Nyle Zikmund introduced Jeff Forrester, Executive Director of Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates.  The MLRA is a grass roots, non-profit, environmental conservation organization.  Some of the greatest resources that Minnesota has to offer are its lakes and rivers, but threats from pollution and invasive species pose an ever-increasing threat to those resources.  MLRA is working to create awareness and promote corrective action to preserve our treasured lakes and rivers for future generations.  Our lakes and rivers are the victims of changes in rainwater runoff patterns due to changes in residential and agricultural land usage.  The lack of buffer zones around lakes and rivers allows phosphorus to leach into the water, leading to overgrowth of plants and algae that eventually changes oxygen levels and can even lead to total fish kill.  Invasive species like asian carp, zebra mussels and invasive plants are also having a huge environmental and economic impact on our state.  Jeff said that the myriad of governmental agencies, while well intentioned, each control a small piece of the regulatory bureaucracy, making serious progress difficult.  He believes that real progress depends on lake owners and farmers owning the problem and taking action before the problem is beyond repair.  For more information, click here.

Cindy Carlson had the pleasure of inducting Finara Fang as the newest member of our club.  Finara was proposed for membership by Edeth James.  Charlie, Cindy, Finara and Edeth are shown below.
Charter member George Winiecki has been named Mounds View Citizen of the Year.  The honor will be awarded at the Mounds View Town Hall Meeting which starts at 5:30PM on Monday, September 20th.  The meeting is at the Mounds View Community Center.  Let’s all show up to honor George.
Cindy Carlson reminded us that Arden Hills Shoreview Rotary, in conjunction with Lakeshore Players Theatre, is presenting the Shoreview Live! Variety Show as a fundraiser for various club initiatives. Showtime is 7 PM on Thursday, September 23rd at the Shoreview Community Center.  The evening will feature upbeat and jazzy music performed by local performers Kate Beahen, Falicia Cunningham, Bradley Beahen & Elena Glass, along with theatrical snippets and comedy interpreted by beloved Lakeshore Players Theatre performers, with a special performance from Children's Performing Arts students.  Click here to download more information.
Important Rotary dates:  Click here to view District 5960 events.
Cindy Carlson, Dana Rebelein, Jeff and Nancy Benson joined the Mounds View Lions Club to serve hot dogs and brats to the spectators and participants of the “Guns and Hoses” softball game to honor those first responders who risked their lives or gave their lives after the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago.  Nyle Zikmund was appropriately attired to umpire the event (see below).
President Charlie read a thank you from the Community Support Center thanking us for our continuing financial support of their important work in the community.
Nils Friberg offered his thanks for our support following the passing of his wife, Peg.
Dave Hoel reported that his recent checkup showed that surgery and radiation have eliminated any evidence of his vocal cord cancer.
Next week’s speaker is motivational speaker Jerome Brown, author of “From Stone to Bread”