargill continues its operations in Russia, sending 100% of profits therefrom to Ukraine for humanitarian purposes.