Our presenter today was Bridget Kelley, Membership and Business Development Manager for the Minnesota Safety Council.  The Minnesota Safety Council (MSC) is a 94 year old non-profit whose mission is to “Strengthen individuals, families and organizations by helping to prevent injuries and support safer, healthier lives.”  The MSC is a membership –based organization with over 500 member businesses in Minnesota and their members have access to a dizzying array of services including safety information, seminars, classes, consultation and on-site training to keep their workers safe.  MSC has a huge library of safety information that’s available to the public at no charge.  The information is conveniently organized under three headings, Drive Safe, Work Safe and Live Safe and the safety tips are extremely comprehensive and searchable by topic. 
For further information, click here to access the MSC website.  Bridget can be contacted at bridget.kelly@minnesotasafetycouncil.org
The Gold Plate Dinner is just 4 weeks away (April 22nd) so everyone needs to get out there and sell tickets to ensure a successful event.  All 75 tickets would be sold if each member sells just two tickets (in addition to their own).  This is our only fundraiser, so we need to do well if we are to continue to support our many worthy causes.  Take a moment today to call a friend, family member or business associate and ask them to join you at the dinner.  Use the flyer you received earlier by email to inform prospective guests of the details.  Download the flyer here if you can’t find it in your email.
It’s time to restart the Easter Egg Hunt after its COVID hiatus.  On Sunday April 10th, 12 Noon at the Exchange we will stuff the plastic eggs with jelly beans and prize slips.   The Egg Hunt will be on the morning of Saturday, April 16th at Driftwood Park.  These two efforts require all hands on deck.  Please put them on your calendar and plan to be there to help.
The Club’s past-presidents will meet briefly after next week’s noon meeting to nominate a club president for the 2023-24 Rotary Year.  Please make every effort to be present for this important meeting.
Happy Buck’s Highlights
Jeff and Bridget Lundquist celebrated their 25th anniversary.
John Ordway was a year older on March 13th.
Geoff and Debra Hollimon celebrated their 42nd anniversary.