• Sunday, March 24 – 11:15 pick up eggs and jellybeans at underground storage and transmit them to Mounds View City Hall
  • Sunday, March 24- noon at the Mounds View City Hall across the street from the Community Center stuff eggs with jellybeans and prize slips
  • Tuesday, March 26: teach woodworking at CPY with Jeff Benson
  • Saturday, March 30: 35th Easter Egg Hunt at Driftwood Park. – be at Driftwood Park before 10 a.m.  all hands PLUS on deck! Recruit friends and relatives to help.
  • Tuesday, April 3 – noon Club Meeting at The Exchange; 11:00 Board Meeting
  • Friday, April 19 - Gold Plate Dinner at Mounds View Community Center – get sponsors; sell tickets; get restaurant gift cards and silent & live auction items.
  • April 23 – Taste of Shoreview
  • April 24-28 – AH/SH Rotary Mobile Food Pack at Incarnation Lutheran Church, Shoreview
  • NEED SPONSORS Please contact businesses or charitably minded individuals to sponsor the Gold Plate Dinner. Or give suggestions to Cindy, Susie or John J. Cindy has provided invitation forms online.
  • Charlie, Dave, the Jacobsens and John J are responsible for March and April programs and meeting place set up and take down.  John O, Cindy, Mary, Nils and Susie have May and June. Please let John Johnson and Jason Miller know what the programs will be as soon as you can.
  • Reminder - Indicate on the lunch order form if you prefer coleslaw or salad to fries, and any necessary dietary requirements. Guest meals are $15.
                Reid Hewitt, Executive Director of Benedictine Healthcare Center in New Brighton was the guest speaker. Benedictine is a nonprofit health care center under the auspices of the Catholic Church. There are more than 30 campuses with multiple buildings at some of the locations. There are plans to expand the New Brighton operation. 
                Benedictine offers 24-7 skilled nursing care under a Director of Nursing and a Medical Director. Transitional care is provided for qualifying residents who stay an average of 16 days. St. John the Baptist Catholic Church provides spiritual care including communion and last rights for those who request it.
                Reid described the oversight provided through the Corporate Service Center to assure compliance with all requirements and assure the best care, safety and comfort of residents. He opined that nursing homes biggest need is not for more state funding, but for the funding (reimbursements) to come in timely fashion. Reimbursements are not made till more than a year after the nursing homes have incurred and paid the expenses.