Today’s guests were Mary Jo McGuire and Sherry Munyon.
President Ed’s Quote of the day:
“We aren’t limited if we can’t see. We’re only limited if we don’t look.” – Two Blind to Ride
Don’t forget that our September 22nd meeting will be Face to Face at Silver View Park on County Rd. I, just east of Silver Lake Rd.  The meeting will also be available on ZOOM.
Treasurer John Ordway reported that the No-Plate Dinner fundraiser has so far raised $12,743 and we anticipate another $2,500 for a total of  $15,243 net income.  Congratulations to the organizers and thanks to the donors that made it possible to continue to fund our many charitable efforts for the coming year.
Geoff Hollimon reported on the Suburban Ramsey Emergency Coalition.  The Coalition has two new activities that will provide opportunities to raise funds and to increase visibility of the Coalition:
  1. Collector Car Raffle: On Saturday, September 5, the 1973 Mustang Convertible Raffle launched at the Kiwanis State Fair Malt Shop at Dave’s Auto in Roseville.  In partnership with Climb Theater as a licensed gambling sponsor, tickets are being sold both by our Coalition members and at the 17 gambling sites of Climb Theater.  The drawing for prizes will be at the Mermaid in Mounds View on November 19.  Weather permitting; the next display of the Grand Prize 1973 Mustang convertible will be on Saturday, September 12 at Bent Brewstillery, 1744 Terrace Drive, Roseville. There will be a Minnesota BBQ Society Cook-Off event at Bent from 12:30 to 4:30. Bent is also one of the locations of Rose art in Roseville-in-Bloom and is a charitable gambling site for Climb Theater. We plan to be there between Noon and 3 PM (weather permitting). This event will have it all: Mustang display, BBQ cook-off, public Rose art and Bent craft beer. More details on Facebook and emails. All this will be outside in the parking lot so you can safely attend with masks and wisely social distancing.
  1. Fall Bike/Drive to see Rose Art: Planning continues for the Bike/Drive Event to see Roseville In Bloom Art in partnership with Visit Roseville. Biking and driving routes are being created to enable the public to conveniently view Roseville’s first free public art. When the public goes to, they will be able to download a biking/driving route and register to win prizes provided by in-kind sponsors from among Roseville’s dining and hospitality options. This event will run through September and October.
A list of important Rotary dates should be in your email inbox, or you can download it here.
Nyle Zikmund introduced Bill Strusinski to speak to us about his experiences as a medic during the Vietnam War.  Bill noted that, in previous wars, medics were stationed just behind the front lines.  In Vietnam, however, the nature of the fighting put the medics out in the field as an embedded part of the infantry units.  Bill was a “combat” medic; caring for the wounded under the most difficult circumstances imaginable while knowing that at any moment he could be the one needing medical attention.  Bill’s official medic training was completed in 10 weeks but he says that most of the training was on the battlefield.  Bill’s medic bag contained little more than the essentials to stop bleeding and dull the pain until a helicopter could evacuate the wounded soldier to a field hospital.  The efficiency of these evacuations (averaging only 1 hour) allowed many soldiers to survive their physical wounds, but the mental trauma (for the wounded and non-wounded alike) would follow them for the rest of their lives.  This was aggravated by the shameful way that Vietnam vets were treated by many Americans upon their return home.  PTSD and depression have led to alarmingly high suicide rates among veterans and Agent Orange exposure has resulted in an array of medical problems that gets bigger as time goes on. 
Bill had an opportunity to speak at the “Stars of Life” awards banquet in 2017 and this appearance inspired him to write his book, “Care Under Fire”, detailing his experiences in Vietnam.  You can learn more or order the book by clicking the link above.  Nyle Zikmund will also bring a few books to our September 22nd face to face meeting.